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What was the first thing he always did on a crime scene? The Best Porn Sites Kath Pettingill has given birth to some of Australia's worst criminals. I continue to look back on those two important experiences, and they fuel the work that I do now. Essentials Boobpedia Kindgirls Peachyforum Pornteengirl. In this game, Toad would both explain the rules of the boards and mini-games, and would also hand stars out to players. Will was an ordinary guy, working an office job and living in the suburbs.

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Top Referrers These are the top referring websites to Erotic Beauties Nude Teen Ladies The Best Porn Sites Pretty Hot Babes Your Daily Pornstars Your Daily Girls Library of Thumbs Busty Girls Blog The Porn Dude Video Loves You Naked Young Models Babes and Stars Gods Art Nudes Fine Art Teens Amanda Howard, the Serial Killer Whisperer joins us again to talk about the holes she believes are in the case against Ivan Milat.

Amanda corresponds with Milat in jail. Amanda's own podcast is called Monsters Who Murder. Brian joined the police force in , a time now known as either the good old days or the bad old days of policing, depending on whom you ask. He's crossed paths with some of Australia's most notorious criminals and been investigated for corruption himself, but Vicki Petraitis' excellent book, 'Once a Copper' reveals some unexpected vulnerability behind the tough exterior.

They both joined us in studio. Narelle Fraser's first case with the Victorian Rape Squad was to be one of the most challenging of her career. Operation Collier remains an open investigation. Plus, our first exclusive extra episode is available for Tier 2 Patrons. James Harding is putting as much energy and passion into helping people as he once did into hurting them.

With thanks to James Harding. An extra episode this week featuring stand up comedian Paul Verhoeven who's written a book about his father John, a former NSW copper and forensics investigator, not to mention a very intriguing fellow. The fact that he managed to remain straight during one of the most notoriously bent periods in Australian policing turns out to be one of the least surprising aspects of this extraordinary character.

The death of a child is a tragedy, but even more horrific is when a child is killed by the hands of their own parent. Author Cheryl Critchly and Dr Helen McGrath are back this week to talk to us about Filicide, and the disturbing aspects of psychology that have led parents to kill their own children.

Charlie is back this week to tell us more about his time in the Victorian Police Homicide Squad, as well as to discuss how policing has changed over the last four decades, both during his time in the force and now as a retired detective. After her rape went unsolved for more than 25 years, Elesha contacted police to have her case reopened. She courageously tells us about what life has been like since her attack when she was 7-years-old, what happened when her case was reopened and why she contacted us to tell her story.

Listener discretion is advised as this episode details child sexual assault and trauma. Find more about our friends at Canadian True Crime. Listener Amelia talks to us about the experience of having a parent in prison and what support kids need to cope. He's worked on some extremely high profile cases in the Victoria Police in the child exploitation unit including the hunt for Mr Cruel Operation Spectrum.

Chris now uses his decades of specialised experience and knowledge training other agencies, including police, on effective interview questioning. The story of Martha Needle is compelling and tragic. True Crime author Vikki Petraitis joins us to talk about The Frankston Murders in the wake of its 25th anniversary, as well as an insight into the now jailed perpetrator, Paula Denya. Journalist Cheryl Critchley and Psychologist Helen McGrath have studied some of Australia's most shocking and seemingly unexplainable crimes, to discover the ways in which the disordered personalities of the perpetrators set them on a deadly path.

They teach us about common personality disorders and how to spot them, as well as the difference between these disorders and mental illness. Cheryl and Helen's book, 'Mind Behind the Crime' is available now.

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When grieving mother Sonia Anderson disrupted a book launch in Brisbane a couple of weeks ago, she sent shocks waves through the True Crime industry.

What are the ethics around True Crime? What do we owe victims and their families? Sonia joins us to discuss the issue, and True Crime writers Emily Webb and Megan Norris have a candid conversation about the difficult lesson they've learned along the way. Generation after generation of women are told that the only way society can ensure their safety after dark is for them to agree never walk alone.

Is it just reality? Narelle Fraser and Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane from Victoria Police join us to discuss violence against women in the wake of the rape and murder of Eurydice Dixon. In when Barbie McCarthy was 12, her older sister Fiona, 15 was stabbed to death along with her teen friend John and their bodies dumped in Kaniva, on the border of Victoria and South Australia.

The murders are still unsolved and Barbie talks to us about her efforts to find answers and how her life changed forever when Fiona died. In , Australia was captivated by the two week run of father and son outlaws Gino and Mark Stocco. They evaded police by driving laps around the southern states of Australia, while social media went wild with sightings and memes.

