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Next - January Index December Name: Some of them amazing, some not at all great, some kind of sad. Halle razzie All I can say now is that this is the last straw. Primarch Victus: Therefore, if you think fit, when we shall thank the Emperor for the reestablishment of images, we will also press him further upon the subject of the restitution of the patrimonies and the jurisdiction, and, if he refuse, we pronounce him a heretic.

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May you take time to look down at your feet and find them on a Hopper Bus with a local brew in your tummy and headed to a night of local sonic loving. So a lot could be say tonight as I sit in my basement with wet hair, three sleeping kids and two more shows to go before a much needed vacation, some of which will be spent finishing up our seventh studio album, Cut and Run.

This Saturday, January 27th, will mark our 22nd sold out show at Baystreet Theater. We never saw this coming when we started the winter series four years ago but here we are, playing each Saturday to a full seat capacity theater with a waiting list the length of an arm. A small arm, but an arm just the same. Sorry just trying to be funny.

July jokes are way funnier and sexier than January jokes which are like, bottom of the barrel survival. So yeah. Where was I yes. We know what it feels like to lug the gear miles only for a snow storm or football game to keep everyone at home. Do you remember when the Yankees played the Mets in a world series and it went down to game 7? You know why? Because I played in a bar in NYC that night to three people and all three of those people were watching a television screen over our head while we played.

I am pretty sure someone threw a chicken wing at me mid song when the catcher dude caught a very important ball. Or maybe he did hate me. Did I mention he had big baby arms. Sorry again. SO YES it is pretty fucking epic to sell out this many shows in the dead of winter and I love you all endlessly for supporting it.

Last week we had the divine Randi Fishenfeld on violin who burnt the mother down for her fifth sold out show there. Randi is my soul sister and we only get limited chances in this life to come together on stage and make some music. It is always a treat but this night, when we were still bleary eyed from getting in at 3: The kind of energy you hope for on stage but never know if it will grace you.

The tunnel. Show starts, you step in, time stands still, two hours plus later you step out. It was all a blur but at the end of our three show run I am told we helped raise 15 K for the Sag Harbor Fire Dept Thurs helped a sassy Cheryl ring in a birthday Friday and as I started at the top of this paragraph, burnt the mother down on Saturday.

My 4th grade english teacher would be so happy with me for wrapping this whole paragraph together. See Mr. Bruce I did listen. The week before we had the ethereal Danny Kean.

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If you live on Long Island do yourself a favor and look Danny up. Go see a show. He is probably one of my favorite people on this planet and that is before he even starts playing his keys and singing like some damn Stevie Wonder Ray Charles Danny Kean hybrid.

The boy has chops but what sets him apart is his spirit. His grace. His ability to remind people to be kind to one another. The guys has had a lot thrown at him in this life and he keeps smiling and saying thank you for it all every step of his way.

He is, in short, inspiring. Go Clark. Always up for a laugh. Photos by Ken Grille. As is almost custom, we started out the series with a snow storm. My sweet Clark Gayton got sidelined to a Sunday due to a foot plus of the white stuff. It was a nasty night and we made the right call. He rocked his Carrie Fisher buns and lit the torch so to speak for the rest of the month.

The upside is that we will have a second make up show on Thursday March 23rd for anyone who couldnt make it that weekend because of the weather. So hopefully we will see you all there as well. Looking forward to Jonny Rosch this Saturday but if as on cue one of my kids has just summoned me upstairs as he feels sick. My washing machine just gave me the middle finger.

What is that about?! May you take time to look down at your feet and find them opening the door to a warm packed theater full of love. Before I get started here I just want to put a link to this article that came out last week. They asked so I responded. I may have said strippers and dwarfs a bit to much but it will hopefully give you a good laugh as this New Year approached.

Those were the days. So yeah, after the stripper and the dwarf came diamond rings and clams. So on a totally different note, one thing my band and I talk about often it how lucky we are. How much we appreciate the effort our fans make, show after show, time and time again.

The word of mouth. The cookies you bring us or the unseen emails post show. The time you take to get there and that passion you bring. Year after year. Every night. Every single time we play. Another one coming to an end and oh what a year it was see photos below. So yes my friend, we have been busy and because of that I have never been happier to see barren trees in my life.

The sun is setting at 4pm you say? Our band is officially in studio mode of late and enjoying a little downtime after a never ending string of live shows that started this past January. This year has been another whopper. When you see it on paper, in a condensed form, it all seems like a dream but my calloused fingers assure me it is not.

