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If they are to be an inch or so off but fairly comfortable, the position may be called low heels as if wearing shoes with low heels, rather than completely flat on the ground or heels lifted. The positions in this second part of the lexicon are those in which the slavegirl can be tied. However, leaving these shortcomings aside, the ring gag produces a similar uncontrolled drooling to the ballgag in many slavegirls, and it does look severe. This position utilising a spanking bench or other furniture so that the subject can place herself in the classic hogtie position- arms behind in strappado, knees and ankles together, on the points of her knees, legs bent so that heels come as close to the backside as possible. It is unusual for a subject to be able to keep her balance in this position independently as in the first photograph so be prepared for the fact that she is highly likely to lose balance and fall if ordered to hold the balance for long. If the pose is not completely specified by the Master, it is the responsibility of the slavegirl to pose the rest of her body in an alluring and suitable way which complements and enhances the specified position.

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Your guide to going smooth. I need a massage, quick! The what's what of massages. Save on your two-week mani. Fancy facial offers near you. Spa days, every which way. Classic Facials , Face Massage. I have seen plenty of variety when it comes to facial treatments and I often do them in the sitting position but I just wondered if you therapists out there had any preferences!!

Hi there I find lying down is a lot better and comfortable for the client. Search Treatwell for Classic Facials near you. Without question, any facial is more relaxing and enjoyable in a prone position! The next time that yoou are given a chance, try a facial in the prone position and you will never consider having one in a sitting position again. Definiately lying down - the client can relax sooo much more and you can still get your hands into the scalp.

I do natural facelift massage and my clients much prefer to lay down. As a healthy conscious beauty salon, Healthy Beauty Bar Salon and Skincare Centre in Halifax recommends you should have a facial lying on a couch beacuse this way you will enjoy your facial while your body is relaxed and tension free. For more Information please contact Healthy Beauty Bar beauty salon in Halifax on info healthybeautybar.

Jennifer nearly makes it a clean sweep when she pushes the advantage in the second fall. She drops Rain with an inverted Atomic Drop, then comes very close to making Rain tap out, this time with a single-leg Boston Crab and a modified Texas cloverleaf. Rain rallies however, and finally gets a break when she manages to surprise Jennifer with the Raindrop reverse DDT.

A third and deciding fall is necessary and both ladies come close to victory on several occasions. Figure Four Leglocks, Bearhugs, and Chickenwings don't get the job done. In the end, a painful Full Nelson finally forces one tired grappler to the point of submission. Jazz vs Mia Yim Some thorough stretching by both ladies before this one gets underway, and with good reason.

This is a vicious, hard-hitting match where each competitor takes a real pounding. Mia is the first to gain an advantage by aggressively attacking Jazz right after the bell. Yim brutalizes the ECW alum with punches, kicks, and hairpulls before finally missing an Enzuguri, giving Jazz the opening she needs to lock in her lethal STF.

Mia gets to the ropes however, and the battle rages on. Jazz eventually connects with her signature double-arm Suplexes and the Jazz Stinger, but Mia manages to lock in a Guillotine choke and an excruciating Fujiwara Armbar.

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Which one of these powerhouses will finally get her hand raised in victory? The two wrestlers start off masked and Erica boasts about how good she looks in her mask and boots, practically daring Kimberly to take them off her.

Needless to say masks and one set of boots do come off by the end of this contest. The question is who remains conscious and who remains de-booted, unmasked and senseless! The two ladies are pretty well-matched and an epic sequence of chain wrestling is broken when Erica Bodyslams Kimberly and lays her out with a vicious boot to the face.

This wins her the first fall and loses Kimberly her mask. It looks like a dizzy Kimberly would lose the second fall too but a surprise roll-up gives her the decision, forcing Erica to relinquish her mask. The third fall is plagued with controversy as a failed Dropkick by Erica raises the suspicion that her boots are weighted.

Chaos ensues, concluding only when one athlete is rendered unconscious by an extended Sleeperhold. Divina vs Jessika Haze After an opening series of armwringers, Hammerlocks and Headlocks, Divina uses her quickness and surprises Jessika with a flying Bodyscissors into an armdrag takedown.

