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Later, she fuses with Jasper despite Steven trying to convince her but only to double-cross Jasper to protect Steven by putting herself in the bottom of the ocean as Malachite. Was literally fighting a war from the moment she was born , a war that was half-way over before she was born at that. Considering the fact that she was the only and most perfect Gem of a Kindergarten that was made solely for the purpose of Cannon Fodder for the war, it's highly likely she puts so much emphasis on her fighting ability because that's the only reason she exists. In that same episode, she told Steven that the decision to imprison Jasper as Malachite was to keep him safe. In "Alone at Sea", he is shown getting along with Lapis and even helps Steven surprise her with a trip on a boat he had rented. Even with a cracked gemstone, through sheer determination, Lapis managed to control an entire ocean and, once her gemstone was healed, fly a vast distance through space to eventually reach Homeworld. After the ship's engine breaks from an unknown source, Lapis claims that the trip going bad is her fault and not Steven's.

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Sometimes, the universe can fight for two people to be together. Some things are too strange to be coincidences. Will they adopt the island's nature?? A collection of oneshots, detailing how the Gems learnt to stop worrying, and how to start loving each other. Malachite is dragged into the ocean and Lapis does some naughty things to Jasper until Steven finds out and tells the crystal gems.

Malachite is hunted down and poofed, with some tragedy as well. One day while at work Steven meets a girl. That girl messes with Steven feelings. What I mean by that, is by she starts to flirt with him, even though he's already married. Sad at first but has a happy ending! It's a one-shot. It's my first fic that I've written that's a story.

Don't be harsh! Now that Steven and Lapis Lazuli have addressed their feelings for each other, things can only get better from here, right? But Jasper is still out there, and she wants Lapis all to herself. And she's willing to do anything to keep her this time. This is a sequel to my story "Ocean Waves" so read that first if you haven't.

Also, this story will be a bit darker than my last story. The abyss gazes also into you. This world you've made for yourselves is falling apart at the seems. A simple child all the chaos needs. So you want your precious 'friend' once again to be free.

Let's see how brave you are when you come against me. Based off an anime, Tokyo ghoul. A fanfiction author realized a shocking similarity between the characters of Tokyo ghoul and Steven universe at 2am. Steven has lived his everyday life in a world of ghouls. His father died when he was in grade school and he never knew his mother.

Steven, a 15 almost 16 year old boy is good friends with Connie, and usually hangs out with her at a coffee shop, the crystal cafe. But after a tragic accident he soon steps into the world of ghouls.

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The multiverse is such a strange place. Nothing is set. No one is set In some, two can be close, while in another, the same two can be enemies. In some ones, two can be like siblings almost, and in another, the perfect example of a relationship Heh, I hate it.

In the end, there's nothing special, nothing is really worth anything if it can be so easily replaced So, now do understand? Steven has always been there for Lapis, so it's easy to see why she cares for him so deeply. So when Steven comes to stay at the barn for a while, Lapis couldn't be happier!

Admiring the Abomination: Jasper considers Lapis' apparently unprecedented hostile takeover of Malachite, and her ability to hold Jasper down and wrest control of their fusion from her, to be a positive attribute, even mentioning how impressed she is that Lapis "held out". She takes it a step further in "Alone at Sea": She isn't shy about saying why: I'm the only one who can handle your kind of power!

I will not be beaten by another Fusion! Jaspers don't give up! Jaspers keep going until we get what we want! I can fight just fine. Well then, let's see it! Famous Last Words: My Diamond! Your Diamond! Fangs Are Evil: Gets drawn with these in "Earthlings"; appropriate for the events of that episode. Fatal Flaw: After her fusion with Lapis, her obsession with fusion and the power it can bring becomes this.

It backfires on her big time in "Earthlings", where her fusion with a corrupted Gem infects her with corruption as well. Fate Worse than Death: When she fuses with Lapis, Lapis takes control of the fusion and drags them both to the bottom of the ocean. Jasper is thus trapped under the ocean and inside her own body, and if Chille Tid is any indication this is not a pleasant experience.

Finally, when fighting Smoky Quartz, she fused with a corrupted Gem and was corrupted herself. Final Boss: Of Season One. To Peridot. Peridot is an Era 2 Gem, made without any of the powers Jasper was born with or the amazing constitution Jasper boasts. While they're both incredibly durable, Peridot's physical toughness is played for laughs while Jasper's is always played dead serious.

Building on this, Jasper is a Knight of Cerebus to Peridot's often laughably evil nature and own innate goofiness. Most importantly, Peridot was a Gem born on Homeworld that came to Earth and grew to love it dearly. Jasper was an Earth-made Gem that hated Earth with a passion, was fiercely loyal to Homeworld.

