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The land of Abruzzo and Molise , regions that were united administratively in the past, but which are today linked by a common history and by common natural scenery, is a land of landscapes, history, art, traditions and, above all, the beauties of nature which are here well-loved and protected. Here is a feast for the eyes and the heart, a few kilometers from the plains of the Emilia Romagna region, from the hills and mountains of the Marche, Abruzzo and Molise, and from the beaches to the east and west along the Adriatic with the Romagna region and the Tyrrhenian coasts, in an area of spas which includes some of the best-known Italian spa-resorts in the world, such as Salsomaggiore. Just a few minutes away, to the east, there is a spring pouring out waters which are particularly rich in valuable minerals, bicarbonates and sulphates. What a lovely place. Piemonte stretching out between the white mountains, the brown hills and the farmland on the plain; Valle D'Aosta dazzled by the splendor of the Alpine peaks, Lombardia with its lakes and cities, and Liguria, both gentle and harsh. It is mentioned in writings dating from 27 A. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers.

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Today, Salsomaggiore is a spa resort of European renown, elegant and refined, with pump-room buildings that are the very model for Italian spas such as the famous Berzieri Baths, with their characteristic Liberty architecture. Wellbeing of body and mind is guaranteed Info: Just four kilometers from Salsomaggiore, at Tabiano , a strongly mineralized, sulphurous-sulphate-calcium-magnesium cold spring gushes art, with a high content of bicarbonates and a very high content of hydrogen sulphate.

She was an expert connoisseur of spa waters, and, because of her delicate health, she and her family used to go to the most fashionable watering places. This area of spas is situated in the middle of the Parma countryside, a short distance from Busseto, the birthplace of Giuseppe Verdi Info: Going south west down the Apennine ridge of Toscana and Emilia, we come to Monticelli.

This is an ideal base for visiting the castles of the Parma area - places associated with Verdi and the lands of Matilde di Canossa. The Monticelli baths are set deep in a large park of conifers, an oasis of tranquility and well-being. There are two types of springs: The sulphurous water is used for inhalations atomizing and for treating rhinogenous deafness info: We leave the province of Parma - but not without mentioning the spa resort of Sant'Andrea Bagni - and go through the Modena province, where the resort of Sassuolo is worthy of note, and then come into the Bologna area.

One of the most important spa resorts here is Bologna itself. The city is unique in its talent for welcoming visitors to it, a metropolis of culture and high quality of life Bologna today stands out as the rich, modem capital of the Emilia Romagna region. IAT-, piazza Maggiore 6, Bologna, tei. The two best-known spas in the province, however are Castel San Pietro Terme and Porretta Terme , which offer the delights of a spa holiday at any time of the year.

Castel San Pietro is situated little more than twenty kilometers from Bologna , along the road to Imola. Its history is linked to an episode in the fourteenth century when it was the temporary seat of Bologna University , which was subject to a papal interdict. It was at this time that the therapeutic properties of its waters were discovered.

Legend has it that during an epidemic among flocks of livestock, some animals drank at a local spring and were cured of their infection. The water is used to treat all chronic inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract, as well as arthro-rheumatic and gynecological disorders.

The salso-bromo-iodic waters are also by far the most recommended for motory rehabilitation Info: There are plenty of spa resorts in Romagna , too. You can breathe in the balmy air, perfumed by the nearby woods and pure like the water that comes down from here to the Romagna riviera. The baths are a small miracle of nature. The meteoric water has been flowing underground for to years, heated by geothermal effect and picking up minerals that it obtains from the layers of rock it flows over.

Enriched with the health benefits that these give, the water is recommended for treating disorders of the upper and lower respiratory tracts, for rhinogenous deafness, and for urinary tract locomotive and female gynecological complaints Info: Another resort of significance inland in the Romagna region is Castrocaro.

It was already well-known in Roman times by the name of Salsubium i. Other beautiful spa resorts that deserve a mention are Riolo , in the fascinating countryside of the lower Senio valley, where the baths also have a centre specializing in treating illnesses of the ear, nose and throat Info: This is true in Cervia and in Punta Marina , in the Ravenna area, very near the San Vitale pine-forest, in Rimini , which specializes in sea water, sun and sand therapies, and in Riccione.

