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However the council announced March that the charity can continue to use the site rent free, although without the grant a fund-raising campaign will be needed to keep the centre running. Can also be considered a year-long running gag considering it's still very much alive today. But, at least we might expect an end to the pretentiousness that lead to applications for Guildford to become a city. Perkins Two strippers from the 'Angels' night club have been brutally raped and murdered. It was later to become the Esso company. Jonnwood is updating his Twitter.

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Rogue traders have also been thwarted. Two thirds of the victims are over 70 and most live on their own. A dinosaur roadshow will recall the days when Surrey million years ago was a tropical jungle of giant ferns, raging rivers and deep swamps where meat-eating dinosaurs ruled unchallenged. The exhibition will have as its centrepiece a living room fitted out with goods made from recycled materials including furniture and light fittings.

There will also be guitars made from plastic bottles and yoghurt pots on display. He had just come back from Miami and had a pair of bellbottom trousers for mehence the track "Bell Bottom Blues. Guildford won 27 - 7. Wimbledon Guardian 28th August This will include a kerbside collection of leftover food and garden cuttings.

The council will also be trialling the collection of discarded household batteries. This ranks the area in second place behind West London in the league of wealthiest areas in Britain. There are postcode areas in the UK. Sutherland Memorial Park, which was donated by the Duke of Sutherland in as a dedicated war memorial to the residents of Burpham killed on active service during WWII, has now won the coveted award four times.

In the event, which had always previously been run in June was held instead in September to coincide with Freshers Week as a way of welcoming new students. After the university's sub aqua club had spent the previous day clearing the river at Millmead of debris, students took part in a series of events including raft races, tug-of-war competitions and water gladiator jousts, with the entrance fees being donated to the Guildford charity Disability Challengers.

It was supposed to include a map, but inside was a typed slip stating that owing to police regulations the map has been withdrawn for the duration of the war. However, upon production of the slip at the municipal offices after the war, the map will be supplied free of charge. Surrey Advertiser 11th April One of the first things I noticed is the sky. I never get to see clouds in L.

Samantha took me straight out for fish and chips. Notice the grease - yum! Six people, mostly children, have died nationally over the last 12 years from headstone related accidents. The duo had to inspire the four judges, who are seated with their backs to the stage at the beginining of each act for a blind audition, to turn their chairs around before the act finishes.

All four judges had turned their chairs within 30 seconds of the act starting. The next phase was where the judge the duo had chosen to be their mentor coaches them for the remaining parts of the competition until they are eliminated or win. Sadly the girls were eliminated in the second round. We have a management company and a PR company and we are planning on showing what we are really like and that we can sing and go further.

Surrey Advertiser 5th October Dubbed 'Magazine Town' panels of magazine readers kept diaries and attended consumer panels over September in a bid by the association to provide groundbreaking direction for beleaguered publishers. A school in Godalming was selected by the PPA for visits by two high profile editors for career briefings.

Well, what else would you expect with such a beutiful river on their doorstep? The soldiers from the battalion, also fondly known as the 1st Vikings, have recently returned from a tour of duty in Helmand Province of Afghanistan where they were in action against Taliban forces.

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Nine Vikings were sadly lost in action in the six-month tour. Although the battalion recruits in East Anglia, Cambridgeshire and Essex it is based in nearby Pirbright.

Legal firms in the town cite added financial pressures at Christmas as being instrumental in many break-ups, with the money orientated profile of many of the town's residents providing extra pressure. The ceremony attended by guests also suitable attired was followed by a procession up the High Street to a reception at the Guildhall. Founded by a Briton the society is campaigning to fight the banality of 'blue-sky-thing'.

Louis Quinain had two books published by Methuen. His second book Policeman On The Green was published in in The PM's office established the site in to gauge public opinion and "offer a modern parallel which is more convenient for the petitioner than paper-based petitions presented at the PM's door ".

The petition is worded thus:. These are not the actions one expects from properly elected democratic representatives, who should be seeking to satisfy the will of their own people, and not forever be seeking ways to thwart it. Gerrymandering is an act of cynical betrayal of the people of Great Britain.

Sellers regularly post details of the brewery's products on the online auction site eBay. There is now concern that the centre, which also provides a restaurant, a footcare clinic and drop-in computer facilities will have to close. However the council announced March that the charity can continue to use the site rent free, although without the grant a fund-raising campaign will be needed to keep the centre running.

It transpired that the structure violated the council's own rules in that they had not secured planning permission. The Victorian defensive fort is used as an outdoor education centre. Planning permission now secured a new and less intrusive structure has been erected in its place.

Participants use buildings, walls and fences to move from point to point as efficiently and quickly as possible, and in the view of the police are placing themselves and others in danger. One police officer reported that she had seen free-runners swinging across the river using a road bridge and then crossing three lanes of traffic to go down the other side.

Common sites in the town include the Friary Centre, flats, bridges, rooftops, subways and car parks. It is so serene with lush greenery all around and all those tudor style shop plots so well-preserved. No wonder Guildford is one of the best place to live in Britain.

Junie 21st March The busty silver-haired 'robot', actually two models Sophie and Gill who took turns wearing the costume, became so popular that she did public appearances. WEY FIT "Amid snow, gales and mud, competitors from many countries took part in this four day festival which started with a sprint race at the University of Surrey at Guildford.

The sprint race was on a sloping university campus with many buildings, courses of less than 3 km and winning times of 15 minutes or so with lots of controls: These are some of the best areas in southeast England for such events. The Irish Orienteer 29th March The April march celebrated Surrey's commitment to the part-time volunteer fighting force which has over 33, soldiers.

The TA was founded in with full mobilisation in the First World War with units fighting alongside the regular army. Queen Elizabeth Park resident Susie Maguire had campaigned tirelessly to encourage the people and businesses of the town to turn off their lights in solidarity with the now international event Earth Hour 1. The popularity of the event saw Guildford Cathedral in darkness, together with local restaurants that joined in replacing electric light with candles.

The light controlled crossing had mixed effects across the country, with traffic chaos reported in Croydon and technical difficulties bringing the scheme launch in Weymouth to a complete halt. The authorities in Guildford however proudly reported a smooth and trouble-free inaugural day. Six employees have been arrested.

The ex-spy claims he was poisoned by the KGB. Mark Anderson created the 4ft 1. During new all-female director companies were registered in the town adding to the 2, female directors already living in the area. The building, which sits on the site of public houses spanning years, is earmarked for demolition but local residents are campaigning for it to remain land used for a replacement pub.