That shit went down and it went down hard week after week. I love it but it is time to put the antenna up and start writing. So that is why our shows have come to a bit of a halt. Until things pick back up in the spring here are a few photos, videos and articles from the last 12 months PS one last thought: Like soon.

Anyway we hope to see you there sucka. Crazy shit. I got two dozen roses after this show from Chad and Taylor or more likely their wives! So much fun. Illegal obscene fun. We all stepped into the tunnel that night. What made this show extra special is that it all came together in five days. When Chad Smith calls you you make it happen.

Even the overhead pipes were sweating that night. Levon Helms Barn Oct 1st, He would have absolutely loved this show. We love the Surf Lodge and the Surf Lodge loves us. Nine years running on our Summer Sunset Wednesdays. Here is JB pouring on the sonic love. Surf Lodge with Winston Irie and Chad sitting in.

Let the good times roll. Karma works in mysterious ways. After the Surf Lodge unexpectedly had to shut down music for a month they graciously sponsored us at Barons Cove. When SL got up and running again Barons wanted the turnout. Thus a new weekly series.

Thursday nights in Sag Harbor. Thank you Southampton Cultural Arts Center for creating our own night! Their summer series is typically on Wednesdays but since we are booked out they made an exception to do a Tuesday, the first one of the series! Here is Richard Rosch doing his thing and another beautiful photo by Ken Grille.

Chris Clemence of RapScallions sitting in this summer. Leonardo Dicaprio was kicking around. Not a shitty way to spend a Wednesday in Montauk. Rain or Shine. Anybody that has followed us for a while knows that when the chips are down we tend to play harder. Always a true throw down with Clark in the mix.

A very cool compliment to be the first music ever played at a long standing institution, which is what happened this summer at The Oar Inn on Block Island. We had a blast and Jettykoon was super rocking to boot! Hope everyone is out there doing their thing and enjoying the sunshine today.

We are gearing up for a weekend of gigs and happy to be playing the East End this weekend. If you really want to know my current mood you can check out this little video I posted of an unreleased song from our last album. I think that is pretty much sums up my current mood.

Ha ha ha. I really have to learn to express myself better. So for the past few years it just sat on my computer. But it never felt right. So today I threw a few pictures together and put it up on YouTube. Here is the link: Feels good to let my music speak my mind and although it was the first song I wrote as a new mom, when everyone was telling me my career was over and that I had a good run, well it still holds up for many other reasons.

Hope you enjoy it. As most of you that follow the band already know Wednesdays in the summer are really a Surf Lodge thing but they are working on some issues with the town right now so while they do that they have been kind enough to sponsor us at another location. Which is unheard of but there you have it. So May 25th, June 1, 8 and 15th we will be playing there with hopes of returning to our lovely town of Montauk after that.

Thank you Jayma for keeping us working and thank you Barons Cove for taking us in on such short notice 5 days ago. Friday night we will crunch down at the Stephen Talkhouse which is I believe the only venue at this point where you can turn it up loud and sweat. As long as we have the Talkhouse. We were asked to cover Steve Earles slot as he had to cancelled and are honored to do so.

Really truly. Sunday Navy Beach will host us for a subdued set from pm. Completely chill, outdoor, on the beach and really good food. What is not to love! Should be fun for all and I love the entire staff there. Total sweethearts. Parking is a bear so if you can carpool then definitely consider it.

I will keep this post short. I am knee deep into our next album, Cut and Run, and using every spare moment I have these days to hole down in my studio and get my hands dirty. It is coming along for sure and may take a bit more time but the bus is moving which is half the battle.

As is custom: May you look down at your feet and find them dancing your ass off and pointed straight ahead because Eddie Vedder and the entire Pearl Jam band is standing behind you and you know if you turn around you will either say something stupid or hug him and get thrown out so instead you just keep looking ahead and dance, dance, dance. There is a magical quality to March wind.

Mercurial, relentless and divine, March in NY is always like experiencing natures purest form of caffeine. The earth is literally quaking with the energy of a double mocha latte frappuccino. I dig it. The clock is ticking and I can feel it. The March Winds are calling! So to it I get. I am fresh off of a two week media detox.

This is exactly the false reasoning this particular Judicial Inc item contains. The photo resemblance was extremely spooky. The article itself starts out by saying Nancy has the same name, and then jumps to emphatically linking it to known Argentinian Jewry by that name.

Pelosi generated over hits. And these are just via one port of entry at Ellis Island, NY. First screen in my opinion is whether they practice Judaism because I know some Jewish blood Jews who know less about Judaism than I do. The vast majority of everyday Americans accept the Old Testament Covenant as gospel truth without ever having read the Bible.

