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The eponymous Elysium formula of The Elysium Project is a Super Serum that grants those exposed to it the power to manipulate reality in accordance with their desires. This is the concept behind yoshi's Project Blackthorn with all the reality wapers all under a "Order of Reality" council. Brittany develops this ability in Special , and while learning how to control it turns a pillow into a goldfish and makes Lord Tubbington talk.

It fits with her Cloudcuckoolander personality. It's later revealed that her powers, like some of the other kids', leaked through before the story began. Which means that some of the bizarre things she talked about her cat reading her diary, getting lost in the sewers most likely actually happened.

Doing so, however, damages the structural integrity of reality - convenient for an entity that wants to destroy the universe and dissolve it back into primordial chaos. Wanda Maximoff, thanks to the above, has this as her mutant power, partly thanks to Chthon's influence - and her magic is inclined towards probability manipulation too. Her blessing on Harry in short: Doctor Strange is repeatedly stated to be someone who long ago decided that the Laws of Reality were for other people, performing feats that shouldn't really be possible; however, he can't do exactly what he wants and admits that he would be tempted by the power offered by Chthon, to do whatever he wished to reality, suggesting that it's fairly limited.

The Phoenix, along with the rest of the Endless, with one being Harry that she possesses being described as not so much standing up as arranging the universe around them so that they were standing up, as well as being described as having 'complete control over the powers of life and death'.

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Harry during the finale when Chthon possesses him and just after, as Strange arranged matters so that he would be at the heart of reality when it was in an especially malleable state, allowing him to set things right.

However, there are still cracks and flaws, suggesting that the repair job wasn't perfect. In the Pony POV Series , alicorns and draconequi, being concepts of reality, all have this power though the alicorns are more reserved, being Nature's Law , Discord simply has it Up to Eleven after eating his brother Destruction and their father Havoc's avatar to the point a normal alicorn or draconequus is no match for him.

While it's not shown how much, the Elders are this on a cosmic scale to the point Entropy erasing her mate Havoc from existence and then him willing himself back into it is equal to one member of a bickering couple shoving the other to them. We see later that the Elders have the ability to alter reality with their words alone, they just prefer not to use it most of the time.

Entropy's mortal incarnation, Maud Pie, makes 'fourth cousin twice removed by a fifth cousin' a thing when she's convinced of it. General-Admiral Makarov , the Big Bad of the Shining Armor Arc, can do this to a certain extent in his immediate surroundings, due to actually being a creation of Pandora's ; he mostly does this to boost his image and ability to win, as part of his status as a Parody Sue.

During the climax of the arc, he uses a Paradox Engine to boost his powers, in order to wipe out all his enemies and establish himself as the flawless hero-ruler of the whole world. Fortunately, an enraged Shining Armor destroying the Engine, combined with Pandora nullifying his Plot Armor , causes the various plot holes he's created to catch up with him, leaving him weakened and leaving his forces at a significant disadvantage.

Lunaram flings alternate space and warped realities about like heck in the latter part of the series, Lugeno is trapped in one, Finem does them, and they're treated like everyday appearances due to "god going berserk. Fallen King has this. Pegasus also alters the structure of his castle, locking the heroes into an endless room.

Several characters are capable of this in Diaries of a Madman. Anyone capable of learning "true magic" can do the same, but Celestia and Luna stamped out the practice due to it being abused. The Horned King is the first to discover this ability and tries to brainwash her to use her power to bend reality itself in order to make him into an all-powerful god. Malkuth from The Games We Play has the power to change the rules of reality.

In theory, he has limits, but they're broad enough that he might as well be a god. Unfortunately, he's a dick. The dick, as he created the Grimm. In fact, most of the Grimm, particularly the biggest and strongest types, can only exist because he bends reality over a barrel. The beginning of the story reveals that Cyrus did not die when he vanished into that portal , but instead found the way to manipulate the strands of reality, and eventually figured out how to create his world without spirit.

In Visiontale , determined beings are reality warpers, even more than in Undertale itself. The inherent determination in humans allows them to cast magic without training. Sufficiently-determined humans can create physical objects, in addition to saving and loading. Monsters' personal experiences and knowledge of the laws of physics they are violating limits how they can warp reality and how extensively they can do so.