Aldi Supermarkets, the new German owners of the property have stated June that they intend bulldozing the site although the local council says they have not received a planning application. In addition to making around 20 public appearances in the town each year, the band undertake high profile engagements elsewhere. The band also take up engagements in Europe. The first recorded full-time brass band in Guildford was the town's Friary Meux Brewery Band in the early s.

The council fearful that the loss of the traditional boxes will have a negative impact on the local heritage has canvassed public opinion before responding to BT. Also the grandparents lived in the household and they would care for the children when the parents were out working or looking for it. Some children slept in one big bed often three at the top and three at the bottom.

Grown-ups such as brothers had the one bed and if there were visitors they would use the settee or landing or bathtub. Of the handful of 'sightings' reported in the area, one file details a report of a frisbee shaped object moving across a clear blue sky near Farnham Road Hospital in , and a 'reflective jelly bean' was reported hovering over the A3 in Other files held by the National Archives tell of two police officers, also in , calling in the sighting of a "white light with a tail and no sound or smell" fall metres out of the sky at Horsell Common near Woking, and of a series of orange lights spotted moving slowly accross the sky in nearby Godalming.

The sightings include two ' browny grey' objects spotted hovering for two minutes above the railway bridge footpath in Woodbridge Hill on July 4th in the evening. In March a single saucer shaped bright light was reported above Guildford police station, and despite being the size of 'a football pitch' moved through the sky noiselessly.

In a Shalford resident reported a small star shaped blue light in the sky. The Alliance and Leicester survey results for high costs are primarily pinned on high labour costs and rental property values, these in turn driven by the desirability of a location. Milton Keynes, Cambridge and Oxford were in the top slots. Having been carried through Godalming the flame is to be driven to Guildford where a series of runners will carry it from the roundabout below Guildford Cathedral towards the town centre via Farnham Road, Bridge Street and Millbrook before finishing in Stoke Park.

In its present state our historic High Street is both unattractive and unsafe for pedestrians - something of which Guildford cannot be proud. Surrey Advertiser 30th May These are distinct from cobblestones which are rounded stones. The kids aged between four and fourteen have succeeded in reducing litter, vandalism and anti-social behaviour since the area has been visibly improved.

Telephone subscribers in the Surrey area have had a loss of service when external wiring has been stolen for the value of its copper. The Times newspaper reckon that this might be a bit of an understatement as they estimate 1, numbers have been affected in Surrey alone. The number of tradesmen, which covers everyone from plumbers, carpenters, painters, plasterers and roofers, rank every residents with one.

A scheme dreamt up by the Safer Neighbourhood Team targeting noisy Guildford students stumbling home after a rowdy night out has been launched June in the town. The acronym stands for Silent Students Happy Homes! Somehow the scheme organisers have enrolled university students to act as volunteer marshalls - now probably the most unpopular people on campus. The academy, which has 1, full-time students, was recommended for the award by the Prime Minister for providing a unique education philosophy that focuses on placement within the music industry.

They were beaten by a Welsh choir Men Aloud. The choir recorded their favourite songs and released the collection as an album. At an average yield of 4. The average landlord makes an annual return of 7. The Press Association 19th August Three man teams carrying a stretcher symbolising their fallen comrades took it in turn to march for 20 miles in rotating six-hour stints over five days.

Film crews moved in August to film a dining scene in the house's magnificent marble hall, with another scene faeturing musicians filmed in the saloon. Four decades later is the town any safer? The service, which started in , connects the town centre with car parks in the town. One of Guildford's assets is also it would appear a hurdle for the town's shoppers.

The picturesque steep cobbled High Street, which is often featured in publications around the world, is also seen as a potential deterrent for visitors who without the shuttle bus to ferry them up the hills traders fear will go to other towns without such steep hills. Further up the hill past some huge bungalow homes we entered an open field Pewley downs with stunning views across the countryside.

We marched on past fields of rabbits, deer, horses and sheep, a farm with a ginormous pig as big as a small car and passed through more farms along hedge-rowed paths full of blackberries it was an idyllic English Spring day. Here we fed the ducks on the stream and strolled through town past the church of St James dated from and a rare example of a church constructed entirely in the Early English Transitional Style.

Finally we ended in Gomshall and had to wait an hour for a train back to Guildford then home to London. This one day was definitely worth the price of this Time Out guide highly recommended, the directions were incredibly precise down to the tiniest detail and we had another magical day away from hectic London life. Guildford Street Angels has a core of 50 uniformed volunteers who work in three teams to identify individuals who may be in a vulnerable state and need assistance in finding a taxi or train, or perhaps reuniting with friends.

Why must a small business stock rocket and sun-dried tomatoes it has no hope of selling? Geoff Thorpe, once a Wye College "boffin" who now inspects the healthiness of lettuces is another regular: I love salad, but occasionally I like an egg bap. As a savvy businessman Harris will adapt as palates change. With bureaucratic interference, the law of unintended consequence invariably intervenes: The high price rests on the inscription Hirst added, which said simply 'For Mark love Damien Hirst Thanks' with a cartoon sketch of a the skull of a cow with 'Moo' in a thought bubble, and the provenance provided for the role the recipient played in Hirst's success.

Mark Chambers ran a 'knackers yard' at the time. After that we used to deal with his agent. We supplied sheep, pigs, cows and calves, all of which had died naturally, all cut lengthways or like cucumbers. Surrey Advertiser 21st November Students are required to wear fancy dress, and the theme of the current series of events is 'Dirty Porn Star'.

But they have been criticised by police and councils. Our events are heavily focused on group identity and social and ethnic cohesion. I don't think the good burghers of Surrey knew what hit 'em I'm speaking metaphorically now but the moment in rehearsal when I got my kit off for the first time was something of a watershed.

For days beforehand, whenever we reached "the scene", I'd faff around, neatly sidestepping the stage direction itself, miming the removal of my trousers. Finally I could put it off no longer after all, we were opening the following week. Between April and September fly-tips were recorded despite the council's investment in two additional CCTV cameras.

WEY FIND A Guildford resident struck gold when she decided to sell some old stonework that had been in the garden of her home since her childhood 60 years previous. The pieces dated from around and after the Lords Chamber at the Palace was burned down in the architect in charge of designing its replacement had disposed of much of the surviving stonework.

