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Boss , Hardcore , Babysitter , Pov. Huntsville , the Master Detective tries to put an end to a variety of crimes in the little town of Huntsville. Except, Bunuel does so in a way that also champions his brand of intelligent French filmmaking. Grandmother of the main character Karin, she is approximately a year old vampire. XXX Tube. At the time the game takes place, she's 60 and still going strong. Cole Colegialas Colegialita Colita Collaboration Collage collar Collared collared blowjob collared slave collared teen Collee College college babe college blowjob college couple college creampie college dorm college girl college girlfriend college roommates college rules college sex party college slut college teen college teen couple Collegegirls Colleger collegerules collegerules.

Posted November 04, Journeyman Millwright Reducing harmful vehicle Reducing harmful vehicle emissions. Giving new life to used metals. Powering the cars of the future. As a global materials and technology group, we apply our specialist knowledge to offer materials and solutions that are essential to everyday life. Posted November 03, Kelvington Esso and Family Res Kelvington Esso and Family The scope of work is diverse and we require a multi-talented individual to be part of our busy team.

We maintain a strong commitment to Grandmother of the main character Karin, she is approximately a year old vampire. Physically, she is still a young adult, possibly even an older teenager, despite the fact that she's had one kid before named Henry, the father of Karin. To make things even more awkward, she is a near identical twin of Karin, her own granddaughter the difference being Karin inherited her mother's sizeable rack, which Elda comments on upon seeing her granddaughter for the first time as a teen.

She has an eagerness to fight and attitude befitting a teenager , which is somewhat appropriate. Still this makes things weird with her son Henry, who looks far older then she does. She is a perfect badass, fighting with insane physical strength and skill even among vampires, she is even said to be the most powerful vampire in all of Japan.

While indoors, she sometimes wears clothes befitting her matriarch status, but when she travels outside she sometimes wears a simple black shirt, shorts and sneakers, usually when she wants to kick someone's ass. No-one ever questions her orders. Keitaro's place at the Inn is secured by her word alone, even when the She-Woman Man-Hater's Club early on can't stand him.

Even at the end, when it is learned by Naru and Keitaro that she may have majorly set them up, it is just accepted without even mental comment. What she lacks in physical shape she doesn't leave the house often , she makes up in Magnificent Bastardry.

For example, she delibelately left around the pamphlet for a dinosaur exhibit in a mall, knowing that her own grandson will see it and go steal a dinosaur skull for his collection It is later revealed that before she was promoted, Corrado was an ace of the same elite training regiment that Nanoha worked hard to get into. Chiyo is a tiny, wrinkled old woman likely in her early 70s who retired from active duty after serving in several wars.

A specialist in poisons and combat puppets, she helped Sakura defeat her grandson, Sasori, and his army of super-powered puppets. Tsunade is in her mids but due to her special healing ability is physically much older. The only reason she looks young is due to a special genjutsu that hides her age, but she's still acknowledged as the most physically powerful of the Kages.

And please don't call her "grandma" unless you're Naruto, okay? One Piece Vice-Admiral Tsuru proves herself more than capable of dishing out punishment, despite her epithet being "Strategist". Kureha who doesn't hesitate to further injure her patients if they don't listen to her treatment plans. She is years young. Refer to any way she might be old and she will hurt you.

Big Mom of the Four Emperors. Not only is she powerful in her own right, but she's not afraid of sick her entire army on islands or even single individuals who upset her in some way. A somewhat more antagonistic version; Ranma generally goes to her for advice on the strange and unusual, but he prefers to avoid her otherwise.

Doubles as an Old Master.

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Sakae Jinnouchi in Summer Wars. When Love Machine starts causing havoc across Japan, she uses the web of connections that she's formed over 90 years to rouse people's spirits. Adding on to that, according to other members of the Jinnouchi clan, she personally screened a lot of Natsuki's potential boyfriends, and up until Kenji, every one of them was frightened off.