The Fiddley Thing in Halloween Unspectacular is a device that can do anything, from transforming someone into a were-lioness to ripping holes in the fabric of space and time. It's upgraded thrice over the course of the second collection, Do the Gasmask Shuffle ; at the climax, having all three Fiddley Things together wipes out the multiverse and, later, ascends the heroes involved in the final battle except for the L.

In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku! Instead, he's bonded to a fifth-dimensional genie named Tskymi, who can do almost anything with a command. Tskymi tends to operate on Toon Physics most of the time, pulling an enormous magnifying glass out of Hammerspace and turning into a cannon with functioning arms to load and light himself.

He also claims to have "phenomenal cosmic powers" like Bat-Mite, who can alter all of reality and shatter the fourth wall at a whim. He cannot kill directly , make someone fall in love, or bring the dead back to life. It's not quite clear if these are simply beyond the Genie's powers or if they are within his capability but are the only wishes he can refuse to grant; when telling Aladdin about these limitations he says that bringing the dead back to life " is not a pretty picture , I don't like doing it!

The killing thing seems to be a direct impossibility, but as Genie! Jafar states in Aladdin: The Return of Jafar , " You'd be surprised what you can live through. He was completely surprised when it appeared that he had granted Jafar's wish to make Jasmine love him. Once freed he is just a sorcerer who has the ability to break the fourth wall.

However, he has shown the ability to predict the future and "read" reality like a book. He has the ability to read the script of the current episode as well as the ability to consult "the big book of things we're not supposed to know" in order to find out where people are and what they are doing.

Jafar himself becomes a lower-level Reality Warper after he makes a wish to literally become the most powerful sorcerer on Earth. He demonstrates his new powers with a whole bunch of transmutation and transformation of himself and things around him, especially during his fight with Aladdin.

And of course, after wishing to become an all-powerful genie, he becomes as powerful as the Genie himself or perhaps even moreso, considering he proceeds to run roughshot over him in the sequel during his Villain Song. Midnight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Unlike the example of Discord below, the movie does not make light of these powers at all.

The fact that she's tearing portals into reality willy-nilly to reach Equestria is bad enough, but she doesn't even care that her powers are literally destroying the fabric of reality to do so as long as she can understand the magic behind it. The protagonist of the film Absolutely Anything is given these powers by Sufficiently Advanced Aliens. As the title suggests, he can make anything happen simply by saying what he wants.

In an unusual twist, his powers are a Literal Genie: The Adjusters in The Adjustment Bureau are able to make minor changes to the environment as long as they are in range. Bruce Almighty — But, then again, he's borrowing the ability from God The warlocks in The Covenant don't seem to read comic books. Their hereditary magic power that they have no real name for is exactly this.

Technically, they're high-powered telekinetics that can warp matter into new shapes; individuals can only use it to levitate across the city and occasionally conjure doors out of solid walls though their leader, Mr Book , is vastly more powerful ; as such, the Strangers perform their best work in perfect unison, combining their powers and amplifying it through machines to reshape the City.

The hero Murdock finds he has this ability as well- and is so powerful that he can create entire landscapes at will once he learns how to control his abilities. The Funny Man can apparently do just about anything he wants to the environment if it serves his trickster schemes.

Sutter Cane from In the Mouth of Madness appears to gain this ability once he finishes his reality-warping novel. For example, he briefly makes the entire world turn blue, temporarily removes a padded cell from time, and rips his face open like paper to reveal a portal to another world. And naturally, he declares himself a god. This is the entire point behind the architects in Inception.

Their job is to craft dreamworlds that the rest of the teams move through, while at the same time creating mazes to trap and confuse the subconscious projections of the dreamers' minds so as to keep them from attacking. Being architects, however, they can also alter the dreamworld's properties to further confuse and fight the projections, but the more they shift and alter reality, the faster the projections converge, the more violent their responses, and the more heavily they are armed.

Jareth the Goblin King in Labyrinth — he can cause the Living Labyrinth he rules over to spring traps on the heroine and her friends at just the right moments, conjure things from thin air, and manipulate time. In fact, the climax has him tempting her to give up her quest with the promise that he can give her anything she wants. But while he has powers over time and space, she realizes that he doesn't have any power over her and stating this is enough to defeat him.

His doctor does know and manipulates his patient in such a way to benefit himself. This is the doctors undoing because the patient begins to wise up throughout the storyline. Then in the end, does use his own reality warping power to defeat his doctor. The eponymous The Lawnmower Man. The tag line says it all: God made him simple.