It's not known how the stonework came to reside in a Guildford Garden. The basket, which measures 20ft x 10ft 6m x 3m and took 50 bags of compost to fill, was hung January on the front of Hotel Indigo in Paddington, West London. Linden Homes submitted an application November to build homes on the derelict site, officially listed as Epsom Road. The full application was approved in February ensuring that it will be the largest housing development in Guildford for many years.

Uplands House, the listed 19th-century mansion at the heart of the site will be converted into flats if the plan proceeds as submitted. A walkers right of way has been agreed with the developers running through the estate linking Merrow Downs with Epsom Road. His family say that he is hoping to return to the team when he has made a full recovery.

Consultant surgeon Mark Whiteley successfully undertook the hour and twenty minutes procedure at the Whiteley Clinic in the town on a restaurant manager from Hindhead. One in 20 British adults suffer from excessive sweating. Guildford Borough Council reported that in March business premises lay empty across the borough, and these continue to act as a millstone around the necks of their owners who are still having to pay business rates on the vacant properties.

A further 34 of the properties currently qualify for short term exemption. The Queen Elizabeth Park Care Home in Hollowes Close kitted out a lounge with memorabilia dating back to the s and s to trigger memories for residents suffering from dementia. The Vapors was formed in Guildford a couple of years before their chart success.

This resulted in the corniest bit of copy writing by a hack in the Surrey Ad this year: Contracts have been signed June on a year lease of the 4, sq ft unit at 13 Friary Street. Visitors can also download brochures, menus and even make reservations at restaurants in the town.

Join the tour HERE. Two brothers, Marc and Damion Watson, from Guildford reported sighting two strange lights in the night sky in July They both continued right a bove us and continued east until we could no longer see them. Antiques Roadshow presenter Katherine Higgins chose Chalk Hill, a modernist family home that also operates as an art gallery, in Chantry Hill Road as the location to film the charity auction she hosts as the grand finale of the series.

Katherine Higgins lives in Guildford. Neighbours popping in and out for a chat, everyone was helpful. We had some good shops that we could rely upon. There was Sparrow the butchers, a wool shop, a post office and a newsagent. As children, we used to get a sixpence pocket money for a few sweets and a comic.

We had a shop that sold vegetables and even a library just inside the recreation ground. Sadly it has all gone. Surrey Advertiser 17th July Henry Allingham, who was the last survivor of the Battle of Jutland had celebrated his th birthday on 6th June , had been quoted as putting his longevity down to 'cigarettes, whiskey and wild, wild women' although during the sitting he told Allison that he always started the day with the healthy option of a full English breakfast.

During the course of the sittings he told me that he still became upset when he thought about the Great War and, in fact hadn't spoken about it for 80 years. It was only when he became that people started asking about it. Before that he had led a very ordinary life devoted to his wife and daughters, both of whom, to his great sadness are now dead.

I discovered that in some ways, however, he was not ordinary at all. He bought himself a mountain bike at the age of 90 and lived on his own, looking after himself until he was Interestingly, he doesn't look that old, compared to some others I have painted. He still has a great zest for life which include starting each day with a full English breakfast. Based on research from local businesses and organisations the data is intended to assist with the future planning of the council's economic development strategy and action plan, and to also help the council assist businesses in future development.

The report highlights Guildford's positive position as one of the most prosperous locations in the south-east boosted by a "thriving local economy, a highly skilled workforce and high levels of entrepreneurial activity". The report does warn however of overdependence on the public and service sectors, and recommends planning for greater diversification into new and expanding business areas.

Over half of the businesses surveyed expect to increase their floor space requirements within the next 5 to 10 years. The architect's model, which probably dates back to the s, was labeled 'Guildford Town Centre: The 3-D model measures seven feet in length and contains hundreds of miniature buildings and features road vehicles. Brian Cowen of Sound Post Instruments is hoping that the museum or another local institution will preserve the model and put it on public display.

A Surrey Advertiser reader cast more light on to the mystery: I can confirm that the model dates from the mids. I can well remember the model maker building it at County Hall. The mid-to late s was a time of considerable development pressure on Guildford. The model was built to assist in assessing the three-dimensional impacts of various proposals [Friary Centre, new bridge over the river at Friary Street, Tunsgate Square, Phoenix Court].

In practice I think the model was little used. I suspect the model was lost following the reorganisation of local government in Surrey Advertiser 16th October WEY FLICK A Surrey actor and film producer chose Guildford and nearby Pirbright as locations for a new film exploring how a father could find himself resorting to the most extreme situation of taking the life of his own child.

Apparently the musician was playing "louder than the sound of drinkers conversations". Not exactly a Motorhead gig, then, but apparently still enough for a ban. It's a novel approach, but not likely to attract either musicians or audiences. The fact is that if you choose to live in a town centre you will hear noise at just about any time of the day and night.

If you really can't cope with nice songs played by one man and his acoustic guitar for two hours in the middle of the evening once a week, maybe you should turn up the telly, or buy some earplugs. On second thoughts, let's make Guildford a music free, car free, sneeze free zone after 7pm.

Each cell is biometrically monitored to alert police within 45 seconds if a detainee stops breathing, has more natural light, and recessed sinks built into the walls apparently designed to prevent flooding. Offenders are also monitored by 65 CCTV cameras ensuring that there is literally nowhere to hide, and they have a choice of 24 cells there were only 13 in the original unit including one designed to cater for disabled visitors and dry cells which have no toilet or sink to allow trouble-free collecting of forensic evidence.

The custody suite also has new interview rooms, command centre and digital fingerprint scanning technology. Surrey Advertiser 4th December Or at least its owners did. Uptown Girl was the brainchild of husband and wife team, the Zacharowitz's from South Africa, who having allegedly taken early occupancy and who were due to sign the lease following day, disappeared leaving suppliers and the owner of the shop in the lurch.

It is thought that the Zacharowitz's had returned to South Africa. The results of the test, which examined logic and sequences to language skills, intriguingly were not announced at the time - perhaps because the organisers thought the rest of us might suffer from inadequacy. Suffice it to say that a number of entrants who were interviewed by the Surrey Advertiser afterwards said that the experience was "not too taxing"; "good fun"; and "very challenging".

Fittingly the test administrator said afterwards: He covered 36 miles 58km the previous record was 26 miles 42km in 14 hours and in doing so stopped off at every Premier league football ground in London. Magness from Bellfields has turned his skill into a money earner as he now performs hundreds of halftime shows at football grounds up and down the country.

