Son Celebrated His Birthday Having Sex With Mom

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After a brief consideration, I just sensed that she would never do that. He still seemed verbally paralyzed as I reached him, bent down, my very ample cleavage staring him in the face and gave him a kiss on the cheek, but unlike last time a bit closer to his lips. Entering, I startled him as he had his gaming headphones on. I regressed to my teen years as I began, inadvertently at first, attempting to entice my son, like I had his father all those years ago. As my second orgasm finally began to build, I got slightly aggressive, putting my hands on his chest as I began riding him faster. COM 3. In the bath, I hoped I had left enough hints, created enough intrigue and stirred enough sexual lust that tomorrow my plan would come to fruition.

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I felt overwhelming guilt for having sexual feelings for my son, which were slightly dissipated by my online readingsyet being in a similar situation myself my husband died when my son was three , I feel much more at ease with my feelings after reading your e-mail.

How did you go from these early yearnings to eventually having sex with your son? I hope that is not too personal of a question to ask. If it is I apologize for being so presumptuous as to ask it. I cleaned the house for a bit, and talked to Mom on the phone before I headed into work where my thoughts of incest faded into the back of my mind while the demands of the job took over.

Entering, I startled him as he had his gaming headphones on. Crap, you scared the heck out of me. He turned away from his game, which I took as flattery, as he watched me. I noticed him adjust himself, which made me smile knowing the impact I was having on him. He still seemed verbally paralyzed as I reached him, bent down, my very ample cleavage staring him in the face and gave him a kiss on the cheek, but unlike last time a bit closer to his lips.

I went to my room, got undressed, grabbed the massage vibrator I had bought at a sex party held a few months ago by a fellow nurse, pulled up Literotica on my iPad and began reading more mother -son stories. After my orgasm, I fell asleep almost instantlymy far-fetched fantasy beginning to seem plausible.

Which led to a three day stretch where I mostly just worked and slept, without once having time to read my emails or do more than have an exhausted zombie-like talk with Paul. It ended up being a week of family and fun and, although I occasionally looked at Paul with inappropriate feelings, for the most part the idea of incest dissipated. Then came graduation and Paul wearing a tux.

As soon as I first saw him in his tux, all the memories of Darren and our wedding came flooding back. All throughout the ceremony, dinner and family time, I kept looking at Paul as not just my son who had just graduated high school, but as a boy who was now a man who I could spend the rest of my life with.

It was ridiculous, but the more I tried to push the idea away, the more I thought that way. Having purposely avoided an email that had been in my inbox for a few days, once the evening of partying had ended, and I was three sheets to the wind, I logged into my email and finally read her response to my question. As I mentioned before there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Your feelings are your feelingsregardless of whether you decide to act on them. As for how Jimmy and I ended up lovers. After a few weeks of hints, touching and subtle flirting, I went onto his computer to search what he did online; hoping for hints of what turned him on.

I was surprised he spent the majority of his time online not looking up porn I just assumed that is what all teenage boys do. What I did find helped me cross the invisible line between mother and lover. With this knowledge that he too was interested in incest , and presumably with me, I decided the hell with it and came up with a plan. At our house, Friday night had always been a movie night tradition back when my husband was still alive and we had kept it up even after his death.

So the plan was to watch a porn film with himthen an even better idea popped into my head. I, like you, had spent a lot of time on the internet dealing with my conflicting emotions and had found a website that made professional incest films. I went to the website and spent over an hour reading the descriptions and watching the trailers to quite a few films before choosing three it was buy two get one free so I figured might as well.

I eagerly waited for two weeks for them to arrive, the long weekend making it take longer even though I chose expedited shipping.

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When they did, I immediately popped one in and watched it. Three orgasms later, I was ready to go for broke. On Friday, I stayed dressed in my work outfit.

I am a secretary for an oil company that expects professional wear always no casual Fridays for us and knowing I would be seducing my son that night, I bought new thigh high silk stockings over twenty bucks but they paid off with huge dividends , wore a black skirt, red blouse and a black blazer. I looked very good, truth be told, and got a few compliments during the day.

I told Jimmy that Mommy had chosen the movie this week and that it was something a bit edgier than usual. I was already sitting, my legs on the coffee table, the tops of my thigh high stockings visible, when he came in with popcorn and soda. His eyes went big, but he indeed massaged my feet. I had already got it in place, after the title, in hopes of speeding up the process, but without giving away everything before the film started.

