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Amazon's Thanksgiving Parade just doesn't have that ring to it. But which wins the award for biggest Columbia area mall crash. The Berkeley City Club. On the beach is Frankie, Victor and all the rest, too many to name. Currently only the drive-thru is open.

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They just spent a bunch of money converting those not too long ago. I find it equally interesting that the store out in Lexington that used to be a Piggly Wiggly is not on the list. Not sure how long it is supposed to last. The sign just said it was closed today, but it was written in such a way that the sign could be set out every day until the remodeling is done.

Normally they open at 11 AM. Does anyone know if they have changed their hours? WIS listed 5 midlands stores in their report regarding Southeastern Grocers's plans to close underperforming stores. I never went in any of them after they became Bi-Lo but I did set foot in them at least once while they were still Bi-Lo and over the years I got so where I felt like they were kinda dated As James pointed out they did undergo the cost of rebranding only to close about 2 years later On another lovely note, Garners Ferry's Walmart will be out of commission for the next several days at least due to a fire The story for our company and for our iconic, heritage banners is still being written.

As part of this transformational process, our three-year plan will create stunning, remodeled stores in a significant portion of our footprint. I went to a Harvey's once. What they led you believe it was in their advertising and what it really was were two totally different things. I never went back. There is an article in The State so far I can only find it in the print edition indicating that the children's theater at Richland Mall will be moving to Cayce..

Has anyone heard what's going on with Richland Mall and if and when it's going to be torn down, or at least some of it? Wish the original Mall had been left alone and maybe remodeled some to make it more "todays" look, but keep the retro 60's style. Del, The only thing that is happening is that the Children's Theater will be moving to Cayce before much longer I've heard that differnet offices have taken over portions of the mall making me wonder if perhaps more of the mall is headed in that direction It has been indicated here that a large portion of the mall is owned by a company out of Arizona and it appears to em as if said company has been reluctant to address many of the maintenance needs of the mall I had heard at one time, that it was gonna be torn down except for Belks and a small portion of either the right or left side would be left.

I know that Mall is falling apart on the inside and in that garage too. I wonder why the Children's Theater is moving out after they moved from upstairs to downstairs and spent all that money in their new place, and now they have to raise money again to move? I wonder about what they were thinking to begin with.

Only time will tell what happens with Richland Mall. With Toys-R-Us closing and going out of business, wasnt there some kind of fight between them and Tons-O-Toys back in the 's, and Toys R Us won out and forced the others out or something like that? I dont remember now with it being over 30 years ago.

The liquor store attached to Costco has closed. According The the attendant at the entrance of Costco who checks you Costco meme nerd hip, the store closed at the beginning of the year. That autocorrect did a poor job. Supposed to be membership card not meme nerd hip. I see a lot of activity going on and obviously something is getting ready to open there.

Some one has been remodeling the building, put in new doors, paved the parking lot, etc. Rick I can't speak to the Parklane Seafood building but I can refer you to the Garners Ferry Road Piggly Wiggly page for details I mentioned there regarding the future of that building Noticed yesterday there was a blank sign at Old Cherokee Road in Lexington.

The land has a gravel parking lot and a dirt area with pipes coming out of the ground indicating a building had sat there some time. The building is gone and the best that I can tell from Google Satellite is that a company called Laser House Engraving used to sit here. Apparently, the building had at least 5 suites.

Anyone know what happened tot he building.

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It does not look like it burned. Seems more like the building was relocated. Today a have a side note to report: Currently the route was served my 76 seat Embraer aircraft but in June 7 they'll go to seat S80s And yes, the interior was looking run down. I've heard all the jokes so see if you can come up with a new one.

It appears to me that the Aaron's location on 12th street according to Google Maps has closed up shop I remember a while back someone mentioning this store and hoping the could hang on, but not being sure that was possible. It would have been the late 60's.. I wonder when it closed?