From here lighting for the county's 89, street lamps will be increased where and when it is most needed and reduced when it is not according to the times of the year. The embroidery, which is being stitched in sections, features historic landmarks including the cathedral plus significant events such as Guilfest and notable residents.

WEY AVATAR A Guildford space scientist, who had been working on ways to control satellites at the university's space centre, has transferred the technology he was developing to robotics and has now adapted this to computer graphics. Alexandre Pechev's work has rewarded him March with an entrepreneur award from experts at the Royal Academy of Engineering, and video game developers are showing a keen interest in adopting his technology.

This level of activity meant that the town exceeded the national average of If successful it will be the only venue in the borough legally entitled to stage fighting events. The Corona disappears and, at least as regards coffee, send in the clones. Guildford's only field sports shop is sold, becomes a sports clothing shop - which fails; and is now a computer games store.

Guildford's only independent hardware shop self-immolates and becomesa clothing shop. Guildford only second-hand bookshop is sold, becomes naturally a failed clothing shop and, rather than an independent cinema, will become again a clothing shop. But, at least we might expect an end to the pretentiousness that lead to applications for Guildford to become a city.

No self-respecting city would neglect local business or cultural initiatives to this extent. Surrey Advertiser 5th November Guildford's street furniture has been targeted repeatedly which has included the loss of metal road signs. The council announced February that it is to replace all street signage with signs manufactured from plastic and fibreglass.

Guildford is a market town and the county town of Surrey, and is located in a gap in the North Downs where the River Wey breaks through the hills. The first railway reached the town in , and in the decade after this when the railway finally reached Portsmouth, the thriving London-Guildford-Portsmouth coach trade floundered, and along with it the majority of the coaching inns that relied on the coaches passengers for their trade.

There is evidence that Guildford was the site of ancient settlements including Saxon. The site of a Romano-British temple has been identified at Wanborough on the outskirts of the town. The first written record of the town is in the will of King Alfred when he gave Gyldeford to his nephew Etheldred. When King Canute died, there was a period of unrest in England with confusion over the succession.

Alfred Atheling brother-in-law of Edward the Confessor and son of Ethelred the Unready sailed to England from Normandy with an army in an attempt to take the throne. He was captured at Guildford after being betrayed by Earl Godwin and his eyes put out. His supporters were massacred and their remains were buried in the Saxon cemetery on the outskirts of Guildford at Guildown.

Guildford had become one of the most important towns in Surrey by the time of the Norman invasion in William the Conqueror passed through Surrey on his way to London from Hastings. At the time of Edward the Confessor the town was still in the ownership of the Crown, and was to remain so until the time of James I when it was granted to the Earls of Aunandale, and eventually ended up in the hands of the Onslows of Clandon.

The town was sufficiently important in Anglo-Saxon times to have had its own mint. A royal castle was built in the town in the time of William the Conqueror. The ruins of Guildford Castle that remain today are confined to the central square keep and a few outer walls. The Norman keep GR: SU was the only one to be built in the county, and is of three stories towering 70 feet 21 metres above the town.

The walls at the foundations are 10 feet 3 metres thick and are cased with chalk, flint, sandstone and ragstone and have herringbone and fern leaf decorations. The structure, which was probably built not long after William the Conqueror seized power in , follows the classic Norman design of a motte on which the central tower was erected with the chalk excavated for the mound leaving a deep defensive ditch, and a bailey which provided a secure courtyard below.

Much of the original bailey ditch was filled in when the bailey was further extended in around to where Quarry Street now is. The original buildings in the bailey would have been of timber but were upgraded to stone structures in the 12th century. The fortification was built in stages. First a 'shell-keep' of chalk was built around the top of the motte. In the s and s the 'great tower' was built in two phases with the height of the first phase battlements marked out in the plaster, this probably being the king's private apartments and which would have been reached by an outside staircase.

Not long later a second floor was added. Henry III , who favoured Guildford castle and was to often take up residence here over the Christmas festive season, spent a great deal of money on upgrading the buildings and provided for lavish decorations. As the only royal castle in Surrey it became an important administrative centre and served as the headquarters of the sheriff , who acted as the king's deputy in the county.

Trials were held here for serious crimes and by the time the king had new apartments constructed in the bailey the keep served as the gaol for both the counties of Surrey and Sussex, with early reference dating back to when a record of 4s was made for repairs for that purpose. It appears that the gaol here was still operational in according to deed records for the maintenance of prisoners made at that time, although not for county use.

A new gaol was built in Quarry Street in which was in use until at which time it was resited to South Hill. This was the last gaol in Guildford and closed in after which time prisoners were sent to the House of Correction in Wandsworth in London. The ruins near the Castle Hill entrance are thought possibly to be the site of the King's Great Chamber which would have served as his private quarters.

Official records suggest that the chamber was panelled with wood, the ceilings were decorated with moons and stars, and the windows were glazed - a real luxury in the 13th century. Both the king and queen had their own private chapels near the Great Chamber. The Great Hall would have been the focus of royal life at the castle, and close by there was a complex of buildings that accommodated an entourage of officials, courtiers and servants who attended to the king and queen's every need.

The royal children would have been housed here too. It is thought that the Great Hall was sited where the Victorian brick houses stand today. It was constructed by the king's master mason John of Gloucester, and you can see the grooves on either side of the gateway in which the portcullis 1 slid into position to seal off the entrance.

The structure itself was deemed as being sufficiently sound but the renovation was needed to repair and protect the surface which has been cracking and crumbling due to water and frost damage to the chalk. It shows the fully completed keep with its motte and bailey defences rising high above the town. There is activity within the castle walls and two mounted figures accompanied by a dog approach the gate either side of two peasants carrying a deer slung over a pole.

The High Sheriff argues. The conflict lasted for 18 months. Queen Eleanor was very cultured and matched the refinements introduced by the king at Guildford with a colonnaded garden and tiled pavements. Maintenance records have survived which chart daily life at the castle, which at its zenith was regarded as one of the most luxurious royal residences in England.

Visits by Edward III were recorded in , and After Henry III died in the castle had a chequered history in terms of its preservation. The brick window frames and fireplaces in the keep were added in the s when the castle was owned by the Daborne family. However by the 17th century it had fallen into disrepair and was eventually bought in from James I by one Francis Carter who renovated the keep.

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Neither party knows who's sitting in the next booth. A Happy Family by Warren Duncan An expectant mother's perfect family falls apart when the past comes back to haunt her. Happyness Road by Helio J. Corderio The life is an unexplored road that everyone has to drive and to decide between luck and badluck. Hatshepsut by Terrell L. Frazier we explore the very beginning of the Legendary Queen Hatshepsut's rise to power and how her love for the commoner Senenmut came to be.