Haze counters with power and cunning, delivering brutal kicks to the midsection and choking Divina out on the ropes. Jessika pounds Divina with turnbuckle smashes, punches and a corner splash all while using liberal amounts of hairpulling, chokes and eye gouging to keep the momentum. A unique standing Surfboard hairpull nearly does Divina in, but she manages to fight back with a rapid series of Clotheslines.

Amy Love vs Shawn Spears Amy is one of the most confident wrestlers around and after watching this match, you will understand why. She talks the talk and walks the walk, completely dominating Shawn Spears in this one fall matchup. After a test of strength is broken up unceremoniously by a boot to the gut, Amy starts to go to work on the poor guy.

A tight choke and a nerve pinch make his knees go weak, but those are nothing compared to the crushing bearhugs Amy uses. As if her wrestling skills weren't enough, the supermodel decides to show off her other athletic interests, smacking Shawn with a baseball bat and teeing off with a golf club. Amy does more damage with a Suplex, Atomic Drop and an STF, while taking the time to reference some of her favourite pop songs.

A stunning low blow leaves Shawn helpless to stop Amy from conducting a humiliating unmasking. One team decides they don't need to wait for the bell and off we go. The action is anything but traditional as these focus more on showboating and irritating one another.

Lots of classic moves and holds, rule-bending and doubleteaming, but these ladies really play up the action. Whether it's Kristin getting doubleteamed in her opponent's corner, Madison Camel Clutching Amy or Nikki coming in to clean house after a long cold streak, these wrestlers love to play up the drama and really put on a show. The final curtain doesn't drop until one lady is left staring at the lights after a really brutal kick to the head.

Jessica James vs Shantelle Taylor Two of the smaller warriors on the roster kick off this one fall match up with a 15 minute time limit. Amy Love is on hand to keep the ladies in line. Jessica is first to strike with a hard slam and quick pin attempt, but Shantelle isn't one to go down easy.

In fact, back-and-forth is the name of the game with these two while they focus on artwork, running the ropes, Suplexes, ab stretching, take downs and other fundamentals of the ring. Shantelle seems pretty determined to get a submission from Jessica with a front Waistscissor, but her opponent hangs tough.

Shantelle hangs on to the reins for a while though, throwing her opponent around and outside the ring. So on and so forth with too many pin attempts to count, a Figure Four Leglock, a Bulldog, a Boston Crab and much more. As we steadily approach the 15 minute mark, will someone's will be broken?

Or will both ladies stand till the end and take the draw? Jake takes the upper hand early, using punishing punches, an Abdominal Stretch, a two-handed choke and Surfboard submission hold. Sara battles back, though, with punches, an anklelock, chokes and stomps.

When the bumbling ref gets in her way, she introduces him to Manning, head to head. The two wrestlers trade creative maneuvers and attacks and Sara battles her way out of a potentially devastating double-team by Jake and the ref, making both men pay with a double Clothesline followed by a remarkable double Camel Clutch. One grappler makes a critical mistake, falling for the old handshake trick.

Instead of a sign of honor, that wrestler gets a Headbutt to the gut, a knee to the head and a modified Figure Four Leglock that causes the victim to give up not once but twice. In a battle of two powerful wrestlers, Cheyenne takes an early beating as LeiLani rains down with punches, a rope choke and stomps on her hand.

But she returns the beating in kind and then some, hitting LeiLani with Headbutts, kicks to the gut and a Boston Crab. Both ladies kick out from numerous pinning predicaments. Even a brutal Bulldog only results in a two-count. In the end, it takes that Bulldog, followed by a cutter, to finally put one warrior down for the three-count.

Britani Knight vs Christina Von Eerie There's no referee and that means there's no one to save Christina from the British beatdown she receives in this match. A Lariat takes Christina down and from there it's all Britani. She shows off her technique with a string of Suplexes and punctuates her crisp holds with biting and hairpulling. At times, the match becomes a back alley brawl with Britani pounding Christina with Headbutts, blatant chokes and sharp knees to the spine.

Christina is a fighter, but she doesn't get to do much in this encounter. She is helpless as Britani utilizes power moves to repeatedly keep her down, including a back body drop, DDT and Spinebusters. The only way this match will end is when Christina quits, but she hangs in there even as she endures a Camel Clutch, a suspended double Chickenwing and a rarely seen "spider twist".