It gets better though. When she learns of the culprit behind Love Machine and that he is stood right in front of her , she snatches up a naginata and aims it right at him! This is one tough old lady, alright. Which deepens the impact of her death. Setsuno can easily make Your Head A-Splode , and has no trouble laying waste to tons of baddies even though she's over a hundred years old.

Heaven help you if you actually manage to piss her off. Chiyo's knife skills are so precise she will carve out your insides, leaving your shadow a skeleton even though you'll look fine otherwise. Genkai from YuYu Hakusho. She wins half a round of the Dark Tournament pretty much single-handedly Later in the series, she takes under her wing six C-class fighters Chuu, Rinku, Jin, Touya, Shishiwakamaru, and Suzuki and in months, trains them into upper A-class fighters.

To put into perspective, even Rinku, the youngest of the group, is magnitudes more powerful than Younger Toguro, an earlier Big Bad. And her star pupil, Yusuke? Her training pushed Yusuke to the power level required to resurrect himself as an S-class demon. Much like Roshi , Genkai breeds badass in spades. Also counts as a Badass Driver because she steers herself as a motorcycle.

She manages to go toe-to-toe with Polnareff's Silver Chariot and Hol Horse's Emperor albeit separately wielding nothing but a pair of scissors. And those achievements, at first anyway, barely even see her using her Stand, Justice, which can invade even tiny scratches with strings made of fog to turn its victims into either swiss cheese, People Puppets , or both, or the small army of walking corpses that Justice already controls.

She is pretty feisty for her age and always knows what she wants and how to get it. She has regularly beaten villains by sheer cunningness alone. May Parker is technical Peter Parker's aunt the wife of his dad's oldest brother and not his grandmother, but in most continuities, she's portrayed as being practically old enough to be his grandmotherand, on at least one occasion, has scared the bejeezus out of a villain who was after Petey.

Jameson's response to Peter was basically, "You can have your job back, and please never make me talk to your aunt again. And in another storyline, when the Vulture broke into their house and threatened them with a gun, after Peter managed to disarm him of it trying hard not to show his full strength and give his identity away she picked the weapon up and pointed it at the criminal, and ordered him to leave.

She's also taught Wolverine , of all people to respect her. Then there is this Despite suffering from myasthenia gravis and thus being confined to a life-support system designed to look like a spider's web , she's still an extremely powerful mutant whose psychic abilities are respected and admired by heroes and villains alike. Other incarnations make her even more powerfulin the animated series, Madame Web was a Reality Warper extraordinaire who proved to be one of the only people that Spider-Man couldn't out-snark ; she was voiced by real-life Cool Old Lady Joan B.

Lee yes, Stan Lee's wife. Shattered Dimensions , she is able to communicate across different realities, teach all of the Spider-Men about their respective powers, psychically restrain the symbiote bound to Ultimate Spider-Man, and, in the end, summon the four Spider-Men to Mysterio's pocket dimension for the final battle.

One of the X-Men 's most dangerous foes, Cassandra Nova, a "little old lady" whose telepathic powers rival that of Charles Xavier himself but whose intentions and goals are far from honourable. Among the ranks of the New Gods , one Granny Goodness is not a woman to be trifled with. She may look like an old lady, but she's been training soldiers for Darkseid at her " orphanages " for who knows how long, and is stronger, faster and tougher than any normal human.

She is the Apokolips Goddess of Child Abuse, after all. Gran'ma Ben of Bone. Also a Retired Badass. In Piranha Club , Enos mother-in-law is a frail little old lady She swept the floor with Mike Tyson once. She rides a motorbike, and causes at least as much trouble as her grandson possibly more, since Dennis's Dad can't do anything about it.

As seen in one comic: I'm off to help my nan. Oh, is she ill? Nah, she just needs a hand training the SAS today. The Quirky Miniboss Squad has Mireyes , whose age and main ability fortune telling throw people's expectations off when she turns out to be very dangerous, her ability translating into Combat Clairvoyance.