I think the building is still there though. This isn't a closing but Tiffany's Bakery will be moving to what used to be the parking lot of what used to be the Movies At Polo on Two Notch. Any ideas as to what's gonna happen with Columbia Mall? Seems that Mall has been nothing but trouble since it opened. It was bad enough when I worked there from With Sears gone, what's there anymore worth the time?

The only Mall doing anything now is Columbiana, but that's due to location. There is a somewhat secretive plan by County council to buy up all the anchors including Macy's if they can for county offices. This is the last I have seen about it. Macy's is the only remaining anchor spot at Columbia Place Mall That place needs to be razed.. Dutch Square I think is on its last legs too isnt it?

Seems I've seen some more vacant stores towards the front of the place in recent times. Malls are a 70's or 80's things.. I worked at Columbiana Mall for 3 years at Musicland.. Rumor is that Chili's on Harbison will be closing this weekend. Don't have anything to back this up but that is what someone said they were told today when they ate there at lunch.

When I worked at Outlet Point, many years ago, Hammricks took over one wing and all of the stores in that wing moved to a different part of the mall. I don't see why they couldn't do that with Columbia Mall, move all retail so it's near Macy's and then close the rest of the space down or use it for office space or whatever.

As I recall the stores in Outlet Pointe Mall started closing up don't remember too many names and what happened is that. What would likely happen with Columbia Place Mall in the scenario ED describes is that a large portion of spaces that are vacant would be walled off and made into office suites I remember seeing proposals to make portions of Dutch Square into some sort of offices as well Dutch Square Mall was a hot spot from through the mid 's?

Malls are an "am-was" thing of the 70's.. The only exception to the Dead Mall's is Columbia Mall, but that's because of location, location, location. Planet Fitness is finishing a move into a portion of the former Belk at Dutch Square.. I would love to see that happen to Richland Mall and it would work with Dutch Square due to it's proximity to downtown.

The problem is that no one wants to wants to invest the kind of money needed to do it properly in the Columbia market. I believe Richland county just bought all but the Macy's anchor stores at Columbia Mall, so razing it isn't in the cards right now.

I can confirm the Chili's at Harbison is history. This morning there was a semi out front and several moving vans around the side of the building, and most of the signage was gone. They have wasted no time. Possibly one of the most impressive fast food signs in Columbia.

ED -- I know those Grand Strand stores very well, and consider them to be pretty good locations which explains, I suppose, why Food Lion is willing to buy them. It's kind of sad that Bi-Lo can't make a go of good locations. I suppose there could be non-store factors like not having enough stores left to really support their distribution centers or whatever.

The only thing Bi-Lo has going for it is it's location since it is north of all of the other stores. Just noticed it last week. I wonder how long it'll last before it's gone too? Gateway's website says nothing of the name change, but I did see the "seal of excellence" stated Gateways Academies were "Recognized as a Cadence Education School of Excellence".

It almost sounds to me like "Cadence" was the parent company of Gateway and maybe the company that also developed the curriculum at Gateway. It is my understanding that the Dollar Tree next to the Shoe Dept will be expanding into that space and adding coolers and refrigeration units.

It was mentioned a few weeks back that the Bi-Lo Spring Valley Commons thomas referenced is one of 4 in SC that would be becoming a Food Lion and I've consequently thought that it'll feautre here in the coming weeks as the transition unfolds Today while downtown with my folks I noticed that the Washington Street Barber Shop Washington Street has gone out of business after 30 years The buildings were demolished to construct the bank building which was originally First Union and is now Wells Fargo.

They relocated to Washington Street. There was a grocery store behind there at the corner of Assembly and Hampton. Wayne Evans and his father operated the barber shop and his father died several years ago. I see the Harbor Inn seafood restaurant in Lexington has been re-branded as Catch.

Did The State paper have any news about this? I remember at one point that area was full of restaurants, especially late night breakfast types of places. No that whole complex was originally a Days in. Here's a link for how they looked in their prime: Yesterday in The State it was noted that a new barbecue restaurant called Carolina Western Pub will be opening soon here checked the Alphabetical list but it appears to me as if such place never featured here Andrew, that place was Empire Supper Club where the out of town from Kentucky guest was shot.