Can Christina find a way to battle back or does Britani find the submission she's been searching for? Cherry Bomb vs Mercedes Martinez The mercurial Cherry Bomb and Latina dynamo Mercedes Martinez are cold, no-nonsense professionals from minute 1 of this back-and-forth contest.

The bigger, stronger Martinez takes the lead in a series of chain wrestling reversals but plucky Cherry Bomb gives as good as she gets. Unfortunately for Cherry Bomb, the wily Martinez finds an opening in a reversal to the corner, laying the smaller girl out with a brutal over-the-shoulder Backbreaker.

Poor Cherry suffers continuously through a multitude of different Suplexes and a neck-breaking Camel Clutch. She is tied up in the ropes and kicked in the small of the back. Mostly, she resembles a rag doll being tossed around the ring. Whether this last-ditch offence is successful is open to question Su wants to try some one-on-one action first, foolishly inviting the monstrous Titan into the ring.

Everyone watching will probaby roll their eyes seeing the outmatched Su Yung lock Titan in a Top Wristlock. It's all downhill from that point Screams of agony echo throughout the ring when Titan stands on Su with his full weight, when April traps her in one of many Backbreakers or when they doubleteam Su. It's submission after submission for Yung, but there's no end to the punishment before Titan and April introduce chairs, chains, baseball bats, rolling pins, and even plungers into the fight.

In the end, Su is unsurprisingly left a battered, bruised and beaten mess in the ring. Williams and her foe spend a large portion of this match locked in a draw After the two competitors check each other out and toss around a few insults, the blondes lock up and neither is able to mount an advantage. The two then try a test of strength.

Not surprisingly, neither wrestler is able to gain the advantage-at least, not until one devious diva delivers a surprise kick to the gut and a stunner to garner the three count on her unsuspecting opponent. Sassy Stephie vs Cruz A fast paced and hotly contested intergender match.

Cruz tries to give Stephie a bruise of her own by working her over with armwringers, Headbutts to the arm and arm bites. He even manages to get her trapped in a tight rope-assisted Hammerlock until the referee finally intercedes. A Figure Four Leglock by Cruz and subsequent reversal by Stephie have both wrestlers teetering on the edge of submission but neither is willing to give to the other and the battle continues on.

The match is a frantic back and forth struggle up until the end when a sudden and devastating Neckbreaker puts one wrestler down and out for the three count. The usual jawing and facing off before we get to the action in which Nikki strikes first, locking Allysin up with a Double-Toed Leglock with all kinds of variations.

Nikki shows her submission expertise here, but Jayme is impressed with Allysin for not tapping out. Nikki continues to tie up her opponent throughout the match, while Allysin makes quick strikes with roll-ups and Camel Clutches, but neither lady seems to be able to take the match. Surfboards, Tests of Strength, an eye rake, an Elevated Chickenwing, a good ol' fashioned neck twister and looong Figure Four Leglock, complete with reversal.

But despite the impressive array of submissions, it comes down to one trademark powermove that seals the victory for one combatant. Lacey vs Veda Scott Veda finds herself chomping at the bit waiting for Lacey to finish introing herself. When she gets her hands on her, Lacey finds herself being tossed around and outdone more than a little.

The advantage goes to one and then the other, each wrestler having her dominating moments. Lacey is clearly the dirtier player with foot chokes, head smashes to the buckles and hard chops. Veda suffers some of Lacey most punishing moves and endures some hard hits but never comes close to conceding the fight.

Lacey reaches deep for a series moves to wear down her game opponent-will she finally get the right combination or will Veda endure and persevere? Little Jeanne vs Su Yung Veteran Jeanne takes control early against Su, stinging her with hard chest slaps and riding the young Asian beauty in prolonged Chinlocks. Su suffers through brutal kneelifts and kicks to her exposed ribs, Surfboards, and a Crucifix Armbar as Little Jeanne thoroughly dominates her for the first half of the match.

