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Finally, Daddy had had enough. Our dysfunctional and taboo relationship grew into us being incest lovers; mother and son. If you enjoyed parts of this fantasy let me know which ones and we can explore them using any age that makes you comfortable and still gives you a throbbing erection. My stepdaughter wants to be an ass twerking YouTube star. The petite naked girl upstairs was getting pounded in the hardest doggy style action. He was wearing the most beautiful blue cocktail dress. Mom turned her face so I would get that side as well.

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She becomes sex addict to the enjoyment of her husband. Working in a bar she descends into drugs and prostitution. MMF, wife, cuck, cheat, prost, intr, asian Bank Robber's Wife - by Vulgus - A woman's husband, out of work and desperate for money, attempts to rob a bank. He is a miserable failure and is arrested on the spot. His helpless and distraught wife is soon victimized by her employers and others.

And Rodney - by Anon - A lovely, petite, year-old woman becomes lovers with her nearly 6-year-old grandson when he visits her. During their lovemaking, she has a reverie anticipating the upcoming visit from another lover, a muscular, huge black athlete - virile and several years younger than she, but whom she matches in sexual proclivity and appetite.

I can safely declare that she is a sausage freak. I love watching her eat sausages. Here, enjoy a story about how she enjoyed thick, long and fat smelly sausages from Pakistan and Bangladesh. MMF, voy, bi, oral, intr, size, wife Barb's Seduction To Perversion - by Suewatcher - Young wife is seduced via e-mail, and becomes a slut for her black lover.

MF, intr, wife, preg Barroom Girl - by Rogue Alan - A female college student's introduction to being on his own in a new town away from his parents. I found out he scored well in bed. MF, wife, cheat, intr, affair Batchelor Party - by Bedo - Wife agrees to do whatever the husband asks for 48 hours.

During these hours she is forced to enter a dance contest and is drugged and raped by several men. He surprises his girlfriend while she's bathing and with very little persuasion he get a threesome going in the bathroom. Her daughter Keesha was getting lots of attention. Now that Michelle was laying face down on the towel, the attention of the men on the beach had shifted from Michelle to the curvy little twelve-year-old who was standing in the sand next to her, undressing.

MFteens, nc, rp, oral, anal, intr, v, bd Becky Loves Christie - by Char - Two girls just out of high school, from completely different backgrounds find friendship and more. FF-teens, intr, rom Bee Cee Ess - by Ulyssa Kincaid - A mature social worker can't help herself and falls in love with a young black man who just got out of prison. This leads to an addiction she hadn't foreseen.

They find that this new lifestyle is addictive in more than one way. Maybe the whole neighborhood would be next. FF, dom, exh, inc, intr, orgy Beth Anderson's Social Conscience - by Anonymous - Beth is a socially conscientious state worker who looks after the helpless in society.

Her job takes her all over the city and her work had always been very satisfying. Then one day she was assigned a possible sexual abuse case and everything in her life changed. MF, reluc, intr Ben-Wa - by F.

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Elegantly plopping two little steel balls on the conveyor belt at the xray machine as the airport security people stood wit popped eyes, she swished through the detector and out of my life In a discussion between themselves, they choose the people they would most like explore sex with, within their immediate families.

He encourages his wife and the weekend finds him watching his wife and her sister parade nude in public, and playing sex slaves for a group of black men. In return for his encouragement, Jessica gives him a new female club member to break in while watching the action.

This story is based upon the characters appearing in "Mary Deanna's Anniversary Fuck. She figures she can keep their flirting under her control, but as time passes, she begins to lose her grip and her resolve weakens. Then she discovers it's not only sex that he wants. She wore a sort of halter top, but it was different, very non-European. Her tits were enormous and a deep, shadowy cleavage drew my eyes.

Gleaming white teeth showed through full, dark lips as she grinned at me. Unknowingly, I help the first bouncer plunge his ugly, thick and black cock straight inside my wife's love tunnel. MMF, intr, wife, bi, size, cuck, alcohol Big George - by Anon NixPixer - A big black trucker stops overnight and has some fun with the motel day manager who is filling in for the usual "friend" that George hooks up with when he's in town.

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And things really got out of hand the night I invited my commanding officer over to our apartment. Apparently he has a thing for black women. He's a big Scandinavian type who doesn't take no for an answer. What was I supposed to do? He out ranks me. MF, wife, intr, nc?

Black Balled - by Brenda - When a middle aged white wife and a young black man get together, they give a new meaning to the term "Black Balled. She finds a young black co-worker and seduces him, which did not prove to be too difficult. He goes to club.

Then more, maybe more than he really wanted. MM, mast, oral, anal, intr, alcohol, rom Black Behind the Green Door - by EroswriterXXX - A black college student is kidnapped, gang raped and impregnated for the pleasure of an exclusive club. To her surprise he got her one and he was not only handsome but was very black.

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It just happens to be a black man named James who they picked to be the father. He's already responsible for knocking up Karen with a healthy baby boy. MF, intr, voy, rom Black Buzz - by Brenda - Husband and wife trade fantasies after watching an adult movie. The results are that the wife gets a young black stud to satisfy her needs.

A middle-aged slave master decides its time to take a new bed wench: MF, exh, intr, cuck, huml Black Cock Quickie - by Anon - A horny wife decides to slack her lust while her husband is out of town on a business trip. MF, wife-cheat, intr Black Couple In Power - by Pallidan - White couple submits to their black boss and his wife after their illegal doings are found out. MMMF, wife-cheat, intr, gb, true?

