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Description Discussions Comments Change Notes. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Learn about this challenging new du…. Subscribe to download Flame Atronach Armor. His master smiles and grabs a scroll of Soul Trap. It's kind of funny, for me anyways. Also read about our use of underscores and "tagme".

A Skin Mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Fixed Floating. This mod changes the armor texture, body color and the trail the flame atronach creates. It does not replace the texture of her fireballs and fire attacks, since those texture are used by other things and i don't know how to change that yet. Note for people with low specs computers: It works together with the flame atronach model in the "Better Shaped Female Creatures" mod , if you give his mod higher priority in skyrims Data feautre.

BUT, the speculariy colors won't be the same on his model and the glow effect is not there either. No idea what he did, but it just ain't working. Manual Download. Add Post Sign up to access this! Dunclub Duncan Joined 5y ago. Dunclub Duncan. URL to post: More Options. Key Authors Joined 8y ago. Joined 8y ago.

One Nord taps him on the shoulder. We are severely outnumbered by enemies and trapped in this tower. Kelt smiles and speaks. You go back to your stupid war. I find my accomplices, my treasure maps, hints and sources. I get valuable things through any means and eventually cross into Cyrodiil. Everything else either gets in the way or doesn't. Kelt follows. Archers fire at them and Ralof returns fire.

Kelt finds a scroll of Oakflesh and a few scrolls of Paralyze. Several archers fall to the ground, frozen.

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Ralof runs out of arrows and he runs downstairs. Kelt conjures his atronach again and it deals with the archers. Ralof returns with three books. Spell tomes of Fireball, Telekinesis and Greater Ward.

Kelt is shocked by this. Reading quickly. Soon the yellow and green books have disappeared and all that remains is the red one. I am very good at it but I rarely use it. The only magic that Ulfric doesn't cringe totally about is bound weapons. He was tortured during the great war and those who did it often burned him then froze him while healing him just enough to keep him alive.

I try not to use it in front of him but at a time like this what else can I do? Finishing the red book. He casts Telekinesis and finds a bow for Kelt and many arrows for the both of them. He casts his Ward and the magical onslaught from the wizards is reduced. His Fireballs also help. At this point the atronach returns to Oblivion safely.

I only grabbed a few. Kelt shakes his head and shows his bag of scrolls. Ralof frowns at his laziness and shoots an Ice Spike into the crowd below. Ralof stops and gapes at the sky. A black dragon descends on Helgen. Scattering the soldiers. The dragon smashes its ugly head through the tower wall.

Ralof smacks it on the nose with his axe and casts a Ward against its fire. Ulfric walks up the stairs with Kelt, who looks rather pleased with himself. Make your way to the keep. I will be waiting. Kelt nods. Two green and three purple. He notices that Kelt's scroll bag seems to be bulging and guesses that he got very lucky when searching the bodies of the wizards.

Kelt turns to the hole and jumps. The bed smashes under his weight and he grunts with the pain. He silently congratulates himself on convincing Ralof that he wasn't all bad. One less potential snitch. Maybe once Alima finds a Dead Thrall staff me and Ralof can become He thinks to himself. But first I have to get out of this mess. Then I can think about finding artefacts and killing people to have as an un-dead servant.

Kelt jumps down the stairs and sees the Imperial who was calling out names. He hears someone calling him Hadvar and decides to follow him to safety. He gets to the keep and finds Ralof there too. He ditches Hadvar and follows Ralof into the keep. Once inside he and Ralof have a short discussion on what to do next.

They hear footsteps and duck away. Kelt draws his sword and grabs a scroll, hoping that the footsteps belong to someone friendly. Or Hadvar. The atronach appears next to her master and senses a hostile presence. She feels extremely worn out. It was not normal to be summoned for the first time, them again two minutes later, then again after five minutes.

It really took it out of any atronach. She prepares a firebolt and two soldiers burst in. One female wearing heavy armour and one male wearing studded armour and no helmet. Letting his brown hair flow past his ears. She recognises him as the one by the execution block. The one that looked sick when she appeared and relieved when she killed the headsman. She hears her master whisper the word Hadvar and she wonders if that is his name.

She shrugs mentally and throws the fire at the woman, who dies instantly. Her master has the man on the floor. The poor soul is begging with her master; presumably for his life. His master smiles and grabs a scroll of Soul Trap. He casts it and raises his sword above the chest of the man who is now looking at her with tears in his eyes.

She wants to help him but she is loyal to her master. She shakes her head and the man closes his eyes. She watches as the sword pierces the man's chest and his soul is contained in a gem. At that very moment she fades back to Oblivion. Yet she is summoned again minutes later.

She fights soldiers, spiders and a bear. As her master runs out of the cave into the wilds of Skyrim, she notices that he had dropped a black soul gem. The one that has the man's soul in it. She picks it up and delves quickly into Oblivion. The soul shines brightly but has an aura of blue surrounding it. She destroys the aura and returns to Tamriel.

The spirit of the man spouts from the broken gem. He smiles at her and mouths "Thank you". She nods and his soul races to the sky, heading to his resting place.

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Skyrim Store Page. The atronach appears next to her master and senses a hostile presence. You can purchase the spell from any of the court wizards in the Jarls' castles in the major cities once your Conjuration skill is high enough The Author's Note will always be before the chapter title so you will know that when you see it. She wants to help him but she is loyal to her master. The one that has the man's soul in it. Disable this feature for this session. Description Discussions 0 Comments Change Notes.

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