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The widest rim they recommend for a 25mm tyre is 17mm. Chris Christine Calton, a seasoned Records Manager of 30 years, will share tips and tricks for training employees as well as a few other things she has learned throughout her records management career. Chris is retiring mid-October so this is a great opportunity to not only pick her brain about all she has learned, but also to give her a proper SLC Chapter send off. Were you able to drive the Yurt? Because you are staying at Phantom you have an advantage.

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I plan to use 25mm tyres, but a see that both Continental and Schwalbe list the narrowest width tyre for a 19mm wide rim as 28mm. The widest rim they recommend for a 25mm tyre is 17mm. Any issues? I am lightweight at only 65kg! OK - thanks for that I now understand why they are all saying the same thing. I must admit I had not anticipated that an ISO standard would recommend tyre sizes for given rim widths.

Hi, completely agree with Dave about the compatibility of 25mm tyres on larger internal rim widths. Squirmed around a lot at 85PSI my preferred pressure for comfort, since the rims themselves are rock hard. I've settled on 70PSI after a few months of trying and find it to be really comfortable, yet less squishy while cornering.

There's less of a whirring noise while riding too, which I suspect means less deformation. Certainly the setup feels faster however I won't offer that assumption. A sidewall aligned with the direction of load will support the load better of course. The only downsides I've found are a the tyres are so wide now I have about 1mm clearance from the chainstays frame dependent ofc , and b the Ultegra brake calipers only just open far enough for the rims and I get the slightest bit of brake rub.

By far the best work on Proper Names known to the writer is that by Mr. And this so often: Smoothness of expression has not been sought, nor a learned treatise, but simply and solely to put the English reader in possession of the exact sense of the original: It may be remarked that some Hebrew roots are susceptible of two or even more entirely different meanings, as e.

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Robert, there have been others that have done a nighttime Rim to Rim hike. We are together now and what a challenge you are. Get ready for a day of hands-on learning! Mcm xcaya je rim lama saya diorg amek rm If you will be at Grand Canyon during labor day weekend, please let me know. Did you also check the group sites?

Tyre and rim width compatability:

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