This town was popular with the Romans, and then developed further in the Middle Ages. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Riccione gained international fame, first of all as a tourist centre, and then as a spa centre, uniting the joys of the beach with the healing properties of the sulphurous-bromo-iodic waters that spring from tour sources situated in a pine forest just a few yards from the sea.

Alongside the actual baths which supplement the myriad opportunities for fun and entertainment in an area that is one of the best equipped in the world , there are highly popular beauty, fitness and relaxation programs in Riccione Info: IAT, piazzale Ceccarini 10, Riccione, tel.

I t is in the province of Siena , in the corner of Toscana between the Chiana and the Orcia valley, that the largest number of spa resorts in this region is concentrated. One of the best known resorts is Chianciano , known to Etruscans and rediscovered at the end of the eighteenth century, when Grand-Duke Peter Leopold of Toscana decided to put up large sums of money to build a real thermal baths.

The Chianciano waters spring out of four different sources with different mineral contents. There are, therefore, various therapeutic applications for these, although the treatments that have made Chianciano famous throughout the world are the mineral water cures for liver complaints. Traditional spa therapies, carried out in wonderful parks rich in Mediterranean vegetation, are today accompanied by a wide range of beauty and psycho-physical fitness programs Info: T, piazza Italia 67, Chianciano Terme, tei.

At Sant' Albino, just three kilometers from Chianciano in a setting of enormous interest from the point of view of culture and landscape, there is the Montepulciano spa, which uses the healing properties of water and mud that were discovered centuries ago. They are particularly recommended for various respiratory and ear, nose and throat disorders, and problems of the gynecological nature and the skin Info: A little further south, 20 kilometers from Chiusi and 27 from Chianciano Terme, we come to San Casciano Bagni , a picturesque town in a panoramic position on the slopes of the Cetona mountain.

San Casciano is situated among woods of oak and chestnut trees, and the visitor can see all the traces of its medieval origins.

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In this charming framework, 42 springs gush out, rich in sulphate-calcium-magnesium-fluoride mineral salts, which began to be exploited right back in the Middle Ages for therapeutic purposes.

Today, you can have a holiday here and keep fit with the mud-treatments available for rheumatic and articulation problems, and the therapies for the respiratory tract and for dermatological! Disorders of the urinary and digestive tracts are also treated Info: Other important resorts in this area are Bagno Vignoni , an age-old town on a plateau meters up, very popular in ancient times and then again in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance as a hearth resort, frequented by historical figures such as Saint Catherine of Siena and Lorenzo the Magnificent; there are also Bagni di Petriolo , Bagni San Filippo , Radicondoli , Rapolano Terme and Sarteano.

These are not all that Toscana has to offer for spa holidays, however. We should, first of all, remember Montecatini Terme , 15 kilometers from Pistoia , one of the European spa capitals, with its spa area covering , square meters and its seven treatment baths. The beneficial properties of the Mont ecatini spa waters have been sought-after since ancient times; they received official acknowledgement at the beginning of the fifteenth century and became popular at the time of Grand Duke Leopold I.

The spa waters come from a layer of water located at a depth of meters. During its journey to the surface, it picks up mineral salts and emerges on the surface bacteriologically pure; it can therefore be used without any treatment. Its therapeutic applications are very wide: In addition, the Montecatini waters are used for beauty treatment for the body and for general psychophysical well-being Info: Terme di Montecatini, viale Verdi 66, Montecatini Terme, tel.

They are located in the Massa Carrara province, in the middle of the area of Versilia - an area sheltered by the Apuan Alps. The sea in Toscana is an attraction that is difficult to resist Versilia is the best-known stretch of coastline with its 20 kilometers of beaches and its top-class events from the Carnival in Viareggio to the Puccini Opera Festival at Torre del Lago.

In the Livorno area, apart from Venturina , we should mention the spa at Portoferraio , on the island of Elba, well-known for the use of a sea mud with features very similar to those of the Black Sea, applied together with seaweed and sea water in special therapies for rheumatic disorders Info: In Pisa province, there is a delightful resort famous for its spa-tourism: Casciana Terme , highly recommended for illnesses of the cardio-circulatory system, of the lower limbs and diseases of the arteries Info: Pro Loco, piazza Garibaldi 9, Casciana Terme, tel.