Despite the beating Su hangs in and shows her stamina by refusing to submit. The battle continues until a back-breaking overhead double-kneed Chinlock leaves one wrestler suffering on the canvas while her opponent gets her arm raised by the referee. A war of words leads to an energetic contest. Fists and feet are thrown, bodies are splashed, eyes are raked and windpipes are crushed.

A nose is almost removed at one point! The dreaded Claw comes into play more than once. Things start going bad for one wrestler-the end is all too near! Britani Knight vs Kristin Astara Kellie Skater wears the stripes for this two out of three falls match. Unfortunately for Kristin, all this seems to do is to galvanize the British wrestler, who takes immediate and total charge of the next round.

Kristin suffers slams, Suplexes, Armlocks, scissors, leglocks and more as Britani dominates the action, paying only cursory attention to the watchful eye of Kellie. A straitjacket choke brings a submission from Kristin and levels the score at A Bow and Arrow submission brings to the action to a merciful close, with the winning wrestler taking one last shot at her defeated opponent after the final bell.

Athena vs Mschif You may not have realized just how flexible Athena is. Mschif sets the tone early, intimidating Athena with her outrageous appearance and piercing scream even before the bell rings. Courtney Rush vs Jessie McKay Both wrestlers are unimpressed with the other's physique so there's only one way to settle it.

It becomes clear that Courtney needs to be taking Jessie seriously though, because it looks like the Aussie spends more time on her biceps than she does on her makeup. You'll lose count of how many times Courtney is picked up and sidewalk slammed! That's only the beginning as Jessie puts on a power exhibition.

The "ninja kangaroo" connects with a couple of big Suplexes, prompting Courtney to apologize. Her words fall on deaf ears as Jessie goes right back to work with a painful Rocking Horse hold. Multiple Atomic Drops, Abdominal Stretches and trips to the outside wear Courtney down and Jessie only gets meaner as the match goes on.

She hoists Courtney up into a Torture Rack, looking to drain the remaining fight out of her. A sleepers match with the winner determined by whoever achieves the most sleeper submissions or knockouts within the 30 minute time limit. Scream Queen Daffney is on hand to referee the match and count the KOs. Both wrestlers display good fundamental wrestling featuring quickly applied holds, reversals, escapes and blocks in a remarkably clean match especially for Rain.

Chris uses his power to his advantage, hammering Rain with fist drops, over the knee Backbreakers, and a brutal Mutalock. The heat of the battle and prolonged close quarters combat leave both amazing athletes physically drained and glistening with sweat. Fans of sleepers and sleeper variations are sure to get their fill with this tight battle between two combatants who give it their all Lower Quality Sample to Preview the Action!

Frequent tags and even more frequent interference and double teaming along with blatant chokes, hairpulling and biting have the young duo struggling to stay in the match. Santana takes the worst of it early and when Rachel finally tags in she fairs little better as Leilani literally walks all over her.

After weathering the early storm, Rachel and Santana manage to crawl back into the match as Rachel nails Sara with a Swinging Neckbreaker and Santana follows with a handspring back elbow and handspring Moonsault. Only timely interference by Leilani keeps her team alive. The action tightens and the pace is fast and furious as both teams pull out all the stops on the road to victory.

Will experience win out or can the up and comers pull off the upset? Brandi Wine vs Kimberly Kimberly exudes her confidence early with a pretty elaborate entrance, putting an emphasis on her "bedroom hair and eyes. Kimberly doesn't hold back and displays her dominance, throwing Brandi around the ring, pulling her hair and raining down blows.

Rope work and corner work abound with no ref to put a stop to Brandi's abuse. Kimberly loves running her mouth as she works over her opponent and Brandi spends most of the match just trying to catch her breath. While an easy pin could end this one-sided beating, Kimberly pulls Brandi up at 2 while acting as her own ref.

Christina Von Eerie vs Madison Eagles Two of the stronger women on our roster match wits and athletic ability in this energetic battle. Needless to say, Christina takes her a little more seriously after that. The pair exhibit impressive ground game, keeping each other off their feet and working each other over with chokeholds, neckscissors, Headlocks and Armbars. Ultimately a modified Powerbomb takes a lot out of both combatants but one reaches deep and finds enough energy to hit a high impact finisher that ends the match.

