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When we had the house built, the men made a room underneath the downstairs bathroom and hallway to the outside door. This door was used for the majority of the time, visitors etc. This was a well insulated room, about 12 x It worked well for keeping fresh veg etc just above 32 degrees. The hallway was tiled with an area rug in front of the door.

Under the rug was the opening to the room underneath. We shortened a metal ladder to get down into the room. One day a man and his wife came to visit. This man may be reading thisI know they are preppers. Shortly after they came in, he informed me that we had a room underneath the hallway. He was so observant. He was able to tell when he walked across the floor that there was a space below the floor.

If anyone moves to take your food, which is rightfully yours, during a disaster, its a life and death situation: A good start is to quit talking about how much food you have. I am surprised as to how much info you guys talk about on here. I want to give other people ideas. Some just started and need a lot of help, fast. Others helped me get started, the best probably, was a friend of Chris Janowsky.

I am just passing the favor on. Thank God you brought us some food!!! You did bring some food, right? Be sure to get into costume by rubbing some ashes on your face and arms. Then, when you shock the hell out of them and they turn to leave payback time has arrived! Or give them exactly what they are looking for. Say a small stash of cheap food preps.

Think of it as a throw wallet for your food preps. And same goes with guns. An old pump gun, maybe a beat-up rifle and a cheap pistol to be easily found along with a modest amount of ammo, make them think they cleaned you out without having actually done so. They will only seize what they know about.

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I buy a little at a time with my weekly groceries and keep my lips shut. Just be low key about storage,folks kicking in doors will be the end for many on both sides at that point.

My guess is though is that those with small farms ect. Yea, I bet they wont waste time coming after my extra box of Tuna Noddle Helper but will seize commodities and Farms or maybe resort to rationing like during WW 2. My grandmother told me all about it. It all depends on What type emergency it really is.

And That is key to what method govnt will employ. Then perhaps Yes fed govnt will actually have as their Main concern citizens well being etc. And after what we saw occure to Law abider citizenery after Katrina, it is very doubtfull we shall see such benevolent carring fed govnt actions even if it really is an unexpected true emergency event.

I have not yet even discussed an event that is what we call a Flase Flag opps. Which today is Far more likly a scenario as a prelude to a Final Takedown in america. I wish I could feel more positive as I hate feeling so negative always. But today we do NOT seem to have many true patriotic type govnt work forces. And it does seem that litterally Every fed or state worker in any type capacity of rulership or supervisers etc are by Far the Least likly to care or be real patriots.

Calm before a mass storm is more like it today. By Us folks I mean vast majority of citizens everywheres. Rationing like during WWII, we can live with if need be. But back then prolonging the usa was main goals. I do Not believe they today have the same type goals.

Except of course to preserve our nations Vast wealth of oil-water-other resources, for. Their greed for ownership of all, and Lust for Power knows No bounds. If they had any real preservation of usa plans for us folks too? I recall how well maintained and nice america looked 50 yrs ago. One single Day in congress and senate is all it takes to Pass proper new laws to Return america Back to proper and splendor again.

That aint going to happen. Therefore I think if we ever see actuation of such exec confiscatory orders employed in the usa? Okaymy first question is where are they gonna sleep?? And that is just the first question to mind. Without saying more, the person that I spoke with has years of knowledge, contacts and experience with this.

Where are they going to sleep? That is no problem. Just like when they relocated refugees in this country, they just take your apartment for them and give you what they feel is a fair price. I have seen them move whole groups of foreigners into a town and set them up in houses and start them in business. They can confiscate you rental property just as easy as your preps and not give you anything if they so choose.

I hope they like horseflies, noseeums and snakes. I guess it was in case they needed to assign homeless people to a place where there were extra bedrooms not used. Ky and JayJay this is nothing new, the Communist have always done this, the latest being Veitnam and Cambodia.

They move the people out of the cities and put them to work on Government Coop. In North Korea our spy planes did flyovers looking for slave labor camps and had a hard time finding them because they were so large. Could it happen here? You be the judge! Yea to mass graves I bet! No really, I have said it before: The only relocating they are going to do is for themselves!