Black Daddy - by Molly - A wife does her duty and assures her husband's promotion by giving his black boss what he wants. She decides to expand her activities to include black guys and finds that her swinger club has a lot to chose from. MF, wife, cheat, intr Black Friday - by Celia Garr - A promiscuous young white woman finds herself with a dominating Black military man, and she loves it.

Being a successful businessman, Kevin saw a chance to live out some of his fantasies. Political correctness be damned as a black admin assistant figures out a way to get what she wants but has to involve her college friend to seal the deal. This is my experience - not just a sex scene, which means there is probably better jack-off material if that is all you're looking for.

MF, oral, mast, intr, prost Black House Guest - by Brenda - There are times when a married white woman meets a black man and she has that feeling that she needs to cheat. I met a young black man that I found to be very desirable and he found me to be the same. A half an hour before show-time, but he wanted to know everything was ready.

He had pulled the couch into the center of the room -- it would look strange there for any other purpose than what Paul had in mind. They seek professional help and things really get started with the husband's first visit. MM, intr, 1st-bi-expr, mc Part 2 Black Janitor, The - by Anonymous - A story about a white couple were the husband who talks his wife into a sexual adventure with the black janitor in the building where he works.

MF, wife-cheat, intr Black Knight Takes White Pawn - by Pegboy - A sixteen-year-old boy is seduced by two black men and introduced to a world of submissive sex. He even shares me with his friends. I planned to marry her. Then I decided to check up on her bachelorette party her friends were throwing for her My black ancestry mixed with Asian, and eastern European has been kind of a gift to me.

All the girls in my family have always been beautiful. It's been that mixture of the races, that all came together some how - in a perfect harmony. At any rate, I think that's why I got my current job, and at the price I was asking for. MF, mc, intr Black maled Librarian - by MercySlayer - Christina and her husband get a little "frisky" after hours in the library where she's the librarian.

What the couple doesn't know -- is that while they're having fun, some tough looking gang member types are watching them from their hiding place inside the library. Hen - A fifteen years old boy catches his science teacher fucking the coach and captures it on his cellular phone.

Then he uses it to the video to blackmail her into raising his grades and for other more exciting purposes too. But, maybe your wife will cover something else? MF, wife, reluc, intr, preg Blackmailed Into Perversion - by Richard Bilbrey - A nineteen year old black youth pretending to be sixteen, blackmails a couple into sexual acts and impregnation of wife.

She agrees to having an affair with this black man to save her husbands' job. He wants to breed her. MF, reluc, intr Blackmail Of A Tourist - by Sonya Esperanto - About a French tourist getting blackmailed by a local girl working in a Malaysian hotel resort to become her personal slave during her duration there. Jones - A husband talks his wife into having sex with a black man, so she dose at a Halloween party and sends up pregnant by him.

One is disgusted and tries to talk the other into leaving with no success. After her friend leaves the lone remaining woman finds out what it's like to have her very own "black master". MMF, dom, wife, intr, bd, orgy Black Mistress Society - by Pallidan - A woman is caught watching the neighbor being dominated by a young black girl in the next yard and suffers the same.

They are turned into slaves for the girl and her family amusement. MMF, dom, exh, bd, intr Black Musk - by Molly - A house wife and a young black man improve her and her husband's sex life. The husband finds that he likes to smell his wife's musky smell unknown to him that is a result of sex with a young lover. They soon get caught up in a love triangle. Husband secretly watches, and then joins in.

Little did I know how much MMF, wife, voy, intr, cons, cuck Black Runaway Slave's Punishment - by Z-Gar - A young black slave runs from a tobacco plantation in the heat of the deep south and is caught for the second time. His outraged, white female master and overseer sets upon the task of severely punishing him herself.

Intent on making an example of the slave, he is bound naked before the entire plantation and is forced to suffer the agony of having his penis whipped. Fm, exh, intr, v, tor, mutilation Black Sandwich - by J. Greenwald - About two months ago my girlfriend Jennie and I advertised in a swingers magazine for a well hung black stud to have sex with her as I watched.

This has always been a fantasy of hers and I agreed to participate because the thought of watching a black man's cock sliding in and out of her love hole makes me as hard as a rock. MMF, intr, threesome, swing, voy, ws Black Sid - by HappyHubby - A husband finds it erotic to think of his wife with a black lover and sets out to make it happen. MF, wife, voy, intr, cuck Black Soldier - by Brenda - When a white wife agrees to be a pin-up for a black soldier in Iraq, it can be rewarding when that soldier comes home and gets closer to his pin-up.

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It seems that for some reason black guys are attracted to me and I do not object one little bit. Fm, wife, cheat, intr Black Tom Cats - by Brenda - Two military wives, while their husbands are away on a mission, need some attention and find some young black Tom Cats looking for some white pussycats to pounce on and steal their honey.

The black guys slip into the white husbands' private garden and sip the sweet nectar from the white flowers. A Little Fun In Key West - by Vincent Valiant - A young black man in his early twenties engages in a threesome with his current girlfriend and her friend visiting from out of town. MFF, mast, oral, anal, orgy, intr Blessing, The - by Marc Diamond - When white sisters visit, will one give 'The Blessing' to the other knowing it means her black husband will have to service them both?