Eventually, they were captured, and the real story, more bizarre than anyone could have imagined, could finally be told. Sandra Pankhurst has been called many things in her time, a husband, a wife, a poofter, a Les Girl, a tranny prostitute, a rape survivor, a murder witness, a pillar of society and most famously, the trauma cleaner.

Meet the incredible living legend behind the award winning biography by Sarah Krasnostein, whose life has been touched by true crime at every turn. Lorraine Carter was an intellectually disabled woman, who married a man against her parent's better judgement. When they reported her missing 12 months later, she became one of Narelle Fraser's most memorable cases.

Amanda Howard is known around the traps as a serial killer whisperer. The Murder of month-old Zayden Veal-Whitting is quite simply one of the most shocking crimes that's ever occurred in Australian history. It provided proof, if proof were needed, that methamphetamine addiction was capable of creating a new breed of terror in the suburbs. Zayden's young mother, Casey, discovered an unspeakable horror in her baby's crib after a burglary went horribly wrong in their home in Narelle Fraser, who worked the case, joins us to talk about the investigation.

Gideon Haigh is best known as one of the world's most respected cricket writers, but he became intrigued by the unsolved murder of Mollie Dean, in His new book, A Scandal in Bohemia is a tribute to this long forgotten victim, and a fascinating insight into the primitive investigative practices employed by police less than a century ago.

You know we love the police force here on Australian True Crime, but Carolyn Pethick's story of sexual harassment and bullying within the force needs to be told. Andrea Kane's close-knit family received the worst possible news about her brother Chris. He'd been shot in a random American drive-by just 48 hours after leaving his Australian home.

Milicia Trailovic was reported missing by her sister in Serbia. As soon as her case landed on Narelle Fraser's desk, the alarm bells started ringing. Gabriella Coslovic tells us about the art world court drama that's begging to be made into a movie, in which colourful characters and legal loopholes abound.

Toowoomba teenager Annette Mason was murdered in , and the case remains unsolved. Her family has finally persuaded the Queensland Attorney General that it's time to re-open the inquest. In the s and 80s, a beautiful and manipulative woman convinced some of Melbourne's brightest and wealthiest citizens that she was, among other things, Jesus Christ.

With their help she infiltrated the Victorian health and education systems. Vikki Petraitis is the author of the excellent book, The Phillip Island Murder about the deaths of year-old farmhand Beth Barnard and her employer, year-old Vivienne Cameron. Cheryl and Vicki's best friend Catherine was taken from their lives at just 14 years of age. Her abduction and murder are part of one of Australia's most baffling mysteries, and there is a huge reward on offer for information leading to an arrest.

Brisbane man Tim Class-Auliff is an ambassador for White Ribbon, which means he campaigns for a future free from violence and abuse for all of us. Author Victoria Heywood has written about relationships, food and wine, and true crime, but her own experience with a stalker led to the book we focus on in today's episode, Every Move You Make.

Narelle is back to talk more about her time with the rape squad. This episode contains graphic descriptions of sexual assault and stalking and could be triggering to some listeners. When Shepparton News cub reporter Tammy Mills went looking for an interesting local story, she set in motion an incredible chain of events that resulted in the solving of a 33 year cold case.

On 29 April , year-old Le Anh Tuan was abducted in broad daylight, from the front yard of the house he lived in with his mother and siblings. As his neighbours watched on in terror, he was forced into the boot of a car and driven away. Former homicide detective Jeff Maher talks to us about the case that finally exposed Australian serial killer Peter Dupas.

Will was an ordinary guy, working an office job and living in the suburbs. Just as his financial commitments felt like they were strangling him, a bizarre coincidence seemed to offer him a way out. It corrupted his moral compass and he ended up in jail. This is his all-too-relatable story.

Luke never meant to become an addict, he just wanted to write a story. Naomi Oakley is a former police officer who now runs security at teenage parties. She tells us some unbelievable tales of teenage rampage, and we hear from a couple of mums who left teenagers home alone and lived to regret it. Tim Watson-Munro is a ground-breaking criminal psychologist who has gained the trust of some of Australia's scariest men, like Julian Knight and Alphonse Gangitano.

He's also a recovering drug addict whose brilliant career was almost derailed by cocaine. The murder of Alphonse Gangitano ignited a bloody decade that would become known as the Melbourne Mafia War. Charlie Bezzina was one of the homicide detectives assigned to the case, and he joins us to talk through the ups and downs of the investigation.