And several other people were shot as well. I know Mark who is opening up this place. He is a great guy and I know this place will be a hit. He is an upstanding business owner and I know this place will be around for a long time. Make sure you go and check it out and mention my name and maybe you can get a discount, lol. Once I was finally able to view the pinterest link man they can be annoying..

I know I've seen them before in bygone days, though I can't say where. Probably somewhere on between here and Florida. Zaxby's wanted to come to this location but they were met with opposition by neighbor groups and the 5 Points merchants. The Jimmy Johns in 5 points has closed and it looks like it is permanent.

Anyone know why it closed? What was the name of the restaurant across from the Lexington Hospital on that closed a few months ago? Not sure if you folks subscribe to Colatoday but there's a good article this morning talking about old restaurants in Columbia. Some of which feature here but there were a few on there that I don't see in the alphabetical list.

Today's The State had a blurb indicating that Zpizza is closing their location at Lincoln Street as of this Sunday June 3 and are seeking a larger space Sears Holdings announced today another round of Sears and K-Marts closings. I looked at the list to see if any in the Columbia area were affected but then realized there weren't any left in Columbia.

There are still a handful of "Sears Hometown Stores" in the state and looks like one Appliance Outlet but these can't last too much longer if the big Sears stores can't hang on. It was first located at Main St and moved to the last location Jan which was at Main St. At closing it was the oldest mens store on Main St.

I can send you pictures if you want. The Rite Aid at Clemson and Longgreen is having one of those store liquidation sales. It doesn't include the prescriptions, which threw a wrench in my weekend plans. Ed, your mention of Sears in Spartanburg jogged my memory back to I had completed a couple of calls in NC and was headed home on I A DJ was giving updates on the first space shuttle mission which was to land shortly.

I pulled into the Westgate Mall parking lot and went to the 2nd level of the Sears store where they had all the TVs, and they were all tuned into the network coverage of the landing. There were a half dozen other guys I guess they had left their wives to look at washing machines and some floor salesmen gathered around all the 27" consoles watching the landing of STS We all yelled and shook hands and high fived each other over the successful mission.

As Bob Dylan sang " for the times, they are a changin'" Columbia has changed and will continue to do so. Old buildings and houses will be torn down in the name of "progress".. I'm sure there are those that will argue that Columbia is better than it used to be, but change doesnt necessarily mean better. As the saying goes " If it aint broke, dont fix it".

But Columbia has quite the reputation of tearing down all old things. Downtown quit being downtown in the 's when former Mayor Bob Coble changed everything.. It's like trying to drive a Sherman Tank down a hallway it's so narrow now on Main Street.. Antionette, I said I was listening, I sent you an email.

Not sure what else I can do. I will get the KNC entry updated at some point. Some changes are easier to embrace than others This latest report on Sears closing another 72 stores has me thinking about how they keep closing round after round of stores and how I've been lamenting how I miss Kmart that used to be at Seven Oaks Shopping Center. We've discussed plenty of stores of past that people miss Plus I know there are people lamenting the loss of Toys R Us.

But then again, there are tradeoffs. I'm not a big Walmart fan but I was happy to see the one at Bush River Road because it meant new life for a piece of property that had been abandoned for years leading into it and plus the Neighborhood market at Knox Abbott Drive lead to an intersection upgrade I was happy to see.

Woodhill was also another nice overhaul completed in Antionette The Decker Harveys has featured here. Someone posted this previously: It appears Oak Table on Main Street is making some changes. The previous poster is apparently unaware of the reputation of Halls. This isn't a renovation by the current ownership. It has been sold to the owners of Halls Chophouse in Charleston, at one time a Yelp-rated Top 10 restaurant in the entire country.

I ate the best steak I have ever had there last year. Their steak supplier is a highly-rated company in Chicago, and you can get the steaks dry-aged highly recommended. The new place here will be rebranded a Halls Chophouse also. This is a big improvement to the upscale Columbia restaurant market. Will open October Wisteria hair salon in Sandhills has closed.