Tachimany also has the ability to turn into three old women. On the good side of things, the Elder of the Garden of Days has done a lot more in the brief page-time she's gotten than her ca non and male counterparts ever did. They may have felt the need to step aside for successors , but their Elemental Powers still make them formidable in a fight.

The Powers of Harmony: Granny Smith was apparently quite the fighter in her younger years, and hasn't lost her touch, judging by the part she plays in the first fight with Eclipse. Hurting Trixie in front of her is not a good idea as Checker's chauffeurs found out the hard way, ending up hanging upside down from a tree tied up in their own harness.

According to Word of God , she's also a Master of Illusion thanks to spending most of her life learning theater magic her special talent. Archmage Clover the Clever. Even though she died in the attempt she still sent it packing with its tail between its legs.

In Child of the Storm , Frigga is more implied to be this than anything else, being a lovely, motherly lady who nonetheless has a will of solid adamantium. She's also the one who taught Loki most of what he knows about magic, and is a match for her husband Odin in some areas. Then in the sequel, when her grandson has a run-in with the Red Room, who turn him into the new Winter Soldier, the Red Son, she responds by - with her husband - unleashing The Scourge of God on the entirety of Russia.

Alison Carter is a lovely grandma to Carol Danvers, happily cooing over Tony's newborn daughter, Ada. Tyrant Fairy Floss of Ovarn is a diminutive, elderly ewe that fits every outward sign of the Granny Classic down to the serene expression and pince-nez glasses. As she herself says, "Don't get cruel with an old lady who could assassinate you in seven different ways before the week was out, dear.

In the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty , the fairy godmothers Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather, are very old and very round. But with their powers of flight and offensive spellcasting, they actually see more action than the prince. Nana, the old woman from Madagascar. She only has a couple of scenes in the first movie, where she kicks Alex in the crotch while shouting "Bad kitty!

Although she is short, old, and her hands shake, the nanny from The Thief and the Cobbler is probably the most formidable good guy in the movie. As seen by the part, left in most cuts, where she restrains the thief from stealing her golden-yellow bananas With all this Matrix dancing, haz-mat fun and "Granny wins by a landslide! Granny is also a champion cage wrestler, amongst other things.

They may not have grandkids, but The Triplets of Belleville definitely get a place here. The main character, Madame Souza, is a grandmother, and earns Never Mess With Granny status by being a Determinator who takes on The Mafia with the help of the eponymous triplets to rescue her kidnapped grandson Champion. Ratatouille 's old lady.

See rat, grab shotgun , shoot up own home in disastrous yet badass attempt to kill it. The Land Before Time: Although it's Littlefoot's grandpa that does most of the fighting in the main series, his grandma has proven herself capable as well As the trope description says, Littlefoot's mother got it from somewhere.

Leopards live for seventeen years on average, with the record holder dying at twenty-four years old. So considering the fact that Sabor was already an adult when Tarzan was a baby and Tarzan appeared to be in his early twenties when he fought her, Sabor was very elderly for a leopard and still nearly defeated both Tarzan and Kerchak.

Mama Imelda in Coco. As the protagonist's great-great-grandmother who died at an elderly age, she's extremely old at the beginning of the movie, but she proves to be both the biggest obstacle to Miguel reaching his goals and, later, after they reconcile, she deals the most damage to the true villain, Ernesto de la Cruz.

Lillian in Shrek the Third breaks through two stone walls with her head and then helps Fiona and the princesses lead a revolt against Charmings coup. Since her daughter Fiona was pregnant at the time, she's a grandmother-to-be. Martha even stops an Axe-Crazy Bert Johnson with just a slap.

Don't screw with me , Bert. Streets aren't safe anymore. Can't even go to the market without meeting some punk In A Brother's Price , the Whistlers meet a woman who is the eldest of a family of very old women. She complains that she can't hit her sisters as hard if they mess up as she could before. When Eldest Whistler comments that she's sure the old woman can still hit very hard, the woman replies that it's not her own strength, that's as good as ever, it's just that her sisters break so easily now, so she has to be more careful.