Yes, she will, and proudly. FFM, intr, oral, rom Bored at the Family Reunion - by JenJim - Forced to attend his wife's family reunion, a man finds that lending a helping hand to one of her sexy cousins can be quite enjoyable. MF, intr, husband-cheat, preg Boss's Pretty Wife - by Black Demon - Leroy was determined to get even with that white prick of a boss who had passed him over for the promotion.

He was far more qualified that the white punk who got the job. In frustration, he quit the job rather than put up with the asshole of a boss and the new supervisor. And now he was broke. She detested being stuck in this horrible country, but she was trying to work her way up to anchor, and this was the place to find the news stories.

Her boss at the network sent her here to find the leader of the rebel forces, interview him, and bring the videotape back as an exclusive. If she did that, he promised her a weekend night anchor on the news. MF, wife, intr, v, cuck Brat, The - by Pallidan - That little black kid next door was always watching her and her daughter in the yard.

She sent her husband John over to tell his parents only to have him return with an invitation for dinner the next day. Little did she know she was going to be the entertainment. MMF, intr, reluc, dom Bread Winner, The - by Grumpy - A high priced call girl accepts a new customer while her significant other monitors the meeting. MF, intr, voy Breakfast On Sunday - by Karen Kay - Husband visits ex-wife every Sunday and listens to her stories about her sex life with her black boyfriend.

But his friend is busy at work, leaving him alone at breakfast with the well-endowed Asian wife. A wife currently breast-feeding their new baby. Now, at 14 and a half, I am proud to say I have not had my first period. Not because I'm late getting started, but because of my work. I have been fucked so many times every day for the last four and a half years, that my pussy is sort-of stretched out and always dripping sperm.

MMMf-teen, ped, 1st, exh, anal, intr, orgy, preg Breeding Susan - by anymouse - Hubby talks wife into going bareback with her black lover, but little does she realize or does she that she is due to be fertile that weekend. MF, voy, wife, intr, preg Brenda's Young Black Stud - by Brenda Brown - A white wife gets the hots for her young black college student who lives in their spare bedroom and decides to seduce him, which was a very easy thing to do.

FM, wife, cheat, oral, intr Brent's Betrayal - by MercySlayer - Brent and Deann are relaxing at home after a hard day's work when suddenly four masked men burst into their home. She goes to a friend's party and is drugged and raped and then blackmailed with the pictures that were taken while she was drugged. Her best friend talks her into taking the whores place so that her man will really be fucking her and not some dirty whore.

I saw the girl's red hair bob and her hips sway as she stepped around the side of the church. She was a beauty alright and despite the risks I wanted to mate with her. I watched where she was going then I understood. The bitch was going to take a leak. Now was my chance! He's lying in the sun enjoying himself when this brown Asian guy settles annoyingly close to his towel. Counselor Bob offers private lessons at camp and Buffy signs up to beat the dreaded condition: How best to do that?

Bob has an idea. Now she's in college and, while she's not exactly looking for a man, she seems to keep tripping over them. Can Buffy turn the fact that she knows WHY their men are cheating to her advantage? The continuing adventures of our loveable slut, Buffy. She traveled to Dallas many times just passing through, but this was going to be her first trip to stay. MMF, wife-sharing, intr, size, cream-pie, preg Bush Bashing - by Stormbringer - A bitchy wife gets taught a lesson when she sounds off about the President of the United States.

I have recovered emotionally for the most part but you might say this event changed my life forever. MMF-teens, intr, nc, v, 1st, oral Bus Stop - by MercySlayer - A snooty female executive's car won't start and she ends up having to take a city bus. Then she becomes a victim, in more than one way.

They are kidnapped and tormented by an inner-city gang. MMF, wife, intr, size, swingers Cantaloupe - by Art Montage - I had always heard of how great sex is after an argument, unfortunately I had yet to experience the described wonder of that genre of love making but when it came it led me to wonder if this might be the last sex I was to have for a while.

Little did I know that one day MF, reluc, intr Carambola - by Dick Coxxx - Pretty blonde wife comes to visit her sister in Paradise only to find that her sister has already gone home. But her sister's husband shows her the true meaning of Paradise. We were taking her younger sister as a High school graduation gift. As background, I am a year-old Stock Broker, my wife is a gorgeous year-old Marketing researcher, and her year-old sister was getting ready to go to a small Eastern College.

How had it happened, why was it happening to her? She finally turns slut just to survive, bringing her brother and even her dad into the act. MF, wife, intr, cuck, cream-pie Casino Action - by Jimbo2 - A middle aged lady craves black cock, so her hubby gets some for her. Some wild events follow. MF, Fm, ped, intr, inc Caught Up - by Leigh Clyde - The girls were aware that riots and unrest had recently occurred throughout the country, but these disturbances seemed a million miles from them.

That was until their bus in hijacked by a gang of rough young lesbian women. Nguyen - He never thought he'd fall in love with her in the beginning. He had only been curious about sex with a black girl. He was curious, and wanted to have a one night stand with her. This one night stand lasted him for three years. MF, intr, reluc, true, asian, preg Cell 13 - by Duke - This is a story about love and betrayal in prison and at home.

Tom Rivers ruled the gang with an iron hand. MMF, voy, intr, hist Challenge, The - by AndoverBlonde - I haven't written any stories or accounts for a long time, but a very sweet friend of mine recently challenged me to write another. The challenge arose after he commented that he enjoyed my writing because I was not very graphic.