We also hear from Tim Watson Munro, the clinical psychologist who developed a strong therapeutic relationship with the volatile gangster. Susanna Lobez and James Morton have written numerous books about Australian crime. They specialise in gang crime, and their new book, Australian Gangs, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow is a comprehensive study. Susanna joins us to discuss the current state of play in Australian gang crime.

Charlie Bezzina knew he was behind the eight-ball the minute he received the call about the body of a young woman being found in Frankston. It was pouring with rain, which meant a crime scene would yield little evidence. It was just the beginning of a killing spree by a disturbed young man, hiding in plain sight in suburban Frankston.

Dana Vulin was stalked by a stranger and then attacked in her own home. She was set alight by a woman who'd vowed to "ruin her pretty face. James Phelps is an author and journalist with a penchant for prisons. He's written best sellers about men's jails, and in his new book, Green is the New Black, he shifts his focus to incarcerated women. Kerry Tucker was one of those women for 7 years.

Their perspectives are different, but many of the details are the same. Dr Rodney Syme was christened Australia's Oldest Outlaw in an episode of Andrew Denton's Podcast series Better Off Dead, because although he admits to consistently ignoring Australian law, he remains at large in the community. Dr Syme helps terminally ill people to end their lives.

Also featured in this episode, Mitchell Short, whose father Peter took advantage of Dr Syme's services. The new documentary Fade to Black depicts their campaign to change Australia's laws in the last months of Peter's life. Brisbane mum Allison Baden Clay was reported missing by her husband Gerard on the morning of April 20, When police arrived at the house, they found Gerard smartly dressed in his usual business attire, with 3 deep, raw scratches on his cheek.

In February , Melbourne woman Maria Korp was found clinging to life in the boot of her car. The car had been abandoned near the War Memorial, a stone's throw from Melbourne's police headquarters on St Kilda Road, and Narelle Fraser was among the first on the scene when it was reported by a security guard. What happened next changed the course of Narelle's life, and played a part in her leaving the force with PTSD.

Nina Funnell is a journalist, academic, activist and survivor of sexual assault. She has put on 10 kilos and is getting her strength back. She no longer needs a live in carer to look after her. I wish you all the good wishes in the world for a speedy recovery.

Dear Kerri-Anne, Having followed you on television over the years. Before I was diagnosed I was lucky enough to find a site on the internet which funnily was to do with digestive problems. I started this way of eating about two months before I found out I had cancer which they told me I had had at least 2 years beforehand. I only needed 6 chemo treatments and the spleen was reduced back to normal and the cancer had gone.

My doctor thought this was marvelous but said it would come back. If you would like anymore information, please email me and I will send you a link to put you on the right track. Maybe the Powers that be are working for you too. All the best, Marjorie. So it is just as important when you feel there is something wrong that if you are not satisfied with the diagnosis you get a second opinion.

I had 3months of chemo,after of which i had 20 days of radiation,at the mater hospital in newcastle,and then i went back to work in june. I was not well through my chemo,but everybody is different. I would not have coped without the loving support of my family and friends,and i do have a big family.

I see my oncologist every six months,and so far am cancer free,god willing i hope to stay that way,i wish you all the best and go getem girl,i loveyour attachood,? I look apon things in life the same as you do. By the way my lump was a pea size to.

You have to be possitive aswell. A long time fan xxxxxx. My Daughters Mother-in-law had a malignant cancer of the face which was operated on but it came back. The Doctor wanted to operate again but she decided to give Black Salve a go against the doctors advice.

If I had something like this it would be the first thing I would try ,rather than the knife. Everyone has to take charge of their own life. I was diagnosed with early breast cancer on May 22nd and have since undergone 2 lumpectomy surgeries, and just this morning got the great news that the pathology report now shows clear margins. So only the radiation to go.

I know that you too have a wonderful husband and lots of people who care about you and believe me they are very important in the journey we are on. There are many worse diagnosis than what we have had, and the advances in treatment and support for breast cancer over recent years has made our journey much more bearable with every chance of a very good outcome.

Stay positive as you are now, we are trying to. With my very best wishes. Kerrie Anne, Just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear of your news. Wishing you a full recovery xx. Dear Kerri-Anne,at the age of 63, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April, Following a lumpectomy in the affected breast and not achieving a clear margin, I decided to have a mastectomy, followed by chemotherapy.