Inevitably, Cheyenne soon turns the tide and Rain finds herself in a variety of submission holds, with Cheyenne even taking to ropes on more than one occasion. However, Rain never allows her opponent to completely dominate the action and fires back with a succession of moves of her own, almost scoring a submission victory herself with a straightjacket choke.

After an intense back and forth contest, victory comes from a powerful DDT that ensures one wrestler will not beat the three count, and scores the win for one of these determined women. Bacardi dominates Taylor with turnbuckle smashes, rope burns, Bodyscissors, a Backbeaker and Camel Clutch, each accompanied by double fisted hairpulling to crank up the pain. When Bacardi wants Taylor to stay on the canvas she steps on her hair.

When she wants her up she hauls her up by the hair. And when she wants Taylor off the canvas completely she mounts the top rope and elevates her with another devastating hairpull! Rain is on her best behavior only biting, pulling hair and using the ropes as she stretches ligaments and even lifts Niya off the canvas with a brutal stiff-armed fingerlock.

Even the ref is caught admiring her work as Rain has to point out that Niya is pinned after putting her through a Jawbreaker, Russian Leg Sweep, seated Abdominal Stretch and elevated straightjacket Surfboard in quick succession. Niya manages to fight her way back, nailing Rain with a running shoulder block in the corner and another from the ring apron before nearly taking the match with a flawless Sunset Flip.

The pair battle through a furious finish until an implant DDT puts one wrestler down and out for the three count. Kristin introduces Courtney face-first into several turnbuckles, locks her into bodyscissors, Surfboards and Chinlocks. Kristin delivers a couple more hair-aided Snapmares, eye gouges, and forearm smashes. She taunts Courtney while choking her and slamming her head into the mat.

The resilient Courtney kicks out of a couple pin attempts before Kristin ends the match in a high-impact way. Cherry Bomb vs Chasyn Rance Cherry Bomb shows some impressive moves early on, reversing several holds into hip tosses and side Headlocks. Cherry Bomb also proves she can take a beating and keep coming back for more.

She endures a series of various Suplexes, a Backbreaker, a Camel Clutch and even kicks out after Chasyn nails her with a Piledriver. It takes a second piledriver to put her down for the three-count. With no referee around, Chasyn informs the rookie that this is a 2 fall contest. Cherry battles valiantly and nearly gets a pinfall with a small package and a backslide.

Su agrees to a match but insists on No Disqualification, falls count anywhere and wrestlers can use weapons. Titan readily agrees and introduces his own stipulationDanny DeManto! Su responds by stipulating Titan and Danny can only win if they make her submit within the 30 minute time limit. Su takes a real beating as the pair batter, smash and brutalize her with a baseball bat, fork, cheese grater, cookie sheet, rolling pin, ring bell, kitchen tongs, plunger and golf club.

It comes down to a desperate race against time for the gargantuan pair with Su paying an increasingly heavy price as she tries to run out the clock. The winning fall comes suddenly and perhaps unexpectedly, but there is little celebration for the winning wrestler who is dumped from the ring by a surprised and decidedly unhappy loser. Britani Knight vs Leva Britani may be a Knight in name, but in this contest it is her opponent who is wearing the shining armour!

Britani faces Leva Bates in this one fall contest and after a few minutes of banter between the two wrestlers, the two women lock up. In the absence of a referee, neither wrestler seems especially interested in fighting fairly. And when using the ropes and the other usual shortcuts fails to score a win, they take the action outside and grab whatever comes to hand, including a rolling pin, a broom and even a plunger.

Finally, they bring the action back in the ring, exchanging holds including a Suplex, a Camel Clutch, a neckbreaker and more. The winning submission comes from a Bow and Arrow hold-perhaps suggesting that there is more Knight to one wrestler than just her name. Cat Power vs Rain Two out of three fall match.

Rain makes the mistake of trying to outmuscle the much larger Power, ending up at the losing side of a series of Armlocks and an ill-advised test of strength. A Figure Four Leglock has her screaming in no time. The first fall comes abruptly as Rain nails Power with a quick facebuster.

The match goes back and forth from that point, each wrestler focusing on a particular body part of the other. But when Cat gets the upper hand, she puts Rain through some serious torture by dishing out vicious abdominal punishment; on the ropes, in a Tree of Woe, via abdominal claw.

