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Testimonials Here's what our customer's are saying about us! This enrages the arch-enemies of his teachings who have never ceased to foment every kind of blasphemy imaginable often carrying out their evil in his name. Jesus foresaw all that would come to pass and told us "By their fruits, you shall know them".

What they cannot forgive is that Christ taught that we give all love and loyalty to the creator- to God, and not to any worldly institution - which includes any human church, minister, etcetera. Christ never asked that he himself be worshiped and when he said that he alone is the way, the truth, and the light, it is clear to those who care to see that no one who gives the loving God described to us by Jesus, the highest place in their heart, by whatever name they use, would find God's love and mercy closed to them, which continues to be time elapsed since the arrival of a messenger whose divinity was demonstrated so profoundly.

I didn't experience this "B. But I'm not amazed, unfortunately. This nation was established on Faith and now we are trying to eliminate any symptoms and symptoms of it. I wish it wasn't occurring, but it is. I believe the phrase BCE is just another way to take Jesus out of the community.

I first experienced this acronym from my child's community university adviser, and I had to look it up it to discover the meaning of it. As people in America, we are always concerned about annoying other belief systems when this nation was established on faith. They will not even put the letters on your head stone, only numbers. Which could be viewed as disrespectful of other religions and belief structures When was the last time you heard anyone say, "I am sick of being disrespected by those acronyms which divide certain points in time.

If you did hear that poor soul cry out, was your first thought, "We can fix this by veiling the truth of what is behind those evil acronyms -- with different acronyms. Take that, current evil letter combination! This was in an effort to use the correct form in my writing. I can understand all the differing opinions, however it seems history will still have a record of when the change occurred and why.

Therefore, references to Christ will not be forgotten, likewise everyone with a non-christian viewpoint will find using the updated version no different. Let's create a world of tolerance and openness to change, where all feel included, rather than getting bogged down in paranoia. Communists were concerned about young people.

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They did care about the students and religion should have been irrelevant to this generation's coming of age in the last decade of the century of Lenin.

I really don't want to remember anymore. I will ask my cable television to remove BBC from my programs. Some of the months are named after Greek gods the month of June is named after the god Juno. The week system of seven days is based on the Torah. If we are going to remove the AD and BC to avoid offending people of other religions we should change the names of the months too.

It may offend some to refer to a pagan god every summer. We should change the length of our weeks because it forces people to live a Jewish lifestyle. That is if we are afraid of being offensive. On the other hand we could say that the Gregorian calendar represents a compromise of three important western religions and leave it be. If we change the whole calendar system it will not be so that no one is offended; it will be so that atheists completely have their way.

AD starts the year of His birth, not His death. No missing 33 years and that also is the reason why AD does not stand for after death. AD has nothing to do with his death. That's pretty much a whole generation or two, for back in those days. So what I mean is, where did those years go? Do you see how significant 33 years are?

There were people who live and died in those years. You mosey into a world where God, Christ and the Bible have been the beginning and the end of much in human existence for millennia, and you want everyone to snap to and retool the whole world to your personal wishes. That isn't going to happen. Deism is the belief in natural religion with a moral background.

Those who fled Europe were Christians, whether fundamental or not is of no consequence. To adhere to the aspect of many beliefs being present in the world today is correct. But there is only one Truth and that in the form of Jesus Christ. The offer is not exclusive but is extended to all who will believe. The Bible states, "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

Jesus Christ himself said He is the way, the truth, and the life. Also, no one can come to the Father but by Him. So, in the end, it's up to you to decide who this Jesus is to you. If He represents just one of many ways to believe, then I would suggest trying all the others first and see where you end up. If you happen to believe none of them, then I say good luck in this life and the one yet to come -- you're going to need it.

This has nothing to do with Islam. And it has nothing to do with shoving Christianity down the drain. The only shoving is being done by people of your ilk who seem to feel the need to shove your beliefs down the throats of everyone else. If you did your homework you would find out the early settlers came to this country to escape exactly that kind of narrow mindedness. The founders were deists, not fundamentalist Christians.