Not sure when, but noticed the windows were papered over. There has been some activity at the St. Andrews location, and it looks like there may be a Radio Control race track going in there, too Based on my recent experiences, IHOP should work on being able to seat people, take their orders, cook their food and take their money on the way out before they try to take on anything new Larry's Giant Subs in Lexington has closed.

According to their Facebook page, their franchise agreement had ended and the franchiser wanted them to sign a 15 year agreement, which they were not prepared to do. Antionette -- Don't get to Hartsville much these days, but if either Yogi Bear or the theater ever close, I'll be on it eventually..

I'd like to see what you can dig up on the Tons O' Toys. It was a large toy store in 5 Points years ago. Was riding by the old Brunswick Bowling Lanes today on Broad River, and noticed there's some kind of work or something going on there. Are they tearing it down? I know it's sat empty for quite a while now. I used to bowl there in the mid 70's through the mid 's. Does anyone know the history of, or when the old Star Lanes Bowling Alley closed and torn down?

I know it sat on Assembly Street near the Coliseum in the late 60's and learned to bowl there.. I personally believe that Columbia Place Mall can have a second chance. The stores that are left there now aren't anything exciting, and that's a huge part of the problem, at least in my opinion. One store that seems to be popular nowadays that would work well in either the former Burlington or Steve and Barry's is 2nd and Charles.

Every 2nd and Charles I've ever been to has been busy. It may be a long shot, but Belk could theoretically move back into their old location where Dillard's was. The only store I could think of to replace Sears would be Walmart, unfortunately. I think malls could have a comeback.

I've seen a lot of younger people taking interest in malls and mall culture. That is a good sign. It is empty inside. No idea when it closed. I just saw it was empty the other day. The cleaners had a drive-thru, so it was on the corner of the building. You can see it on Google Maps. Columbia Place Mall will never be any good anymore. Not with the youth of today.

Seems like all they want to do is fight. Today's youth are so aggressive, especially in packs. The surrounding economy won't be able to support it. I like the idea of consolidating the county offices in there. It would be less trouble for the low income folks to get their benefits.

Right now, they would have to go to the DSS office on Two Notch, the clinic at the admin building on Harden, and other places that I don't know about. The Food Court would be jumping again. The Food Court should only have local restaurants, no national chains, to help fuel the local economy.

They could also put a farmer's market in there local farmers only that accepts EBT. They could have job fairs there consistently throughout the year. They could have job training. They already have a play area for the kids. All of this in 1 place.

They could still have the stores in there that cater to the low income families. They could bring back the police substation for security. I think it's a great idea. I just think they threw a lot of fluff in the plan that made it just financially impossible to do. Seems to me, someone or some group of people were looking to pad their pockets with this deal.

They're a thing of the past. Columbia Mall never did do all that well from the get-go, and now it's a pointless place to go to. Dutch Square Mall's heyday was from through the late 80's.. People have gotten tired of Malls and all that walking you have to do to get where you wanna go. I cant see Malls being what they were ever again.

I worked at Columbia Mall and Columbia Mall back in the 80's and early 90's, and I wouldnt do it again.. Retail wasnt and isnt a fun thing. Jewelry Warehouse annouced they are closing their harbison location https: Columbia Mall was rather nice from the year it opened until around or so..

But by the early 90's, it was dying.. But I had heard that the rent at Columbia was really high, and that's why a lot of businesses left over the years. I remember shopping there in 93, 94, I think that's about right for Columbia Mall. Not even the influx of customers from the closed Hartsville BK was able to keep it going. Across from the BK at Columbia mall there used to be a t-shirt place that would custom print just about anything on your shirt.

Speaking of Columbia Mall.. Burger King closed because it caught on Fire, and for whatever reasons, it was never rebuilt. I miss "Annabell's" that used to be on the back side near Sears at one time across from Burger King. Morrison's was in the Mall on the JC Penny side but towards the side entrance.