Cat takes the second fall with a backbreaking submission. The final fall is an open question as fortunes reverse literally by the minute and the two throw kicks, chokes, leglocks, Sidewalk Slams and more at each other. By the time a high impact move takes down one lady, both look quite ready to drop. Kimberly vs Mschif Leva is the guest official for this one-fall match.

The intimidation factor nearly ends the match in mere seconds when Mschif's terrifying scream leaves Kimberly temporarily stunned and susceptible to a roll-up. After the near fall that follows both ladies display some excellent chain wrestling and exchange several holds in what can only be described as a surprisingly clean bout.

Of course that will only last so long. Both grapplers are looking for a big win and that means the rules are bent here and there. Mischif nearly takes the match with a modified STF, while Kimberly tries to force a submission with a Sleeperhold and a Crossface Chickenwing variation. In the end, it's an excruciating Texas Cloverleaf that forces one of these competitors to tap the mat in agony.

Jessie Belle Smothers vs Sara Del Rey Jessie is having trouble remembering the names of wrestling legends and Sara is all too happy to jog her memory. Unfortunately for Jessie, Sara's method of teaching involves a hell of a lot of bending and stretching!

The fiery redhead's flexibility is put to the test by an onslaught of inventive leg torturing holds, including a rarely seen "trailer hitch". A Single Leg Crab seemingly ends the match, but Jessie takes up Sara's offer to have a best of 3 submissions match. Just when you think Sara can't do any more, she adds new twists to her holds. She transitions from toeholds to anklelocks to thigh spreading to the move made famous by "that woooo guy", the Figure Four Leglock.

Jessie continues to get names wrong, which only makes Sara angrier. She nearly breaks Jessie in half with a deep Boston Crab, but even after a second submission, Jessie asks for one more chance. Sara gets on top of her and leans way back putting Jessie into a unique Surfboard clutch. An Indian Deathlock finally forces her to admit that she can't take any more punishment.

The male team dominate the opening action, with some quick tagging and a little double teaming. Santana and Del Rey respond in kind though with some double teaming of their own and a legdrop from Del Rey scores the first fall of the contest. The Star Men quickly rally and soon build a lead. But this is no whitewash and again the ladies battle back, scoring the equalising fall with a Boston Crab.

And so the action continues, with slams, Suplexes, Bearhugs, Bodyscissors, leglocks, Headbutts and much, much more, leading to a score of With just minutes to go, one team takes the lead by one fall, and it proves decisive as the bell sounds to end the match. Who edges this close contest?

Is it a win for the women or is victory for the men written in the stars? April Hunter vs Chasyn Rance Right off the bat you know that the ring is not gonna be big enough for both of these personalities. Both contenders appear pretty confident even before the bell rings. Pretty straight forward lock-up as the combatants vie for an advantage.

April starts the armwork, then moves to the legs and Chasyn responds accordingly. Pretty early on, you can see April change her game plan and goes for Chasyn's back. Multiple Bearhugs, multiple blows, impressive over-the-shoulder Backbreakers and a couple of pin attempts have Chasyn reeling.

Then there's April's use of illegal techniques to keep her opponent down. Brutal Surfboards and more Bearhugs do more to further April's cause. Chasyn can't seem to get his offense off the ground in this one and eventually it's the last of many Bearhugs that break Chasyn's will Lower Quality Sample to Preview the Action!

Cherry Bomb takes control early on, keeping Nikki on her knees with a series of brutal kicks and a neck-wrenching reverse Chinlock. Nikki, however, veteran that she is, manages to fight her way out, overpowering Cherry Bomb with a series of mat-shaking Bodyslams. She controls much of the match with a ruthless streak that belies her girlish appearance. Nikki manages a burst of offence towards the end, powering out of an Abdominal Stretch but the youngster had left her too drained to sustain her resistance.

A Bodyslam followed by a splash off the top rope leaves one wrestler unable to kick out of a winning pin. Kimberly combines strength and speed, using Hiptosses and Hammerlocks to keep JD off-balance and off his feet. JD does what he can to keep guest referee Kristin Astara busy, finding every opportunity to grab a handful of hair or even bite her hand to break a submission hold.