In the Pistoia province, there is the resort of Monsummano Terme , in Valdinievole, famous for its spa treatment in caves, particularly recommended for disorders of the respiratory and osteoarticular systems Info: In the Grosseto province, in Southern Toscana , we come to Saturnia, a spa resort situated in a splendid natural setting in the middle of the Grosseto Maremma area.

With its sulphurous waters, this spa specializes in treating respiratory illnesses Info: The Marche are at the heart of the Italian Adriatic coast. This seashore extends for kilometers from the headland at Gabicce Mare to the Tronto estuary, with enchanting scenery and resorts rich in attractions for holiday-makers. The land of the Marche can offer an infinite variety of possibilities for an unforgettable holiday, which may be spent following the paths of its ancient, glorious history, whose traces can be found in the villages, castles and towns, not to mention the traditions of folklore and good food.

The mountains also meet the needs of winter sports enthusiasts. There are a large number of sporting and leisure activities to do in a wonderful environment that is all waiting there to be discovered. In the same way, there are spas, too, waiting to be discovered in this region. Along the Via Salaria, in a position overlooking the Tronto river, we come to Acquasanta with its baths that were already well-known in Roman times.

The waters gush out at a temperature of Acquasanta specializes in treating inflammations of the locomotive disorders Info: Pro Acquasanta Terme, tel. A small but important spa resort is San Vittore delle Chiuse , in the Genga area, near the famous Frasassi caves, well-known for the therapeutic properties of its sulphurous and slightly radioactive waters Info: Shrouded in gentle, ever-changing natural surroundings, this region seems to those who visit it for the first time like a magic picture in which medieval towns and hills blend one into the other with their infinite color-tones.

Umbria is known as the "green head of Italy ", and is also rich in folklore and age-old traditions, which combine with the spirituality of sacred places such as Assisi , Norcia and Cascia. Another feature of Umbria is its genuine, tasty, and, above all, simple food that harks back to the smells and colors of history. This land contains a huge cultural heritage, distributed throughout the whole area, and a vast number of natural sights of great charm, from the Marmore waterfall to Lake Trasimeno.

Even the earth is permeated with a dense network of underground passages, where the water flows and forms spectacular caves and lakes of enormous interest to speleologists, such as the ones on Mount Cucco , for instance. These waters can naturally be used for therapeutic purposes. The best-known resort is perhaps San Gemini , west of Terni, on the road to Todi; it is famous for its bicarbonate-calcic water, effective in treating digestive or bile disorders Info: There are also spas at Assisi , Acquasparta and Massa Martana.

When we say Lazio we inevitably think immediately of Rome. Rome is the capital of the Lazio region as well as being - as the ancient Latins would have said - the capital of the world. The region of Lazio stands up well in comparison, and is an amazing treasure-chest of art and history.

Lazio is a region of great charm, from the naturalistic and environmental point of view, with a great variety of landscapes and a long, exciting history that began even before the founding of the City of Rome. By far the best-known spa resort is Fiuggi , in the Frosinone province. It is mentioned in writings dating from 27 A.

The Fiuggi water is bottled and is wide ly on sale, but the best way to enjoy its benefits is to drink it directly from the spring, in an oasis of tranquil, green surroundings full of possibilities for leisure and culture Info: Another resort in the Ciociaria area is Ferentino , 13 kilometers from Frosinone. This town rich in its historical sites, dates to classical and medieval times.

There is a source of sulphurous-bicarbonate-calcic water with excellent therapeutic properties, recommended for rheumatic, respiratory, gynecological. At Tivoli , in the Rome area, the carbonic-sulphurous springs that gush out from the two lakes, Regina and Colonnella, are still called by the name that they had right back in ancient times: The waters are whitish in color because of the gassy emulsion which forms on their surface.