Of course, the Whistler grandmothers, being ex-soldiers, are also grannies one doesn't want to mess with. In Island of the Aunts , there's an old mermaid, who deliberately puts herself at danger to help her daughter-in-law. As she puts it: She teaches hand-to-hand combat to the pages.

Some grandchildren need more raising than others, and I provide it. Terrible hazards of your ungodly profession? We have someone called Mrs Cake. If you got between her and the result she was committed to, you'd discover the single most deadliest human being on the planet was a ninja grandmother. A mugger attempts to steal an old lady's purse, but the old lady turns out to be a black belt in tae kwon do.

A Curb-Stomp Battle ensues that ends when the would-be mugger has his throat crushed via karate chop. She might be wheelchair bound and held prisoner in her own home by a man who wants to steal her heirloom, the titular vase, but her mind is still sharp and not to be underestimated. In the end, she gets her vengeance after months of being held captive by showing her captor the vase and a dozen exact replicas.

She feigns not knowing which is the true one and is no longer scared of his threats. So he cannot risk destroying any or selling the wrong one. Edith Bunker from All in the Family. One episode in particular: She gets away from the rapist to go take her baking out of the oven Granny Clampett of The Beverly Hillbillies.

None of them were wimps, but Granny was one of the toughest scrappers in the whole family. And you don't want her shooting at you, whether it's buckshot or rock-salt and bacon rind. Milburn Drysdale the banker found out the hard way in England Lucky for him, it was the rock-salt and bacon rind ammo! She manages to successfully interrogate a terrorist into near-pants-wetting fear when Sam and Fi couldn't break him, hides weaponry in her house, and successfully stalls and distracts a pair of government agents in order to help Michael escape, fully aware that they'll arrest her once they inevitably figure out she's protecting him.

When the normal standard of badass is made by ex-spies and bounty hunters and you're still considered badass, you deserve to be on this page. Grandma Ruth, Bill Adama's grandma. Initially she just appears as a Tauron traditionalist who wants her grandson to know the family roots and having a somewhat justified dislike towards Graystones.

Then you see her Ha'la'tha tattoos just as she is talking about "blood for blood" and you just know that she killed people. She's also somewhat terrifying. She claims that the dead never truly rest until they're avenged, for example. There's a reason that Joseph initially believed her when she said "Tauron children play jacks with the fingerbones of children who lose at jacks.

Meat cleaver to the back, and she's a retired hitman. Chuck has Mrs Winterbottom who when her home is invaded by mercenaries, fires her double-barrel shotgun at them and then proceeds to take a machine gun she has hidden in her coffee table and fire it from her living room window. When she is out of ammo, she "scuttles" her house using C4, a handgranade and her knitting supplies.

Supreme Badass Casey is perfectly happy to just follow her lead and reload for her. In "Basic Genealogy" , Britta learns the hard way not to get on Troy's grandmother's bad side. And she gets on grandma's bad side just by saying she must have been quite a looker. Troy hates and fears the woman and tried to warn Britta. Professor June Bauer in Anthropology seems like a kindly old anthropology teacher until you give an answer she doesn't like for the first project.

Then she shoots at you, knocks you down, and strangles you with a prehistoric superweapon, even if you're Joel McHale two heads taller than her and ripped. She showed signs of this earlier, as well, when Starburns makes a sexist remark turns out the Starburns make great targets for a blowgun.

On Corner Gas , Brent's mother Emma is shown to have immense physical strength. Her strength possibly comes from all of the gardening she does, carrying around heavy bags of fertilizer and such. In "Tooth and Claw" set in , Queen Victoria carries a pistol because of the several assassination attempts on her life. And she kills the evil monks' leader with it.

When her grandchildren express their surprise at how easily she takes out a criminal attacker, she flippantly tells them "you should've seen me when I had TWO good hips! The aforementioned Olenna Tyrell gets a lot more screentime than her book counterpart, which by all counts is a good thing since she's played by Diana Rigg.