Pressing play, I realized there was no turning back now. I returned a couple of minutes later in a tight cheerleading outfit, with pom poms and crotchless pantyhose for easy access to my cunt and ass. His eyes went wide, as I dropped to my knees in front of him and squeezed his stiff cock through his pants.

I fished out his cock, taking his lack of protest as a yes. I apologize if this is way too much informationbut reminiscing about it really got me drawn back into that special moment. I closed my eyes and pleasured myself imagining it was me in a cheerleading outfit and my son was the one being seduced. Not surprisingly, I came rather quickly. Besides helping me with my own seduction of my son, it brought me to a glorious orgasm.

I think I will have to find some of those movies! How did he respond after you took his cock in your mouth? Was there any reluctance from him? How did you deal with your actions the morning after? Unfortunately, the next few days I barely saw Paul as he began work and I worked a lot of doubles as summer holidays started.

Curious if my son maybe had a nylon fetish, which would explain his constant glances down at my legs, I tried testing it out by wearing them around the house. So over the next few days, I always wore nylons and it was quite apparent they were a distraction to him. I also went online and downloaded some incest videos.

Watching the previews and reading the summaries had my pussy on fire and it took all my will power to not get myself off before choosing the videos. There were videos of all combinations of incest , but I focused on mom-son incest. I read a few summaries before finding one I knew I had to get:.

I ordered the videos and downloaded them to my computerbecause of their size and my slow computer, it took all night. The next few days again flew by with work. How is your seduction going? Is your son a Mother -fucker yet? Oh how I love that term!!! In regards to your questions: Once I deep throated his cock, I just bobbed hungrily without looking up until he shot his load down my throat in only a couple of minutes.

I asked if there was anything else I could do to motivate him and to my surprise and excitement he took control. He tossed me onto the couch, buried his face in my pussy and ate me to orgasm. He then fucked me long and hard while telling me he planned on making me his pet mommy which only enhanced my euphoria as I came again and again.

Next morning, I woke up to a cock in my mouth to tell you the truthso there was no awkwardnessjust an acknowledgement of our new relationship. Jimmy understands all my sexual needs: The sentence seems like an oxymoron I suppose, yet it is exactly who I am. I love being called his mommy-slut in the throes of passion. I love having him grab my hair as he fills my pussy or ass with his cock; I also love the intimacy of having his arms wrapped around me as I drift into slumber regardless of whether it is just after he filled me with his cum or we just went to bed as the loving couple we are.

In the end, I got to have my cake and eat it tooboth physically and metaphorically. Good luck in becoming a Mommy-slut or whatever you hope to have in your relationship with your son. Every time I read your responses I get horny as hell. I clicked on my movie files and selected Making Mommy Mine.

As I slowly teased my pussy, wanting this orgasm to build slowly, I watched the action in the video:. The mother came in and froze when she saw her son naked. She stared at him for a moment, obviously for dramatic effect, before she reluctantly lowered herself to the floor. Again there was a brief moment of hesitation, before she wordlessly obeyed the order and began crawling to her well-endowed son.

Hands trembling, just like mine were as I watched the incestuous act, she unbuttoned her blouse. Once undone, she hesitated. He reached over and helped her take off her blouse. Again there was a brief hesitation as she stared into his eyes, before she moved her hands behind her back, unclasped her bra and let it fall to the ground, revealing her perfectly sculpted breasts.

He moved from one to the other, squeezing them together, as he kissed, nibbled and bit her breasts and nipples. Her reluctance faded, she unzipped her jeans, tugged them off, took off her socks and stood in front of her son in only a pair of blue panties. Slobber sounds echoed as he roughly face-fucked his mother.

I had never had someone do that to me, nor had I wanted to, but seeing it happen made me curious. She quickly obeyed, while I began quickly frigging myself, my orgasm now dying to erupt. As she bounced up and down on his cock, I closed my eyes and listened to the moans, as I imagined it was me riding Paulme becoming a Mommy-slut. A few minutes later, my orgasm having subsided, an idea popped into my head.

Nude Day was coming soon and although my idea came from a porno film, I figured it just may work. For the next couple of weeks, until Nude Day, I was on a roller coaster of emotion and anxiety. When down, I questioned my sanity and moral integrity at my constant obsession. I said as much to Kennedy during a chat, having had a couple during the past week as she continued to strangely be my rock as I wavered back and forth between fantasy and reality.