Will it be the reunion she's hoped for? He Ain't Heavy by Zach Jansen Reunited after five years, two brothers struggle to come to grips with their tragic past. The Health Aide by Fausto Lucignani After an African-American health aide starts working for an elderly Italian-American woman, she realizes that psychological slavery is still alive.

Hearing Aid by Richard Russell When an old man buys a hearing aid, he gets more than he bargained for. H eat of Wartime by Diogo Figueira Fdiogo Among the survivals of a war, one man must overcome his food philosophies in order to save a seven year old vegan girl. Hello Brooklyn by Brandon Weber Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.

Hero by Richard Russell A dweeb hires someone to pretend to be a mugger. Heroes by Steven Clark A father and son take a journey they were never supposed to make, on a day they'll never forget. Hillside by Nikki Lee A dedicated cop risks his life to earn the trust of a dangerous community who has lost faith in the Justice System after an innocent citizen is gunned down.

Hitman Interview by Felix Hockey Henry is on his way to a job interview. On his way, he meets numerous characters and finds out that the world of crime is not as full of glamour as it seems. Hold My Hand by Tom Levesque Hold My Hand is a coming-of-age drama about a naive teen who must care for his unsuspecting sister after they're abandoned.

Holiday Man by Richard Russell In the age of the app and the gig, you can find a man to play any role you want. Well this one will blow you away! His prayer before each roll may be more than just a plea for Heavenly intervention. Home Movies by Sean Chipman mr. Homecoming was Atom and Eve by David Lambertson writing as Also Blank A woman travels through a strange and dangerous land to reach her final resting place.

Hometown Kid by Rhonnie Fordham Late at night, diner regulars converse with a young stranger. The Honey Moon is Over by Stephen Brown stebrown When a devoted father's patience is pushed too far by his alcholic wife he must answer to her violent father. The honeymoon is truly over. The Hookup by Richard Russell When a casual hookup goes terribly wrong.

Three actors, an office room and a house. House Band by Simon Parker Desperate to impress an older beautiful girl who dreams of becoming a pop star, Bob allows her to use his parents' house to hold band auditions while they're away on vacation. House Eighteen by Stephen Brown stebrown Mary has asked her husband Brian a very simple question; the drink or her.

What will he decide on and will he be able to stick to his word? House Plants by Simon Parker With his parents newly divorced a young boy only seven years old, trapped in the house with his increasingly depressed mother tries to save his fathers dying house plants. Thinking this will bring him back. Betts Souter Fell A last-leg ballplayer struggles for his ticket to the show on the last day of the minor league season.

Hudson by Sam Klein A fear of commitment, love after death. Human Nature by Margaret Avnet A man seeks revenge on a former classmate who teased him in high school. Hungry Boy by Tom Musinguzi Abandoned boy in a grim Ugandan orphanage leaves fights against insurmountable odds just to get an education.

Hunt, The by Brandon Schinzel The horrible father and son-in-law discover a dead body while hunting. Now their live is on the line. Hunting Rabbits by Thomas Buell, Jr. Rademan Dennis is a frustrated novice screenwriter. Join Dennis and Mark, his cynical best friend, as he searches for answers at a local open mic night 15 pgs Short, Drama pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board.

I Don't Even Think About You Anymore by Ben Clifford A young man takes his sick father to hospice, hoping to dump the man and the baggage that comes with the relationship. After forgiving him, Stephen and Jack become best of friends until Stephen confesses to a shocking revelation that will change Jack's opinion on his father. Two men chasing him.

A dream of freedom that ends bad. I Left Through The Window by Phil Reynolds After his car has broke down, Scott goes in search of help on the hottest day of the year and comes across a phone box in the middle of nowhere which is waiting for him to pick up the next call. I Reckon by John Staats It's your choice that makes all the difference when this stranger rides into town.

Choose wisely for your life and beyond. I spy by Simon Parker When an adulterous man finds hidden cameras in his home he's soon being blackmailed but by who and is this just about money or something more. Based on the short story by Haruki Murakami.

Identify Crisis by Emmanuel Chukwuma Amobi A transsexual kills herself after losing the love of her life. Ignoble by Brian Howell reuel51 A teenage girl goes to a clinic for help with a problem, but things aren't all that they seem. It eventually gets ugly. Importance of Looking Right, The by Graham Murray A young Englishman in New York learns the importance of looking right while crossing a street and has to battle Death in order to win back his life.

Can he do it? Can he beat Death? Things goes south not long before the young man gets what he wants through an unconventional turn of events. Impulsive by Hunter Vogt A high school student who likely has Borderline Personality Disorder makes an impulsive decision to run off, but his lack of planning ends up hurting him.

In 20 Years by Richard Russell Best friends discover that they cannot continue as best friends. Stanley's stoop by a baby kidnapper, Miss Jane. In Desperation by Simon Unable to find work, two men turn to desperate measures. In One Hour by Fausto Lucignani Before a difficult operation, a surgeon faces an excruciating dilemma. In A Pinch by Rene Claveau writing as Sebastian the Crab A woman returning home to take over her family's legacy finds it's much harder than she ever imagined.

In Sheepskin by Sean Chipman Mr. Blonde A police officer tries to get a confession out of a murder suspect. In The Flesh by Jordan Wiebe theboywhocouldfly A man and a woman have a discussion about their dietary differences and things go from bad to worse to eww. An Incident by D. Liu The mother begs her son, a Harvard freshman, to lie to the police after a domestic violence went terribly wrong in this seemingly perfect Asian-American family on the Thanksgiving night.

Three characters an Asian female, an Asian male, a White male. Senator Chuck Kilbride's employees discuss the Senator's chances at winning re-election. Inferior by Owen It's the one year anniversary of Aaleyah's parents death. The bullying at school has started again, but with Aaleyah at her lowest. She is pushed to make a life changing decision. Inflated Ego by Matthew Hughes Investigator Marry Miller arrives home one evening to discover she is in the company of an uninvited, lethal house guest.

Cook Angry Bear A young black man, ready to celebrate his promotion and proposal to his girlfriend, runs into a young white girl on her own mission. Inner Journey by Bill Sarre reef dreamer An unconventional counsellor seeks to explain to a new client the meaning of her inner journey, only to discover it is more complicated than even he could imagine.