He and I disagreed on this point somewhat, but I understand his position. So my goal in writing this story is to take it up a notch. That does mean, however, that this is a story, and not an actual encounter. MF, exh, intr, rom Changes In Heather - by Heather - Heather goes to a post-high school football game party one night without her boyfriend and meets Marcus, a highly prized college prospect who hits on her and discovers to his surprise, that sweet young Heather is turned on by flirting with her high school's black stud athlete.

MF-teens, intr Chapel In The Forest - by Blackzilla - A young married women looking for adventure goes into the forest behind her home. Her mouth, her pussy and then her ass, pay the toll for her journey. MF, rp, intr, v Cheap Vacation - by Anon - Andrea, a beautiful young white single mom and Gloria, a beautiful young black single mom get a vacation offer they can't refuse.

Or so they think. It was two people and one was a woman. I wondered for a second what was going on until I heard the man say in a deep voice, "Get your fat ass in there bitch," talking to his companion. The door next to my stall banged closed and I heard the lock click. MMF, wife-cheat, intr NEW Chelly's Story - by Dawn - Michelle works for a government agency and they sent her away on a seminar where she discovered that sexual lust can actually control ones actions.

She was confronted with an interratial affair and didn't know how to stop it. FF, intr, toys, asian China Girl - by Anon - Suzie Wong, a refugee from the upper classes of Vietnam society has to get by somehow, and boy does she. An affair that is intruded on by the law. Where the hell is that bitch? In another minutes I would lose my cloak of darkness.

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So I grabbed my crack stash and high tailed it out of town. I'd seen a poster advertising a dance at a local hall down by the river and thought that'd be a good place to sell some gear while I got established. Why, did I find the idea that she was a slut so attractive that I married her? Will she ever be satisfied with me again? MF, wife, cheat, intr, size, preg College Romp - by Pallidan - A black college girl catches her white roommate reading magazines about black dominatrix while playing with herself.

She totally uses it to dominate her roommate and her college teacher mother too. MMF, teens, nc, rp, intr Come Feed Me - by MapleValley8 - A white husband and a black wife catch their spouses doing what they themselves, have been doing for months. They decide to keep their own cheating a secret, even though it meant letting her husband continue to fuck his wife.

They felt what they gained was worth it. MF, wife, cheat, military, alcohol, intr Coming Home - by Pallidan - Mother finds out her daughter is moving back home with her new black husband. She also learns, she is his slave and expands his harem to include her. A story about a young woman's odyssey - Discovered in a small village in rural Russia, Nikki finds herself in the fast lane in New York as an up-and-coming fashion model, literally over-night.

He finally convinces his beautiful wife that he has a winning hand, and she won't have to submit her body to one of the players. Angry wife finally agrees, and the hand is played out. This one, though, was incredible. A story about what one of my friends was hiding on his computer. These young convicts have their own agenda, however.

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MF, wife-sharing, voy, intr, preg? Contract For Sex - by WimpHub - My story is a warning to all those arrogant men who believe they are all their wives could want, and who are complacent about their spouse's fidelity. The wife is used and abused by the gang in front of the helpless husband. After a while the wife gives in, so does the police officer.

MF, voy, intr Corrupting Kelly - by Karen Kay - Husband is a witness to his neighbors swinging activities and is blackmailed into allowing his wife to become involved. D - A young female officer develops into a sexual submissive. This is one of mine is about a black lady I work with and who I've often cum over in my wet dreams.

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It all depends on your point of view. Rude Awakening Mom wakes up to a startling experience. Cathy and Dave Pt. Knowing Daddy A young woman gets to know her Dad! The Woman. Son finds out how much of a woman his mother can be. A Family Chronicle Ch. Tomorrow, Daddy She is horny thinking about coming home for the weekend. Anything For My Sons Mom would do anything for her sons.

Stella's Joy! Seduction of a Big Sister Ch. Danna and Deanna: Our Story Fraternal twins discover mutual love on their 18 birthday. Sharon has worked extensively as a professional storyteller. Sharon has presented classes and workshops on the art of storytelling to adults and children, and was on the planning committee for the University of Rochester storytelling conference.

Ann Sanger retired from teaching in after She has two adult children. Her son Kurt is pursuing a career in sales. Her daughter, Kristen is married to Steven, the man of her dreams. They have one child, Brayden, who will be three years old soon. Schafer has a M. She also earned a M. Maggie is first a wife to her husband, Jed, and a mother to two little girls, Norah and Lenah. As an avid reader, she will read anything, but loves reading young adult novels.

She feels strongly that this better prepares her for her day job teaching 7th graders. A middle school English teacher since , Maggie gets to work everyday with students with individualized learning needs. Jeanna Sciarrotta is a graduate of the College of New Jersey where she majored in English Education with a concentration in young adult literature.

She has been an avid reader since she can remember and is addicted to young adult literature. One of her favorite parts of teaching is sharing her crazy passion for the genre with her students. She coaches both field hockey and track for the high school. Amalia Selle grew up in the Green Mountain state of Vermont. She moved to the south to attend Covenant College on Lookout Mountain, Georgia, where she graduated with a degree in middle grades education with concentrations in English and History.

Since her graduation, Amalia has remained in the Georgia area teaching seventh grade language arts. She is currently working towards and M. Shaffer is a Ph. She enjoys playing and watching sports, reading, writing, sewing, and volunteering. She is a graduate of Houghton College, and has written for the local newspaper, small-circulation magazines, and her classroom.