The cities are on their own and will most likely burn during any given crises. You mean, they already have homes and jobs waiting for us? And all we have to do is to take a short, refreshing shower after we get out of the cattle cars that they will ship us to our new homes in? Just s simple healthcare procedural precaution before they finish processing us into our new lives? We had better make sure that we get on board early and not miss that opportunity.

Nobodys yet mentioned that within all those exec orders and patriot acts etc are provisions to Relocate individuals-Families-Split up Families! For work in those countries-and for other purposes, as every law seems to end with. Their stink pickles will freeze before they hit the ground. Believe me, if you have a real desire to live, you probably can.

One family, 5 children moved to remote AK. They arrived in the state well into the summer, purchased land and had a basement dug out. They were able to put some supports over the top of the basement area and tarp over that. They installed a woodstove and lived the winter there. Burned a ton of wood but survived. Now is the time to start learning to rough it.

Force yourselves to do without all the comfortable things. You will learn a lot about survival before it is forced on you. Remember that wherever you hole up, there are animals there living under ground and have lived there for thousands of years. Learn alternative ways to survive the cold.

I said in a tent. They will be on their own with a tent. Not my back yard with my knowledge, foresight, and tools. They will die because they went to public school, get lost in Chinamart, use the electric cart, and rely on a gov. That is the way to go, and how I operate.

However, I am not sure how I will keep all this stuff hidden if govt forces perform an illegal search. There is only so much one can do. I am certainly not going up against four soldiers with ARs with my single shotgun. Or ARE you willing to defend it? If notyou might as well sell it all off now and go on a nice trip, buy a new bauble etc. If you think that you can hide stuff in a real messy basement, just make sure that the upstairs is well compatible with what the downstairs looks like.

My husband likes even the out-sheds clean and orderly. Life expectancy of the squad will be the key. Sir we thought he had dried beans in that box, and it turns out there were several copper heads in the box. How they heck to you prep for an illegal confiscation? For me maybe keeping an ear on as many radio waves as I can and if I get a glimpse or report of house to house searches load the Suburban front to back and floor to ceiling then head out into a desert wash for a couple of days until they pass?

Gonna take some time to pull that off though. If it comes down to house-to-house searches, it would be best to be out of dodge before it starts. I know someone with a remote place in Colorado i could go to, but getting there when the shtf would be a stretch. Road blocks would be numerous. Trying to keep things low key during such an event will be impossible.

That is most definitely a true statement. The time to do this is before the SHTF, and before the jackbooted thugs have their road blocks set up. Problem is doing this is not feasible for the vast majority of people, who still have to go to work each day and carry on their regular lives. Theres a poster in the Northwoods bar.

We still do busness with a hand shake, but you had better not renege on your deal. Then bring out your cans of spray paint, desert tan, lt grey, green shades, little brown or black. Preppers need some way to communicate with one another when the sh goes down. One thing for sure: They would mark fences, etc.

If someone knows more about this, I would certainly like to have a refresher. A lot of people talk about how the will cap a government official coming to their home. Well that is a bad move. You will bring some real unwanted attention to yourself. Me and the wife practice this now. Set up your stored goods cache style.

Plenty of prep web sites that will teach you this. Leave little for them to find or do like I have done and have some not much for them to find, put up an appropriate protest without getting arrested when they take it. Make it look like that is all that you have. They will feel they have done their duty and generally will move on. This has worked for drug dealers and gun runners for decades.

You only have to last a couple of months in this mode and then they will have too much on their hands to worry about you. Four have neighbors and friends in the same mode. God bless, stay safe and watchful. You stand and fight at the wrong time and you are the example. You will make a great distraction for us adults that will realy win in the end so thanks for steping up and become cannon foder.

A lot of folks talk like this and that is great we like your pasion. But knowing WHEN to fight and were is the real key to victory. Note I did not say run. Stand let them get your decoy and they then move on. Oh by the way the decoy they grab you let them have with a bit of protest for show can be laced with what ever suits you Think and Fight smart. This will be nothing like a hollewood movie.

Every man has to decide when that time is for himself. I do know the machine isnt as powerful as they would have you belive. First Im No Young man. Im a retired Army sgt. Im gonna say When And If they come to your front door to take your shit, We as a people must stand and fight and die. I dont want to live in a world where Im forced to be a boot licker. You can take it in the ass as for me and my family we walk the walk..