It is a shock initially but now one year later, my hair has grown back stylishly soft grey and curly and I am feeling on top of the world and looking forward to a full recovery. I just wanted to say that you too can overcome this challenge. Be strong and positive, accept all the love and support offered from family and friends, take one day at a time, tomorrow is another day, and be kind to yourself rest when you feel the need, shed a tear now and then, and smile as the sun rises on another day.

Thinking of you and wishing you a speedy and full recovery. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Kerrie-Anne. In the last 5 weeks, I have had diagnosis of early-stage breast cancer, lumpectomy, sentinel node biopsy and axillary dissection. My dear Kerrie-Anne As I watched you this morning on Sunrise, I had a tear in my eye as it was nearly 1 year ago that I too found a lump in my left breast.

I listened with interest to the way you had felt when you found yours and it was the same for me, you knew straight away what it was, there was no need for a definite diagnosis!! Yes, a feeling of ice cold ran through my veins and sheer terror hit. In my case, he was in hospital himself having a hernia operation so I had to have instant scans and blood tests on my own.

From there it was doctors and biopsies, but you know that. My treatment consisted of 2 surgeries to remove what turned out to be 43mm lump plus 39 lymph nodes followed by 6 chemo sessions, 3 weeks apart and then 30 radiation sessions and now 5 years of tamoxifen. For me, treatment went extremely well. I got to keep my breast and I had very few side affects to chemo except for a headaches and feeling the occasional yuk!

Radiation also went well, slight sunburn but no split skin or feeling totally uncomfortable. All staff I have been involved with, my team at Strathfield Private and my team at RPA, well, they were angels and without their support it would have been impossible. Always listen and heed their advise as they deal with it every day and are a wealth of knowledge. You must keep around you, your friends and family.

Mine were the best. I know I could have done it without them but knowing they were in my corner, made the battle just that much easier. Tamoxifen so far is good and I hope it continues that way. My Hair is slowly returning, my eyebrows are back and thank god, my eyelashes, as they were what I missed the most.

I do suffer a little with stiffness in my arm and shoulder and have arthritis-like symptoms in my hands but you learn to live with and adjust to the changes. This journey has been a roller coaster of emotions but I feel stronger and confident that I have beaten this invasion. You too, with your positive outlook, can and WILL beat this!!

Life will never be the same but life is never over!! Good luck Janelle W. My name is Pat, on Nov. It was a high-grade Ductal Carcinoma in-situ, Comedo subtype. At the time I did not have insurance, so I was trying to find ways to deal with the cancer with out surgery, chemo and radiation.

By the time of the second diagnosis I was already juicing and working on getting my body in the alkaline state. I found a wonderful holistic Dr. With the help of my holistic Dr. I did may bath soaks and many different supplements. The tumor in the right breast was staying the same size, but the tumor in the left breast was growing and pushing out the side of my breast.

I made the mistake of allowing the conventional Dr. The tumor on the left breast grew to be 7. I was able to get insurance, and on Jan. I had been told about Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules and decided to give them a try. Again I went in for surgery and had the mass removed. After the surgery I went back to my holistic Dr.

I have not done chemo or radiation as of today and do not plan to. I believe the black salve is what grouped the cancer cells together so I could get them removed. As of today I am cancer free, Still doing many natural supplements, with the direction of my holistic Dr. Thank You makers of Black Salve!

Go to One Answer To cancer. Having just found out about your latest ordeal, I would like to speak with you about supporting you through this. Victims, sufferers, families and anyone whose life has been impacted in some way shape or form. I wish you all the best and want you to know we are here for you to support you through this.

On the Friday morning I stayed home to do the washing and as I threw the washing into the machine I felt something in my breast. I thought it was a cyst as it felt gathery. I rang the doctor and he said come straight in. He sent me off to have a mamogram and I had to wait for the results. I had radiation treatment at Royal Adelaide. It took me 10 minutes to walk to the hospital 10 minutes to have the treatment and 10 minutes to walk back to the Restaurant and to work.

Sixteen years on I am fighting fit. If I had listened to all the people I would have been thinking poor me. My prayers are with you as you face this health challenge. What a great attitude you have! You have made an excellent contribution to Australian television and hopefully the nation will benefit more from your excellent TV interviewing skills after you overcome this current problem.

Dear Kerri Anne, I have so enjoyed watching you on dancing with the stars, your grace and proffesionalism was one thing but your chosen cause Look Good Feel Better really touched me as they really helped me and were the first group I sought when I was diagnosed with breast cancer almost 2 years ago and it gave me goosebumps when I heard of your diagnosis. I know that you will overcome this series of hurdles that you face and know that there are many out there wishing you the very best and I for one am praying for an uncomplecated journey and that we will see you back on the silver screen soon, stronger and healthier than ever.