They have never been filled in on the New Testament Covenant. I never put my children through the the Sunday School indoctrination. So now we have the next screen, judge them by their fruits. Now in my opinion Nancy is a Jew through and through at this level of screening, never bearing good fruit. If the Jew guiding her stops quickly she will get a nose full of fecal material, her first loyalty is to Israel and that makes her a Jew in my book.

Then we have crypto-Jews like Rosenfeldt Roosevelt or Krumsfeldt Rumsfeld and all any of can do is go off of historical documentation which has been rewritten by guess who? This just in from The Catholic League. I quote in full:. But the time has come to ask some serious questions about why The Times is working overtime with wholly discredited lawyers to uncover dirt in the Catholic Church that occurred a half a century ago.

All I can say now is that this is the last straw. Well, all I can say is: It is Israel of the Covenants, the Law and the Prophets which stands in the relation of forerunner, prefigurement and example to the Church. Baruch Mordechai Lebovits was convicted March 8, on multiple counts of child sexual abuse. Lebovits, however, is facing some years at a country club type confinement where the erring divine gods on this planet are retired from public gaze.

And he was to be convicted on March 25, She is an ardent supporter of abortion including partial birth abortion. And Ms Pelosi supports embryonic stem cell research - that is, the IVF conception of human embryos to be grown in labs and then harvested for tissues and organs. And consistency thou art a jewel, Ms Pelosi supports the entire pro-homosexual raft of legislative Agenda including the teaching of sodomy to children in the schools.

Why anyone who thinks they are a Catholic, however remotely would stand at the communion rail with Nancy Pelosi is completely beyond me. She states her convictions for the public record and they are totally contemptuous of Roman Catholic social teaching. Her so called bishop, however, has the greater sin for confirming this deceived and murderous woman in her brazen displays of hatred for Christ and His Church.

The Novus Ordo catholic church that emerged from the Vatican II Robber Council is an exact replica of the schismatic Eastern orthodox churches - it is a creature and function of the state. In America, it is increasingly the function of a Luciferian state that is calling down the wrath of God. I doubt that creature Wuerl would refuse Nancy Pelosi what they say is the body of Christ in holy communion if she were to front up to the communion rail in a G-string with an inverted pentagram and shake her booty at the presbyter.

Some had given very interesting and instructing explanations as to having in the end, a vague idea that the Jews of today are not the same Jewish clan that supposedly had a close encounter with the living God. But, friends, we do have to use our mind and the logical procedures that will always drive us to a good destination.

There is a staggering similitude and while scientifically genetically they might be not related, for sure we are talking about the same deranged people that eventually wandered in the wilderness. The reason is probably their well kept traditions, their fantastic saga retouched so well by generations of rabbies. To me, reading the Old Testament especially the corrupted and diluted Vulgata and all it offsprings is a painful exercise, where I have to stretch moral concepts to accomodate a quite difficult to perceive good and loving God.

Not adhering to any heresy consciously, I do prefer to read as frequently as possible the words and deeds of our Lord Jesus. The identity of the Jews is exposed for all those that want to see in their cruel, coward and un-holy behaviour with the Palestineans, specially those in Gaza.

Their banking mafia, their planned destruction of our countries, their calculated contamination of all that use to be good in our Christian societies is secondary when compared to their own wickedness in Palestinean soil. As a result, the rabbi was forced to retreat to the sacristy in the back of the cathedral as the officials of Notre Dame ordered an organ to begin playing to drown out the voices of the traditional Catholics.

The Catholic television station KTO immediately cut off its live transmission as the protest began. At last, Catholics are living their faith as the Church Militant, instead of imagining that God only desires that they pray, read and talk! At last, they are offering a witness concerning the number one mortal enemy of Jesus Christ in A.

To everyone of those French Catholics and their leaders who offered this witness at Notre Dame, I say, may Almighty God richly bless you, and may He stiffen your faith and resolve to continue to defend Jesus Christ against the modern heirs of the Pharisees, who perpetually seek to extirpate His Gospel through infiltration, dilution, misdirection and the replacement of Calvary with Auschwitz.

I think Brother Nathanael could be doing a lecture series at universities across the country and at ticketed events such as Madison Square Garden and other venues to raise the coffers for RJN. The byzantine - infinitely selfish and sociopathic doings of such folks and their allies leave one speechless. I myself would not be able to contain my contempt for such a blatantly blasphemous statement as the above vomit.

It is predicated on the fact there is no such thing as a Jewish race. In other words, there is no Jewish genetic identity. The reasons are simple: Sephardic Jews have been problematic, but only their elites, who were amongst the first to turn to banking. Look up the history of Venice and Florence for examples.