Stand up for whats yours. Peace and keep prepping. You give them a little so they move on. Its all about pcyops. They take the crums you have set for them. I will be around to fight many more days and the payback for the bastards who did this to our country that I spent 21 years defending will be high. My neighbors are of this mind set also.

We will not be a precived threat when the goons show up. Good for us and reeeeaaaaalll bad for them. We will be wolves in thier sheep herd. I may have them over for dinner many nights. Then the real pain for them begins. It is all about timming. In Boston when the lockdown came that would not be a great time for shotting back.

Let them in, be nice, then they move on not seeing the obvious threat in front of them. Then you get together with your teams which you should have built by now and start the pain. A thug hired to intimidate or harm opponents. A stupid or oafish person. I agree with you and got grilled for stating the same on my last post.

So many on this site are craving a fight to the death with LEO. That is not the best card to play. It will take a lot of man power to go door to door in America. They will hit the high value targets and the common joes will be missed. If you like the idea of being told what and when you can do then run and hide.

I have no respect for anyone who claims to fight another day. Then one day you find yourself standing in a fema camp ,your family dead or in another camp somewhere else How you gonna fight.. Those who surrender security for freedom deserve neither. Your front door in your last chance to be free and alive.

The ptb dont care about what happens to you. At least I will make a statement about freedom. As for death there are worse things. My reward is being with The lord. The only way I would know how to survive in that situation would be by controlling my thinking. I probably would start collecting seeds from any possible source, the food I was fed or plants growing in the area.

Find an isolated area, if possible, and try to grow something. I have heard that a survivor in prison camp, Viet Nam, kept his mind under control with interaction with an insect. You could water a plant by peeing on it. But you need to have a focus, something constructive instead of poor me thinking.

Find hiding places, then be prepared to defend your lifeline. The government takes your supplies during a true mega SHTF you are in the same boat as someone that is not prepared, you lose. You might as well lose defeding your supplies, you lose if you give up without a fight. This is the logic beyond a bad and worse situation.

I think having diversified preps is good too. Sure, people would love to steal your freese dried foot but who wants to mess with stealing chickens? Or stealing the fruit from your trees? Or steal your fishing gear? If you ask me, taking my money to pay M people to not work is stealing my preps. I put in 60 hour weeks to provide for my family. The theives who take handouts rather than work out to be in the streets looking for work: Let them work to eat.

Something like that rings a bell. COD can help you with target aquisition on all the different sight systems like Eotech and red dots. I will, the new maps come out tomorrow and double xp ended last night. Have you ever seen COD? Probably not because you would understand the it was created off of military simulators. It teaches you where to hide in buildings to ambush, best sniper locations, and helps you decide if your a spray and pray kind of guy or a planter.

I prefer ambush and until my cover is blown. CoD is good for teaching you run-and-gun stuff that will get you killed. I have been in combat. You try that CoD cut-the-pie assault of a blind corner without real training, you are going to get yourself maimed at the very least.

CoD is also many, many magnitudes of order faster than real combat is, to keep the adrenaline high and you interested. Real combat is usually slow, tedius, and emotionally and physically draining. You only move quickly when a really bad situation forces you to and you are already exposed. You do exactly the opposite of CoD. You pick a strong point, easily defended and abandoned, you stay there quietly, you never fire a gun unless you are FORCED to because you will draw in much more than you can fight in minutes, you boobytrap as much as you can, and you snipe and run when the opportunity presents itself and you are fairly sure you can escape the area.

That is real combat. Long hours of no sleep, constant tension, despair, the eventual exhaustion of adrenaline, short spats of extreme terror, panic, and chaos, and the eventual loss of sanity in one form or anotherbe it delusion hallucination, suicidal action, or psychopathy, sadism, and pleasure derived from murder.

I have been there. CoD is nothing close to reality. I learned how to shoot a sniper rifle from COD using breathing techniques. I never said its going to make you a super trooper but it does help you get used to different weapons. If its not for you its not for you. Those who have been there. Your words are just that words. You would be better to leave it alone that trying to justify everything you say.