Drama, one location, two actors. Martin Cloroxmartini A Man defines love so he can be free. Innocent Guilt by Robert L. McBride When an ex-hooligan falls in love with the woman of his dreams, he realizes he's made the biggest mistake of his life. Insidious Pretext by Fausto Lucignani A devilish, middle-aged executive seeks to change the life of a young job applicant so that he can become her lover.

Two leading actors and two minor parts. Insight by Richard Russell A man finds a way to us his unique foresight to make money. Inspiration by Richard F. Russell An Air Force pilot hunts down the person who sent her a Christmas greeting many years before. Insta-Dream by Richard Russell A waiter uses pics to impress his father.

Interesting People by Simon A drama series that focuses on a young couple who play a game, pick up the phone and dial in random numbers and strike up a conversation with whomever happens to be on the other end. The game is to see who can find the most interesting person. But it's played they always find themselves becoming involved with 'the interesting persons' life.

Interrogation, The by Mark Curran A gangster relationship with his son is examined during a brutal interrogation. Ipso Facto by Roberto Negron A desperate woman from a foreign country sneaks into the United States and ends up in New York City working as a nanny for a right-wing horse and carriage driver.

Iron Garbage by Mohammad Nawaz writing as An aging bellhop faces life's harsh realities as he's intertwined into the life of a championship boxer. They seem to lead to a secret room which contains something that Hunter never could have imagined. It Effects Us All was 5: It Smells Like Death by R.

Parker Cody After coming home from work, Mike slowly beings to realize he may be an accessory to a murder. It's A by Anthony Cawood hosted by Anthony Cawood At the end of the world it's the little gestures that still make us human. Jacked by Frederick Cheaves After being bounced out of a strip club, one best friend accuses the other of being scared - for not taking on the horde of bouncers - despite the latter's objection that he was simply being smart.

Before the night is over the first best friend will truly learn the difference between being scared and being smart. Jaded by Steve Meredith srusteve09 While closing up shop for the night, Aaron, a local business owner, and Mollie, one of his employees, get into an intriguing discussion about life.

Jake's Birthday by Chike Camara What happens when fate brings a suicidal man and the son he hasn't seen since birth together? Javier by Constance Wallenberg conwall An immigrant worker can only afford an old-fashioned push mower, but he becomes a unexpected success in environmentally-obsessed Beverly Hills. Jessica's Triumph by Spencer McDonald A teen endures mental and physical abuse only to end in a suicide attempt.

Her attempt is foiled by an Angel sent to unleash her lifes destiny. Do you know what it is? Jessup by Mark Lyons rc After an outburst at work, a young man obsessed with control is ordered to see a therapist, who might just be as equally manipulative as he is. Jesus' Last Moments by Helio J. Corderio They need to do something to save Jesus, but they seem to be unprotected men against well-armed soldiers.

Jilted by Marqus Bobesich Suspecting her husband of cheating, a young woman hires the services of a bizarre internet "dating" company to prove his infidelity and publicly humiliate him. Jimmy Biggs by John Keating jimbob The story of a man who struggles through everyday of his life.

John by Joshua Good Dealing with the loss of his wife, John must conquer his past in order to set an example for his traumatized son. But when his feelings get in the way of his investigation, he must choose between what he wants, and what he needs to do. Johnny Smiles by Zapryan Tolev Johnny smiles and mayhem is unleashed around him.

Judas Kiss by Silva Mungai Judas Kiss' is a short dramatic piece about Maggie 29 , a young married woman who is fights her fears of what lies beneath the murky depths of her sordid relationship with her adulterous husband.. Judgement Train by Paul Thornton As a train fast approaches a station platform, a woman has seconds to decide a stranger's fate.

Juice by Wayne Moore Juice is about to turn eight, her parents want her gone due to pressures on there business and marriage. Her mother, leaves her in a park and a street bum takes her under his wings, only to end up in prison for defending her. Justice by Richard Russell When a wife's killer walks, the husband takes things into his own hands.

Karma and the King by Brian Ingram Karma is a bitch and she knows it. The title simply means I'm a clown. The story of a young man Kgotso 's discovery of who he really is. Straight out of jail and with a dark past. Kgotso gets a job as a clown,a job he loathes because of his fear of kids. Only problem, his demon happens to be a man of God.

Killing Cream by Kyle Smead Rafferty, a mid twenties business executive, drives to the red light district when he faces multiple identities of himself. Killing Joseph Smith by Matthew Akisanya On a hot summer night in , a small group of jailers must stop a determined, vengeful mob getting their hands on their prisoner, Mormon leader and founder, Joseph Smith.

Know Thyself by Bill Sarre Reef Dreamer When a troubled cop is sent to investigate an unexplained death at the mysterious 'Know Thyself' clinic, he soon discovers the powerful effect of their treatment. Kristallnacht by Spencer G About the events that occurred on November 9th, and into the early morning hours of the 10th in Germany. The film follows a Jewish man, David, and his wife, Deborah, on this night and what they do to stay out of danger.

Lady Eva by Steven Clark An aspiring journalist recruits the help of an aging prostitute for a story, but what he gets is an all too real glimpse into the life of Lady Eva. Lambshank Redemption, The by Tim Ratcliffe trojan With a vegeterian diet unwillingly thrust upon him, a convicted felon is inspired to bust out of prison and seek freedom. The Large Window by Fausto Lucignani A middle-aged man and a young woman struggle to plan a happy life together -- until reality obliterates their future.

They subject the other passengers to a journey from hell, but are they the only criminals on the bus? Last Cigarette by Pete Lane Over thirty years of imprisonment have left Stan Blythe a hollow, withered old man with nothing to look forward to but that next cigarette. Will the next be his last?

But then the owner comes home. Last Embrace by MJ Hermanny A loving, elderly couple cannot bear to be parted and take matters into their hands with disastrous results. The Last Footage by Dominik Kapus An 11 year old has the ability to cut a scene from his future everyday, but things turn ugly after he accidentally creates his death scene.

The Last Interview by F. Lagrate In today's chaotic business world, an interview is often difficult to arrange and even more difficult to survive. Last Meat by Tony Campbell A distraught mother in a lawless town avenges the deaths of her husband and son.

Last October by Javier Torregrosa jayrex A confrontation leads to an unexpected conclusion. Max is having nightmares while Jill is sure the fault doesn't sit with her. Where does the problem lie? Last Will by Richard Russell When the last straw falls, an old man decides his own fate. Leave Revenge Up To God by Kenney Ponsaert Kenney P A man, Phil, relives some of his darkest moments in childhood as he sees the man responsible, in a casket before him, ready to be cremated.

