Can Girls Squirt Cum

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The best multiple squirt of her life! Sure, that is amazing and unique experience for both him and her. Retrieved from Google Books , The Difference Between Cumming and Squirting 62 G-spot Urethral sponge Perineal sponge. This has happened to me 3 times.


I jokingly referred to myself as a fountain once, and my husband called me a "leaky fountain. They tense up like a first time skydiver just leaving the plane if your heads between their legs it could hurt or B. Like an old refrigerator when the compressor is kicking off. As a girl who squirts during sex I am After sex I always pee for sanitary reasons and despite a good amount of fluid coming out from there via "squirting" I can always pee- and trust me the two look and smell nothing alike.

As a girl who was beyond freaked the first time it happened thinking I had peed on my bf, I read up on this quite a bit with varying results. Yes true, but I've always only noticed the smell at very first, when the first bits come, albeit very faint. The rest of the time there seems to be no noticeable urine scent. Although I can only speak from my own personal experience, and it may differ from woman to woman.

I suppose some women might pee and say or think it was squirting. But true "squirting" is not pee and not a myth. There's no way a girl can squirt, smell the puddle and be comfortable betting her life that its not pee. I wonder which side [she] www. Your second sentence is true of urinating as well, so I'm not sure why you think it helps your case. So an understanding of the mechanism is required before you can do it?

That must mean you're able to explain what's going on instead of just asserting it repeatedly and capitalizing things, right? Why not explain it to me, then? I've never seen any more evidence than the "nuh uh! Urine can be clear and without odor when someone is well hydrated, and squirt is neither clear nor odorless when the woman is not well hydrated.

Funny how that works. So you have no idea what it is, but know for sure that it cannot possibly contain any amount of urine? How, again, did you arrive at that paradoxical certainty? I don't know what it is, but nobody knows for sure. If you're intersted in pursuing the question further, here's a link to help you get familiar with the basic outlines of the debate. Eh, those can be faked.

The more important question is "why do you think your partner is lying about having an orgasm? I also pay attention to the stomach. As there are many types of orgasm, the cervical ones usually trigger the muscles of the stomach and these are pretty hard to miss on women when they go off.

Kinda like seeing them do a crunch.. It's different from person to person but I know my girlfriend usually just gets super wet when she comes. There are a lot of videos of this online. Just go to xvideos, xhamster etc and do a search for "orgasm contractions". A girl contracts rythmically like a man spurts cum -- often even for about the same number of times and for the same duration between each, and faster in the beginning.

I think there's some anatomic equivalence at play there.

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My bf can tell when I cum because my contractions are strong. There has only ever been a couple of times where he didn't feel them, according to him, and I usually shake and "space out" when I cum as well. I don't have any fluid come out, like a lot of girls here, so I guess that's for the lucky few: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new text post. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Every time won't be the same. But usually, you'll know. Not even doctors can reach an agreement. You can even smell it at times.

You can really tell if she isn't well hydrated. Girls that can squirt and girls that think its not pee. Its not "peeing" but its most definitely made up of urine as a major ingredient. She squirts, so she just knows! If your hand is still in the vagina, she will gush. Maybe this answer will surprise you, but each and every woman can achieve this as they all have the same anatomy.

However, not every woman can achieve this type of orgasm easily as many factors affect it. If a woman does yoga or horseback riding, there is a good chance she will have strong vaginal muscles another strong clue. This is the most frequently asked question, and maybe I should have placed it in the first place. Luckily, the answer is NO it is not pee!

It is generally a clear, somewhat milky substance that is odorless. Female ejaculate is actually a prostatic fluid that includes water, prostatic acid phosphatase , glucose, fructose, creatine and tiny amounts of urea. Therefore, its taste is actually sweet. Luckily, there are several ways you can improve the volume of liquids that comes out during orgasm.

These are the most common factors that affect it:. However, the actual number depends on various factors:. In most cases yes. When she releases her vaginal juices, she usually reaches orgasm at the same time. However, there are rare cases when women will squirt all over you without reaching an orgasm.

This is mostly because of various emotional and psychological blocks that are hindering her mind to go into overdrive. Luckily, such blocks can be worked out over a longer period if you are there for her, and she will build trust towards you. Every orgasm reduces your stress levels as well as boosts the production of vital hormones.

The best thing you can do is to maintain your rhythm and pace to make her orgasm longer and more powerful. The other things you should do is to keep her close so she can feel the connection , make her feel comfortable, relaxed, and wanted all while she enjoys her powerful orgasm.

This is a natural feeling that comes from applying direct pressure to an area right beside her bladder. Therefore, this pressure manifests into your bladder as well. What is more, female ejaculate comes from urethra the same place where her pee comes from. If she feels the urge to pee, all she needs to do is to ignore it and keep going.

You will see that this liquid is not pee. Especially, if you are practicing with the same partner. Over time, you will learn how to read the non-verbal signs of her body. This will avoid making her feel being under pressure. Actually, this is the best time to have it. Just think about it, she will be all aroused and much more likely to reach an orgasm during intercourse!

I would like to though, I hear the orgasm is very intense. Do not give up your hope. Just find a guy who is really interested in making you squirt and work on this together. If a man can last with me in bed until the very end, I will most likely squirt. Toys help and so does other stimulation. I noticed that smoking increases my chances, so I try to smoke right before it goes down.