JD also knows some devastating legal maneuvers as well, torturing Kimberly with a Camel Clutch, an over-the-knee Backbreaker and plenty of strong forearm shots. The near-falls come quickly toward the end of the match, with Kimberly nearly winning the match after a barrage of punches and forearms, a rollup and a terrific flying crossbody block.

The end finally comes when one wrestler scores an illegal poke to the eye and then delivers a crushing Neckbreaker that leaves its victim out cold and ripe for the three-count. Angel Williams vs Daffney A pair of familiar superstars face off in a no disqualification match. The early going sees a back and forth exchange of Headlocks and Facelocks as each wrestler looks for an edge.

Daffney shows no mercy as she continues to work the leg before dragging Angel to the edge of the ring and repeatedly slamming her leg against the apron. With her hands well protected, Leva is free to tee off on her grotesque opponent, which she does with power and precision.

Sinn is knocked silly by Leva's pugilistic powers and her potent punches lead to some precarious pinfalls. She slams his head into all four corners and then levels him with a right hook. Sinn might be used to getting tattooed, but not like this! Leva starts to beat him so badly that he comes close to losing his lunch.

He's forced to resort to dirty tactics just to survive. He pulls her hair, rakes her eyes and bites her glove? Sinn knows that Leva's boxing gloves give him the upper hand in the grappling department and he pushes her around the ring easily. Leva's nose gets squished and picked by the rude wrestler.

A nice counter gives Leva control again and she continues to stick and move delivering haymakers to Sinn. National pride results in a 30 minute Iron Woman match being booked, with victory going to whoever can earn the most pins or submissions OR whoever scores the first knockout. Rhia chooses all of the above and she brings her A-game to the ring on this day.

They say big girls don't cry, but Rachel might want to shed some tears after Rhia is through with her. There is no ref and no rest so Rhia gets right back on the attack, winning another fall by brutalizing Rachel's leg. It's rare to see the dangerous Rachel so easily neutralized, but Rhia has her begging for mercy. A Surfboard stretch forces another submission and Rhia is rolling.

Rachel endures a Bodyscissors, Single Leg Crab and a double Chickenwing until Rhia dusts her off with a big splash and a pair of elbow drops. The Irish bad girl dismantles the Brit as the assault continues. Lorelei Lee vs Rain Both Lorelei and the Radiant One are ready for their respective dates later on, so the ladies strike an unusual deal for a wrestling match at least: Naturally, that deal lasts all of two minutes.

Rain dominates the opening moments of the match with clean wrestling, so of course it's Lorelei who violates the agreement. Rain is furious and decides that turnabout is fair play. She messes up Lorelei's hair and steamrolls the blonde with a Camel Clutch with added hairpull , Sleeperhold, faceplant, Dragon Sleeper and a trifecta of hairmares among others. Lorelei is overwhelmed by Rain's offense and can't really keep up.

Finally, a violent rope-assisted hairpull drives one to the point of surrender. Little Jeanne vs Kristin Astara Little Jeanne may have the strength advantage against just about anyone she steps into the ring against, but the veteran grappler knows her technical holds as well.

Kristin manages to get in her shots as well. She works over Jeanne on the mat early and later works in a belly claw, Full Nelson, and a Sleeperhold with bodyscissors that comes agonizingly close to putting Jeanne out for the count. Does Kristin have enough left to break free one more time or will the new-age blonde be forced to tap out?

Trying to overcome the apparent language barrier, both grapplers exchange Hammerlocks, Armbars and Wristlocks. At first it's Jazz who enjoys a slight advantage when she works Gray's arm, shoulder and then his leg. However, the British grappler is no pushover.

He retaliates with several Cobra Clutches, almost succeeding in sending Jazz to dreamland. Gray pushes the advantage with an Armbar submission hold, but Jazz fights out and stuns her adversary with an offensive flurry, taking him off his feet with Clotheslines, heel kicks, reverse elbows and a Dragonscrew Legwhip before locking in her deadly single-leg Boston Crab into an STF.

Some of the best in the business have tapped out to Jazz' legendary hold. Will Chris Gray be one opf the select few who can withstand the pain? It isn't until Veda locks in a Headscissors that Jayme assumes she must be cheating somehow. The referee has to earn her pay on this day, keeping one eye on Jayme's accusations and the other on her dirty tactics.

