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Typical configurations you can choose according to cockpit panel space and budget: Dancing in the Sky with the Blue Voltige. Collection of Marco Lagendijk NL. Athens Olympic Stadium Nova Sports Collection of Aldo Patriarca CH. The Reformation Anniversary is a celebration of Christ, striving to convey the message of God's free grace to all people. See our new products now!

The network connecting the Evangelical Church in Germany EKD with other churches worldwide runs around the whole globe. It is a member of numerous ecumenical committees and maintains special relations with churches in Europe and individual countries. Justin Welby has invited them. Synod president Schwaetzer looks forward to meeting with young people.

Bedford-Strohm speaks to EKD Synod about the culture of memory and future perspectives of the church. On 29 August a commemorative service is taking place in Berlin to mark the return to Namibia of the mortal remains of Herero and Nama dating from the colonial period. Regarding the issue of education, we have to share with those who still lack opportunity in Germany. EKP V can be installed both in vertical and horizontal mode, and its multifunctional display can provide several flight info optimizing space.

With 4 simultaneous USB connections plus 2 serial connections, it is easy to customize the system and connect the desired additional instruments at any time. The system is powered by the aircraft electric system with a vibration proof AVG 16 connector. Learn More Buy Now. Among the most recognized precision aerobatic teams in the United States, Aerostars perform breathtaking barrel rolls and dramatic opposing manoeuvres in their YakTW warbirds.

The amazing adventure of Detlef Heun and Liliana Tagliamonte: The panel-mounted solution for light sport, ultralight and experimental aircraft! AvMap Avionics System advanced connectivity. The AvMap avionic system consists of: Kostas Negrepontis was in the last years of his career, when AEK won its first title.

During the first Cup competition in the season, AEK made it to the final of November 8, at Alexandras Avenue against the then powerful Aris from Thessaloniki. In the following years, having Jack Beby at the reins and impressive new signings who were to make history Goulios, Emmanouilidis, Parayios, Poulis, Papatheodorou, Kanakis, Patakas etc.

The s had only few good times in store for AEK. In , shortly after the historical against Austria Wien, Bibie suddenly left, whereas Kleanthis Maropoulos and Michalis Delavinias, the last two great players from the pre-war team, retired from action. The first title in A' Division united championship was lost in a painful way in summer AEK's defeat in Nea Smirni in the last match day by Panionios, in conjunction with the unexpected crashing of Olympiacos by Panathinaikos in Karaiskakis Stadium, resulted in a rematch between AEK and Panathinaikos that ended in a win for the latter.

The fact that businessman Loukas Barlos took over AEK's management in the spring of would be a key enhancer of the most impressive change in AEK's historical course, since it was clear that the new president was wealthy enough to promptly change the team's composition and lead it to the final 4 of the UEFA Cup in , the double of , and the Championship in the following five years.

The new major shareholder was quite well off, but not that strong to face shipowners Ntaifas and Vardinogiannis who owned Olympiacos and Panathinaikos respectively. AEK's former footballer Dusan Bajevic left his hometown's club, Velez Mostar, to coach one more club where he had previously served as player.

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The AvMap avionic system consists of: Product brochure AvMap Avionics System. On April 21, , AEK reached a historical low when it was relegated. EKP V can be installed both in vertical and horizontal mode, and its multifunctional display can provide several flight info optimizing space.

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  • You even can look up radio models with a certain tube line up.
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  • In January , AEK was in the final stretch of a huge financial crisis that seemed to mathematically lead to dissolution.
  • Over time, it acquired valuable players, such as the renowned Kostas Negrepontis who came from Istanbul and relocated to Athens in following a successful career in French clubs.
  • The complete AvMap Avionics System.
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  • Ease of installation EKP V can be installed both in vertical and horizontal mode, and its multifunctional display can provide several flight info optimizing space.
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