They flooded into New York City and Chicago between and These are the same folk who actually carried out the Bolshevik Revolution and the same folk who were persecuted by Germany after they themselves had unilaterally declared war upon the German people in Even this Yiddish speaking community are not genetically uniform because they descend, mostly, from the Golden Horde ref: A mixed bag of desperate thugs if ever there was one.

The superb Gilad Aztmon check the Rense home page for his articles is just one of several example. But he too is superb. Blood does not determine Jewishness even though we are constantly reminded of the nonsensical mantra, perpetrated by crooks and shysters, which claims Jewishness is carried matrilineally.

They actually worship Saturn, which is why they wear the black regalia and funny hats. Clearly then, we have agents acting silently in the background who are applying the key tenets of both the Protocols and the Talmud to our politics and economy. A few times already the issue of the Old Testament and Christians has been put forward in this forum. I find it appropriate to write a few lines on this.

There are hundreds of such Old Testament passages, which the present-day Jews despise. Now I ask you dear readers of RZN: Spiritually of course not! But, as it is, they have been stripped of all excuse. So it is for this reason that they would be all the more profane and blood-guilty: We could distinguish a Sephardic and an Ashkenazi branch. As for the Sephardic being so innocent: They sell out Spain to the Arab invasion and conquest of the peninsula.

It took years to take back Spain! These were Sephardic Jews. Old Testament Jews were chosen by God, to ultimately bring forth the Christ from their tribe of Judah. This is deeper than mere right doctrine; it is the entrance of God into every aspect of life, life lived in trembling and fear of God. Such an attitude produces the Orthodox WAY OF LIFE which is not merely the outward customs or behavior that characterizes Orthodox Christians, but the whole of the conscious spiritual struggle of the man for whom the Church and its laws are the center of everything he does and thinks.

The shared, conscious experience of this way of life, centered on the daily Divine services, produces the genuine Orthodox community, with its feeling of lightness, joy and inward quietness. In my humble opinion, the traditional French Catholics reported by Michael Hoffman and posted earlier, and their magnificent standfastedness and spiritual labors cleaning out the Moneychanger filth from the Temple for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Cross reported earlier are rediscovering their historical Roman Orthodox roots.

Hagia Nika, French Christians! The dagger of truth went deep into the heart of the Evil One! In , Johnson was told of a young Austrian Jewish musician who was about to be deported from the United States. LBJ sent him to the U. Consulate in Havana to obtain a residency permit. Erich Leinsdorf, the world-famous musician and conductor, credited LBJ with saving his live [sic].

In a historical context, the American emergency airlift to Israel in , the constant diplomatic support, the economic and military assistance and the strategic bonds between the two countries can all be credited to the seeds planted by LBJ. It was also under the watch and subsequent cover-up of the ardent and treasonous LB Johnson Administration when the sovereign nation of Israel illegally initiated an unprovoked, undeclared offensive and public Act of War against the United States.

Any act occurring in the course of declared war; armed conflict, whether or not war has been declared, between two or more nations; or armed conflict between military forces of any origin. Civil war is that which is waged between two parties, citizens or members of the same state or nation. National war is a contest between two or more independent nations carried on by authority of their respective governments.

War is not only an act, but a state or condition, for nations are said to be at war not only when their armies are engaged, so as to be in the very act of contention, but also when, they have any matter of controversy or dispute subsisting between them which they are determined to decide by the use of force, and have declared publicly, or by their acts, their determination so to decide it.

This Act of War by the modern state of Israel on our sovereign American nation has never been satisfactorily resolved or settled with any international peace treaty between the USA and Israel as signed by our Congress. We are, as I read it, technically still in a state of war with the basterds. For a final public statement by a great American, Adm.

The Israelis know what is going on all the time. If the American people understood what a grip these people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms. Great find about the French Catholics beginning to sweep out the seven demons who have taken over the house. Thanks, made my day! The United States of America is the only country in history to have defined itself as Judeo-Christian, and this just fairly recently.

Judeo-Christian America has differed from Christian countries in Europe in at least two important ways. One is that the Christians who founded America saw themselves, rightly or wrongly, as destined heirs to the Hebrew Bible. And even more importantly, they strongly identified with the Church as New Israel, and looked to the Old Testament to attempt to structure a theocratic order of an earthly Israel.

Just as Israel left Egypt and its values, Americans left Europe and its values and incessant bloody religious wars, persecutions and politics, and intrigues. But to confuse this identification with ancient Israel with any form of philosemitism for the Jews is a serious anachronistic mistake. Along with looking back to the Hebrew past in the OT, the Founders also looked to classic Rome and Greece for some of its political theories as they had begun to be formulated during the Renaissance era of Christian Europe in both Catholic and Protestant circles.