Maege Mormont is one of the few females fighting alongside Northmen and leading a noble house. Sam and Carly once gave away a survival knife that used to belong to Sam's grandmother. Given Sam's known family except for her twin sister are all fittingly badass, this seems extremely fitting.

In MacGyver season five's Christmas episode, "The Madonna", an elderly bag lady whom Mac and Peter Thornton are helping turns out to be not only a fount of wisdom, but also turns around a troubled youth by hustling him at pool. Madame Gao, who was first introduced in Daredevil And again with Danny Rand, she taps him and sends him flying into a wall.

This gets cranked up to eleven in The Defenders, which shows that her telekinesis is strong enough to blast down doors and shift cars. Mama Mabel Stokes in Luke Cage Looks like an lovely old lady, but was also a ruthless crime boss who cuts off a punk's finger for selling drugs in her territory. On her first scene no less.

I grew up in the street. But the one name that always rang out was "Stokes". You needed a Thanksgiving turkey? Go see Mama Mabel Stokes. Your old man put his hands on you? See Mama Mabel Stokes and it would never, ever happen again. Stand back Superman , Iceman, Spider-Man. Batman and Robin too. Don't wanna cause a ruckus, but B. Baracus , have I got a match for you.

She makes them look like a bunch of fairies. She's got more bottle than United Dairies. Hang about Look out! Unusual in that Granny is not sympathetic; she goes on a killing rampage just because someone resisted her bullying. In Norse Mythology , Thor once faced Elli, the Anthropomorphic Personification of Old Age, who was in the form of an elderly nursemaid, in a wrestling match.

He puts up a good fight, but loses. Elli cannot be defeated because not even the Gods are immune to old age. In Classical Mythology , we have the Fates ; while they rarely manage to show it they prefer to watch , they did manage to defeat two giants on their own during the Gigantomachy.

The end-of-game match sequence for the Judge Dredd pinball has a shotgun-welding granny firing back at a gang of drive-by shooters. This is also the premise of Bally's Granny and the Gators , who apparently challenges alligators and hostile jungle natives for fun.

The tagline for this machine is even, "Are you spunky enough to keep up with Granny!?! Maggie from the Cool Kids Table game Small Magic is essentially a "grandma for hire", as she wanders the countryside helping young folks, cooking meals for the needy, and being generally kind to all. She can also decapitate a cockatrice in a single strike using her battle axe.

Her seventh, and final, Women's World Title reign, with the WWE, was in October of , 40 years after her first championship, when she was 76 years old. Mae Young , whose wrestling career began in the early s, is actively involved in WWE as of , having competed in several matches since reappearing in the WWE in Among her exploits, she was powerbombed off the stage through a table by Buh Buh Ray Dudley , appearing the next week on the program none the worse for wear.

A funny note is that before the show, Bubba was hesitant to actually go through with the stunt, so Mae started smacking him around and demanding he put her through the table "like a man. Then gave Bubba's hand a quick squeeze to let him know she wasn't hurt. In the mid 's wrestler Shelton Benjamin was given an on screen mother simply named "Momma Benjamin", portrayed on screen by comedian and actress Thea Vidale.

She would interfere and challenge other wrestlers on her son's behalf. The character was written out when Vidle had a medical condition and could not continue performing the role. During the late 's wrestling boom, a TV special "Exposing the secrets" of pro-wrestling was produced and shown on NBC networks.

In the show, they explain how crowd plants work by showing a character they named "Stunt Granny", an older woman. Legend has it that in the heyday of British wrestling, this trope applied to some audience members when they got ticked off with some of the wrestlers.

She has a scene where, confronting her son, Brian Aldridge, over his extra-marital affair with Sioban, she tells him "I ought to have you horse-whipped". She's more of a quiet badass really, as the fact she looked after her Alzheimer's-ridden husband for many years, over the protests of her family that she wasn't capable. Erin Tarn of the Rifts role-playing series. She's in her 60s and is the Coalition State's Public Enemy 1, simply because she spreads knowledge.