That is not the real worldexperience will brand you a pain in the ass real quick. Cactus Lickeryou know what you are talking about. I would like to hear more. Kinda like the Hunger Games. Eventually, that blood money will shed its foul karma on the bastards who stole from us. This sick lust for power and arrogant disregard of our rights so brazenly displayed by this government will be their downfall.

Let them believe we are all dumbass sheep their bravado will have them marching into a meat grinder soon enough. I am always happy to share what I know works in dangerous situations. A key thing to remember is that it is always easier to defend than attack. Passive defense strategies and devices can turn a single man into a formidable fighting force, for all that man needs to do to gain victory is make their enemy believe anything and everything is boobytrapped not get caught.

The attacker has a much harder job and is going to be forced to expose himself more often, in areas the defender will know will be difficult, forcing them into an eventual quagmire likely to result in their deaths. Knowing how to use a gun is important Knowing how to not have to use that gun is even more important. That should give you some food for thought.

Happy public announcement of Independence Day! Independence was actually approved and declaired July 2nd, but not announced until the 4th. Even while we were with you, we gave you this command: Have you heard any of the stories about the last depression? Gov men were going from farm to farm shooting all the stock animals.

They are evil assholes. This is a prime example of how government workers are the dumbest fucking people in the universe. The assholes pit us all against each other and enrich their fat asses. They use us like dumb cattle to do their dirty work in other nations so they can steal, murder and destroy innocent victimswhen we hate Moslems we play into their hands and give them power.

Hell none of us really knows the full power of ungodly propaganda. The real America is being revealed in Syria and was revealed in Libya. In President Roosevelt penned an executive order requiring people to exchange gold for paper. That was legal with the US Government behind it. The penalty was a decade in jail for non compliance and huge fines.

Law Enforcement and the Military will do as their told. They work for those who sign the check not for you. You mean all those history books showing government as the primary perpetrator of that stuff is wrong? Democide is not necessarily the elimination of entire cultural groups but rather groups within the country that the government feels need to be eradicated for political reasons and due to claimed future threats.

Good job you snarky idiot. You all caught up now? Now run along little boy. Pssst, BTW oh great and powerful douche. See comment 3 posts above. Yea, I knew where the bear shit in the woods before you thought you could enlighten me. It makes it hard to even read, And lately you been posting some good stuff. Please so we can read it.

And I may disdain what you say but I will defend the right for you to say it with my life. If I can read it Using the Second admend. You have a following even if it is the one who would piss on your words. You have set a hook. You could reel them in if you worked the reel correctly.

Be a little nice and take it a little slower. And you land it in the end,. And you land it in the end. Bury a plastic septic tank on your property. Seal the inlets and outlets with caps and you have storage covered. They have access holes big enough to crawl into and keep your goods at cave temperature. If I see the end coming in time, that is my plan. A metal one might work even better.

Maybe it will hide the metal of the cans on a metal detector. It will just look like a septic tank. Every idea we post is telling the PTB what to look for. Of course, the ones who know about an idea may not be the ones looking where the idea is in use, so posting ideas does have potential value.

You can bet that some of them are trained to look everywhere that the books about where to hide stuff suggests, although not all of them are. Something like this is hard to prepare for.. A large force would be needed to resist something of the scale mentioned in the article. And then it may escalate from confiscation to full blown pacification.

This makes me physically sick to my stomach. I have no place to bury my stuff. I have no place to hide it. The bottom line is, I have no choice but to fight to the death if necessary. It wont be the fed that is the ones coming after ind stuff. It the local gov when the fed stops or runs out that will be the issue.

I have been clear with my local deputies and law. We will defend our road. But I also will be there helping when I can in the first days Maybe after sealing the bunker for 10 days to let the crazies kill each other off. Ill go along then disappear in the middle of the night like obe of the characters from Atlas Shrugged, ill be fishing and diving in Kaupo, see ya on the flip!

I have a hard time believeing that our local, or state government would come and pick through our pantries, the fed? I doubt they would get too far, way too many activist minded folks here, even if they are quiet and plod slong in their dayly lives, wayy too many people who know people who know peope and more people, the coconut wireless would be buzzing, Our biggest threat will be the idiot druggies or the real dumb fuckers who will think they can steal what they want, they will disappear quick.

