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Kendra and Esmi - Caged Slave Ga At the top of her list is to condition him to be a selfless, sex slave. Esmi's Halloween Party Part 1 Tiny Nut Busting Mistress Sasha does not believe the servant is screwing her well enough so Alina canes the dog even tougher and quicker. She fits him up with a riding bit and throws him over the dining room table.

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Sasha masturbates as Esmi whips the slut with a single tail. Then the male bitch is put on his knees and made to service Esmi with a chin do as Sasha holds the slut in place and demands he get the Goddess off. Sasha has ball bitch tied to her bed. This bitch is going to learn to eat ass. She grabs his balls and squeezes them tightly as she demands he stick her tongue in her sweet hole.

Sasha is certain that this bitch will learn his place. She fits him up with a riding bit and throws him over the dining room table. Sasha takes it slow and deep as she impales this faggot on her huge cock. Sasha humiliates the slut, robbing him of any hope of manhood as she drives her dick into his ass, forcing him to admit that he likes it.

Sasha is teaching the new cuck a hard lesson. She has the cuck at the foot of her bed. The Mistress are going to slow tease jerk and edge his cock. The Mistress get the slave to the point of cumming then stop making him go insane. The Mistress get the slave rock hard and ask him if he wants to cum.

The Mistress answer for him and let him know he will not be cumming till they tell him to. Nikki teases the loser with her pussy making him want to cum so bad. The Mistress continues to slow jerk and edge the slaves throbbing cock. The slave is finally allowed to cum. The slave is then fed every drip of his man filth. No enjoyment will come to the slave because while he is milked his cock and balls will be!

The Mistress jerks his cock his cock while violently beating his dick and balls. The slave is agony as his cock is jerked while his balls get squeezed and hit. Whipped While Pleauring Your Mistress Shocking Ass Cleaning Slave Hunting 5 Slave Hunting Part 4 Slave Hunting Part 3 Slave Hunting Part 2 Slave Hunting Part 1 Brutalize My Cock Sweaty Boot Feet Worship The Cock Boys Buttfucking Torment By Three Cocks Triple Handjob Torture Pony Slut Face Fucked While Brutally Caned Ass Cleaning And Ball Zapping Femdom Deception PT 5 Femdom Deception PT 4 Femdom Deception PT 3 Femdom Deception PT 2 Femdom Deception PT 1 Ass Cleaning And Ball Shocking Make Your Misress Cum Beg For Your Caning

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The Mistresses do not permit the slave to go away till he has made his Mistress ejaculate and his ass is red and covered in welts. Kendra and Esmi - Caged Slave Ga Scenes Featuring Esmi Lee. Pussy Serv

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The frying of his balls as she orgasms on his face will make chastity training much easier. Mistress Calli assist her fellow Mistress by whipping the slaves back making sure he fucks her properly. We have something for everyone into pure fetish and BDSM. Spill That Filth! Ass Cleaning And Ball Shocking

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