Science made him a god. In the French-Canadian Folktale of the Duck-Dog, little John, the main character, was given this power at birth by a fairy godmother. The scene is absolutely hilarious as in most well-known versions the godmother is apologetic about giving him this power as she couldn't think of another one.

It went something like this: Here, just take the ability to have anything and everything you want just by saying it. Sorry for the lame blessing. The full extent of his reality warping abilities hasn't been demonstrated, but so far has included materializing and dematerializing matter at will, bestowing forbidden knowledge, granting people immortality and other abilities as well as slapping on whatever perks and restrictions he wishes , appearing anyplace at anytime, global mind-reading, and shifting in and out of human form at will.

Generally, he doesn't go around doing these sorts of things very often , however, because nigh-omnipotence can become quite boring after several-hundred millennia. A Certain Magical Index: Their powers work by substituting their own reality into the real world using AIM An Involuntary Movement fields, which also acts as Applied Phlebotinum for many story arcs.

The downside to this is that their "personal reality" must share a lot of characteristics with the "real reality", otherwise they will be isolated from reality completely, as with Kazakiri Hyouka in her initial appearances. For that matter, any sufficiently powerful mythical beings are capable of this, with the Archangels being prime examples.

It does has its limits however, as pointed out by Stiyl. If he really could warp reality, why couldn't he just wish a vampire into existence? Aleister Crowley too, as he is a magician powerful enough to become a Majin, but he made some specific alterations to his body to prevent it. Well, if you can exist at more than one location at the same time and possesses a tool called "Archetype Controller" which can manipulate TROPES of all things, and powerful enough to literally create the entire concept of "Science Side" and its espers , really, what's changed?

In Date A Live the Realizer makes "human imagination into reality" and powers the setting. The result is a bit like a Standard Super-Hero Setting , where most tech is modern day, with a few organizations having access to much more advanced stuff. The Realizer is used to implement a variety of superpowers, but is implied to have a number of limits.

The talent to be able to use it is very rare used as a justification for Child Soldiers , along with having fairly significant limits with regard to the range and complexity of powers that can be created; clothing changes , flight, super strength and defensive shields can all be created, but the AST needs to have pre-made weapons rather than creating them themselves.

It's also mentioned as the way to quickly reconstruct damage caused by various battles and supernatural events. Doraemon , with his gadgets, can warp reality to its full extent. Check out the "what if" phone booth. It's able to create a whole new world based on the wish. Up to and including omnipotence.

For that matter, the Interfaces, such as Yuki and Ryouko qualifies. Their powers aren't as rule-breaking as Haruhi's, but they can still launch MySQL injections into reality. To take this to a greater degree, in Disappearance they can even hijack Haruhi's unlimited power! The difference between Haruhi and the Interfaces is that Haruhi can create "data" out of nothing, while the Interfaces can "only" alter existing data.

That's why, in-universe, the Interfaces are treated as Reality Warpers while Haruhi herself is considered, well, basically a God, if not "the" God. Related to the trope notes above, there is a good reason why Haruhi can get away with being a protagonist and a Reality Warper; She has no idea what she is or what power she holds. Most of her warping is done through childishly wishing something to be different.

Everyone in Sunday Without God has this power to some degree. Basically, if you wish for something hard enough such as Resurrective Immortality , Improbable Aiming Skills , or resetting time to prevent a person's death , you might just get it, but you may not be happy with the results. The lack of true death is also strongly implied to be because people collectively wished for immortality, thus warping the reality of life and death.

Yusuke in World Customize Creator gains the ability to "customize" anything, as if it were being edited in a virtual environment. Initially he thinks it works like the game it appears to be from, able to customize weapons and equipment, he eventually discovers it can edit anything. Adam Conover of Adam Ruins Everything.

Since it's his show, he can manipulate the environment in a number of ways, with time travel, teleportation, and Medium Blending being the most common. Sufficiently powerful telepaths can create an illusion of reality, although this does not extend to altering reality itself. While not actually warping reality, a tiny fraction of telepaths have telekinetic ability, and the Psi Corps conducted experiments on them to increase said ability.

The Psi Corps are amateurs next to the Vorlons , though, who probably planted telepathic traits in the human gene pool in the first place. They "changed" Lyta Alexander, who started as a registered telepath of modest ability, to make her into a psychic doomsday weapon. When Garibaldi warned her that they shouldn't discuss her abilities in front of a security camera, she casually asked "what camera?