Then its back to business. IF the govt is going around taking peoples shit, its not a government anymore and need to be dealt with by any means possible. Sixpack Do you have a very trustworthy relative you could hide it with? Is there some land nearby where you could get away with burying some?

You just have to be more creative. Have you ever actually seen LEOs searching a place? If they can find a pot seed on the carpet in the corner, they can find my food stash if they really wanted to. This is a small courtyard, and if I was to start digging here, I might as well just print up flyers and pile my preps up for the takingwhy bother.

There has got to be another answer. I aint going to hide or bury a thing. I have preps etc and lock my doors when gone. I also have trust and Faith in the promices from the Lord. If it gets that bad you must have a dozen hidy holes every 12 miles and go hide in a cave etc to survive? Most wont survive even doing that.

I have zero desires to live or remaain alive in such a world. Maybe if I was still 20 yrs old, or had kids depending on me. No others depend on me. I refuse to do what many suggest as survival tactics if it goes that bad here. I rather die in battle. I think due to mass lacking of usa schools and text history books used, to teach the Truth of what really occured during the russian revolution, is what so many folks lack in reality education.

Today if some younger persons asked my advice of what is the Main thing to research to plan ahead and Know what or how the enemys truely does in an all out scenario. I definatly would adivise them to find and Read all they can about what actually went down in russia era. There is a reason americans never were taught of that Nor did hollywood make Any movies of it besides Dr.

Shivago a Phony based Love story sorta. But russia IS the main Most likly type scenario we will face today if it heads south. Only with Updated high tech improved kommie operators. Once one has a good grasp on true kommie tactics like in russia eraThey find many tactics they promote or plan are Futile at best. Not saying it cannot be beat or won against as yes it Can be.

But Not untill you really know who-what and How real actual kommies opperated. But still it is real and now most likly event we shall see here if we see anything. It really saddens me to see others I love and care about talk about survival and planning without any anchor point. This more than anything causes me to question what the results of their standing will be.

Are those who plan to stand up truly in a position to do so without a trust in Jesus Christ. And the people rested themselves upon the words of Hezekiah king of Judah. Trust him and pray always. Wednesday, September 5 8: Early results from a historic gene editing study give encouraging signs that the treatment may be safe and having at least some of its hoped-for effect, but it's too soon to know whether it ultimately will succeed.

Tuesday, September 4 7: One of Alaska's largest and most active volcanoes is restless again and has prompted scientists to issue an aviation advisory. Friday, September 7 2: Striking Tacoma Teachers walk a picket line, Thursday, Sept. Fights over teacher salaries and work conditions are escalating along the West Coast, and the disputes are Fights over teacher salaries and working conditions are escalating along the West Coast, emboldened in part by the momentum from widespread teacher strikes in more conservative states.

Friday, September 7 1: Nike this week unveiled the deal with the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, who's known for starting protes Nike's Kaepernick campaign signals change in shoe politics after years of brand building. Thursday, September 6 Uber is aiming to boost driver and passenger safety in an effort to rebuild trust in the brand.

Dara Khosrowshahi took the reins at Uber a year ago and inherited a ride-sharing company plagued with scandals. Thursday, September 6 3: Dozens of Colorado state and local elections officials are participating in cyber security and other exercises to reinforce the state's voting status as among the most secure in the nation ahead of the November Dozens of Colorado state and local elections officials are participating in cyber security and other exercises to reinforce the state's voting status as among the most secure in the nation ahead of the November midterm elections.

Thursday, September 6 5: The wildfire that erupted Wednesday has now burned more than 34 square miles 89 square kil Authorities mull whether to reopen a major highway that's been closed for two days by a raging Northern California wildfire. Friday, September 7 6: Authorities say the brother-in-law of a Dallas woman found raped and slain in as her infant daughter slept nearby has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for the killing.

A Cincinnati coroner says she recognized the youngest person killed during a downtown shooting that left four dead, including the gunman. Thursday, September 6 9: Friday, September 7 5: Emergency response crews gather outside a plane at New York's Kennedy Airport amid reports of ill passengers aboard a flight from Dubai, Wednesday, Sept.