Forgotten Fallen Friend: In "Are You My Dad? Freudian Excuse: Was literally fighting a war from the moment she was born , a war that was half-way over before she was born at that. She's had it ingrained in her head that the planet she was born on is worthless because the Hostile Terraforming the Gems attempted on it never finished, and like Peridot is more or less indoctrinated to worship the Diamonds fanatically.

The loss of Pink Diamond and Earth as her home colony made her fanatically homicidal and gunning for revenge on Rose Quartz, now reincarnated as her son, Steven. Fusion Dance: Guttural Growler: She speaks with a gravelly alto voice. Hartman Hips: In "The Return", her hips are even wider and thicker than Garnet's, though her mid-section is also thicker.

They aren't as big in "Jail Break", but still clearly large enough to quality for this trope. Hate Sink: She was this up until her tragic fate in "Earthlings" which also shed light on her motivations. Eventually, Aquamarine appeared to fill the void.

The Heavy: As of "Alone at Sea" she seems to have become this. Hellish Pupils: Subtle and downplayed. Her eyes are naturally yellow, but several times the irises and pupils appear elongated, especially when she flashes her Slasher Smile. A Hero To Her Hometown: If the Ruby Squad is any indication, Jasper was still a highly respected member of the Gem warrior caste, as many of them positively fangirl at the idea of being around her.

She most likely gets along better with other Warrior gems. Hey, You! Jasper calls Steven "Rose Quartz" , mentions Yellow Diamond, her apparent superior, and Pink Diamond, her former superior , and calls Lapis by her name only when trying to persuade her into fusion. She otherwise calls no one by their name. This is taken to a terrifying extent when she recognizes Steven in the dreamscape in "Chille Tid", and her furious utterances of "You!

Hidden Depths: In "Alone at Sea", while gushing about being Malachite, Jasper seems to put particular emphasis on having been able to fly, at least as much as how Malachite "was bigger and stronger than both of [them]". Jasper is also extremely bitter at "Rose" for taking both away from her. Also in "Earthlings" she shows an insecure or lonely side when she mutters that no one she fuses with ever wants to stay.

She also believes that anyone who has hit bottom will follow anyone who makes them feel like less of a failure, implying this is how she may feel being under Yellow Diamond's command. Hoist by Her Own Petard: Garnet uses Jasper's own momentum to toss her into the ship's power core. Turns out pressuring Lapis to fuse with her was also a bad move, as it gave Lapis an opportunity to use a rather inventively brutal means of capturing her.

She ends up getting Corrupted herself after fusing with a Corrupted gem. Horned Humanoid: When she's healed of the Corruption, she retains two blue horns on her head. Her attitude toward fusion changes rather quickly after Garnet defeats her, yet she still continues to belittle others for not following Homeworld's rules after she's done so herself.

Jasper hates weak and "defective" Gems because they're of no use to the Diamonds. Yet she treats her mission statement as more of a suggestion, from hastily determining some other goal to be "more important" to a nigh-treasonous tendency to put her own grudges first. We learn later that Jasper does consider herself to be serving the will of her Diamond PINK Diamond, who was shattered over five thousand years ago and who appears to have been officially Un-Personed by the three surviving members of the Diamond Authority.

Implacable Woman: She is very, very hard to stop. Whether it's sinking into the earth's mantle or being thrown several miles across the ocean, she will come back, just as determined as ever. Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: After her corruption, she gets poofed when Peridot uses her metal powers to impale her with a metal rod.

Improbable Weapon User: She fights with a helmet. However, it has a hammer-like block added to it and she uses it to defend as much as she does to attack. Inertia Is a Cruel Mistress: Garnet defeats her by redirecting her own momentum to send her into the ship's power core.

Inferiority Superiority Complex: While she is normally very self-assured, she places all of her self-worth in her fighting ability, and she tends to come unglued in situations where her strength comes into question. After losing to Garnet, she immediately shifts gears and claims that it was not a fair fight because her opponent is a fusion, even after mocking the tactic just before.

She also tries to cling to Lapis to make herself feel stronger, both before and after forming Malachite. Considering the fact that she was the only and most perfect Gem of a Kindergarten that was made solely for the purpose of Cannon Fodder for the war, it's highly likely she puts so much emphasis on her fighting ability because that's the only reason she exists. Informed Attribute: Quartz soldiers are said to be loyal, which is quite jarring when Jasper comes off as a Psycho for Hire with a blatant disregard of Yellow Diamond's orders in favor of obtaining more power and getting personal revenge on Rose Quartz.

Especially when she fits every other description of the ideal Quartz archetype to a T. Subverted when it turns out that Jasper actually has this Undying Loyalty for Pink Diamond , who she was made for. It's possible that Jasper disregards Yellow Diamond's order because she knows how she treated Pink Diamond prior to her "death".

