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That which preceded, has now stopped or been broken off. Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience. I personally use besamim. We can't blame the Ex-Mufti alone. In he served as president of the Chamber Collegium, and in he became a senator.

Hence, I assume those who think there is plenty of joy on Chol Hamoed do not use besamim. The note 65 seems a little bit off. Unless they mean "karkom" which he does right there. Is that also considered to be "cloves" I always thought karkom was something else. Yehoshua Googletranslate supplies "Turmeric".

Can we assume that what he says about the problem only being chometz is right even though he quotes the wrong spice? I do remember hearing this chashash. However I don't have a makor. Perhaps this is where the person was getting it from. Since you are posting this as an answer maybe you could do me a favor. All of the mareh makomos from the Nitei Gavriel seem waaayyy off.

Is there any correction to this? On the following days fasting, and on some of them also mourning, is forbidden: It seems strange to create a mini-holiday to celebrate resolving the date of another Jewish holiday. In fact it is somewhat of a complicated story. The short version is that Shavuot , unlike any other Jewish holiday has no calendar date; rather it is an offset of fifty days from the day we bring the omer offering in the Temple.

Not coincidentally, on the very day that we bring the offering, we commence a 49 day count culminating in Shavuot; that count is commonly known as sefirat haOmer. And when is the omer brought? Herein lies the famous rift. The word Shabbat appears in the Torah approximately 25 times.

It almost exclusively refers to Shabbat Bereishit , aka Saturday. In context, it may even refer to a period of seven days. Never however does it mean Yom Tov. Never — until now; for our undisputed tradition teaches us that that Shabbat here refers to Pesach. The omer is brought on the morrow of Pesach.

For them, the Omer was always brought on a Sunday that followed Pesach. To quash the controversy, the Rabbis went on an offensive. One significant proof simply points out that if Shabbat means Saturday, and the Torah does not delineate a particular Shabbat, should not any Shabbat of the year be appropriate for the omer or minimally any Shabbat after Pesach?

We believe that the word Shabbat means Pesach, and therefore we count the omer from the 2nd day of Pesach. Would it not have been simpler for the Torah to say it straight — let the Torah state on the morrow of Pesach , and the controversy would ostensibly not begin? Between , she served as a member of the professional training committee of the Association of Couple and Family Therapy.

Formerly of the governing board of Bank Hapoalim. She is a certified family and couple therapist in both Israel and the U. S, and a certified family therapy supervisor. At Shiluv, Anita has supervised in the 3-year intensive family therapy course. She specializes in work with adolescents and couples, and has become a certified therapist in EMDR eye movement desensitization and reprocessing and is a member of the Trauma Unit.

Ronit Abramson a lawyer specializing in corporate law, banking and the stock market. She is on the board of Migdal Insurance Co. In the past, she held senior position in the Ministry of Finance and was an executive member and chief legal adviser of Bank Discount. Alisa Poskanser worked in Youth Aliyah as a senior social worker and supervised social workers in the treatment clinics.

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Some said, it is a moon; others said, no, it is your face. We have seen too many of these "maulanas" who are as corrupt and sleazy as most people in power in Pakistan. More over this lady does not care about her decency at all.

Mikhail Shcherbatov:

The campus includes an Olympic-sized swimming pool, high-and-low-element rope courses, an organic farm, an Israel discovery center and garden, sports and archery fields, a climbing wall, animal education center, dining hall and health center, outdoor amphitheaters, campfire areas and outdoor fireplace, arts and crafts pavilion, hiking trails directly to the beach, and waterfalls. Bilal Only thing he did wrong was to ask her for a meeting in a hotel room where no one else was present. Very disappointing deed from this Mufti. The note 65 seems a little bit off.

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