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So, moving him on from the team was perhaps no bad thing. Evaluate and repeat as necessary. Has the drive and courage to overcome obstacles. What might Belbin Team Role Theory have to say about our ghost chasing, haunted house exploring, villain catching crew? Several areas were mentioned: All members meeting criteria will have the opportunity to hunt these powerline stands on a rotating schedule each year. Listens and averts friction, Fred Jones The leader of the gangthe voice of authority with a very grounded and practical approach.

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Lou Markos, lmarkos HBU. Louis Markos Thursdays, 8: Class will not meet on Thursday, March 31st Dr. Can be checked out at Moody Library front desk. Campus Outreach Tyler Clark Tuesdays, 8: Leadership consists of more than attendance, service, participation and management.

All work must be turned in by the Monday of the last full week of classes in order to receive your 20 CLW Credits. One of the greatest ways that we can know God is through prayer. The Prayer Team takes this opportunity for growth seriously as they provide ministry for our campus through See You at the Pole, National Day of Prayer, regular prayer meetings, the organization of campus-wide prayer walks, and much more.

The purpose is to provide opportunities and encourage students to be involved in intercession on campus through community prayer activities. Prayer is a journey with God come and join us on this journey! Jesus said we should always pray, and we are to preach the gospel. Prayer and Evangelism are vital disciplines to the Christian Faith.

At HBU, we encourage and provide opportunities for you to pray and to share the Good News in group settings and with individuals. Prayer Walks Dates and times vary. For more information, contact skahleh HBU. Hatton Chapel in the Hodo Residence College can also be used for prayer. No CLW credit given for usage.

A student can receive 2 credits in section B per the following exhibits:. For more information, please contact Dr. Diana Severance at For more information about these opportunities and more, contact the Spiritual Life Office. Attendance and Tracking A representative designated by the Spiritual Life Office will be available at approved events to record attendance.

A student may only sign in twice per semester at Convocation. Participants do not receive credit when they arrive late, leave early, fail to sign-in or scan-in, or distract someone else from participating. In the case of a discrepancy in the student CLW record, changes in credit can only be done for the semester prior to the request.

Petitions Policy No petitions are accepted requesting a decrease in credit requirement. Convocation Convocation is considered the equivalent of chapel on other campuses. Other components of this leadership opportunity include: An initial written proposal An on-site supervisor and accountability group A final reflection paper. All work must be turned in by the designated deadline s by the end of the semester of service.

I recently ran a training course on Conflict Management for a great group of Customer Service Professionals.

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We talked about many different topics; personal reactions to conflict, assertiveness techniques, conflict management tools, real-life conflict situations and different strategies for handling these. The TA model considers that people are a collection of behavioural patterns developed over time.

It also suggests that the way we behave will elicit different responses in others. The natural child the natural child wants us to do things just because it wants to. However natural child behaviour is not willfully disruptive to others nor destructive to the environment.

It is about pure child-like emotion; laughter, tears, creativity, curiosity, mischief and fun. The rebellious child when people are in this ego state they are not likely to listen to anyone who tells them what to do. If they are communicated to in this manner, they are likely to become disruptive and rebellious. This rebellion may be open, for example, by being very negative or, more subtly, by being sarcastic, obstructive or by procrastinating when someone asks them to do something.

When some individuals are being driven by the rebellious child, they may not be prepared to do anything an authority figure asks them to do, even if it makes logical sense! The adapted child another type of child behaviour is excessive goodness. Individuals in this ego state are so eager to please others that they may be willing to do almost anything.

This type of behaviour can be difficult for the person experiencing it as, although they will do all they can to please, they may still feel like disagreeing or disobeying from time to time but will be likely to suppress their own needs and keep the hurt. This may lead to feelings of anger and resentment. The Nurturing Parent this is all about caring and understanding about other people.

The nurturing parent does not put people down or make them feel bad. The Critical Parent this is a judgmental pattern of behaviour. Individuals with a strong critical parent are often as hard on themselves as they are on other people. If the critical parent behavioural style is used, this may, for example, elicit a rebellious child response from the other person unless they have a very strong adult-style.

The Adult the adult is based on what we have learned. Its job is to take the emotional content of the child and the value laden content of the parent and check it out with the reality of the outside world. Adult to adult interactions are calm, logical, polite, consistent, assertive rather than aggressive and involve asking rather than telling.