In the Roman era, this water was regarded as miraculous, able to cure all ills, and it is mentioned by Virgil in the Aeneid. The Tivoli water is particularly recommended for the treatment and prevention of inflammatory and allergies diseases of the respiratory system Info: The spa resort of Bagni di Viterbo , just outside the city of Viterbo , with its Etruscan origins, is also especially fascinating because of its past.

Popes came to be treated here in the Middle Ages, benefiting from the healing properties of its sulphurous-sulphate-bicarbonate-ferruginous water and the mineral muds that are produced in its springs Info: The land of Abruzzo and Molise , regions that were united administratively in the past, but which are today linked by a common history and by common natural scenery, is a land of landscapes, history, art, traditions and, above all, the beauties of nature which are here well-loved and protected.

This region holds a great fascination for everyone, but in particular it offers a vast range of possibilities and activities appealing to young people and to those who enjoy nature, the mountains, rivers and the gentle seashore. There is a vast range of holiday facilities here to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding tourist.

The idea of a holiday in this part of Italy is inseparably linked to the countryside and, in particular, to the nature parks in the area, the main one being the Abruzzo National Park. In this very special position between the Adriatic sea and the Apennine massifs, Abruzzo and Molise offer people seeking a spa-holiday a small but significant choice of resorts of considerable interest.

We must mention Caramanico Terme , inside the Maiella National Park at an altitude of meters, with its salubrious climate contributing to the effectiveness of treatments based on sulphurous mineral waters and medio-mineral waters Info: A crossroads for the history that has passed through here and left its traces, from Ancient Greece, to the civilization of the Arabs, and from Spain to the Normans.

Above all, it offers the splendor of nature, displayed in breathtaking scenery: In the midst of these marvels, there are spas that are famous throughout the world: Choosing to go to Southern Italy means diving into a unique world and finding a holiday where sun, sea and good health beat together in extraordinary harmony keeping fit on holiday.

I t is in Campania , against the extraordinary background of the island of Ischia , that the tourist has the chance to encounter one of the most important spa districts in Italy. Because of its complex volcanic origin, the island of Ischia has a hydrothermal heritage that is among the richest and most interesting in the world.

There are 69 fumaroles groups or fields and 29 hydrothermal wells, spouting "spontaneous emergences", scattered over the island's surface of around 42 square kilometers. This wealth of springs has made Ischia famous ever since ancient times. Strabo and Pliny often mention the therapeutic powers of the island's waters, in their writings.

The fame of the spas underwent various vicissitudes over the centuries: From then on, the popularity of the Ischia waters has gone on growing, supported by the ever more rigorous research carried out by scientists over the years. Ischia is now acknowledged as the European market leader among spa resorts: The treatments available on the island of Ischia are: While taking advantage of these, one can also have access to specific treatments such as massages and medical gymnastics, which make the salutary effects of the waters more effective.

Spa waters abound in all the island's resorts, in the same way and with the same characteristics, but they often have specific local properties. The oldest spa in Ischia is the one at Casamicciola. Nobles and wealthy people from all over Europe have come here to undergo treatments. The springs of the Casamicciola area are chlorine-sodium in type, and are recommended for arthritic illnesses, gynecological disorders and diseases of the respiratory tract.

The special feature of the water at Ischia Porto is its salso-sulphate composition, recommended for arthroses and gynecological disorders. Lacco Ameno , on the northern coast, offers the highest known radioactivity factor, due to the presence of radon. These waters are rich in sulphur, magnesium and sodium and are recommended in particular for gynecological disorders. Finally, the salso-bromo-iodic waters at Sant'Angelo-Serrara Fontana are especially recommended for metabolism disorders gout, diabetes and for some syndromes linked to obesity Info: Spa activity in Campania is not limited to Ischia, however.

Virtually the whole region has spa resorts and centers of excellent quality. Castellammare di Stabia , the ancient Stabiae destroyed in the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A. Twenty-eight springs supply a great variety of waters, covering almost the whole range of possible therapeutic uses Info: Pozzuoli , in the centre of the wide volcanic area of the Phlegraean Fields, was already known to the Romans, who used the sulphurous mud for healing purposes.