There was also Jason Ironheart, the mostly-successful attempt at creating a super-telekinetic. Unfortunately, his powers quickly got out of control as they kept exponentially increasing, eventually turning him into an Energy Being. He killed the scientist who created him in order to ensure the process couldn't be repeated.

The techno-mages appear to have this ability, but it is, in fact, highly advanced technology created by the Shadows mixed with illusion and theatrics. Robert Daly in Black Mirror: He cannot be killed and he can do anything he wants, an "asshole god" in the words of his unfortunate crewmembers. He has only two limits: He probably could remove those limits outside the game but it may be he wants the game mod to be authentic to his favourite TV show he based it off.

In the end both of these weaknesses are exploited to undo him. Samantha of Bewitched and all her relatives — when they could control their powers. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: Anya, and several other supernatural beings. Anya in particular can only warp reality while granting other people's wishes for vengeance though she has a lot of leeway in how she grants them , which at one point leads to a Travelling Salesman Montage of her uselessly trying to cajole everyone she knows into making a wish that'll let her use her powers.

The Order of Dagon was a group of monks who altered reality to make Dawn fit in the world. Not exactly a straight example though - rather than actually altering history, it's more implied that they altered the memories of everyone who would have known Dawn in order to insert her the past is implied to have not changed at all, given how little her presence was even recalled to have impacted it.

But they were able to go far enough to use Buffy's own blood to create Dawn from the Key, so that she's truly a Summers despite not having existed for very long. Likewise, evil sorcerer and demon Cyvus Vail led the team of wizards who altered reality to give Connor a new life. In the V-World in Caprica , the Virtual Ghosts Zoe and Tamara can alter the entire environment at will if they concentrate their power.

At one point they turn all of New Cap City into a mountain kingdom. Charmed has a character named Billie Jenkins who has the power of thought projection. She managed to bring plants to life, turn her parents into assassins, and time travel. Several other characters also had Reality Warping as part of their power sets, like Wyatt, the Avatars , and the Cleaners.

Quite a few of the Sufficiently Advanced Aliens , such as the Celestial Toymaker in the old series story of the same name , and "the psychic girl with the crayons" to quote a Sketch Comedy parody in the new series episode "Fear Her". Much of the superscience of the Time Lords is based on the concept of "block transfer computations", a form of advanced mathematics that can warp reality like no-one's business in "Logopolis" an organization of mathematicians has been holding back the heat death of the universe for millennia.

The Carrionites in "The Shakespeare Code" can do similar tricks with language something the Expanded Universe refers to as "quantum linguistics". All of these powers, while capable of nearly anything, require extensive time and calculation to pull off correctly.

In one of the Eighth Doctor Adventures novels, the Doctor demonstrates a mild form of this. Since all things are mostly empty space, supposedly , there's a probability two items will pass through each other. The Doctor spends several hours throwing a ball at the wall, and eventually "collapses the wave function" to make the ball finally go through the wall Oddly, he never tries this under plot-relevant circumstances.

He also once teleported with math. He got teleported right back to his original location eventually, though. Anything the Master no, not that one writes in "The Mind Robber" becomes true. In the fifth episode of the serial, the Doctor is wired into the computer, giving him the same powers. In "The Parting of the Ways" , Rose temporarily acquires this ability, at the ultimate cost of the Doctor losing another regeneration by absorbing the power's source, the Time Vortex, from Rose.

The implication is that if Rose held on to it for too long, it would kill her. The ensuing Deus ex Machina does make you wonder why the Doctor never used the trick before; presumably, the effects of swallowing the Time Vortex are too unpredictable to depend on it, plus the aforementioned cost of one's life. Also, he later references it, saying "No one's ever meant to have that power.

Especially after his time as the Time Lord Victorious. The Skasis Paradigm gives those who crack it these kinds of powers, which the Krillitanes wanted so they could reshape and "improve" reality. Finch, offers the power to the Doctor. There's also the Trickster, although his powers are rather limited; he would need to trick others into making a choice which would change reality.

He'll often attack the Doctor's companions, such as Sarah Jane or Donna. George in "Night Terrors" , who makes his nightmares become real by believing in them so much. However this is mainly considered non-canon as when the Doctor uses the power to kill another Time Lord he kills himself.