She's one of the few people in that world that is known around the world and across dimensions to be both respected and feared. This can be an attractive prospect to Min-Maxing players of mentally-oriented characters, or there are workarounds that grant the bonuses but not the penalties.

Never Mess with Granny if she's a Kobold, a Monk , a Druid, or any other form of high-level spellcaster. The crone statue in 4E's " Tomb of Horrors " qualifies. Warhammer has Morathi, the Hag Queen. She is over five thousand years old, maintains her attractiveness through regular blood sacrifices, seduced the first Phoenix King, masterminded her son's attempt on the Phoenix Throne that led to the great schism in the Elven people, and is a capable warrior and a powerful sorceress.

Who beat up a Daemon Prince that shredded her entire bodyguard and tried to capture her because he was jealous of her beauty. Fanservice , a wielder of Black Magic , and one of the setting's foremost Big Bads. If a Sister of Battle survives long enough, she pretty much becomes this. Granted, they don't often have kids, but. The Gathering , in one of its comedy sets, has a card named "Granny's Payback" whose art depicts an old lady slaughtering her way through a horde of people.

The card's Flavor Text: Why does a life-gaining card show an old lady killing people? We'll fix it in the flavor text. The weak here were slaughtered long ago. For a stroke victim who's well into her sixties, Gertie can hold her own pretty well. She fights off two escaped convicts with ease, and even manages to non-fatally stab one of them.

She also has what may be the foulest mouth of any of the characters, but her aphasia manages to censor out any actual swear words. The Fall of Max Payne , the eponymous protagonist is assaulted in his tenement house. His elderly neighbour blasts one of the assassins through her front entrance with a shotgun, and then gladly gives Payne her other one.

Guns of the Patriots. In her seventies, and she's still doing things on a motorbike that people half her age wouldn't dare attempt without Plot Armor. Look what it takes to KILL her! Fellow matriarch Aethyta is no commando, but she's had a thousand years to learn how to fight dirty.

It's implied that when she was a bartender at Eternity she doubled as the bouncer, and in one of the Shadow Broker's video files she's seen headbutting a Krogan. Matriarch Benezia is no slouch herself. Said to be a powerful biotic even by asari standards, she is very much That One Boss when Shepard has to fight her.

This explains a lot about Benezia and Aethyta's daughter. Aethyta's mother was also apparently an example. A former commando , she fought in the Krogan Rebellions , and married a krogan afterward. When she was a matriarch and he was pushing a thousand, he found out that they had fought on opposite sides of the Rebellions, and the two of them agreed to settle it with a duel. Said duel ended in a mutual kill.

On the non-asari side of things, there's Helena Blake, who, while perhaps not being a grandmother herself, is a woman probably old enough to qualify - she gets Shepard to go after two crime bosses, former partners of hers, and, if Shepard tries to arrest her, chooses to fight to the death rather than go to prison. If she's not persuaded to give up her criminal enterprise, she eventually joins up under Aria's banner on Omega, becoming an underboss for the unofficial queen of Omega.

In Mega Man Battle Network 4 , when two members of the Mafia try to beat up the old leader and take over, the screen goes dark, there are some sounds of fighting, and when the screen lights up again, the two Mafia members are K. Niime the Hermit from Fire Emblem: Referenced in Kingdom of Loathing: A little old lady is part of a list of scary tough guys.

The game points out that any little old lady who's so calm in such a rough neighborhood is someone you really don't want to mess with. Though a slight subversion in that her Wave Motion Gun is her only means of attack or defense; once you get past it, the fight's over. Regarding the monsters in Zanarkand, one of the Grannies quips "I've coughed up scarier things.

Gaia Online 's Agatha, while bereft of grandchildren, probably counts, considering the cutscene in zOMG! Olivia, also not quite a granny yet, might count if only for the fact that she eats her own cooking. It's a 1 v. And you have to fight a different version for each class. Occasionally the citizens that usually are only there to be killed brutally in the Grand Theft Auto series retaliate against the protagonist.