The waters and muds of Pozzuoli are used today in the treatment of respiratory and locomotive system disorders, and for skin complaints Info: The spa resort of Contursi is situated in the Salerno area, a few kilometers from the Cilento National Park; this resort also has very ancient origins and was frequented by the upper classes at the time of the Roman Empire.

The waters are classified as sulphurous and salso-bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy, they are particularly recommended in chronic and degenerative inflammatory illnesses of the locomotive system Info: Comune di Contursi, via Teatro 1, Contursi Terme, tel. Further south in the Salerno area, lies the spa town of Montesano sulla Marcellana.

There is another important resort, Telese , between Benevento and Caserta. The waters of Telese, too, have been known about since time immemorial. Their use dates back, in fact, to the Roman era, and the great prosperity enjoyed by the town of Telesia under Roman rule can in all probability be attributed to this - so much so, that the town rose to the rank of a colonia the impressive remains of this Roman settlement can be seen two kilometers away from the centre.

The waters here are very rich in mineral salts, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide. They are recommended for a large number of illnesses, and particularly for ear, nose and throat and respiratory disorders, in arthro-rheumatic illnesses, diseases of the vascular system, dermatological problems, female gynoes problems, and gastro-enteric and bile-duct disorders Info: Comune di Telese, viale Minieri 1, Telese, tel.

We should also mention the spa resorts of Mondragone in the Caserta province and Villamaina in the Avellino province. A trip to discover Puglia is an occasion and an excuse to enter into complex layers of aesthetic and symbolic dimensions, where natural and cultural beauties appear as a magnificent, multi-faceted jewel: Tourism is now a primary economic sector for Puglia.

Especially in recent years, the holiday and leisure industry has undergone great development, and it is still going on. This far end of the Italian Adriatic coast also has its small share of excellent spa resorts. There is Santa Cesarea Terme, for instance, the most important resort in the Salento area, located between rugged cliffs, studded with prehistoric caves, on the Otranto Channel.

Treatments are carried out with mineral-marine waters in baths, with mud-packs, inhalations and gynecological irrigations. The treatments are particularly recommended for those suffering from rheumatic pains and for metabolism and respiratory disorders Info: Margherita di Savoia , a resort in the Foggia area, 56 kilometers from Foggia itself, is well known for its impressive salt works salt production dates back to the third century A.

It has been developing an important role as a spa resort since , with the use of the salso-bromo-iodic waters and the mud taken from the salt-works, particularly recommended for locomotive disorders Info: One final spa-resort worthy of note is Torre Canne , in the province of Brindisi. Magic, enigmatic Basilicata, a land of light and of day, of woods and mountains, and a land also of contrasts and allegories, wh ere the lonely mountains come down abruptly between two seas, the Tyrrhenian and the lonian, supplying the classic image of the coastal regions of Southern Italy.

Getting to know Basilicata is today a really unique and wonderful experience - of great open spaces and unpolluted natural environments, with unforgettable landscapes, and history and folklore offered generously, with hands outstretched. Only in the last few decades has this region's economy been developed and it has seen the end of its centuries-old isolation.

For obvious reasons, therefore, there is only limited activity here in the spa sector, but what there is, is quite remarkable. The spas of Basilicata , although still "young" are, nevertheless, gaining rapidly in popularity. The two resorts of Latronico , in the Pollino mountain area, and Rapolla , lying on one of the most beautiful slopes of the Vulture Mountain, are worth a mention Info: More than kilometers of coasts washed over by the lonian sea and the Tyrrhenian sea: Its natural beauties are unique, with unexpectedly beautiful beaches, villages and towns in an area where history, tradition and color are th e main features.

The people of Calabria have an innate hospitality, and the area is endowed with very up-to-date tourist facilities, offering fascinating holidays to suit modem tastes. The food is mainly fresh fish dishes and typical garden produce following the traditional pattern. Spa holidays have recently been developed with great success in Calabria.

The most famous of the Calabrian spa resorts is Terme Luigiane , in the Cosenza province, divided into two areas, Acquappesa and Guardia Piemontese an "island" where the people of the Waldensian sect -protestant Christians fleeing from persecution - found refuge, and where an Occitan-Piedmontese dialect is still spoken today.