I only went there a couple of times.. I thought it closed in or , but could have been later than that. I dont remember the name of it now.. Not exactly sure when the drive inn closed. I remember down below it though,I believe where the porn place is,was a good Chinese place Wasnt there, or didnt there used to be a Drive-In on the Sumter Hiway at one time somewhere past where the old Marion Burnside Plymouth Dealership back in the late 60's or maybe a little later?

I remember seeing some old abandoned Drive In Screen sitting all by itself all grown over with the Marquee sittine the the road itself, but there was some old Plantation style house next to it also? I cant remember the name of it though due to quite a few years back now. Anyone remember that place? Colonial Healthcare on Rosewood is gone.

As long as it took them to convert it from Blockbuster there's got to be a story there Can we can Antionette? Seriously she has no net etiquette And thinks this website is only going to respond to her Inquiring minds wanna know.. Call it what you will, but I think it should be torn down or renamed to something more " appropriate". Actually I DO have a better name for it.. But which wins the award for biggest Columbia area mall crash.

I'll vote 2,at least the others have some viability. If Richland mall had reinvented themselves like Trenholm plaza they might still be doing well. I think you are right, John. The smart move for Richland Mall, would have been to keep the original retro look, but modernize it somewhat. I know it looked the same until when they started to tear things down there, but a "Fashion" Mall wasnt, and isnt Columbia..

Dutch Square isnt that much better off and neither is Columbia Mall. But only time will tell about Malls in general and what their ultimate fate will be. There's a Rose's on Beltline in the old Bi-Lo store now.. The other one is that around 4 years ago Roses opened in a former Kroger at St. The best thing I can think of about Roses is that their merchandise is similar to Big Lots except Roses sells apparel where Big Lots doesn't but Roses doesn't sell furniture like Big Lots does.

Frank Mancuso -- The General Sales building where? The only one I know about, on Huger Street, looks to be intact. The Chick-fil-A in Lexington is being torn down, moved a little and updated double drive-thru, etc. There goes the convenience of my nugget trays for tailgating. I tried calling in an order a couple of weeks ago with no answer and tried again yesterday and the number has been disconnected and no sign of activity in their lot when I drove by.

The Hardee's on I20 closed suddenly last week. Must be a lease issue, it always seemed to be doing well. I was going to post the Hardee's as well. Someone mentioned that the gas station the restaurant was in had been sold so I don't know if that is the reason or they lost lease their lease like Steve suggested.

As I have said before, I think one thing Hardee's could do to help their business is serve breakfast all day long. The aforementioned Hardee's may have taken a hit when Chick-fil-A moved in next door. If I had my choice ED, I don't think Hardees could maintain the superior quality of their breakfast menu if they served it all day long.

It makes sense for, say, McDonalds and Jack in the Box because their breakfast is mediocre. I also don't think Hardees would have the kitchen capacity to make biscuits from scratch all day long alongside their burgers and sandwiches. Beth, if Hardees still served the fried chicken that they used to back in the 90s, then it would be a true competition.

Still, I'd take Hardees over Chick-fil-A any day of the week. Chick-fil-A wins at Christmas, though, when they serve those peppermint milkshakes. Hardees I think first showed up in Columbia in ? The ones left now are horrible on their customer service, that I'm surprised they're still around. They never get any orders right, and you have to wait for a ridiculous amount of time to get waited on and get your order.

Per previous comments I checked the reviews for Copper River and wow! I can't believe that the place has gone that far downhill so fast. Me and the wife ate at one in Greenville last fall and enjoyed it, but I think we will skip the Irmo one from now one. I read the reviews yesterday on Copper River. It just so happened a few hours later I went up front to our lobby and found that one of the execs wanted the receptionist to book a reservation there for dinner.

She said nobody would answer the phone. I told her about the reviews, she told the exec and he changed his mind about the place. They are supposedly getting the smae lounge style seating as the Irmo location and will then become a reserved seat theater. Both CVS and Walgreens one block away, so this was inevitable. Are there any still open in town? Sort of nostalgic for this one, I worked there back when it was an Eckerd and it moved across the street from Airport Square back in Noticed yesterday that Maurice's on Two Notch has closed.