Sue enjoys travel, gardening, and reading. She blogs about teaching, nature, and mountain living on one hundred acres at theshaffners. She also works as a graduate assistant for the James C. Kirkpatrick Library at the University of Central Missouri. While Kirsten enjoys reading anything, Young Adult fiction is her favorite.

She hopes to someday share her love of reading as a high school librarian. Pat Sherman lives in Cambridge, MA. As well as writing for children, she has worked as a library professional and archivist in a variety of universities and museums. Judy is a graduate of Pratt Institute Library School and has a particular interest in Judaica, history, young adult, and science fiction books.

She currently volunteers one day a week in her temple library. Jacquie has taught Elementary and Elementary Gifted classes for twenty-four years in nine states, as well as serving the last five years as a school librarian, renovating and re-imagining the library and its curriculum.

When not reading, walking in downtown Chicago, or becoming reacquainted with old friends, she loves to paint large canvasses and play with her nine adorable grandchildren. She has published over works, including fiction and nonfiction, curriculum materials for children, inspirational articles, and book reviews.

She received her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in reading education from the University of Wyoming. She prefers to read books written at the intermediate level about disability, abuse, adoption and other current issues faced by children in the s. She is currently a second grade teacher in a public school district.

This is her 11th year teaching and has taught in grades four and five in addition to second. Erica has a passion for education and tutors children of all grade levels in reading and writing. She hopes to pass her own love of reading onto those that she teaches. Erica enjoys reading professionally as well as for pleasure. She promotes reading and other educational strategies on her blog, Bookworms and Writing Bugs.

Besides reading and teaching, Erica runs and loves spending time with her dachshund, Russell. Brenda Sowry , as a child, could be found under the dining room table, in a corner behind a living room chair, under a desk or in a closet, reading. She believed she had a passion for reading, but now realizes knowledge is her passion and reading is the path. Reading has enabled her to become a well-rounded individual, developing both the logical and creative sides of her brain.

Brenda holds a B. Jeannine Stickle has a B. She lives in Portland, Oregon where she works as a Reference Assistant. She has always loved reading more than anything else and loves books for kids of all ages. Elizabeth Sulock received a B. She lives in Reston, Virginia with her husband Gordon.

Kristy Lyn Sutorius received her B. She taught in elementary classrooms for several years, served as a Reading Specialist and then as the Elementary Librarian in two different schools. She is currently hard at work putting the finishing touches on a book tentatively titled. Her platform included the goal of forming a working relationship with educational institutions to insure that Norwalk children were prepared for 21st century challenges.

She has worked in public, academic, and special libraries in every capacity except as a systems administrator. For over a decade she has taught for the University of Phoenix in general education and humanities, and for seventeen years she has instructed part time at Jackson College. She has been married for over 20 years and has 4 children. She currently teaches fifth and sixth grade in the Minnesota public school system and has also taught in Tennessee, Poland, and England.

She speaks Mandarin Chinese and French and lives in St. She secretly hoped that it would rain at recess, so that she could stay inside to read. After many recesses spent reading, she obtained a Bachelors in Psychology and English and a Masters of Science in Nursing. After working as a nurse practitioner in neonatal and pediatric critical care in Nashville, Tennessee, she became a mother and began her greatest life workinstilling a passion for reading in her three children.

Ashleigh Vanada received a B. Her love for young adult literature began with an independent study on the topic as an undergraduate and led to her writing book reviews for the KLIATT journal. She currently works as a catalog copywriter for a book distributor. She enjoys reading memoirs, discussing best-selling fiction with her community book club, and writing. She and her husband live outside Boston.

She lives in Annandale, Virginia. Paul Walter has been working as a seventh-grade English and reading teacher in Slinger, Wisconsin for the past seven years. After earning an educational B. A graduate of St. Edwards University in Austin with a degree in English Studies along with graduate work in education from Texas State University, she lives with her husband on a ranch in central Texas.

She is retired from teaching American Literature, British Literature and Reading, and she still prefers to read for exercise. Fascinated for decades by authors and their books for children and young adults, she will use any excuse to be current in the literary world and will travel many miles to listen to authors, acquire autographs, and collect books. Sarah Webb holds a B. She has had the honor of presenting both her critical research and creative work at conferences.

In , her thesis manuscript won the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Award. She is currently at work on a young adult novel. She has worked at the Polytechnic campus library at Arizona State University since it opened in the fall of Aside from developing online teaching initiatives, he is also liaison to the School of Education. He teaches future teachers about teaching resources, including literature for children and young adults.

He is particularly interested in examining the portrayal of cultural values embedded in international titles. She served as an editor for The Gargoyle, the newspaper at Flagler, and has written articles for a number of magazines, newspapers, and blogs. She currently lives in Roanoke, Virginia. Through the many moves with her Air Force husband, Barbara taught in six school districts as a regular classroom teacher in grades K-4 from one coast of the country to the other.

She became the first reading specialist at Rappahannock and helped design the remedial reading program and enhance the school wide reading program. She served as a Technology Leader and interim Technology Specialist for many years. Barbara and her husband have taken advantage of the many moves to travel across the country and sightsee with their three daughters.

She is currently a Special Education teacher. She has taught both in a general education setting as well as special education for a total of 22 years. Her hobbies include photography and reading. She lives in Waldorf, MD with her husband, who is a pastor. Her married daughter, son-in-law and their dog live nearby. Summer Whiting is a lover of books and has been since her parents began reading to her at a very young age.