The New York City mayor's office says 10 people hospitalized after a large commercial jet arrived from Dubai have tested positive for influenza. Wednesday, September 5 4: A new report says overdose deaths in Alaska involving the synthetic opioid fentanyl more than quadrupled last year. Wednesday, September 5 With lawsuits mounting, maker of OxyContin provides grant for nonprofit pharmaceutical company to speed development of lower-cost overdose antidote.

Wednesday, September 5 3: A federal judge in Texas didn't immediately rule on the latest push by Republicans to end the Affordable Care Act. Thursday, September 6 6: President Donald Trump lashed out against the anonymous senior official who wrote it, claiming to be part of a "resistance" New York Times' decision to publish anonymous Trump-bashing column carries risks.

A career criminal who authorities believe is a serial killer dubbed the Gypsy Hill Killer faces trial Friday in Northern California for the murders of two young women four decades ago. Friday, September 7 9: GoFundMe and the law firm representing a homeless good Samaritan say he will receive all the money raised for him.

Tuesday, September 4 2: In this July 2, , photo, traffic moves on the old Gerald Desmond Bridge next to its replacement bridge under construction in Long Beach, Calif. Rob Arlett, a county councilman who served as Donald Trump's state campaign chair in , has won the Republican primary for U.

Marriott, Hilton, other major hotels will give panic buttons to US staff by Prospective jurors in the murder trial of Dyke who killed black teenager Laquan McDonald are to be g Thursday, September 6 7: A state investigation has found that staff at two senior care facilities abandoned residents during an evacuation as wildfires swept through Northern California last October.

A Utah driver who slammed her Tesla into a stopped firetruck at a red light while using the vehicle's semi-autonomous function is suing the company. Members of the Cincinnati Police Department listen as Chief Eliot Isaac speaks to the media as emergency personnel and police work the scene of a shooting near Fountain Square, Thursday, Sept.

Police say they're trying to learn why a gunman carrying a large amount of ammunition began shooting in a downtown Cincinnati high-rise building, killing three people and wounding two others before four officers Police say they're trying to learn why a gunman carrying a large amount of ammunition began shooting in a downtown Cincinnati high-rise building, killing three people and wounding two others before four officers all opened fire on him.

Tens of thousands of low-level marijuana convictions could be erased with the OK of Brooklyn's top prosecutor. Wednesday, September 5 1: Legal experts say the extensive criminal and drug abuse history of Parkland school suspect Nikolas Cruz's biological mother could be a key factor in whether he is sentenced to die for the massacre. Wednesday, September 5 7: Thursday, September 6 1: New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood has subpoenaed all Roman Catholic dioceses in the state as part of an investigation into the handling of sex abuse allegations.

Wednesday, September 5 2: Rivera is charged with first-degree murder in t Immigrant charged in college student's death was known by different name on dairy farm. Jerri Tubbs via AP. A fire rages as motorists travel on Interstate 5 near Lake Shasta, Calif. A Northern California wildfire that closed down dozens of miles of a main freeway between California and Oregon and left the road littered with abandoned trucks.

Duffey, left, Christopher C. Police say they've responded to an active shooter situation at the Fifth Third Bank building in downtown Cincinnati and there are multiple injuries. An endorsement deal between Nike and Colin Kaepernick Nike has unveiled its first "Just Do It" ad narrated by Colin Kaepernick and a person familiar with the situation says the spot is scheduled to air during the NFL season opener on Thursday night and during football Nike has unveiled its first "Just Do It" ad narrated by Colin Kaepernick and a person familiar with the situation says the spot is scheduled to air during the NFL season opener on Thursday night and during football games throughout the season.

President Donald Trump's administration is planning to circumvent a longstanding court agreement on how children are treated in immigration custody, meaning families will be kept in detention longer. An Israeli teenager visiting Yosemite National Park in California fell hundreds of feet to his death while hiking near the top of an iconic waterfall. Tuesday, September 4 9: A tiny Alaska Native village has experienced a boom in tourism in recent years as polar bears spend more time on land than on diminishing Arctic sea ice.

A doctor has been disciplined by Nevada state pharmacy regulators after he was accused of improperly looking up prescription records of the dead gunman in last October's mass shooting in Las Vegas. Emergency personnel and police respond to reports of an active shooter situation near Fountain Square, Thursday, Sept. A coroner says the three men killed in a Cincinnati office shooting ranged in age from 25 to New York Times takes rare step of granting anonymity to Trump administration official for op-ed essay.