Hi Kerri Anne ,I hope all goes well for your op with breast cancer , I have been through this myself I am having treatment now so all the best. We are all thinking of you now , go girlfriend we can beat it. Lots of love from Maz xxxx. You look fantastic and its been so good to see your dancing I always loved working with you and admired how professional and big hearted you are!

All my love and friendship , Nicola. You are a most humble person and I hope and pray that your treatment will go well. No you are not the only woman facing this illness at this time but you humility and courage is an inspiration to all. As a nurse I do wish you all the best and trust that you have wonderful nurses and doctors to help you along the way.

Cancer will change you but for the better. Good Luck and God Bless. I want to say I was shocked tht u were going through a hard time which made us n you upset but i will keep u in my prayers so tht u can become well to continue to put a smile on our faces like u always do. I have had the best treatment and thank the Surgeon for his ongoing care.

Life is not the same as it was before the operation but every day counts I love life and would like to stay here for a few more years. Today is my Birthday, I don,t need presents and Dinners to make me happy,just being here at home is enough for me. Hi Kerry Anne firstly you are one amazing lady and I love watching you on tv. I have gone thru a crisis not me but my hubby was diagnosed with prostrate cancer at the young age of This was a very hard time for my hubby myself and our four children, but we talked and talked and we chose the best optionwe thought and we are so thankful because we know we have made the right decision and we know we will have my gorgeous hubby and fantastic father and grandfather.

Kerry Anne you are one strong lady and you have a family that will support you thru everything, always remember you have the whole of australia wishing you the bestwe all love you, keep smiling and we need you back on our screens soon xoxoxo Sharyn. Thinking of you at this time. You have such a wonderful approach to this terrible trial you are facing I know you will succeed.

My prayers are with you and I know you will fight the good fight. Keep your eyes on the end result and I believe you will look back at this terrible time and see only the positive outcome. It must be lovely to be dressed up in such spectacular costumes and be tought the wonderful dances. Your candid revelation of your medical condition has prompted me to make an 12 year overdue appointment with Breastscreen for a checkup.

Best wishes and my prayers for successful treatment and a speedy recovery. I to have suffered from breast cancer, a little lump that causes us so much angst and despair like you with no history in the family.. Strength and a positive outlook will get you through. Rely on your friends in those down moments and you are fortunate to have many friends and supporters who will be by your side I suffered alone but stayed positive.

Look Good Feel Better is a great organization and they helped me when I needed them. Keep your life as normal as possible , I had to and did my volunteering in between chemo sessions! I am sure that with your positive outlook you will dance your way through this as only you can do. You are in my thoughts and send my support your way!

Kerri Anne Real Class cannot be taught; it is innate. Kerri-Anne, you have never been anything less than a positive and inspiring woman, delighting Australia with your wonderful spirit and beautiful personality. I have brain and skull cancer, you have a pea size breast cancer, sorry but Im applying to my superannuation to save myself and you have lots of moneywish I was a celeb..

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer last year and scheduled for surgery within a week. Although I was grateful for the treatment I was offered, I felt I was being rushed into making decisions about what would affect my life and I delayed treatment for a few weeks.

We had planned a holiday with friends which we still took, and it gave me the best possible preparation for the upcoming surgery and treatment. I read a lot of information on alternate and traditional cancer treatments, I asked a lot of questions, I challenged the medics and I attended a couple of seminars. I had been taking natural therapies since the original diagnosis, so I thought that without chemo and radiation, the supplements I was taking could get on and do their job without any interference.

That was in June last year. I spent 10 days at a fantastic health retreat which reinforced how important a good diet is. The support from there was absolutely wonderful. In September I was told that the cancer had stabilised and in February this year I was told that where there was previously cancer activity in my spine, there is now scar tissue starting to form.

The information that you are getting is probably very overwhelming and I am certainly no expert, but if there is anything I can help you with or any more information that you would like, I am more than happy to share it. It might sound very cliche but for me, there has been a truck-load of wonderful things to have come from this diagnosis.

Surround yourself with positive people, things that you love and try to eliminate negativity although that is difficult sometimes. I wish you all the very best, and look forward to hearing some great news from you in the very near future. All the best Kerri ,will be thinking of you in the weeks to come. So sorry to hear that you have breast cancer.