In an episode of Farscape Scorpius briefly becomes a virtual Reality Warper when Crichton tries to trap him in a VR game It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time , dissolving a character into a tangle of equations and transforming Crichton's pulse pistol into a banana. A more concrete example would be found in the form of Einstein, the representative of the True Ancients: The words I need elude translation's grasp.

Gemini and her stars from Sequinox have the power to clap the heroes into other dimensions, and uses this power to constantly keep them off-balance. Destroy the Godmodder has had lots of these. The godmodder himself, the Glitch, the poster's themselves, all are reality warpers.

High-end mages in Mage: Some Changelings can also do this, albeit to a much more limited extent, by manipulating Glamour. And with the release of the supplement " Imperial Mysteries ", archmasters can now officially retroactively change reality. Looks like those elder vampires may not be senile after all, they just remember the way the world used to work before the archmasters changed it.

The God-Machine same setting, different line subverts this. It's stated that it is not omnipotent, and actual reality warping is outside its capability. What it can do however, is to make use of multitude of loopholes, exceptions and hidden laws of reality, both physical and magical, to bring forth effects that even the real Reality Warpers would find impossible to recreate.

In the fan-made line Genius: The Transgression you have the Unmada, geniuses who believe their own theories are really how the world works and that everybody else is crazy or deluded. When they stay in one play for too long, their Mania starts warping the world around them to reflect their beliefs.

Like its successor, Mage: The Ascension gives its characters the ability to bend reality, but they're usually kept in check by Paradox. The Marauders, however, are not; due to their condition , they have the ability to flout Paradox, making it hit other mages instead of themselves. On the other hand, they get Quiet, which reflects just how much reality disagrees with them; if it hits a certain point, they're exiled from this world and free to run merry in realms of their own madness.

The Technocracy would like to claim they're responsible for there being a reality to warp, but the cosmological constants of existence predate them. The Apocalypse has a class of banes called Nexus Crawlers who could warp reality. Most of the divine-level magic in Anima: Beyond Fantasy have shades of this, particularly the creation path. The main paths and sub-paths of magic give the user complete control over whatever the theme of the path is , be that fire, light, illusion, or even blood.

Those spells are kept in check from being a Game-Breaker by limiting them to extremely powerful supernatural beings, though a sufficiently dedicated character could theoretically gain those powers eventually. The Haunters of Wraith: The Oblivion have a limited capacity to warp reality thanks to their connection to primordial chaos, manifesting as the ability to create strange effects and warp space and time on the local level.

With an effort of will, a character can force the Chaosstuff into orderly form, but not for long; only the anarchs, innate Limbo-shapers of the githzerai species, can do it unconsciously - even while they sleep. There is also the clerical Miracle spell in third edition, but that's arguably more a request for divine intervention in a form desired by the caster right now than an actual reality warp.

Miracle is roughly the divine equivalent of the arcane Wish spell. The effect is the same, it just has a different name and different logic behind it. Psionics are a textbook example of this trope, as it all boils down to thinking about something, and then making that happen with your mind.

This is why residents of Vechor in the Ravenloft setting are glad their darklord-king, Easan the Mad, is usually too busy with his deranged experiments to notice them. If he does, he may decide they would be happier with, say, three extra arms or a river of grape-flavored wallpaper paste flowing through their backyard.

The Nobles of Nobilis. The game is about playing as one of them. In addition, there are also the Imperators, who empower the Nobles, and the Excrucians, who stand opposed to reality's very existence. The Reality Syndrome Miraculous Arc is particularly notable for this: High-level psykers in Warhammer 40, , known as 'apex-levels', have the ability to change physical reality by thought alone.

Unfortunately, human minds were not designed to handle so much exposure to the Warp and these individuals are inevitably driven insane the moment they awaken to their powers, with catastrophic results. All the Necron C'tan , ancient physical gods , can bend reality like a pretzel, but none of the C'tan are more famous for this than The Deceiver. Ursarkar Creed, with his special rule to give the Outflank ability to anything not including cavalry, but including skyscraper-sized Titans , is jokingly alleged to be Reality Warping by the community.

The ultimate goal of all Chaos followers is to ascend and become an immortal Daemon Prince with absolute mastery of the Warp. They spend most of their time ruling Daemon Worlds , planets where physics is a fun joke you tell your friends and the only law is the will of their masters.