There are tons of theories on it. The thought of a resort that catered to families who committed incest seemed surreal and yet instantly I wanted to go to it. A rush coursed through my body at the offer. I would love to meet others who were living the incest lifestyle was lifestyle the right word? Plus, I was super curious to meet Kennedy and Jimmy.

Jimmy just got home and is trying to shove his cock in my mouth. I imagined she was just saying that to shock me, but the visual of Paul doing the same thing to me popped into my head. I gasped, it was Jimmy messaging to me; I was talking to a son who fucked his mother. I paused, unsure what to saythis somehow feeling more surreal talking to him.

I realized he was right; what if Paul was repulsed by my offer? The thought of watching incest live had pussy juice gushing into my panties. Yet, was he serious? Mom trusts u and says if u want to see the reward for crossing the line with your son u can watch us. What if she revealed my dirty secrets? After a brief consideration, I just sensed that she would never do that.

We exchanged Skype addresses and a couple of minutes later, trepidation coursing through my very being, I was staring at a women a lot like mecompletely and utterly normal. She was pretty, slim, and looked like your typical next door neighbour. No way would I have ever guessed she was a woman who had sex with her son. Reading Literotica stories was hot, reading forums intriguing and watching online films sexy, but watching a real, authentic act of incest , was the biggest turn on of my life.

My hand went to my cunt, slowly rubbing myself while I watched the taboo act. Kennedy moaned on his cock, slobbering noises only enhancing the authenticity. I had never had a cock in my ass, never wanted to, but hearing her moans of pleasure, watching her facial expressions of joy, the idea suddenly seemed intriguing.

Before today, the idea never would have even crossed my mind, but nowwellI no longer knew what my sexual restrictions were. Come like the Mommy-sluts we are. He stroked his cock furiously and soon the computer screen was coated with his cum as he gave me a virtual facial. I was frustrated as I wanted to taste his cum and was so drawn into the moment I leaned forward and licked my computer screen.

Kennedy did too, getting the real goo as our lips met virtually. I had never kissed a girl, but if she would have actually been there in front of me, I would have melted into her. I closed my laptop, got dressed and headed downstairs to greet my son, wondering if I smelt of sex when a sudden idea popped into my head. Half an hour later, the pizza arrived and as we ate on the couch side-by-side while watching Wheel of Fortune I decided to add more hints of my willingness for incest by retelling the story of his dad and me.

I liked sucking cock, I liked getting fucked, I liked being wanted. Once he did, I snapped a photo and stood up and grabbed a frame with a photo of Darren a few months before he passed and brought it back to the couch. So to tease the crap out of Wally, who had a thing for superheroes, I dressed in a very skimpy Batgirl outfit, my identity partially hidden by the mask. Now Wally was a bit of a computer dork, back when computers were really a career opportunity.

I was having my own self-image crisis, sick of dating really good looking, buff, jocks who treated me like crapthus I began dating a nice guyWally. Your father would have had the sex talk a couple of years ago with you if he was alive. His eyes went big with a look of excitement as I repositioned myself to put my stocking-clad feet on his lap.

As our bodies crashed together, I felt his very stiff cock poking at my leg. I briefly pondered just dropping to my knees, pulling out his cock and devouring it whole, yet I was no longer sure he wanted to have sex with me. Although he was definitely hard, and he practically drooled over my legs and massaging my feet, his verbal response of shock to my story conflicted with the physical evidence.

In the bath, I hoped I had left enough hints, created enough intrigue and stirred enough sexual lust that tomorrow my plan would come to fruition. I had doubts, more than I had before the conversation, but the more I thought about it, the more I believed he wanted to fuck me as much as I wanted to fuck him. I just had to give him the ultimate, no doubt about it, green light, and that I would do tomorrow.

After my bath, which included a very lengthy intimate encounter with my shower head, I spent a couple hours in my room watching television and trying not to overthink what had just transpired or worry about tomorrow. I went to bed excited and nervous about tomorrowbut I decided that the seeds were planted and all I had to do now was let it grow.

I lay in bed a few minutes as I contemplated whether or not I was really going to go through with my plan. Military Mom's Morning Ritual Ch. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Ch. Some things remain the same. Mother Initiates Son to Manhood Ch. Jason looked at his mother. Mother Shares Her Secrets Ch. Susan's Saturday Night Sex Ch. Sex with son and sex with mother. Mom's Halloween Swingers' Dance 04 Mom bumps into a surprise guest at the swingers' dance.

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