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Simeon also appears in GTA Online offering missions to the player. When the Triads are looking for a meth supplier, Trevor's associate Ron contacts the Triads and invites them to tour the operation. Trevor has a particular dislike for bikers and is currently at war with The Lost motorcycle gang. Mobster Aliases: Trevor is a subhuman maniac with a history of severe aggression and violence. Grand Theft Auto V ? Michal Sinnott.

Other Characters

Michael is a retired bank robber, while Trevor is a former military pilot and associate of Michael, while Franklin - the youngest of the three - works at a luxury car dealership. Read more about them, and the other main characters, below. Michael is a retired bank robber who moved to the west coast to escape his past and start a new life.

However, Michael misses the thrill of the criminal lifestyle, and this - together with his dysfunctional family life - causes Michael to return to old ways. Trevor once trained as a military pilot, but was discharged as mentally unfit. Trevor is a subhuman maniac with a history of severe aggression and violence. He did some bank jobs with Michael De Santa and Brad Snider in North Yankton, and was led to believe that Michael died after taking a bullet during a failed heist.

Trevor has a particular dislike for bikers and is currently at war with The Lost motorcycle gang. Franklin is a gang-banger from South Los Santos with aspirations to make it big. He recognizes that the glory days - if there ever were glory days of gang banging - have long since passed, and that he must escape the hood life to satisfy his ambitions.

At the start of the game, Franklin does odd jobs with his friend Lamar for an Armenian car dealer called Simeon Yetarian. However, he soon crosses paths with Michael De Santa during a failed repossession of his son's car. Impressed with Franklin's potential to make money, Michael employs him for various jobs. Computer Hacker, Heist Planner Aliases: Friend Request Last Appearance: Final Mission Voiced By: Jay Klaitz.

Lester has an unspecified wasting disease and walks with a cane. He is the brains behind the heists that the team pulls off; researching options, establishing plans and presenting them to the team. Repossession Agent, Gang Banger Aliases: Franklin and Lamar Last Appearance: Gerald "Slink" Johnson.

Lamar is Franklin's best friend, the two having grown up together in the Strawberry district of Los Santos. While Franklin recognizes that the glory days of gang banging are over, Lamar is very much stuck in the past and does not share Franklin's desire to get out of the hood. Lamar and Franklin are both affiliated with The Families, and they both work for Simeon Yetarian at his luxury car dealership doing repo jobs.

He owns a dog called Chop. FIB Agent Aliases: Three's Company Last Appearance: Robert Bogue. Haines is highly corrupt and uses Michael, Trevor and Franklin to conduct his dirty work after becoming aware of the deal that Michael did with Haines' associate Dave Norton. Agent Haines is on a mission to undermine the FIB's rival, the International Affairs Agency, in order to secure more government funding.

He also hosts a TV show called Saints and Sinners: The Underbelly of Paradise , in which he reports on crime in the city. Prologue Last Appearance: Julian Gamble. Norton is corrupt and works under the equally corrupt Agent Steve Haines.

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In , Norton devised a plan with Michael Townley which involved faking Townley's death. Norton claimed credit for killing Townley, a notorious bank robber, in order to boost his own career.

In return, Norton helped Townley change his name to Michael De Santa and added him to the witness protection program. Norton becomes concerned when, 9 years later, Michael resumes his criminal career and attracts unwanted attention. If Michael is not careful, he risks exposing both himself and Agent Norton. By The Book Last Appearance: Jonathan Walker.

Weston is a shady billionaire entrepreneur with influence in high places, who owns, or part-owns, many companies in Los Santos. In return, Weston rewards the trio with business opportunities, but their relationship sours when Weston withholds payments and tries to shut down Richards Majestic studios, where Michael is producing a movie with Solomon Richards.

Like most billionaires, Devin has a massively inflated ego. Nervous Ron Affiliated With: Trevor Phillips First Appearance: Phillips Last Appearance: Derailed Voiced By: David Mogentale. Nervous Ron is a paranoid conspiracy theorist. Ron fears Trevor due to his unpredictable behavior and episodes of extreme aggression and violence. Ron hosts a radio show on Blaine County Talk radio where listeners call in and share conspiracy theories.

Like Trevor, Ron is a skilled pilot. Hang Ten Voiced By: Matthew Maher. Wade Hebert is a redneck hillbilly with an IQ lower than a baked potato. He is a friend and associate of Trevor Phillips, whom he first met in while buying drugs in Sandy Shores. Wade is terrified of Trevor, who takes advantage of his immaturity and gullibility.

Wade has a cousin called Floyd who resides in Los Santos with his girlfriend. Shipyard Worker Aliases: Wade Hebert First Appearance: Friends Reunited Last Appearance: Jimmy Ray Bennett. Floyd Hebert is the cousin of Wade Hebert. He lives with his girlfriend Debra in a condo in Vespucci Beach.

Trevor bullies Floyd into helping him rob the shipyard where he works. Housewife Aliases: Michael De Santa First Appearance: Meltdown Voiced By: Vicki Van Tassel. Like her husband, Amanda has a less than innocent past. She worked as a stripper and later as a prostitute. Amanda is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with her marriage to Michael, and resents him for having to leave her old life behind when Michael is placed in the witness protection program.

Early in the game, Michael discovers that Amanda is having an affair with the tennis instructor. Unemployed Aliases: J-Dog, Jizzle Affiliated With: Danny Tamberelli. Jimmy is Michael's fat, jobless, weed-smoking, FPS playing gamer son. Jimmy is a source of disappointment for Michael due to his apparent lack of ambition.

Jimmy shows no respect for his father, who is determined to see Jimmy try to make more of his life than he did. They struggle to connect. Early in the game, Jimmy angers Michael when he tries to sell Michael's yacht, without his permission, but instead it gets stolen by the buyers. Entertainer Aliases: Complications Last Appearance: Michal Sinnott.

She has aspirations to become a professional singer and dancer, and as such applies to be part of the Fame or Shame talent TV show. Tracey feels that Michael's overprotective fatherly instincts are preventing her from realizing her dreams. Michael has a sudden fit of rage whenever he sees his daughter in the company of men.

Car Dealer Aliases: Complications Voiced By: Come join us in chat! Look in the "Community" menu up top for the link. Follow us on twitter rule34paheal We now have a guide to finding the best version of an image to upload. Do Not Post pictures with the art thief watermark Fortnite-Porn.

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Carl Johnson 32? Grand Theft Auto IV 31? Denise Robinson 29? Franklin Clinton 16? Report an ad?

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Denise Clinton - Franklin's opinionated, pain-in-the-ass aunt. Michal Sinnott. Clay is one of Johnny's closest friends, and he moved to San Andreas along with the remaining members of The Lost.

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  • In , Norton devised a plan with Michael Townley which involved faking Townley's death.
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  • Source Filmmaker 37?
  • Like her husband, Amanda has a less than innocent past.
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  • They struggle to connect.

Trevor once trained as a military pilot, but was discharged as mentally unfit. Very afraid of Wei Cheng. Monkey Business Voiced By: Simeon Yetarian is a car dealer from Armenia whom Franklin and Lamar work for.

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