Legal Precedent by Sean Chipman mr. Leo by Matthew Szewczyk A butcher's assistant in a small mid-western town keeps a secret which affects his boss and the woman he loves. What could possibly go wrong? Leona hatches a clever scheme to ensure he never hurts her or anyone else again. Les Jours in Journey by Zara Embark on the travels of four unique individuals that don't seem too different once you realise Let Go by Johann Vernillet A dead young man named Adam cannot move on in the afterlife because he still believes that his little sister is still alive so he goes after her with his best friend Jake.

Let's Make a Deal by Reginald Beltran kingcooky For ten dollars and a business suit, a man sells a cherished item to a pawn broker who in turn sells it to an unhappy woman. The Letter by Khamanna Isdandarova khamanna A girl reads her mother a letter that explains why she refused a therapy.

Life by Samuel Theodros A fearful young man finally takes a chance. Quite explicit in language and violence. Do not we all fight the inner violence? Life Goes On by Simon K. Parker skp Her ex-husband has come back for his one year old son, she doesn't want to let him go, but knows her ex-husband can give him a life that she cannot. Life Goes On by Roofdweller Two brothers try to come to terms with their mother leaving them in the care of their drunk father so that she can start her new family.

Life is Good by Tony Dionisio A phone operator at a suicide prevention hotline becomes overwhelmed when three desperate people all call at the same time. Life Lessons by Margaret Avnet A father decides to teach his sons some life lessons in his last will and testament. Life of Excess by Jonathan Camp Beautiful woman seduces, exploits, and destroys every man in her path and leaves with self loathing in her wake.

What transpires will mark both their lives. Life's A Lottery by Sean Blackburne A short tale about a homeless mans turn of fortunes as he unknowingly finds a winning lottery ticket 7 pages Short, Drama pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board. Life's Better by Marcus "BOZ" Walton Attempting to land a job can be a tough task, especially when a common foe holds the key to your employment.

Liftside Shots by Gillain Fu gigifufu A lift ride is not always what you expect it to be The Light in the Water by Steven Wood During a late night fishing trip, two friends catch morw than they could have ever expected. Lighters and Cigarettes by Samuel Theodros A neo-noir film that links two men through the exchange of a lighter.

Listeners by Steve Meredith At the U. Steve Culver and Amy Fitch spend most of their nights listening to the silence of deep space. That monotony changes however, when a signal is picked up by the facility's satellites orbiting Earth. The Living by Chris Marsh After losing his job, Ray busies himself investigating his neighbor's suicide. As the mystery deepens, he befriends the dead man's widow but his own identity slips away in the process.

Living the Lie by George Willson tubkas A man reels from the discovery of a wife's long hidden secret. Loca by Ashley Lopez A crazy woman is set on regaining the love of her ex-husband and has a crazy idea on how to do so. Lockdown by Scot Zolkoske School lockdown drills are common, but what happens if it turns out to be real?

What happens when a teacher's worst nightmare comes true? The Long Road North by Joshua O'Neill dreamlogic An author suffering from writers block travels through the remote Australian countryside in search for inspiration. What he finds is far more chilling.

Look Beyond by Steve Burton steveb An original glass framed photograph as a gift to a neighbor-friend is severely damaged, followed by a lie about how it happened. Creativity respect is confronted. Wether it is the right one, is up to you Short, Drama htm format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board. Loopy Aussie by D. Jett A father calls on his son to resolve a delicate family affair in a most forceful manner.

Loose Ends by Ray Barbosa rbsource68 A corrupt cop, a partner murdered and a son who will stop at nothing to find justice 21 pages Short, Drama pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board. Lost and Found by Nicholas Carlton nwc Whilst camping, two young men come across a time capsule with documents and memorabilia 60 years old. Through examining the items they reflect on their own lives and dreams.

Lost and Found by Jimmy Dean A young boy tries to console his mother after she loses her phone, which had great sentimental value to her. Lost Pond by Nathan Ryan When your public persona is at odds with the private; A story of growing up and feeling different. Love and Debt by Dena Mckinnon pale yellow In financial ruin, after a devastating divorce, a young woman finds herself falling in love with the collector who's been hounding her all along.

Love Paints by Inno Katz Limbani, a failed seminarian, joins replaces Simbani a dead selected student to college, falls in love with Zangose who gets him killed by merchant. Love Slugs by Keypecker A young man pays the ultimate price for love.

A Loving Bond by Jamie Press After a family's loyal dog goes missing, they do all they can to locate him. Just wen all hope seems lost, they can only hope for a miracle. Loving Bubi by Leonardo Amato Based on the novel by Marco Santagata, the film tells the story of Fabio Cantoni, professor of Italian literature, who recalls memories of a past love during a lecture at the University of Geneva.

Low Profile by Simon Parker Forgetting her parents wedding anniversary a girl with a broken arm turns to her brother for help. Lucifer by Marcus Tan Good doesn't even triumph over evil. Make It Through Today by Charles Anderson A man with a mental illness spends his final day with his son before completely succumbing to his disease.

Makeup by Tom Levesque During the Occupy movement of , a young homeless girl begins to question her sexuality and place in the world. However, they fail to take into account the love the women have for each other and the innate ferocious defensiveness of a Mama Bear. A Man Dies by Chris Shalom Heretic writing as Anonymous A technophobe confronts his fear of the privately owned "UtiliCabs" that have become a staple of urban transportation.

Man Overboard by Adrian Tullberg Two executives hatch a plot. Man Watcher by Anthony Hudson alffy A man wakes to find a stranger in the room. Who is he and what does he want? Managing Payne by Barry Katz Based on true events, a workaholic risks his job for an employee while news of his son's illness leaves him questioning the price of success.

Manipulating Life by Joseph Cahill Professor Sproul attempts to rid the world of his greatest creation. The Mansour Circle Incident by Ray Bombs, directives, money, training, contracts, protocol, friends, deals, guns, trades, grenades, subterfuge, shots fired, plans three layers deep, maps, late night phone calls, blood, memorandums, deaths, judges, clean, prosecutors, dirty, investigators, patriots and justice for all.

There's so much error and deception in so few pages there isn't room for any sex. Well, there is the "finger" remark. A young African American woman deals with a vision syndrome,negative stereotypes,and love. She is a strong blue collar type,that wants a better life for herself and small child.