If anyone can beat this you can. Loved watching you on dancing with the stars. Wishing you all the best for your surgery and recovery. You are a wonderful courageous lady. Praying that your surgery goes smoothly and you will be back on deck real soon. Hi Kerrie-Ann wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago I so looked forward to your show everyday to give me the lift I very much needed. You were always full of fun and happiness. I have had my dark days and still do but we all get through it one way or other. Take care our prays are with you. I am so devastated to hear your news.

I am a year younger than yourself and have followed you for years enjoying the glamour and style you exude. I am a survivor of an aggressive breast cancer no history and made it my business when I was at the height of my treatment to dress up for chemo high heels to help myself get through it mentally and feel I would be okay.

Take special care of yourself and John and look after your mental health as much as your physical health. Hello Kerri-Anne, Although I do not know you personally. I feel compelled to send this and pray that things will go well you. I have noticed the ones that mentioned trusting in God for strengthand this I offer too. All the best in your treatment, I will remember you in my prayers, Warmest regards Louise.

Long time no see! I have a project that I would like to personally collaborae with the photographer Anne Geddes. Rather than go through her corporation or her people I would like to discuss it one-on-one with Anne. Do you happen to have her personal email contacts? My direct email is still BHTV ix. I hope John is still going strong! I would love to see his trains one day!!

Love and Hugs fro Southern California. Dear Kerrie-Anne, I was so sorry to hear of your recent battle with cancer. Please know that I am thinking of you darling and wishing you a speedy recovery. Much Love Samantha Sang. Thinking of you at this difficult time. Thank you for DWTS. I have a book I think you should read to help you through this.

I had breast cancer at 44 years and am now almost I guess I am one of the lucky ones. I think with your positive attitude you will be fine. Good luck, will be thinking of you. Thinking of you after your surgery Wednesday. Hey Kerri-Anne, I wish you all the best. Kerri-anne, even though I have never really get to know you, I still know your a fantastic person as you are loved by everyone else.

I know you will laugh and smile a lot in times of difficulty, and it is this that will help you win the battle with your breast cancer. Good luck, and all the best from me and everyone! I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 2 days before you. It was such a shock, especially as I had been to Breast Screen only 2 months ago, and received the all clear. My tumor measured 65mm. Unfortunately I have had my left breast removed.

I now face Chemo and Radiation. Will be thinking of you and hope all goes well. I have wonderful family and friends supporting me and helping me through this time. I am very sorry to hear about your breast cancer but am as always impressed by your positive and can-do attitude. I just wanted to share some information with you that my naturopath told me about radiation and antioxidants he is an incredible man and has helped thousands of people to get well and stay that way.

Radiation not only knocks off the diseased cells but also plays havoc with the good cells. Apparently, antioxidants can prevent the radiation from damaging the good cells and helps the body to repair itself. This research has been scientifically tested and proven to work by the medicos but for some reason, it is often not used. Sounds like you just had a Lumpectomy like I did.

I took all the precautions of having annual Mammograms as my younger sister had Breast cancer in mid , she was only 27 years of age. Back then she had a Mastectomy, they did not have the Medical Technology they have available today. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in October in Adelaide. I was 61 years old.. As you know, it came as one huge shock, I was so thankful my partner was there with me for support My Surgery was scheduled for December 10th at R.

We went down to Adelaide at the end of February in readiness for my Radiation treatments. Everyone was so supportive. I was one of the fortunate ladies not needing to have Chemo. But, last year in May , I had a Biopsy at R. The Pathology results showed Thyroid Cancer. Once again, a huge shock. I had major Thyroid Cancer surgery a few weeks later, on May 30th.

I spent 4 days in R. Back over to the Hospital the following week to see the Surgeon for the Surgery Pathology results. All up, they removed 7 Cancer Tumors. That came as a huge shock. We went back down to Adelaide in the July for me to have 4 days in R. Being diagnosed with Cancer several times has made me re evaluate my life in many ways.

It is not the quantity of time you have, it is the quality of the time.. Breast cancer does not differentiate whether you are rich or poor or what Nationality you may be. When it all boils down to it, every woman reacts differently to the news of a Breast Cancer diagnosis. As I said, best of luck for whatever the future may hold.

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Kylie is a magnificent voluptous beauty!! Kerri-Ann, Best wishes for a speedy recovery. May and I was a full resident in the program. Life is not the same as it was before the operation but every day counts I love life and would like to stay here for a few more years. He's written best sellers about men's jails, and in his new book, Green is the New Black, he shifts his focus to incarcerated women. Being diagnosed with Cancer several times has made me re evaluate my life in many ways.

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