She earned a degree in English from Liberty University. Her goal is to help young people everywhere discover the joys of literature. Prior to this position, she had been working as a Speech-Language Pathologist in the same county, enjoying each year of a caseload of children with Autism, ranging in age from three through twelve, and worked closely with their families and receiving school teams.

She has experience working with children in a range of educational placements, from self-contained special education classrooms to fully inclusive placements. Susie reads widely, writes book reviews for eight publications and has been a commentator for WUNC. Danielle enjoys reading every chance she gets and has been known to read any type of publication set in front of her, no matter the topic.

Jessica Williams has been a writer for over two-thirds of her life. She started writing at age ten when she fell in love with poetry, then later continued on to receive a B. She has worked in fields surrounding Early Childhood Development and family health in various positions, from preschool teacher to social worker for a local non-profit. She is currently a wife and stay-at-home-mom, caring for her one-year-old, and is an active member in her local community of Hiram, Georgia.

After five years of teaching English as a Second Language in adult literacy programs and community college, she stopped working to raise her three sons, two of whom are now teenagers and one of whom is in elementary school. Charles Wyman is a retired computer systems analyst for the U. In addition to his interest in computer technology, Charlie has traveled extensively around the world and lived for more than 10 years in the Far East.

He enjoys reading books pertaining to that part of the world and biographies. Yannuzzi earned her B. She majored in Early Childhood Education. She enjoys traveling, reading history and biographies, nature, gardening, and hiking. Della has written several books and numerous articles for magazines. She describes herself as a dedicated reader, writer, and preschool teacher.

Scholastic published her book, Gregor Mendel Genetics Pioneer. Elizabeth has been a substitute teacher while her children were in elementary school and is glad to be in a library full time. Elizabeth lives in Phoenix, NY with their family, including three cats and a misbehaving dog. Deborah recently opted to relocate from the frenetic pace of Miami, and now resides in Perry, Florida, in a sweet and peaceful cottage nestled in four and a half acres of pine woods.

She believes the former owners of the house may have been a kindly family of bears, Papa, Mama and Baby. Her background spans teaching, publishing, curriculum development, research, and teacher training. She has also authored four books for educational publishers. Early in her career, she was a 3rd grade teacher, a 4th grade reading teacher, a reading specialist, and a special education teacher in public schools.

She also taught reading at a private school for the deaf. Later, she worked for an educational publisher contributing to the development of a basal reading series and its accompanying software. Beginning in at Education Development Center, she directed federally-funded projects that focused on designing instructional materials and studying ways to improve elementary and secondary reading development, with an emphasis on helping teachers succeed with struggling readers.

She often led workshops, presented at national conferences, wrote numerous articles, and was the lead author of a book for teachers, Helping Middle School Students to be Active Researchers. She received her doctorate in reading and language development from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Bruce Adelson is the author of 13 books for children and adults about sports and American History, including: Bruce is a lawyer and lives in Maryland with his wife and son.

Her doctoral dissertation had to do with the retelling of stories. Her favorite thing to do is to curl up with a good book and a daughter! She graduated from George Mason University with a degree in psychology, and then obtained certificates in early childhood and early childhood special education from Wichita State University. Samita has taught early childhood and early childhood special education for five years.

Several of her teaching ideas have been accepted by The Mailbox magazine. She has a particular interest in craft and holiday books. Marilyn Bagel is a book author, freelance feature and script writer, and advertising copywriter residing in Bethesda, Maryland.

Elizabeth Bagg is a retired school and public librarian who lives in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Noteworty Books for Children. She continued her career as a self-employed writer and editor and is author of the book Winter in July: She is also the sports reporter for her community newspaper and writes a book review column for the newspaper twice a month.

She is also a member of the Kiowa County CO Historical Society as well as the Colorado Historical Society and is planning a collaborative project between her community school, library, and museum to digitize historical artifacts and documents within their holdings. Barnett is married and has four children.

Bean taught middle school English for 31 years. She started an enhanced program at her Colorado middle school, adding books to the curriculum that students would want to read not just pretend to read. Like most middle school students, she enjoys realistic fiction the most; however, she has read much about World War II and the Holocaust.

She also reads and writes poetry, and in recent years, she has become very interested in wildlife. She is a birdwatcher and nature lover. Becker lives in Columbus, Ohio. Jessica has extensive community experience including facilitating hands-on workshops for children in schools throughout Columbus, creating an environment-education program for elementary school classes and volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.

She is a photographer and has exhibited a collection of her personal travel photographs in Gallery in Columbus. Shiela Barry is the coordinator of the after-school program at Crossway Community in Kensington, Maryland. A certified elementary teacher with a Bachelor of Science in Teaching from Mankato State University, she has taught third grade and continues to work closely with children outside of the classroom.

Mary has worked as a trainer and consultant to writers, parents and library systems. She participated in the Community Relations Advisory Committee, increasing understanding within diverse population, and has been the recipient of two National Association of Counties awards. Mary has facilitated state-wide training conferences and problem-solving meetings for public and university libraries.

Her specialty is ESL classes for grades and employs a literature based curriculum. Seth Berg is an elementary school teacher living in Colorado. He received his Undergraduate and Masters degrees from the University of Northern Colorado, and currently instructs children in history, math and english. A fan of fantasy books, he prefers an imaginative book to a cutsey one.

Currently, she works as a freelance editor and writer and as a subsitute teacher. Jennifer is currently working on a YA novel and lives in Colorado. Besides being an avid reader, she is also a lover of language, and fluent in Spanish. Renee Biermann holds a B. She is currently working from her home office in Iowa as a freelance editor. While she has had her own poetry and stories published, her true passion is reading the works of others.