Using an adult style is more likely to elicit these behaviours in return. How well developed is your adult? How do you behave as an employee or as a manager? Is that rebellious child or critical parent making too many appearances? And by a lot, I mean more than 20, Personal summary In my opinion, you should always start your CV with a strong personal summary that encapsulates what you can offer.

Achievements I read too many CVs and again, I mean way too many! But we are not quite there yet on perfecting our achievement statement. The key to a good achievement statement is the CAR formula: What was the challenge? What was your involvement? What did you do? In your opening statement, reflect exactly what the hiring company are looking for in the role make sure you sound like the perfect candidate for each and every role by customising your profile to suit.

Use your achievements to to sell yourself as the ideal candidate. Talk about the amazing work you delivered and the impact you have made. Let me offer some of my Scooby thoughts; Size according to Belbin Team Role Theory , the optimum team size is between 4 and 6 people. Listens and averts friction, Fred Jones The leader of the gangthe voice of authority with a very grounded and practical approach.

Daphne Blake Outgoing, charming and communicative, with an eye on the bigger picture objectives. Delegates effectively Velma Dinkley The analytical and detail expertfull of left brain logic, with an underlying hint of OCD thrown in for good measure. But what about team performance? What lessons can we take learn from this?

The office move will take place as soon as the building is open, scheduled for early June Looking forward to greeting our first visitors very soon, for a coffee and a catch up. Campbell Urquhart Managing Director. We recently asked a sample of our clients what their key challenge was at present.

We received a variety of responses but there was a theme running through many of the comments; what can be done to re-energise the business following or is it still during? Several areas were mentioned: Re-building trust within the organisation Presenteeism: People being there in body but not in spirit. They may have switched off and, under other circumstances, they would have found another role but, in the current climate, there are not many job opportunities so they may feel stuck, resentful and frustrated.

The motivation of the survivors left in the business dropping as they buckle under the weight of absorbing additional responsibilities. Here are a few simple steps to consider: Try to draw a line in the sand about what may have gone before. It can be destructive and time-consuming to keep dredging up the past and going back over well-trodden ground.

Feedback to employees the steps you have taken. Evaluate and repeat as necessary. Communicate as honestly and openly as you can about the present and the future. Ask the person what could have been done better. Analyse the alternative skills which would be required to improve this. Any evaluation or review? The English language has around 1,, words.

We need a more contemporary reimagining of our holistic asset resources. At base level, this just comes down to integrated relative paradigm shifts. We need to get on-message about our responsive asset programming My organisation believes in systemised strategic contingencies.

So, what did I learn about customer service from him? My dad was a real extravert; a goatee-bearded, larger-than-life, joke-telling, karaoke-singing, watercolour-painting character. He was entirely himself, always. Take a genuine interest in your customers. It seemed that my dad knew the story of everyone in town! He knew who was related to whom, what their previous jobs had been and who was ill or bereaved.

But, then again, he never really was an old guy. He could, perhaps, have charged more but he preferred to keep his prices competitive so that his customers would keep coming. Get out of your comfort zone to provide great service. My dad was dauntedbut created an amazing Mohican! Dad had tried something different and his years of experience had paid off!

Enjoy what you do. If you love what you do it will come across and the customer experience will be all the better for it. My dad was content; a rare thing in this age of discontent and aspiration. He loved his job and his customers. He loved to chat, to sing and to regale them with his stories and jokes which is why he continued to work long after most people have retired.

Take pride in what you do. My dad took pride in every haircut he did right to the end. My dad was grateful for, and valued, every customer who entered his shop. Let me give you an example; I have recently been providing 1 to 1 outplacement support for a Director of a large Oil Operator. Management of annual budget.

Into this; Proactive leadership and management of all offshore core maintenance and maintenance project workscopes including Safety Critical Equipment availability. Highlights included elimination of Safety Critical PM Backlog, reducing more than outstanding jobs to zero. The three behavioural patterns: It can be illuminating to reflect on our own behavioural patterns; How well developed is your adult?

Staff Retention the team have worked very well together, without any change, for almost 50 years apart from a short-term addition to the team, Scrappy Doo. Get out of your comfort zone to provide great service. Use your achievements to to sell yourself as the ideal candidate.


Its job is to take the emotional content of the child and the value laden content of the parent and check it out with the reality of the outside world. Diana Severance at It is understandable that, following a period of uncertainty and cost-cutting, trust and morale is likely to drop significantly. My dad was dauntedbut created an amazing Mohican! Achievements I read too many CVs and again, I mean way too many! I recently ran a training course on Conflict Management for a great group of Customer Service Professionals.

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