Cohen suggested that [the word Judeo-Christian] was essentially an invention of American politics. Some of the utopians of years ago wanted a cultural tabula rasa, a historical clean slate, that would permit them to bring in the Age of Aquarius or the secular millennium or whatever. Conservative reactors to these rejecters then began to plead for tradition, and they still do. The word went out especially along evangelical lines in education, mass communications, public philosophy and political life: How many came back maimed?

Both terms appeared in discussions of theories of the emergence of Christianity, and with a different sense than the one common today. The expression appears in The Antichrist: Curse on Christianity, published in and written several years earlier. Promoting the concept of America as a JudeoChristian nation became a political program in the s, in response to the growth of antisemitism in America.

The rise of Hitler in the s led concerned [liberal] Protestants, Catholics and Jews to take active steps to increase understanding and tolerance. Jerry Falwell, founder of the Moral Majority, and for whom Judeo-Christian was a cherished term, was among the first evangelical leaders to make clear that presidential candidates must show deference to the U.

In , he pledged that , evangelical ministers would keep Congress from pressuring Israel to concede more territory to the Palestinians. Jews by embracing the evangelist so readily. Foxman recalled long dialogues with Falwell, saying he was a man who was willing to listen and change his mind. Yet even that term rankled many Jews who subscribe to a vision of America that unhitches religion from state, and others who believe that the term tries to bridge unbridgeable theological gaps.

The Founding Fathers whose viewpoint also included that of colonial Catholics along with the various Protestant or Anglican congregations believed this republic was founded on Godly values, more or less intepreted through the Gospel of Christ - and, indeed, that it could not long endure without them.

Falwell, like so many contemporary evangelical evangelists and televangelists, was a victim of faulty and misguided theology, emanating first and foremost from his embrace of the Zionist footnotes that the Scofield Reference Bible is replete with. As that reliable Zionist organ, Wikipedia accurately tells us:.

Several paragraphs in the below article provide a useful overall early American religious historical background survey as part of the article about Obamatron and the Holy Land. The following informative link as to the historical role of Colonial Jews, both Patriotic and Loyalists, and their names clearly show a distinct Jewish cultural paradigm, compared to the Biblical orientation of the Colonial Americans who often resorted to OT names.

This was especially so after independence from Britain which also meant independence from the Church of England itself whose head was the King, and later re-established the branch of the Church of England in America as the Episcopal Church under the nominal headship of the Archbishop of Canterbury out of constitutional and even anti-monarchist considerations of the East Anglicans which had come to the colonies.

This Zionist Jew author from American Thinker above confidently stated: There is no such demand now. Nathanael, who hosts this site and does all the great work here, I am sure. There is no such thing as new and old Roman Catholic Church, unless you mean back when the Roman Church was part of the true, original Catholic Church. Recently I posted an answer to your baseless characterizations, to which completely predictably you did not even respond.

Firstly, forgive the length of this, believe me, I tried to keep it as short as I could. I have many times now given you the reasons why this seemingly irrelevant matter has actually PRIME relevance to the Zionist problem. You have many times characterized the Orthodox as being schismatic. As I have explained to you before, the the word schismatic is used to define the part that separated from the whole during a schism.

Schism, simply translated from the Greek, means a rip. Schismatic is the word used in Greek to define these pieces. You have also many times implied or expressed the opinion, that for some unexplained reason, it is the Orthodox who somehow have derailed from the original faith and that it is the Romans who have stuck to the original and correct faith.

This is a deeply erring position to take, and I shall prove it below. Also, rest assured, that there is no distinction between any imaginary new and old RCCs. Especially this is so with what follows below. As always, the reason for presenting this, is not only to provide you with a definitive answer personally, but more importantly, to present the rest of the readers here with an answer that provides a good starting point to understanding the whole matter:.

The practices below are presented in almost complete absence of theological commentary. Baptism is performed by the triple immersion n water of the person to be baptized. There are innumerable ancient sites of Baptism where one can clearly verify that baptism was from the beginning performed in this manner.

It means full immersion. Thus, if one talks in Greek about baptizing an item or object, it is clearly and immediately understood to be immersion. There are also clear etymological sources that explain this meaning of the word. It is the Romans who changed the practice and thus, by definition they are the schismatics and they are the ones who altered a practice passed on by Holy Tradition.