And, contrary to what you see on Fox News, repeating an incorrect assertion or a lie does not make it true. As many posters have already pointed out, if we continue to use BC, Jesus was born in 4BC - which is silly. If your faith is so weak that it is challenged by something as minor as an attempt at historical accuracy, then perhaps it is not as true as you try to force yourself - and everyone else - to believe.

There are many more beliefs and faiths than the Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Yes, Islam stems from the same source as Christianity. In recognition of the fact that Christianity is one of many faiths, there is nothing wrong with making an attempt to recognize that history belongs to and is about everyone.

Christianity is no better or more believable than say, Hinduism, or Buddhism. It is exceptional only in the number of atrocities committed in its furtherance. This is a silly approach for two reasons. First, the key date still focuses on the birth of You Know Who even if it's off by four years. This challenge and changing of our Western world's common calendar dating system is annoying.

My son is in India so I was reading up a Wikipedia story, and I found the dating system of BCE and CE is distracting and it's questionable to challenge and change the dating system of the Western world for the last hundreds of years. Are Wikipedia and others who do this trying to be politically correct?

I'm not a Christian anymore but I was raised so and see value in that culture and the "golden rule," for those Christians who actually practice what they preach i. I find it impossible to read through them since changing of the current worldwide Western calendar system is distracting and brings up other issues unrelated to the content of what I'm interested in.

I'd encourage Christians to wake up, about this subversion of their culture. And now we have a dating system that deletes Christ. Well, I'm not on board and who exactly is? Just leave it all alone and worry about something important, like that comet streaking towards planet earth and the ultimate demise of every living thing. So God was common to man even in BCE.

That's a pretty cool and good explanation of bce and ce. God dwelt among us and became common with man. Don't have a Bible? Go to the library or better yet, go online and read it for yourself. Don't be fooled, God is not mocked, whatever you sow, you'll also reap, regardless of who you are or where you live or what you choose to believe.

In case you don't have a Bible, it states, "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, because although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened.

Professing to be wise, they became fools Don't care who you are or where you live, or whether you're an agnostic or atheist or something else. Don't care what religion or cult you follow or don't, what your financial status is or your intelligence level, God has you noted and offers you a chance to discover who He is.

I hope not and I pray that whoever reads these posts will realize what is actually going on in our current culture and respond accordingly. However, with advances in technology, science, human ingenuity, and modern government we find ourselves needing little to no explanation of existence or "holy" moral guidance.

The world is so immoral now it's pathetic. Racism is more radical than ever in history. We are on the verge of a nuclear war. The world is worst when it comes to morals than it has ever been in the past. Let's hope God comes back to save the world before it destroys itself. Tony Stewart Post Standardizing is an essential tool to improve accuracy of communication on this planet. Calendars around the globe from China to Iran are a culture clash with the rest of us with religious overtones.

The best way to get acceptance on universal use of the Gregorian calendar is to use English words drop the Latin and religious significance. Or else, use Star Dates. But, those are the correct ways to say it. Are we really offending the "almighty" by using CE instead of AD. Seems like revisionism to me. If we were still using the Roman calendar AUC - from the founding of Rome would we chance this to "from the founding of the common city"?

All you people that think if we change that it's a dis on christianity are stupid. It's just changing the way we say it, not saying we're trying to take christianity out of our lives. People have used B. D for centuries and now they want to change it. In my own opinion, just like anon said, it's like they are trying to shove Christianity down the drain.

Each are representative of a method of counting. Besides their lack of zero, does the Roman numeral system mean anything less than that of the decimal system? In context they're identical. Those of you who say that it must stay are wrong, but think that holding on to worldly view of Christ is going to somehow make a difference, but you are wrong.

It is you who are being watched, not the date symbol , since most people have forgotten its significance. It is more important that you model your lives to be this "trinket" of Christ. His greatest doctrine said spread the word, not to put posters on the wall and tell people not to touch it. The bible says that we are to reflect the love of God in order to show Him to others.