Apologies if this has already been posted. Building burnt to the ground. Not sure if the store had moved out prior or not, but the rubble from the fire looks pretty recent. They recently had for hire signs outside so I was quite shocked that they closed up shop. Today's The State had a blurb talking about Maurice's on Two Notch Road across from the entrance to Sesquicentennial State Park revealing that the store wasn't meeting sales expectations and they've closed it and apparently it has sold to a car dealer When did they take it down i saw it with the signage still up on this website on July 5th i was driving by there on July 10th to go to the post office and it was 5 days later when did they actually take it down.

I might eventually newberry has some pretty old buildings you might wanna come there they have a really old zest drive in if you are craving for zesto. From Ted's written Mission Statement: Don't y'all think it might be best to respect the man, his blog and its stated purpose by confining discussion to closings in the Columbia area?

Aconding to ted Tcby Irmo closed new years eve withen i found out I had the flu that day the newer fro yo shop inside the Salsaritas both closed on Dec 11 the fro yo tcby wasent as good as those other one like Irmo and Lexition recent closed one those were awsome what did you guys think about it even you can answer antionette.

No this was my past i was sick with the flu the day TCBY Irmo closed i did have the flu early this year im not even sure if thats the exact date that closed we both arent sure when it closed are you saying you never had the flu in your life. Rumors sometime come true Costco was a rumor for Columbia then one opened in Irmo still may open in Killan Crossing Publix is coming to Red Bank for real chick fil a might open over there I think the Super Publix Richland Mall wont happen I think chick fil a in hartsville may come true as well as Starbucks and publix and starbucks in Red bank Craplebees what i call applebees cuz i ducking hate allthough the fries arent bad hartsville what i mean old looking is they havent upgrades that applebees to the new logo.

I have been letting things play out because I like to see enthusiasm and people talking to each other, but let's keep it at a low roar. I tried to say this gently, yesterday, but apparently I did not get through. If you have a closing you want to mention, mention it ONCE. Other folks with information may also talk about it.

Hopefully I will get around to fixing it, but if not, at least it will be in the appropriate comment page for people coming in later to see. Ban the IP address Ted. I'd bet dollars to donuts that the plethora of comments are from 1 troll on 1 IP address. Like Ken, I have also wondered if Antionette and Dummy are two personalites of the same troll talking to each other.

It is getting way out of hand. Add my name to those who don't like what's been going on here. These shenanigans are putting a serious crimp into my enjoyment of the place This site has become more and more like a Craigslist chat room. Please do something about it. Some people have an extremely boring life.

It is not at all amazing that we encounter them on a daily basis. No life, no friends, no sex, ugly and can't make friends. I'm thank God that he gave me common sense and that I have the ability to do more than act stupid. My friend owns the Citgo and he bought the property behind the station.

They are demolishing the old store and will build a new store further back from the road. I understand he got a good bit of money from the state. We now return you to the previously annoying comments. Well I'm going to add an to this interlude by informing folks that the Obama gas station on Fairfield Road will be getting an overhaul. The Chocolate Monkey in Topspin Plaza has.

For rent sign in the window. I think Ted may have gone to Hartsville to find out what all of the fuss is about. That, or he has given up on this site because of a couple of commenters trolls? A gentleman named Ted initiated this web site at least back in He grew up in Columbia and enjoyed many cherished memories at locations in the area. He was also a photo aficionada and made photos of many of these locations.

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Apologies if this has already been posted. John and Anne Bottomley. If Richland mall had reinvented themselves like Trenholm plaza they might still be doing well. But which wins the award for biggest Columbia area mall crash.

Platinum Plus Greenville SC recognized in UpstateSCNews as ‘Fun Bar’:

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X Book this Hotel. Someone told me yesterday was their last day. It's kind of sad that Bi-Lo can't make a go of good locations. Antionette 7 Jun 18 at 3: Multi-Classic Car Club , S. Sidney 14 Jan 18 at

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