Marvin and Me by Steve Miles Haunted by his past, a man sets out to keep his word. Master Work by Nancy Rios In a time when the catholic church outlaws the heretical craft of alchemy, one french monk find comfort in writing the true ambitions of alchemy on paper. Parker skp The arrival of an exotic dancer will force a young man to question the life he thought he wanted to build with his girlfriend.

Medina An arduous discovery drives a distressed man to take drastic measures. Meat by Robbie Hardy A short character study, looking at the relationship between a psychopathic father and his young son. Meeting Death by James Barron A dying cancer patient meets the Grim Reaper himself and must fight for every last breath. Meeting The Other Woman by David Lambertson eldave1 writing as Anonymous A wife discovers something important about her own life when she finally meets the other woman.

Memoirs of a Father Figure by Andrew Mangum A recount of a father's lost love and his fear of attatchment. Memories by Michel J. Duthin Sometimes dramas are buried deeper than we think. Menace by August Tsutsumi Two vigilantes dig up and expose evidence on criminals whom have not been arrested. When one is killed by a group of these criminals, his partner and successor hunts them all down.

A young runaway gets into trouble at a roadside diner. Mercy by Mark Moore irish eyes An ailing elderly man and his loving wife revisit defining moments in his past. Metro by Deidre The relationship between a mother and daghter is explored and intertwined with their daily journey's on the metro. Michael Lee's The Session by Michael Lee If loneliness justifies an affair does an affair justify attempted suicide or does infanticide better justify attempted suicide?

Outlaws by Justin Swartz A group of unsavory outlaws battle over a saddlebag filled with cash in the Old West. Million Dollar Idea by Richard F. Russell A high school boy thinks he has an idea for a million Internet hits. Miscreant by Ethan Simiana Doc and Johnny work for small time crook Red Walker, ripping off other crooks for drugs and cash.

But when they screw over the wrong people, things start to go downward. Misery Loves Company by James McClung A contract killer's past demons come to roost when her latest client calls off a hit on an adulterous husband. Missing by Eric Hansen Inquiringmind A middle age woman handing out missing girl posters is mugged by a gang of teens. Mississippi Exchange by M Moses A mentally slow white boy in 's Mississippi befriends a community of blacks in the small town of Falkner.

Evening finds Hollis Ray in the backwoods at a local juke joint where he exchanges reading lessons in order to learn how to dance. With color not an issue, the relationship between the boy and the joint patrons has flourished, until one night a wanted man brings the local law and unwanted attention to the events taking place at Sweetly's juke joint.

Freemont's Proposition by Jeffrey Bruno jeffjb91 Wanda's life is hopelessly controlled by her pimp. That is, until Mr. Freemont offers her a way out. Mo and Claire by Fausto Lucignani A woman refrains from espousing xenophobia but she can't avoid the consequences of her decision. House rooms, hospital room, five adults and a child Moment of Silence by Ondric Donelson A single mother tries to connect with her troubled son.

Because Momma knows best. Mommy Loves You by Richard F. Russell A woman takes a baby to the airport. Moments that transcends time. Every persons own private literature. A link that connects the past, determines the present, and contributes to our future. Monique by Richard F.

Russell A man finds the perfect phone app--or does he? Moods by Michael A young boy deals with having a mentally unstable mother. Mountain City by John Robbins writing as After the tragic death of his mother, a city boy is forced to live with his estranged father in the hills of Tennessee. The Move by Nikita Zvyagintsev A short screenplay about how people talking too much BS when they should be doing work.

Mr James by Stephen Brown A school teacher faces a disciplinary hearing after an altercation with a student Short, Drama pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board. Gavin by Matthew Sanders On the eve of the biggest day of her life, a bride-to-be reconnects with an old friend.

Ms Dependable by Calvin Walker A woman known for getting it done is left with her hands tied when her sister turns ill. Murder by Ryan Worrall A detective's Sister gets murdered, and now he has to find the killer. Murder and Love by Maurice Vaughan screenwriter reese A 's mobster is interrogated by his ex-wife who's a police detective for the murder of another mobster.

Murderer by Mark Ndlovu A man in black tries to force his way into the house of a young woman. Music To My Ears by Bradley Kominsky One man's appreciation for his music proves to be stronger for him than for others. Mustard by Doug Keeling A beautiful former cocaine addict relapses and must come up with an excuse to tell her daughter.

My Dog by Simon Parker It's the end of the world, three friends are hiding out in a cabin with a small dog. Two of them want to eat the dog, but his owner swears he'll never let that happen. My Favorite Composer by Rodrigo Baumgartner Ayres Ivan 'The Composer' faces a creative crises and puts in jeopardy both his personal and professional live. In fact he considers it home.

His mood swings across the spectrum of emotions. For most of the time the dialogue is punctuated with him drinking from a bottle of whisky concealed in a paper bag. In the main John is a sensitive, intelligent and articulate man but alcohol creates rapid mood swings. On the grass next to the bench are his worldly possessions: When he takes his shoes off his socks reveal more holes than material.

My Imaginary Friend by Warren Duncan A young girl escapes the reality of her abusive father with the help of an imaginary friend. My Inferno by Christopher West thesecond Love gained, love lost. My Life by Robert M. Lyons A year in the life of a young man in the car business in the 's in Chicagoland. My Propeller by Zaim Oneeb How far will someone go to get their next fix?

A tale of desperation and mental deterioration as Amanda struggles to cope with her addiction. My Youth by Sylvia Group of teenagers battle with the grief of growing up. Need by Curtis Rainey ambitioniskey A young woman craves love, but as her story plays out from present to past, tragic events warp her view of what the word really means.

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Addicted by Cristian Nicolae The story of two young cousins who deal with drugs. It only ended when Stephen got up from his desk and physically forced the first row of the audience to sit down. Harassing about how useless their attempts at helping are. The bandstand looked lovely from where I sat and I shall return to see the tulips in bloom. He has similarly extensive bits about ketchup and bacon, and he lampshades it continually with these little sotto-voiced asides designed to mimic an audience member's reaction to the fact that he's gotten twenty minutes of material out of bacon. A Grade II listed building, which reportedly is graced by a poltergeist, is believed to have provided various services to the public including serving ale from with its name taken from adjoining grocers, although it didn't become a fully fledged inn until

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The Long Road North by Joshua O'Neill dreamlogic An author suffering from writers block travels through the remote Australian countryside in search for inspiration. Do not give out any personal information to anyone, no matter how much you think you can trust them.

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