On the other hand, all of you who say that it is important to remove this symbol are at fault also. You place such great importance on this religion that you don't believe in, but you diligently try to eradicate it from the face of the earth. It seems that those who are most threatened and offended by this are those who prefer it not to exist. If it is such a silly system and lacking meaning, why then is it so important to remove it?

Let those who want to be the fool do as such. You may say that it is not to impose such beliefs on others, but in reality you are trying to remove it from history. Explaining the religious and historical context of any event including those non-christian will not impose anything on others. Even some of the most primitive tribes would recognize the events of another tribe's religious history, even in disbelief.

You can't teach acceptance if you are constantly pushing away. You can't respect another person's belief if you shoot down every idea behind it. So we have not been using a calendar with the actual birth year of jesus. It seems that this term would insinuate that the world or at least anyone using this calendar would actually believe christ is Lord.

Even other religions acknowledge Jesus' existence, perhaps as a prophet or disciple. They just don't believe that he was the son of God. So whether you believe in God or not, Jesus did exist and the dates stem from his birth. You can debate the importance of it all you want. I personally like AD standing for "After Death". It makes more sense since you have "Before Christ a.

It just leaves a gap of 33 years or so. We all have only partial knowledge and in the words of Russell, the relationship of things is what we know only. Yes, i know that it has to do with the birth of Christ, but it's not saying anything against anyone or anyone's beliefs. So please focus on what the debate is about, not trying to destroy what faith may or may not be left in the world.

This whole debate is stupid. I am done trading my culture for nitpickers. I personally have doubt that God does exist. But on the other hand, the calendar which we used today was made by those people who believe in God. Those who disagree should then make their own calendar. Anyone who believes in god does so on faith alone with no actual measurable proof.

I believe that it is very probable that god is a man made concept that explains the "unexplainable" and guides the immoral. How can you in your one religion, among thousands both past and present, know for a fact that you are right? Another way of phrasing it is, what are the odds that you will be born into right religion I think they're all probably wrong out of all the religions in the wold both past and present.

How do you know you should not worship Baal, Thor, Allah, Wotan, Egyptian gods, or any other god available? You do this off faith alone based off what you are told, in many cases during childhood. It may cause you mental harm to hear someone say what you believe with all your heart is probably wrong, but it is the logical answer.

There are simply too many religions and no evidence too support them except ancient stories. Though these stories are significant to understanding our culture, art, and history; they do not have to be true and in all likelihood were probably invented by people, not magically created by an all powerful, all knowing, creator of everything.

The wrath of God is coming, and unless you accept Christ, you will be damned to Hell for ever and ever and ever. Why are there so many versions of Christianity when they all profess to believe in the same Christ? Religious wars continue today. How backward is it to still live in "The Dark Ages". BC, it is of little scientific significance. If it had been originally established as BC before Confucius or BC before Cleopatra and dated accordingly, do you think people would be trying to make the change?

The only reason the change was promulgated is because people don't like the reference to Christ, just like they don't like the reference to Christ in Christmas and try to eradicate that as well. If one does not believe that Christ is, in fact, the Son of God, and does not desire to worship in that manner, that is their prerogative. But, the fact that Christ's life occurred is a historical fact as is Confucius and Cleopatra and if that was chosen centuries ago as a time marker for reference, why does it need to be changed?

What if i tell you i'm atheist. Are you the pope or something that you keep on yapping about this jesus thing. I say a short trip for you huh! I do not care who is offended by the existence of Christ. He does and will exist and rule, no matter what you think or deduce. Christians are not in the business of making bridges to the lost.

Though most here seemed to have missed the point entirely and turned a simple question about acronyms related to dating into a religious pontification session. Thank God for the participants of this forum. Fairly entertaining, like an animal in a zoo, sadly dependent upon the degree of deprivation but still interesting to watch.