Kit began her career at Carroll County Public Library presenting storytimes for pre-schoolers. Her audiences ranged in age from 9 months to years! Kit presently lives in the historic village of Uniontown, Maryland with her family. Two teenagers, a husband, two cats and a dog make up her household. It is now her fourth year of teaching.

Melanie teaches 5th grade students in the special education department. Her main reviewing interest lies with YA books. Holding degrees from Bryn Mawr College and Temple University, she has planned and taught several courses on writing and has also written questions for standardized tests.

She currently resides in Bethesda, Maryland. Braaf has published fiction, nonfiction, and humor for juveniles and adults. Debra Briatico is a stay-at-home mother of twin boys. She has worked as a nursery school teacher, network director, newsletter editor and writer, book editor, freelance writer and proofreader, and newsletter designer.

Kearsley Briggs is a freelance editor with over fifteen years of experience in editing and production. She has provided editorial services to magazine and book publishers, nonprofit organizations, government and private industry. Much of her editorial work has been in high technology disciplines.

Early in her career, she worked for the Peace Corps as a staff assistant for training. Andrea obtained an undergraduate degree in Jewish studies from Harvard and then went to New York University where she studied law. She currently works as a civil rights attorney and shares child rearing responsibilities with Armin Brott.

Brown has been teaching high school English for the last fourteen years. Brown is the mother of Taylor who loves Froggy and Bernstain Bears this week. Bonnie Bruneau has been writing her whole life, putting much effort into developing her writing career. Not only does she enjoy writing but reading as well.

Her expertise includes the following areas: Armin Brott is a writer and father of two children. Among his most recent publications are The Expectant Father: In this capacity she selects juvenile materials books, videos, spoken word, and music CDs and cassettes for the Easy, Juvenile, and Teen collections of the nine-branch system.

She spends her time writing and talking to students in elementary schools. Debby and her family currently reside in a house built of redwood in the forest area of Ranier, Oregon, a small town on the Columbia River. Michelle Negron Bueno holds a B. She was born in Spain and lived there as a teenager.

She has lived in El Salvador since , working as the Publications Director of a community development organization. Michelle is currently working on a novel for middle grade readers. Barbara Allen Burke is a freelance writer who earned a B. While working as a community college counselor, she also taught introductory writing.

She has written a middle grades novel. In addition, she has written numerous magazine stories and articles and prepares a monthly book review column for her local newspaper. Dori is a member of the Iowa Teen List committee and enjoys reviewing and selecting books for this age group. Ellen Butts is a writer who teams with Joyce Schwartz to write nonfiction books. Ellen has worked for a major New York publishing house as well as with a Washington-based literary agency and now serves as a part-time librarian in the Montgomery County system.

The Best Medicine, Eugenie Clark: Adventures of a Shark Scientist and Carl Sagan. Kara Byrne has been an elementary and middle school teacher, with experiences from remedial through gifted instruction. She is currently pursuing her M. She has enjoyed reading since childhood.

Her favorite books are those that include a theme of overcoming odds, and she loves a happy ending! Currently, she enjoys a busy but contented life with her husband, two cats, and dog. Caines has been in elementary education since As an elementary teacher, she has taught third through fifth grade students in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Aside from teaching students, she has worked as a school-based curriculum support teacher, and as a writer and editor of math assessments. She enjoys reading biographies and exposition. Mary Ann Cappielo received her B. Cindy Carolan holds a B. After spending 7 years working in the legal end of the bustling commercial real estate world in Washington, D.

An active church, sports and school volunteer particularly in libraries , she enjoys traveling, cooking, singing in a band, spending time with outdoors her family and reading. Laurina Cashin is one of the partners of We Love Childrens Books, a consulting business to the childrens book industry. She has a twenty year history of working with libraries and childrens books, primarily in marketing and collection development.

Picture books brought her into the childrens book field, and she is also an avid reader of YA fiction. She recently moved from California to Colorado. She has published several articles in a trade journal In-Plant Graphics on the topic. They hope to write and illustrate a history book for young children in their retirement years.

They have five children living in four states, and a golden retriever living at home. Judy Chernak has taught language, music and arts and crafts. Diana Arlene Chlebek recieved her Ph. She is fluent in French, Polish, and Spanish. She is Associate Professor of Bibliography at the University of Akron Libraries for the areas of literature and language.

Chrissy Christoferson is a second grade teacher in Santa Rosa, California who is interested in books on the elementary school level. Stacy Clark resides in Santa Rosa, California and teaches the fourth and fifth grades. Clarke specializes in writing nonfiction beginning readers about animals, especially extreme or unusual animals, that make learning about science entertaining and engaging.

She is an experienced and lively school, library, and conference presenter www. She is a graduate of James Madison University and lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her husband, young son, and menagerie of pets. While at Simmons she completed two publishing internships at Candlewick and Little, Brown. These programs gave her an opportunity to follow the development of a book from manuscript to beautifully designed final product.

Now Julie writes reviews for the Brookline Booksmith website. Bethany Cole graduated from Ball State in and majored in English Literature and hopes to teach English at the college level. She is a mother of four and resides with her family in Greenfield, Indiana.

She has taught English at the middle and high school level in private and public institutions since she graduated from Liberty University in In June of that same year, Jamaica married her high school sweetheart, Terry Conner. She and Terry live on a farm with their two dogs: Daisy and Spike, two horses: Alladin and Aslan Jeremiah, and three cows.