Ironic Hell: Derides Garnet for being a perma-fusion. Gets stuck as one for several months. Later becomes infected with The Corruption after forcefully fusing with a corrupted gem to win a battle Ironic Name: Jasper stones are associated with earth, stability and tranquility. Jasper here is a Hot-Blooded brute who invades Earth, and later appearances in the show see her becoming more and more unhinged.

In addition, jasper is a variety of quartz, making her rivalry with Rose Quartz and Amethyst and, by extension, Steven especially noticeable. It's Personal: Her loathing toward 'this miserable planet' sure takes on a different color once it is revealed to be her place of origin, and it turns out she really hates Rose for killing their former liege, Pink Diamond.

She is overall a hostile, intentionally rude, callous, Arrogant Kung Fu Girl who looks down on nearly everyone, except Rose Quartz. Her introduction has her taking turns individually insulting the Crystal Gems before deciding collectively they're not worth her time. She's notably a jerk even to her own allies, ensuring that even pre-redemption Peridot couldn't stand her. Ironically enough, it's Peridot who's the one to ultimately defeat her.

The Juggernaut: Electrocute her, drown her in the ocean floor, punch her miles across the ocean, it won't stop her for long. It says volumes that it takes her being corrupted into a weaker Gem Monster for the Crystal Gems to defeat her once and for all. Karmic Transformation: In "Earthlings", Jasper has spent who knows how long capturing and abusing Corrupted Gems to try and force them to be her personal army, especially the one she forced to fuse with her, while demeaning them, calling them weak failures.

In the end, forcing one to fuse with causes her to contract The Corruption, turning her into a mindless Gem Monster just like them. Kick the Dog: By this point in the show, it's pretty much established that the corrupted Gems are unfortunate victims to be pitied.

At the same time, Jasper's doing this to a giant yeti monster the size of a small house, so it also serves to show how dangerous Jasper can be. King Mook: She's the 'perfect' ultimate Quartz, making her considerably stronger than the rank and file Quartz soldiers.

She's capable of fighting Garnet one on one, who was capable of taking on entire platoons of normal Quartz Gems during the War. Knight of Cerebus: She's the first sentient enemy that Steven didn't try to befriend or reach out to. Unlike Lapis, who had a positive introduction, and Peridot, who was foremost concerned with her mission, Jasper is introduced as a pure aggressor, expressing contempt towards the Crystal Gems and disappointment that Rose Quartz wasn't there for her to fight.

The battle with her has lasting impact, with Steven finally realizing how serious his Gem powers and the conflict with the Homeworld Gems is. Large and in Charge: She looks to be as tall as Rose Quartz, and has the final say in the mission over Peridot, and was assigned to her in the first place because she needed the backup. Laser-Guided Karma: After chastising the other Crystal Gems, especially Amethyst, Jasper ends up transforming into a weaker Gem and defeated by the "Shorty Squad.

She's represented by a distorted bass sound. Lightning Bruiser: Even stronger than Garnet, the Crystal Gems' main bruiser - and no slouch in the speed department, able to stay virtually on top of Garnet the entire fight and rush her several times with a destructive charge attack. Her downfall in "Jailbreak" came because she was going Too Fast to Stop and Garnet used her momentum against her, as well as a convenient power core.

Likes Clark Kent, Hates Superman: She adores and is fanatically loyal to Pink Diamond but loathes Rose Quartz, unaware they were the same person. Little Bit Beastly: After her corruption is cured she still has horns and some greenish patches on her skin. Living Emotional Crutch: This is Deconstructed naturally in that this form of emotional "stability" turns out to be toxic for both Lapis and Jasper due to them being archenemies.

Locked Out of the Loop: It seems that she was never told that the Diamonds were responsible for The Corruption of the Gems left behind on Earth. She was also unaware that Lapis had defected from Homeworld which is a prime reason for her not refusing back into Malachite and she also didn't know about Peridot becoming a Crystal Gem until "Earthlings".

Long Hair Is Feminine: Inverted even harder than with Amethyst. Jasper's hair is longer than any other non-fusion Gem's proportionally, it's about equal to Amethyst , and she's an outright brute. Madness Mantra:

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Ending at the Galaxy Warp, Lapis, re-experiencing the trauma of the last time she was there, decides to tell Steven about how she came to be trapped in the mirror. Lapis then steps in front of the Peridot using her hydrokinesis to protect her. Steven goes to visit Lapis when she is lonely on the Moon, and she tells him that she is missing Peridot and regretting the moment where she left the Earth behind. They enter the beach house and find a single cupcake that was missed when Amythyst had gone on her food binge before they left for space.

Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe):

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