Priests keep their hair and beard, as proof of the covenant they have with God. The same goes for Monks. This was the practice from the beginning and was inherited in part by the order of Levitical priests, who of course no longer exist today. Priests always were not required to be celibate. Bishops were later and collectively by the whole Church required to be celibate after some time, but early enough in the history of the Church.

Roman priests, wear shirts and trousers, making them almost indistinguishable from ordinary lay men. Orthodox do not use statues, because they present an all too worldly experience, which is not compatible with the practice of the faith. Romans do use statues and their main iconography is of western, realistic style. This introduces a worldly sense of what they depict.

Orthodox do practice Asceticism primarily as an attempt by man to become closer to God by leaving the world behind - completely. Monks and Nuns follow strict vows to Never think of the world and Never return to it in spirit and mind. For the more strict vows, this also means in a physical sense.

Romans practice asceticism in a very worldly manner, as their Monks and Nuns, are very active in society and spend nowhere nearly as much time on the primary, what is to be a burning desire, goal of Asceticism. Orthodoxy sees the Church s the Body of Christ. It does not engage in social power struggles, banking, worldly affairs etc. It sees it self as a mainly Spiritual body.

It was so from the beginning. Orthodoxy sees other religions as an amalgamation of false beliefs and practices that cannot bring salvation. It views Jews as the people who denied their own Messiah and as such, are in a state where no salvation can be found. It has gone as far as to say that Jews do not need Jesus Christ in order to be saved. We have here at least 6 categories of things which the Romans now do differently to the Original faith.

Thus, simply by account of these differences that the Romans have introduced and the steadfast refusal to introduce such differences, it can be plainly and easily be seen that it is the Romans that are now different to the Original Church in terms of mostly external practices.

But as we shall see, it is clear that these external differences introduced by the Romans, actually reflect and reveal that there are deep, internal differences in doctrine and faith. It can also be plainly seen now, that according to the definition given above, it is the Romans who are schismatics, because of the way they have changed from the original.

This issue is the most important and core problem and reason for the Schism. And the repercussions are not only practical but also theological. Yet, this did not deter certain people from adding words to it. One can understand the doctrine e. Thus, one must stick strictly to our Holy Tradition about God when it comes to defining the nature of God.

In this case, we are strictly sticking with the words of Christ Himself, who described the Holy Spirit as proceeding from the Father. He did not say otherwise and we may never understand why, and thus we stay fast with what we have been given, to the word, without changing it.

This is of course a fallacy, and is derived by the atheist which is essentially satanist idea that logic can be applied to everything, even God Himself. So, when the idea came to be introduced as doctrine in Roman Church of the time, in circa year or , it was the Roman Orthodox who most strongly opposed Pope Benedict imposing this new doctrine on them.

This is a quite unknown fact, and it shows that the schism initially happened within the confines of Rome itself, between Roman Orthodox Christians and Papists who were looking to inject their own new doctrines into the Church. It is also a little known fact, that for years or more before the Great Schism actually officially took place, there was already a doctrinally based schism happening between the Christians of Rome.

Thus the great schism can be viewed at least in its initial state, a schism taking place inside the Roman Church, and for very good reason. Thus, the Romans once converted to Papists, forgot the original doctrine, which is that the Son is Born of the Father, and the Spirit proceeds from the Father according and very strictly so to scripture.

The theological repercussions of this new doctrine and its surrounding new ideology, that one can analyze and re-analyze the nature of God Himself and derive information previously unknown to us, gave rise to further heresy and further deterioration of doctrine. But this gave rise to further and deeper schism and separation. Where there was only one issue to resolve, namely the filioque, now there were new and exotic doctrines appearing year after year.

Very quickly the Roman Church changed so dramatically that a Christian of the s in the West would have found much more in common with the Orthodox of say the s than his fellow Romans of the same time. Once this was accepted, everything else fell. Once this was done, everything else deteriorated.

No Papist can deny that they HAVE added to Christ own words, thus committing the ultimate blasphemy, the proof is too simple. That there is something clearly wrong, if the Romans Papists are today unrecognizable from what they used to be in the past. That there is something deeply wrong, if they actually believe that they can improve upon what was given to us by God, word for word, and graceful act by graceful act.

This should be a starting point for anyone who wants to know why they are unhappy with so many things in the RC but cannot put their finger on it, or feel it but are afraid to express it. Anyone who is truly interested in this matter can verify my claims and also to save space I have not included references.

But if it is impossible for you to find it, ask me. They are worth watching! This is further confirmation that mankind is in a major state of denial. We have been satanically possessed. In the London Catholic Gazette of February was published a sensational article under the heading: The monthly organ of the Catholic Missionary Society of England was quoting speeches delivered in a series of secret Jewish meetings in Paris.