The two beauties take turns stretching each other out, with Jayme going abdominal and Veda answering with an Octopus hold. Both pin attempts fall just short of a conclusive 3 count. A straight jacket hold is reversed, but it isn't long before Veda scores again with a running Bulldog. Veda shows off an impressive bridging Chinlock or "choke" as Jayme calls it , but it still isn't enough to earn a submission.

Veda stays in control with a Full Nelson, slamming Jayme right down on her tailbone. A crucial mistake leads to Jayme applying a seated Surfboard stretch. Some dirty tactics from Jayme turn the tide, but can she finish off the tough Veda? A tight Sleeperhold leaves one wrestler unconscious. Hannah Blossom vs Nemesis Christie Ricci calls this extreme mismatch of a contest as the powerhouse Nemesis takes on the slender, quicksilver blonde Hannah Blossom.

What she lacks in size, Blossom makes up for in know-how. Learning from a series of shoulderblocks that barely shift Nemesis, she goes low, taking Nemesis down by targeting her legs. A series of kicks to the knee and tight leglocks keep Nemesis down as Hannah softens her up further by removing her boots. Unfortunately for Hannah, she makes the mistake of gloating over the fallen Nemesis, holding her boot up as a trophy.

This results in an enraged Nemesis, opening Hannah up to a world of hurt. The smaller girl is choked, broken by a Camel Clutch, squashed in a corner and hoisted up in a long, rib-crushing Bearhug. It is not long before her boots are also torn off. Will she manage to rally against the overwhelming Nemesis or will the stronger lady prevail? A Sleeperhold cinches the victory for one athlete though not before referee Ricci is de-booted as well!

Amber O'Neal vs Kellie Skater A test of strength submission challenge-Each wrestler will get a chance to apply a hold for sixty seconds, trying to gain submissions and thereby points. Attitude is in no short supply here and Amber wins the coin toss. She starts with a standing ab stretch as ref Kimberly counts off the time.

The ladies proceed to go back and forth with the same holds with plenty of talking to fill each countdown. Both ladies withstand, both ladies tap, both ladies talk, but only one comes out on top with the most points. Angela Fong vs Portia Perez Special guest ref Tenille introduces the lovely competitors as they prep for their match. The ladies exhibit their straightforward technique as they circle and lock up, each looking for an opening.

Both go to work early on the arms, reversing and trading holds. It's obvious that these two are fairly well matched as each hold is traded and worked. Eventually, one competitor takes the upper hand with a Camel Clutch and proceeds to dominate for the remainder of the match. After a dizzying display of back and forth pin attempts, one lady takes the match with a swift Russian Leg Sweep for the

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Institute for the Study of Man, , The History and Topography of Ireland. When tying a subject in this position it is all too easy to provide to much slack in the ropes, which will allow her to twist herself to avoid many outrages or assaults, thus roundly defeating the primary purpose of the position. The version of this tie shown here used a free-standing rattan pole. The legs must be together, a position which can be notably difficult for highly sexed slavegirls to maintain.

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  1. National pride results in a 30 minute Iron Woman match being booked, with victory going to whoever can earn the most pins or submissions OR whoever scores the first knockout.
  2. The students had to dip their whips into chili paste after every single whipping.
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  4. Unfortunately for Kristin, all this seems to do is to galvanize the British wrestler, who takes immediate and total charge of the next round.
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  8. Elizabeth had to beg for her clothes to all the students.

The defensive position with arms crossed in front as often adopted in normal life is generally considered inappropriate for slavegirls unless she is specifically ordered into it. However, note the two different forms of binding used on the limbs. This classical Japanese position can be tied in several ways, two of which are illustrated here. The breathing was becoming more labored at this point and Brad now raised Gina to her feet while kissing her neck as she tottered on the sky-high heels. Z or Zig-Zag An asymmetric on front supine position where one leg is raised by bending the knee while the other foot is brought to the bent knee, forming an "S", "Z" or zig-zag shape. Once again, we permit our test subject to declaim in her addendum the reasons for the nomenclature attached to this position.

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