Special treatments for rhinogenous deafness are carried out with its salso-bromo-iodic-sulphurous mineral waters Info: The largest Island in the Mediterranean offers interesting possibilities for spa holidays. If we imagine a tour around Sicilia , starting in a clockwise direction from Messina , we come first of all to Ali Terme , situated on the lonian sea, in an area that is rich in traces of Greek, Arab and Norman civilizations.

The properties of its salso-bromo-iodic and sulphurous waters were tested by the great philosopher Descartes Info: Going along the south coast, we come to Acireale , in the Catania province. This Baroque jewel looks out over the sea like a terrace. Check prices and accommodations for: Save and manage your important locations with Booking. Hotels and More in Telese. All 18 hotels and more in Telese.

It's committed to giving guests a positive experience with its excellent service and great value. This property might pay Booking. Description Surrounded by a park, Grand Hotel Telese offers accommodations in a historic 18th-century building in Telese, a minute drive from Piedimonte Matese.

Review "It really is a grand old hotel with a great pool and spa. United States of America. Review "Breakfast was excellent. Hotel Ristorante La Piana Telese. Description Hotel La Piana is an elegant and welcoming establishment in the heart of the ancient Sannio, surrounded by the green Telese Valley.

The hotel offers free Wi-Fi and free parking. Review "In the region, this is a very good choice to choose from. Hotel Del Lago Telese. Description Featuring a restaurant, snack bar and garden, Hotel Del Lago is in a quiet area right on the shores of Lake Telese. Wi-Fi is free in all public areas and bikes can be rented on site.

Review "The location is close to family, and also to services. Appartamento Telese Terme Telese. Guests have access to free WiFi. Review "Like been at home and comfortable" Pasqu. Description Located in Telese, Casa Iovara features a garden. Featuring a hour front desk, this property also provides guests with a terrace. Free WiFi is at guests' disposal. Review "Giovanni and Silvana made us feel like visiting family.

Including free bikes, this country house also features a restaurant. There's a fully equipped private bathroom with bidet and a hair dryer. Free WiFi is provided. Review "Comfortable apartment for good price. Description Gemma mattei is located in San Salvatore Telesino and offers barbecue facilities and a garden.

Guests are welcome to enjoy the free WiFi. The apartment consists of 1 bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom Self-catering Accommodations 5 Self-catering Properties. Save time, save money! Sign up and we'll send the best deals to you Sign up. Best Hotels in Telese Based on 1, guest reviews. Casa Iovara 1 of 11 hotels in Telese.

Telesia Domus 2 of 11 hotels in Telese. See complete list of Telese hotel reviews. See the 5 best properties in Telese. Destination, property name or address: What Guests Said About Telese: Verified reviews from real guests. How does it work? Sign in and leave a review. Check-in Date Check-out Date. For a limited time only.

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Liguria is famous throughout the world for its sea, which satisfies all tastes with the beaches along its coastline -sometimes sandy, sometimes pebbly, and sometimes rocky. First of all, it offers the benefits of the sea air and water, applied in what is known as thalassotherapy - a health cure that has been recognized since ancient times. Esse sono dotate di tutte le strutture necessarie per un soggiorno completo sia sotto il profilo turistico che medico-sanitario. Ospiti 1 camera , 2 adulti , 0 bambini Ospiti 1 2. The mountains also meet the needs of winter sports enthusiasts.


Assolutamente da visitare anche le piscine. It's committed to giving guests a positive experience with its excellent service and great value. After booking your hotel near Terme di Telese, expect to receive your reservation confirmation in the mail in less than 10 minutes. Review "In the region, this is a very good choice to choose from. Le Terme di Stabio offrono anche un vasto range di trattamenti fisioterapici, come chinesiterapia, elettroterapia, massaggi subacquei, massaggi sportivi, antistress, linfodrenaggio, trazione lombare. Staff gentile e disponibile.

Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Save and manage your important locations with Booking. Destinazione, nome struttura o indirizzo: The confirmation email contains more information on all nearby attractions, local directions and weather forecast, so you can better plan the days during your trip. Vedi le camere e le offerte disponibili. Write a Review Reviews

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