And that great website for the CounterRevolution www. Any other attempt to counter the ugliness that pours out of the Vatican today, it meaningless. Thus, regardless if the site you quote is down or up, it does not matter. No such effort will ever gain Grace, because it is working towards the wrong goal.

I think anyone serious about this subject needs to evaluate this line of research. In the ninth century AD, Photius related that it was a certain Manichee woman, named Kallinike, who sent her two sons Paul and John to Armenia, to propagate this heresy. The enemies of the Paulicians accused them constantly of gross immorality, even at their prayer-meetings. Therefore, like all Gnostic sects before them, they thought all matter to be corrupt.

The Khazars were sometimes credited with Armenian origin. This is stated by the seventh-century Armenian bishop and historian Sebeos, and the fourteenth century Arab geographer Dimashqi. Lake Ascanius and the region Ascania in Anatolia derive their names from this group.

According to Eldad ha-Dani, a Jewish traveller of the ninth century, the Khazars were remnants of Simeon and Manasseh. God bless you Joe. Agree people need Jesus Christ to be savedand that the RC Church may be departing from that in imitating civil society in which all groups are regarded the same regardless of their differences.

Why should the Church depart from the faith to echo secular society, when no other religion does so? The RC Church should not become an alphabet soup of every religion out there, but should uphold the teachings of Jesus Christ. I mispoke in the email to you earlier, and am sorry for any misperception without having fully checked out what needed to be done in my excitement over the new capacity to appreciate audio-visuals.

Another altar can not be constituted or a new priesthood be made, beside the one altar and the one priesthood. Whoever gathereth elsewhere scattereth. Thus follows the important doctrine of the social Kingship of Christ to whom every knee must bow and every tongue confess. Quas Primas was defined specifically against the perils of the age: Communism and all godless ideologies of the body of antiChrist that seek to elevate the rights of man above the Kingship of our Lord over nations.

This is a Key doctrine for the combat with the forces of antiChrist with which we are all engaged. To continue with the Apostolic works of Pius XI, he consecrated the entire human race to the Sacred Heart of our Lord and instituted the prayer of the consecration to be recited by Catholics before the most Blessed Sacrament on the last Sunday of October.

It voted nearly unanimously in favour of the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, with 45 countries voting in favour and only the United States voting against. No countries chose to abstain. A third slammed Israel for targeting Palestinian civilians and systematically destroying their cultural heritage.

And a fourth condemned the Netanyahu administration for pressing on with illegal settlement construction, including in occupied east Jerusalem, calling for an end to the blockade of Gaza. US ambassador Eileen Donahoe said: PLO ambassador Ibrahim Khraishi pointed out that the two-state solution is predicated upon exactly that right. Benedict XVI is not the pope.

He is an anti-pope. As a manifest, public and outrageous heretic, Noachide Law preacher, Talmud kisser and menorah lighter he can not be the pope of the Roman Catholic Church even if he is unanimously elected by all the cardinals. In the same way, Obama is not the legitimate president of the United States of America. His birth records are sealed because he was not born in America and is therefore disqualified.

He probably swore his oath of office on Moby Dick. Let us learn to understand these matters. The magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio unambiguously disqualifies Benedict the modernist heretic from the office of the papacy. He is not the pope de jure and he is acting ultra virez the power of any legitimate pope. Upon this tragic man rest the anathemas of Pope St Pius X bound in heaven and upon earth unless the true Holy Father absolve him before his death.

It would be rather more honorable if you responded to the big post rather than the small one. Or try to refute it. The post you are responding to, was not an argument, nor is there any point in responding to it. It was your personal admonition. It was for you to consider and for you to contemplate on.

I am not interested in your response to it. Your repetitive, baseless and heretical characterizations without any proof or support whatsoever, are merely showing all the readers here how you will intentionally avoid dealing with the truth. Are you believing in the same Christ that the Original Christians did? The answer is no, no, no, no and NO. What else is there to say?

You are truly now, trying to not acknowledge the elephant in the room. Are you better than Christ our Lord and God? What else is there possibly you can bring forward, that will support this totally unacceptable action? First fix your blasphemies, and then look into the matter further. Your refusal to do so, will be your undoing, just as it has been destroying what good is left in the RCC in general.

It is the RC, which have changed things, many things into what is essentially blasphemous theology. And there is, predictably so, no response given to the numerous reasons and proof of how it is the RCC that has changed from the original faith. People who are ready in their hearts to see, will see.

You are merely setting me up and anybody else who responds to your heresies for an all too easy demonstration of how badly misled the RCCs are. You continue to use the word schismatic, while you have no idea what on earth you are talking about.

