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Link Warning Levels info. Freeones Approved Link. Low Warning Level. Medium Warning Level. High Warning Level. What's New. Skinny Dip - Lacey Bae 6 min Joelaustinfinnegan69 - 5. Helpless teen gets rough fucked in the sauna 5 min 4. Subtitled Japanese huge breasts wife skinny dipping titjob 5 min Zenra - College teens skinny dip 3 min Skinny dipping dare teen makes out with lesbian after steam bath 9 min Amateur Canada - Tina Hot - Too hot!

Eden Hotel - Skinny Dip 33 sec Eulogiol - Skinny Dipping on Amazon River 2 min Milliondollarproject - Meanwhile, Nathan is searching the lake due to a number of elk disappearances. He meets four teenagers; Ellie, Tara, Aaron and Charlie who are camping on the lake. The teenagers show Nathan an elk head they previously found, leading Nathan to believe it was the act of hunter Reba, but he persuades Sheriff Tony to search the lake to make sure it is clear of crocodiles.

While the teenagers camp, they decide to go swimming and the girls go into the woods and strip off their clothes and get into their bikinis. Charlie spies on them and watches them stripping their clothes and by taking pictures, but then is devoured by a crocodile. Reba is approached by teenager Brett, to help him find his girlfriend Ellie, who he fears will be taken advantage of by Aaron.

Reba agrees and takes Brett out onto the lake in her boat with Jonas and Walt. Stopping to hunt elk, a crocodile attacks the boat and knocks the group into the water. Walt is devoured, but the others escape to shore and are stranded in the woods. After hours, Ellie and Aaron search for the missing Charlie, leaving Tara by the lake where she is killed by the crocodile.

Ellie and Aaron return to find her missing, so they decide to try and get help. They discover Charlie's corpse, before finding what Ellie thinks is Brett's jacket. Ellie decides to search for Brett, upsetting Aaron who walks the other way, only to be attacked by a crocodile. They decide they should try and escape the house to go to a hospital, but in their attempt, Vica and Sheriff Tony are devoured and the car is submerged in the lake.

Nathan, Susan and Connor take shelter in the house. Meanwhile, Brett, Reba and Jonas manage to shoot a crocodile dead, but another crocodile arrives and decapitates Jonas before attacking Reba, who manages to escape. Determined to find Ellie, Brett escapes to Reba's boat and searches for her.

He finds Ellie, but a crocodile kills him. Reba kills a crocodile that breaks into the house, before she leaves with Nathan, Susan and Connor. Ellie joins them, and they make it to the town. The group break into the supermarket to call for help, setting off the alarm that attracts Dimitri, but he is swiftly devoured as a group of crocodiles enter the supermarket.

The group is ambushed but manage to kill most of the crocodiles, but Reba is seemingly killed in the process. The only remaining crocodile chases Nathan, Susan, Ellie, and Connor to the gas station where the group manage to ignite gas with a lighter, causing an explosion that kills the crocodile. An ambulance then comes and helps Nathan, Susan, Ellie and Connor.

Sometime later, Nathan, is taking a group of tourists around the lake, telling them of the crocodiles that are believed to be extinct. However, a baby crocodile is seen swimming in the lake, before an adult crocodile attacks the camera and the film ends. Reviews have been mixed to negative.

Ken Tucker gave the film a bad review.

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FreeOnes Forum Threads. If you do it this way, you might find that your friends are less hesitant to join in your fun. If I go skinny dipping with my friends both genders , will we think of each other the same afterward, when we see each other clothed? Not Helpful 11 Helpful Show all comments Leave a comment. Subtitled Japanese huge breasts wife skinny dipping titjob 5 min Zenra -


  1. The Final Chapter Wrong Turn 5:
  2. Ellie decides to search for Brett, upsetting Aaron who walks the other way, only to be attacked by a crocodile.
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  4. If you leave the water and have one, just wrap yourself with a towel until it goes away.
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  7. No, but you would want to avoid extreme temperatures, especially for long periods of time.
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