Orks , if only to a very limited extent. Orks possess a gestalt psychic field, very much similar to the aforementioned human psykers. If there is a large number of Orks in close proximity and they usually are and believe something should happen, it will happen. For example, the majority of regular Orks, Ork Mekboyz and the Kult of Speed believe that "da red onez go fasta!

Orks have also been known to use weapons and technology that just shouldn't be able to function, like ships that work without fuel and "guns" that fire despite merely being gears, wires, and pipes in the shape of a gun. Let's hope the Tyranids never assimilate this ability from the Orks. If a few hundred Boyz can warp reality, what sort of power would a hive mind possessed of multiple billions of creatures possess?

Weirdboyz, the Ork equivalent of psykers, act as sponges for the gestalt field and can tap into that power. The downside is that absorbing too much energy causes their heads to explode. Yarrick, killed so many orks, he obtained a reputation of being some kind of unstoppable ork-killer. And most orks believe it. So, when facing orks, he could just as well be immortal.

GURPS also has a variety of reality warping spells, including in ascending order of power: Lesser Wish, Wish, and Great Wish. They're all ridiculously expensive to cast, especially Great Wish duh , thus you can only create one by hard work over a long period of time. But if you find an item with a Wish enchantment already on it, you can activate the spell with ease.

Planeswalkers, which includes you, the player. Being able to travel the Multiverse, summon creatures of massive power including, as of the Theros set, literal gods , use ancient artifacts, and even create their own universe aside from rewriting others. You, the player, are a Planeswalker having a little scuffle with others. The cards represent creatures, spells, and artifacts you are summoning into reality powered by Mana.

In-universe, the event known as "The Mending" dampened the abilities of planeswalkers. Especially Teferi, who funneled magic from an incoming inter-planar attack to phase his entire homeland out of existence for centuries. Ixidor was not a planeswalker, but still possessed the unique ability to sculpt reality.

Originally a Master of Illusion , he gained this ability when his illusions became real. He used this to create a small kingdom in the desert and transformed his own arm into Akroma, the Angel of Wrath. If they become a Nightmare, they're at risk of becoming the Omnipotent Third Person, a mindless, disembodied narrator who corrupts and twists reality by describing it.

Several other Madness Talents provided in that book are narrower Reality Warper abilities — "Teddy" in particular lets you harm or destroy things by harming a teddy bear you possess — and since the player is free to come up with their own Madness Talents, they can make their own that are also Reality Warper abilities.

The game actively encourages this; in Don't Lose Your Mind it's stated that any good madness power deployed at full power is going to be functional omnipotence, omniscience, or both. And that this is entirely intentional and completely expected; swinging six madness dice is you telling reality to sit down and shut up , and your madness power determines the fine details of how you go about it.

This is partly due to the fact that Madness Talents work on dream logic — someone with Super Strength is strong enough to lift a car, smash steel, or bend metal bars if they put enough dice into it, sure And, yes, the mental image you might have gotten of a guy with veins and muscles bulging and straining, teeth clenched as someone near him pulls out of depression is probably exactly what one of the more abstract, dream-logicy applications of a Super Strength Madness Talent would look like.

Numerous beings in Exalted are capable of some degree of this especially Raksha and Primordials. However, the Solar Exalted are by far the most capable. Not only are their Lore Charms able to impose order and structure on the Wyld to create beings, objects or places, but at higher levels they can access a Charm that allows them to fundamentally alter the universal principles that apply to the things that they create.

Through an extremely difficult mechanism called a "Miracle Shell", they are capable of applying such alterations to Creation itself, allowing them to redefine or add anything to it. With that Charm and the right two artifacts one can't be used by a non-Solar, the other can't be made or maintained by non-Solar it's possible for even a very inexperienced Solar to warp reality anywhere.

With the right Charms and under the right circumstances Abyssals can use parts of the Solar Charmset, although the consequences of doing so are extremely unpleasant for the Abyssal. An Abyssal might be able to use those Solar Charms and artifacts, but definitely won't enjoy it. Combined with Create Object and Transform, you can very nearly manipulate every aspect of your environment with a thought.

The Cartoon RPG , characters can take the power of Cosmic Shift, which allows them to warp reality on a minor scale to achieve any of three purposes or because the Animator thinks it would be funny: To deal damage to an opponent. To prevent damage being dealt to their character. To advance their character's Beliefs and Goals.