Arlington National Cemetery returned to its roots as a resting place for the Civil War dead with a burial Thursday of two unknown Union soldiers. One hurricane is on course to bypass Hawaii to the northeast, while another appears set to weaken before it gets closer to the island state.

Tuesday, September 4 Comprehensive new children's concussion guidelines from the U. New children's concussion guidelines recommend against routine X-rays and blood tests for diagnosis. Noor is charged in the July shooting death of Justine Court filings show that psychiatrists and training officers voiced concerns about a Minneapolis police officer's fitness for duty long before he fatally shot an Australian woman.

Woman sentenced to time served, mental health treatment in ricin at retirement home case. Under pressure from U. A judicial panel in North Carolina ruled this week that there was not enough time to redraw congressional districts in time for this year's midterm elections, but that doesn't end this year's battles over A judicial panel in North Carolina ruled this week that there was not enough time to redraw congressional districts in time for this year's midterm elections, but that doesn't end this year's battles over redistricting.

Jon Tester is rolling out a new television ad promoting his collaboration with President Donald Trump as the Montana lawmaker seeks to inoculate himself against conservative critics ahead of Trump's Jon Tester is rolling out a new television ad promoting his collaboration with President Donald Trump as the Montana lawmaker seeks to inoculate himself against conservative critics ahead of Trump's Thursday visit to the state.

The sheriff leading the Florida commission investigating February's high school massacre said that fully implementing a model security plan for the state's schools would cost billions. Who, if anyone, can repair Chicago? That is the question for voters now that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is not seeking re-election.

Gordon has begun hurling tropical storm-force winds onshore along the Alabama and western Florida Panhandle coastline. Wednesday, September 5 6: The sole survivor of a small Northern California plane crash that left him partially paralyzed and killed his husband spoke on Wednesday about the joy of biting into a strawberry during his recovery.

A look at Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, the strong-willed leader of her country's trade talks with Washington. Doug Ducey and his wife Angela Ducey, follow the casket of Sen. Arizona has developed a reputati Arizona has developed a reputation as one of the country's political flashpoints, with debates over immigration, rambunctious populists and a divided GOP.

Wednesday, September 5 9: Contestants from Florida and Wisconsin scored the first preliminary wins in the post-swimsuit era of the Miss America pageant Wednesday night. The next mayor of Chicago will take over a city that is deeply divided by race and class, a decades-long problem that critics say only grew more pronounced during Mayor Rahm Emanuel's two terms in office.

Northern California wildfire prompts closure in both directions of Interstate 5, new evacuations in area already hit by Carr Fire. Wednesday, September 5 5: The political battle over redistricting is under way in the elections, even though the task of drawing new boundaries for federal and state legislative districts is still three years away. A New York judge says pictures of mice lounging around an anti-rodent device are reason enough to let a lawsuit proceed against a company that sells them.

In Massachusetts primary, another longtime Democratic congressman loses to a candidate for diverse, progressive voices. Police have detained a "ranting" man accused of crashing a pickup truck into a Fox affiliate television station building in downtown Dallas during a live newscast. The New York City mayor's office says a plane has been quarantined amid reports that numerous people became ill on a flight from Dubai that arrived at New York's Kennedy Airport.

Sanpete County Jail via AP. Prosecutors say Hernandez, an Idaho prison inmate sent to help fight a wildfire, raped a woman who was also working to support firefight Idaho is reviewing its program that allows the temporary release of prison inmates to help fight wildfires after one was charged with raping a woman working at a remote Utah base camp.

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CNY Chinese Yuan. These psycopaths are telling us what they are going to do. Town Hall Protests are Liberal Plants. Ky and JayJay this is nothing new, the Communist have always done this, the latest being Veitnam and Cambodia. So, maybe some will desert, but not many. National Intelligence in the Dark?

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Sanpete County Jail via AP. Flights To Tel Aviv. We have made the best efforts to provide you a transparent, principled and legal platform where your ideas and business can flourish beyond your imagination. Trump His Allies Debunked; Survey:

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