Ocassionally said citizen will just happen be a crippled old lady that will proceed to take you off her car and try to kick your ass. Wynne is a very kind old lady who appoints herself the position of Team Mom to the party. She is also an extremely formidable mage who can be given the Arcane Warrior specialization later on, turning her into a devastating Magic Knight at the cost of her normal role of being the premiere healer.

In the novel Asunder , set seven years after the Blight, Wynne holds the honorary title of "archmage", which means that she is pretty much up there with the First Enchanters in terms of magical power and it shows but not interested in politics. On the Evil side: Flemeth is the legendary Witch of the Wilds and is more a mythical being than she is an old lady.

She can also transform herself into a Dragon in an Bonus Boss battle if the player chooses to help save Morrigan from being potentially Body Snatched from her, and even then she'll survive that with hardly any problems. Flemeth not only survives it in Dragon Age II , she ends up looking better than she did in the first game while baking some darkspawn cookies!

The Super Granny franchise. Not only does Granny plonk her enemies with frying pans and run at super speed, she loves to sing Michael Jackson 's "Bad" as she does. Lokomo sage Anjean from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks happens to be this in a pure form. The lavender-haired, steam-powered Segway-riding old maiden releases the Spirit Train from its sleep at the least.

She also conjures the Lokomo Sword and a custom Phantom for Zelda, despite injuries sustained from fighting Byrne to a stalemate while you were out at the Fire Temple. She spends most of the game holding the Spirit Tower together to keep Malladus from entering the world completely. And she did it by herself. It doesn't exactly come as a shock to discover that under that she used to be a Sith, and hasn't exactly "seen the error of her ways" That's putting it mildly she all but slaps the player-character upside the head if they didn't think she was playing them all along.

Crumplebottom from the first two Sims games. She is a mean old lady who does not approve of public displays of affection. Kissing in public will invoke the unpredictable wrath of her ginormous handbag , unless you have the foresight to distract her with frothy mugs of fruit juice , or take your date to a bowling alley.

It's been suggested on a modder forum that made mods for the Pirates of the Caribbean game, that carrying cash should increase the chance that a player gets attacked on the streets, which in turn would lead to a big fight involving muggers, pirates, guards, and old ladies with broomsticks, who don't want to miss the fun. How serious this suggestion was, is anyone's guess. An odd one in House of the Dead: In the webgame Epic Mafia , one of the roles a player can get is "Granny".

If anyone tries to visit Granny during the night phase, Granny shoots them instead. New Vegas Lily Bowen was a kindly old grandmother before becoming a Nightkin. She's still like this somewhat when her Ax-Crazy " friend " Leo isn't behind the wheel. And don't tick off Old Lady Gibson. Not only does she have a pack of dogs, she also carries a unique sawed-off shotgun.

As it turns out, she was a former Enclave pilot. You, yourself, if you moved the age meter all the way to the right and gave yourself grey hair and be female, can play as a badass grandma. The Appointed Defender mission in Saints Row 2 has the judge of Johnny's trial, an old black woman, come after the player with a shotgun after the trial is broken up.

There was a small Shockwave game called EggDrop that involved the player standing at the top of a tall building dropping things like eggs, water balloons, etc. If a payload falls on a passing granny who walks rather slowly , she gets enraged and calls the police, which ends the level immediately. The 3D sequel takes this to hilarious extremes, you're in a multi-floored office building and if you nail her she proceeds to cuss you out then go up to where you are, knock you out with one swing of her cane and cuss you out some more!

Grandma Wahl in the worgen starting zone initially seems a senile old lady who makes you fetch her favorite book, clothes, and cat before she'll comply with orders to evacuate. When you're attacked on retrieving the cat, Grandma Wahl proves she's a senile old worgen lady and helps take out the enemy with a yell of "You do not mess with my kitty, you son of a mongrel!

Her crops are being attacked by undead ravens. However, she doesn't want you to go and kill them for her. Instead, she wants you to go out and mark them with a flare gun so she can shoot them down despite her failing eyesight.

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