You continue calling all Orthodox wrong, including our host here Br. Nathanael and no apology is given. If you hate Orthodoxy so much, without having even a shred of evidence or knowledge about them, why are you even here? Could it be that you are busy, trying to disrupt things here?

You are braver than I. You clearly occupy the front trenches in this war for the soul of humanity. I am still picking up the rear, fumbling with my ammunition, trying to focus on a target. Your stress levels are therefore higher than mine. When people criticize your work unfairly or harshly it offends the pride you rightly take in your work, and the pain of your personal sacrifice.

After all, it is you who has toiled to research and write your articles that invariably help to fill others with hope and wisdom. In my first post on this thread, I declared my lack of criticism only by the use of single apostrophes. Words cannot express my appreciations of all you have done these past several years. In my post above I cited well researched evidence indicating that the Khazars were essentially Scythians, that ancient red-haired, horse riding race that predates and precedes both the Celts and the Scandinavians.

It is time to move beyond the ignorance that allows people to hold this group at a distance and condemn them as somehow of inferior or alien cultural and racial origin compared to that of most Europeans. The awful truth of why we are beholden to the State of Israel and Jews is that it is due to pagan bloodline worship amongst our elites, reviving the mysteries of antiquity which are our first heritage and birthright as White Europeans.

All the White Nationalists who adulate our white pagan heritage against the jewishness of our present day culture are playing right into the ultimate trap. They share a common belief with those who are behind present day Israel! The Nazis are the Ashkenazis. The restoration of the draconian rulership caste, the Chaldean-Babylonian-Aryan Ring Lords, is the mission of international Jewry.

The symbolism evoked by the color red is not just about blood, but the hair color of the ancient king-lines. Lawrence Gardner, while to most of the world sounding like a kook and a whack-job, is actually a mouthpiece for the whole emerging New Age witchcraft movement. Twisting the truth and coloring the pagan past in pretty pastels, Gardner openly proclaims what is held as a fundamental belief amongst the leadership of the Judeo-Masonic world.

The truth is that Khazar Jews are just another offshoot of the Anunaki, the dragon race. The same as the most of the ancient and modern rulers of Europe. There is no hiding place from the horror of the blood-drinking, licentious and violent heritage of the Khazars in the notion that one is a European, or White. Instead, there is only Christ as understood by Orthodoxy which stands against this ancient system of sorcerer-kingship which is about to come full circle in the Antichrist.

The rejection of the kind of kingship expected by the ancient world was the defining moment for Jesus Christ, and led directly to his crucifixion and revilement by Judah. This is the first time for me to ever leave a comment on this site, so please bear with me. The seventh Israeli Channel aired a special interview with Professor Martin Van Crevel, world specialist reference war of low intensity.

Professor Emeritus at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has developed publicly about it is the last ten years in closed circles of the Israeli military academies and U. He said the continuation of a long period of Palestinian guerrillas will inevitably lead to the collapse of the State of Israel. In cases where Europeans oppose such deportations, Tel Aviv will have no choice to survive the destruction of European capitals in the atomic fire, with the understanding that the Europeans can not fight back without killing their friends Palestinians.

I was greatly impressed and very moved by the comment left by Stav [March 26, 3: His brief comparative OC vs. RC analysis is invaluable. Drifting through Indymedia Argentina website I found today an article translated from the austrian Die Presse. According to the article, a Jewish lawyer, Georg Zanger, is trying to sue in Viennese courts Catholic Organizations regarding several crimes related with the sexual abuse issue.

It happens that this Zanger is a long standing lawyer for the Communists and, adding another proof to the obvious relation between Communism and the Jews, a collaborator of the in-famous Simon Weizenthal:. She is a woman who has criticized anti-Nazi law and is married to an extreme rightist and was running for president in Austria, and critics contended her candidacy could tarnish the reputation of a country still marred by its connection to the Holocaust.

The site actually covers much more than just England, but also the British Isles and Orthodox Europe as well:. He was the spiritual son of the great Bishop of Lyons, and deeply imbued with the family character imparted to his disciples by the blessed presbyter of Patmos and Ephesus. But while Cyprian is the spiritual son and pupil of Tertullian, we must seek his characteristics and the key to his whole ministry in the far-off See and city where the disciples were first called Christians.

I mean, is it me? Am I the crazy one? I'm sorry. You'll just have to forget that I wrote it. There are several convenient ways to do that. I hear hitting yourself on the head with a blunt object can be very effective. You should try using one of Brandon Sanderson's fantasy novels.

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