They both share a love for family, gardening, reading, theatre, movies, and popcorn. An Adventure in Taking Risks. Cooper grew up in southeastern Kentucky. He now lives in Baltimore, Maryland. Cooper is the author of 14 books and numerous magazine and newspaper articles. Michele Coulombe has been working in the field of elementary education for several years.

In recent years, she has been the recipient of two fellowships. A graduate of Florida universities with advanced degrees in education and library science, she has worked as a classroom teacher and librarian for over 16 years. She has published various articles relating to children and reading, and carries a unique burden for reluctant readers. Serving military families with parents deployed in dangerous parts of the world, her goal has been to support military children through diverse library programs.

As the mother of five readers, she looks for stories with meaning that matter. She currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland. She also enjoys boating, jogging, and gardening. Daniels is a native of Louisiana-not New Orleans. She loves to cook, read, and spend time with her husband and young daughter.

She loves African American literature, Christian texts and quilting. Jennifer Davenport teaches eighth grade Algebra. She is an avid reader and has always wanted to write. Her children are grown and she has a thirteen-year-old grandchild. She resides in Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina.

Davies has a graduate diploma in illustration from Sheridan College in Canada, where she majored in book illustration. She has worked as a graphic designer and calligrapher at advertising agencies in England and North America. Gwendolyn Davis recently returned from living for many years in London and Amsterdam.

Gwendolyn has extensive academic credentials and undertook post doctorate work at two Dutch universities. Davis states that books are her lifeline. She currently resides in Durham, North Carolina where she is consulting and undertaking freelance reviewing. Prior to working at Albany, she was a school librarian in a rural elementary school.

A member of the Caldecott Committee, Candace has reviewed for Childrenslit. Lulu has written and illustrated many books including bilingual books such as Arozzo con leche: Among her more recent books are Golden Tales: Janice DeLong has been a teacher for more than 30 years. She has recently become a collector of Raggedy Ann dolls and books, and is a novice grower of orchids.

Her prior positions included technical writing and editing, and administrative management in several liturgy offices. She most recently has been volunteering her time at WETA public radio and television. At this time Paula is studying video and studio production. Susan Denning resides in Portland, OR.

She is a freelance book reviewer and editor of Caffeine Destiny, an online magazine. Susan has had book reviews published in several local and national publications. Deutsch is a freelance writer and consultant to nonprofit organizations that focus on issues of urban education, child well being, and family development.

She also taught first grade at the Sheridan School and completed a practicum at the Harvard Literacy Lab. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and two children. Diehl has a B. Disckind has her own business that provides marketing, public relations, and editorial services in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. She is a member of several professional associations including Washington Independent Writers and Women in Advertising and Marketing.

Barbara loves fables, fairy tales and animal stories, particularly those about horses. She has had two hardcover books published. She has been reviewing for School Library Journal for many years. She loves to travel. I am married and have three children, 12, 7 and 4. I have been a teacher for the last 8 years.

I was excited to have a new world open to me. Joanna Draper has been a teacher for the past 20 years and is currently a member of the Idaho Technology Portfolio Assessment Team. In the summer of , she began training in the Teaching with Technology program. Part of the requirement of this preogram was for her to write lesson plans for other teachers in her district to use to integrate technology into the classroom.

She is a published author. She has also written website reviews for Family Wonder, and contributed material for Glencoa Publishing. Her work has also appeared in Victoria , Backwood Homes , St. Tina Dybvik holds a B. Before her first child was born she taught Language Arts to middle grade students.

Nowadays she reads a lot of board books and picture books. Susan Epling resides in Cartersville, Georgia while finishing her dissertation for a Ph. Stacey Evers is a resident of Falls Church, Virginia, where she lives with her husband and two dogs. She has been a tutor and a reporter and loves to read. In , she saw the publication of Volume 4 of Choices: A Core Collection for the Reluctant Reader , an annotated bibliography for parents and educators which she compiled with the help of a colleague.

Formerly a teacher in Africa and Latin America as well as the U. Farrow currently teaches creative writing and poetry to young people. The great loves of her life are poetry and beekeeping. A sought after public speaker and storyteller, Rhenda is currently writing her second book and seeking publication for her first, The Heart of Out Home.

Anne Field has taught children Nursery through third grade. She is a wife and a mother of two children. For 19 years she has taught courses in middle school philosophy, advanced composition and adolescent literature, while also supervising student teachers. She facilitates the Northeast Alliance Book Study, a group of about 30 teachers and librarians who meet monthly to discuss young adult literature and its use in the classroom.

When she is not reading books, she is following the Indy Racing League and makes a pilgrimage to the Indianapolis every year. Floyd is a Gifted and Talented Coordinator for grades 6 to 8, and also teaches seventh grade language arts. He uses trade books extensively in his classroom. Scott works hard to get kids excited about literature and uses technology extensively throughout his curriculum to accomplish that.

He uses both his three year old son and his wife, also a teacher, to identify books that kids of all ages will be excited about. Kathleen Foucart is a graduate student at Hollins University. She received her undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech in and currently lives in Christiansburg, VA. She began teaching first grade in Landover, Maryland and then taught first and second grade for two years each.

Upon relocating to West Chester, Pennsylvania, Susan enrolled in a graduate program. She and her husband Bob welcomed a daughter in January of As the mother of two daughters, Candy has developed a strong interest in what children learn, read and experience.

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