Other than that, I just need a guy who can last with me, or a really good and powerful toy. Sure, if a man cannot last long enough in bed during sex, then your chances are close to zero. I hope the next girl I date squirts. When it comes to getting a girl to squirt, you just need to stimulate as much as the vagina you can, which usually goes down to the clit and other parts.

I myself have only squirted once, and it was really enjoyable, and each man since has never been able to recapture that. The only woman I was able to have squirt was my very first girlfriend, and no we werent young. I had my first when I was 19, she was 19 too. It was my first time, but she was doing it a lot more with other guys before I.

It was a really interesting time. I thought every woman had this ability. I have been able to make every woman that I have been with squirt. Well Ed, maybe you are lucky, or maybe you are just really skilled dude. Would you share with us some of your personal tips and tricks?

My wife says she has to pee. How can I tell her to relax?? It has Alot to do with the environment, sounds smells, and mood. Yes, I have heard a lot myths about this as well. Therefore I have decided to write this post. To clarify some of the stuff that is commonly ignored. I have never done this but now I want to!!

How would I go about telling a guy that we should try this out? My ultimate advice for you would be to show him this post, ask him whether he knew that women are able to squirt and whether he would like to try it out sometimes. Just be honest and open with him. That is the most amazing thing I have ever heard of! I can always count on you to give me the best tips and advice. Now I have to find a squirter and try it out myself!

I wish you good luck with your search. But if you follow these tips properly, then you should be able to make almost any girl ejaculate. I prefer to give my women toe-curling screaming orgasms haha. But maybe I just never encountered a woman who squirts, who knows. I admit that it may be sometimes annoying to clean it.

However, each guy would love to experience this from time to time. Sure, that is amazing and unique experience for both him and her. As Linda said it is well worth learning few tips! Thanks for the article, Stallion! Thanks Chris for your amazing words. I am glad you like the stuff I write about. I hope all this stuff will help you. As much as repetition can seem boring to a man that is what gets me squirting.

So frustrating when I am just about to go and he switches up. Also, always remember to give the clit plenty of attention, I can never squirt without it. Before my girl ever became comfortable with telling me things like she felt like she was gunna pee during sex there was times that we would be having sex for an unknown time and all of a sudden I could feel a waterfall come down from the head of my dick down my shaft and then everywhere else with me either on top or bottom and at the time I had no idea what squirting was but thought that it was awesome I was making her spasm out uncontrollably from the moves I used on her and now when we have sex it seems too happen almost everytime and she we will tell me she feels like shes going too pee on me and I just go harder till she trembles and shakes uncontrollably too the point her orgasm is never ending till I go.

Majority of the time when this happens we are in missionary and then I put her legs on my shoulders and she squirts within a few minutes but foreplay, and stimulation are always a start too our love making which we just also started using lube which helps tremendously and I got too say eating pussy is fun and enjoyable for both of us.. Every girl needs to experience it once.

This means I can squirt 3 or more times before I cum properly, making it much more intense. I really hope this advice works. I have yet to ever experience a vaginal climax! I feel so deprived. Thx defaintly helped me. My man is the only guy that has made me squirt. And hopefully your tips will help me squirt loads more.

As he absolutely loves it x. It tried your method on my wife last night. All I can say it was the most amazing orgasm I have ever given her. Wow is all o can say. And the taste was super sweeet! Just came here to say that it is definitely worth learning fellas! Some of you women dont?

What is going on here. I was raised to believe if women did not ejaculate it meant you were not done! All the women ive ever truly pleased squirted heaps and heaps all over. Also what u mean it has no smell?? That really nutty smell man? Like almonds Every girl ive ever pleased squirts like a bat out of hell. I never get that from using my cock alone though.

Usually after i get off i go in with my hand like im trying to whithstand ocelots torture in mgs1 then tease her neck and blow in her ear a lot. Heavily breathing in her ear the whole while too. Didnt realize there was actually rumors against this happening. Im pretty sure the only women who cant just need it harder or slower.

Lots of women seem to be attracted to you for different reasons. I hope they are mostly sexual ones. I surprised my wife by using this technique on her, she absolutely loves it. I make her squirt at least three times before we have sex. My man really wants me to squirt and assures me to relax.

If I feel the need to pee its okay to. I made three out of 8 girls squirt before in the past.

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Adnexa Ovaries Follicles corpus hemorrhagicum luteum albicans Theca of follicle externa interna Follicular antrum Follicular fluid Corona radiata Zona pellucida Membrana granulosa Perivitelline space. Do not apply too much pressure Use your tongue or the tip of your penis for stimulation Apply enough lube Just keep in mind that the U-Spot feels the best when it is wet and touched gently. Our Bodies, Our Selves. You can also master pressure and direction, speed and sensation to 'pass' a level and get her to orgasm, virtually. I do squirt a lot during sex, my partner likes it at times but not always since it leaves both of us dirty and we end cleaning it after sex. Crus of clitoris Corpus cavernosum Clitoral glans Hood.

The Difference Between Cumming and Squirting:

Afterwards when cleaning after sex, yes I used the restroom just like I would normally which confused me even more. There are examples in the sexological literature of men's sexual fantasies about lesbian sexuality. Archives of Sexual Behavior. G-spot Urethral sponge Perineal sponge.

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