This forum is funny, but at the same time disheartening that there are so many people obviously slowing the progression of human accomplishments. Things will change one day anyway. Thanks everyone and keep em coming. As I have been reading posts, I have come to a conclusion.

One would always hear the argument Only the knowledgeable one in the group could ever answer them. I remember answering this quite a few times and still no one would get it or remember. Why do we use a Latin phrase for only one portion of it anyway? Wouldn't that be a hoot? Third, the only truly reasonable comment I read is this: This would make the use of these acronyms quite easy to explain to someone and would also be an easy mnemonic by which to remember their meaning.

Because whether it literally means "Common Era" or not- the reference point is and will always be Christ. There are bigger battles to fight than this one. The new acronym can be easily used to the favor of a Christian and still would not be offensive to other religions. Although I don't believe in compromising my moral code, I still don't wish to offend anyone else's.

I don't think this change offends my moral code as a Christian at all. God is bigger and better than to allow the world He created to wipe Him from its history. It just simply cannot be done. No matter what acronym we use. Sooner or later the history books will read: Come Everyone- you are all welcome in Christ's Eternal home.

He has His arms open wide for all to come and redeem themselves and receive salvation. Jesus loves me this I know for the bible tells me so. Read and have faith that Jesus is Lord! Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you" Deuteronomy You'd better get to know him while you have the chance.

Every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that jesus is lord! Amen anon Post 89 To the atheist i say: If you are right and Jesus is "just this thing," then when i die i have lost nothing by living his truth and being holy. But what will happen to you if i am right? A historical event of world significance was used as the line drawn in the sand and its effectiveness has just as much relevance now as when it was first decided on and accepted to use.

It's like using the metric system -- it's a system of measure that for all intents and purposes works for everyday measure. Agnostics simply fail to exercise something called faith, and atheists deny that faith. Yes, I know that's a simplified view but it is the basic principle behind these two belief systems and if belief systems defines religion as a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature and purpose of the universe , especially when considered as the creation of a supernatural agency or agencies then by default these two belief systems are also religions.

They may not consider themselves as religions but then again, Christians do not consider their belief to be religion either, but a relationship with their Creator. So it would seem non-believers would like to create a double-standard as well as those in the wrappings of religion who believe Christ existed as only a great teacher instead of the only begotten Son of God.

Christianity does not profess its believers to be perfect -- just the opposite. It is acceptance of those of us who are less than perfect by a belief and faith in a Creator that has unquestionable love for His creation that He created perfectly in their imperfections. Why would anyone argue the contrary to such a message? But yet, as it is written, there will be!

Those who wish to remove all religious connotations should truly consider the results of removing all religion from our planet. A society to do as it pleases and left up to its own devices, without rule, and if one were to reply that rule would still exist by laws, wouldn't that then become religion, and who would create these laws? Who would decide what human decency would be?

And would it not simply be a plagiarism of scripture? Without those morals to measure a society against then lawlessness is acceptable. I can come to your house and take all that you have and it would be acceptable. We all could rape, pillage and burn with a clear conscience. Some "self-believers" would say that is exactly what religion causes but and there may be some truth to that.

The God I believe in didn't create religion -- that was mankind's doing -- and as with most things mankind creates, it is fallible. Someone argued that truth is unquestionable and if there is argument over Christianity or Muslims or any other belief considered religion then it must not be the truth. I agree with the statement they made that truth is unquestionable and that's where my agreement ends.

Truth is from belief, and most non-Christian beliefs consider at the least that Christ was a great leader, a great teacher, a great rabbi, a messenger from God. Some non Christians even believe in His miraculous, immaculate conception.

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There are simply too many religions and no evidence too support them except ancient stories. Intel country: When typing, or when reading someone else's handwriting, it would be far easier to get BCE and CE mixed up by just losing the "B". It's just a cloak for screw ups.

What is the Difference Between AD, BC, BCE, and CE in Identifying Historical Dates?:

You want to know what this is about? STMDB w. TSTS lrr. Jesus Christ came to save all mankind from Hell.

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