There is also a smaller form, in that failing a Smarts check allows you to do something blatantly impossible because your character is too dumb to realize they can't do that. In Grimm , any character with Imagination as their iconic core trait becomes one in the Grimm Lands, able to manipulate the imagination-stuff made real of the Grimm Lands through sheer force of will and creativity.

Dreamers, however, are better at it than anyone, having a higher starting Imagination and getting it as a free iconic core trait in addition to their normal one. They can even put their normal iconic core trait into Imagination as well, making them even more potent — when spending Imagination to alter the Grimm lands, each single point spent counts as two.

In Tales from the Floating Vagabond , characters with the "Escher Effect" shtick can make a Luck roll to temporarily ignore the laws of physics. The Referee is encouraged to have the power go off at inconvenient times if the players try to abuse it too much.

In Eclipse Phase , characters with the psi-chi or psi-gamma traits have minor psychic abilities , conferred by infection with the apparently benign Watts-MacLeod strain of the exsurgent virus. Exsurgents, transhumans who have been completely taken over by the less benign strains of the virus, possess the much more powerful psi-epsilon sleights, such as telekinesis , thermo kinesis , the ability to transmute matter, shut down electrical flow in their near vicinity, control electromagnetic fields around them, and generally tell the laws of physics to shut up and sit down.

In Aberrant , high end Novas are this, with the thin veneer of 'lol physics still matters' being the only limiter. This includes planet-busting energy beams, creating planetary scale amounts of matter from nothing, linking every mind on the planet up to a hive-mind, time-traveling, and making brand-spanking-new universes. Then again, the power Planck Bubble allows PCs to generate a space in which whatever they can imagine will occur and can persist following the end of the Bubble effect.

In Chaos;Head , every single major character is a Reality Warper, except they call it "Real-booting" and it can manifest in different ways. Takumi is implied to be the only person who can do it on a large scale. Sorcery is described as small-scale reality warping: Large-scale reality warpers tend to be either an Outer God or a fully powered Demonbane or its rival, Liber Legis.

In Dies Irae pretty much all of the characters are Reality Warpers to some extent. This exists in the form of the Third Degree of Die Ewigkeit, Beri'ah, which allows the user to manifest their desires upon the surrounding world or upon themselves by temporarily turning those desires into a natural law. This can be manifest in all kinds of ways, to those who want to keep their everyday life to manifest the ability to stop time, or someone who does not want to be touched to always be faster than anyone else.

And to even use these abilities at the most basic level with the First Degree, one has to fundamentally reject the logic of the world and substitute it with ones own. And taking that to the logical extreme allows one to one-up all that with the Fourth Degree, Atziluth, which will turn that desire into a true permanent natural law on a multiversal scale , allowing a person to become a true god with absolute dominion over all of creation.

This also extends to the larger Shinza Bansho Series as a whole as one of the The 'Verse 's core plot devices, the Throne, is what makes all of this possible. Since he's trying to pretend to Riki and Rin that this is the real world, he mostly only uses the powers for little things, but the effect of his influence is still apparent enough that at certain points Riki begins to seriously wonder exactly how powerful he is.

In the Nasuverse there are a lot of ways to actually be a Reality Warper. General examples across the franchise: There are two primary abilities related to reality warping: Reality Marbles and Marble Phantasms are abilities that manipulate probability to achieve a desired outcome but from different angles. The analogy that gives their name is that of plucking a black marble from a jar of otherwise white marbles.

Reality Marble, used by Gaia to shape the entire world as we know it. To be specific, Reality Marbles force all things around you to obey your vision of the world. Reality Marbles are traditionally possessed by the Ultimate Ones , but beings born the Counter Force a force of nature born from both Gaia and Alaya, the collective human unconscious can also perform this.

However, since their use of Reality Marbles clash against Gaia's, performing it will consume a lot of prana , its effects are limited to specific areas, and Gaia will actively try to destroy it so it can't last for more than one night. Similar yet different to Reality Marbles are the Marble Phantasm.

These are possessed by nature spirits born from Gaia. Marble Phantasm manipulates probability so that the user can recreate any kinds of natural phenomenons. To give an example, Arcueid used this ability to create a vacuum space in the atmosphere, but she can't distort floors directly at will since floors have zero probability of just flinging itself right to your face unless someone throws it.

He can produce a titanic sword that can impose the concept of destruction upon anything, allowing it to cut through realities like a hot knife through butter.

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