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Gary was heavily crushing on Nova, the only secret he could keep, barely, at least from the woman herself who was blissfully unaware. They would make an odd couple. Nova grew up rich and British and you could tell that from a mile away. She was an author, she had upper-class hipster friends and went to cocktail parties.

Gary grew up in the ghetto, had been in prison, owned a bike shop and generally looked like he would kick your ass for looking at him funny and he was friends with the likes of Negan. There was nothing wrong with that. The man had worked hard to be where he was now, but it didn't change the fact that they would make a very odd couple.

To give the woman credit when it was due, she never ever seemed to have any problem with the fact that Simon and his friends, who by extension and eight years of just being there had become her friends, too, were basically a whole different circle than she was used to.

The only thing that raised the one or other eyebrow sometimes was that she seemed to have a very loose relationship with money. She had lent Simon nearly dollars in cash without even batting an eye and any form of hesitation like it was nothing, and it probably wasn't, for her at least. Look what the cat dragged to my door," Simon said smug and Negan glared at him. He suddenly found the bike in the hallway way more interesting than the man in front of him and he clenched the jaw with a defiant look.

He was here to apologize, Simon knew that, and he had to be a bitch about it. Negan had gotten drunk with Gary on Friday, had nursed his hangover on Saturday and was now standing in front of Simon's apartment. He had even waited till after 11 since this was Simon's only real day off and he tended to sleep in on Sundays.

Did he have to open the door in boxer briefs? He could at least have the decency to wear boxer shorts, clothes in general, maybe a tunic or some sort of bag. He felt the blood rush to his dick. By this rate, he needed to find a willing body real soon, like yesterday, to blow off some steam. He barely registered Simon saying something to him.

But by all means, whatever he was doing, keep up the good work. He wouldn't get out of this one with a simple Hey, I am Negan and I am an asshole. You know what you signed up for. He managed to look straight-faced, but there was the tiniest glimpse of amusement. You mean for example when you accused her of tricking me, so she could, and I quote, 'incubate my spawn'?

In my defense that comes with the territory," P. It was amazing how stupid these kids were, not that he blamed them, he wasn't even allowed to show them how you put on a condom, much to the dismay of Negan since putting condoms on produce was the only reason he became a teacher in the first place. And you will be great parents, especially you.

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The kid will be one lucky bastard," the last one was nearly mumbled.

Simon looked at him rather soft now. I need to kick you out," Simon walked out of the kitchen already, probably to his bedroom to get dressed, leaving Negan sitting on the counter. The coffee tasted amazing. He maybe was making fun of Simon's weird obsession with roasts and blends and. What are you doing? The apartment wasn't big, yelling wasn't even necessary. First, he got a woman pregnant, then he had the audacity to walk in here looking like sex on two legs and now he was going on a date?

That man was out and about to kill him. Came in the bar Friday after you and Gary left. Was a bit pushy if you ask me, but he's hot, and I can handle pushy," Negan felt almost relieved. That sounded more like a casual thing than an actual date.

I read the embryo is the size of an apple seed. I'm going on a limb here, but I think she got it for today. I on the other hand really need to get laid," Negan had the one or another idea how he could achieve that without meeting up with strangers. The guy could be a murderer. Well okay, considering whom Simon was usually dating and comparing these men to Simon it was more likely that Simon was the murderer here.

Simon had a peculiar taste in men. They usually were attractive but bland, not stupid or anything, actually quite smart, but boring as hell. Negan was convinced half of the time Simon had dated that Aaron guy he didn't even remember he was there.

Simon produced a pair of socks out of thin air and put them on. Yep, Simon was out and about to kill him. And apparently, it has fingers and toes now," Nova pursed her lips. Nova was cranky since morning sickness had hit a couple of days ago and the woman was not a fan. Second, wait till I compare it to pineapples and pumpkins, then you will be annoyed," Nova rolled her eyes.

The thought alone to press out a pineapple, which comes to mind when you directly compare it to a baby, is downright terrifying," she looked at the picture again. The doctor had reassured her that being unimpressed by the first ultrasound was quite common. She still felt like a bad mother already.

At least everything seemed to be fine. That was a start. Call it what it is, a dark blob with a lighter, raspberry-sized blob in the middle," he would show it around nonetheless, that was Simon for you. Simon was avoiding the young man behind the counter on purpose. Sure he seemed nice and all, quite cute, not that Simon used that word to describe a man, but Simon was not interested.

Maybe at some point he had to communicate this clearly, though, since the guy was not backing off. Nova came back with a knowing little smile and Simon sighed. That was his words, not necessarily hers, but she wasn't mad at him, she actually appreciated the honesty. What are you going to do about Paul," she very obviously pointed to the guy somewhere behind Simon and he almost turned around out of reflex.

He is attractive, and he seems nice. He is rather soft-spoken. My Grandmother always said a soft-spoken man is gentle at heart, although I think she meant that as an insult. She was more a come home with your shield or on it kind of woman," he looked at her amused. What is even your type? Every time I think I figured it out you switch from a Henry Cavill to a James McAvoy and everything crumbles together like a house of cards," it was true, Simon did that.

He's too young, and too short and too over-educated looking while simultaneously being under-employed. Not my type, period," he said in a droning tone. She was starting to get on his nerves. She looked at him hard with that face like she had it all figured out. Down to earth, blue-collar kind of guys? Let's say 50 and 6 feet 2?

Simon's eyes snapped to her. Absolutely non-related, random thought. Do you know that a high school coach gets paid 30 percent more than a regular teacher? It is scandal unless of course, you are somehow involved with one. Then it is a lucky break. And contrary to most teachers in this country they are quite appreciated, especially when they, say, bring home State," she sipped on her weird chai latte cinnamon drink that would give Simon morning sickness, and looked at him with a face like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.

Everyone had to fend for themselves now. His, anger wasn't even the right word, more irritation, would be gone in an hour and he would apologize for bailing. Simon took a deep breath. It wasn't like that with him. Even if it was it would never be more than a couple of nights. The other man could not possibly want more than that. Simon would never risk half a lifetime of friendship for this.

Warm hands, calloused, but tender sneak under his shirt along his sides, squeeze gently his trapezius muscle eliciting a content sigh. A body, larger than his, slowly lowers down from behind, wrap him in warmth, and hard arousal is pressing against his ass. Lips, a bit chapped, but plush and oh so kissable, surrounded by unruly stubble, ghost over his earlobe and making him shiver.

An unnerving ringing cut the dream off abruptly and he glared angrily into the space in front of him. He was just about to get to the good part. With some grumbled fucks he rolled to the side and trolled for his phone before he moodily pressed the green button. Was it weird to talk to the subject of a very recent sex dream while still entertaining a raging boner?

Definitely, but when wasn't he horny around Simon? Also, these dreams got really intimate and detail orientated, he used to have more straight to the point dreams revolving around Simon, the poor man basically reduced to a disembodied dick, but somehow this here had turned into a housewife's fantasy.

He should write that shit down, land a book deal and a movie, let two hot people without chemistry perform tamed versions of the sex acts on screen. He should have never let Arat made him watch those Fifty Shades movies. Simon stayed quiet for a second or two.

I swear undersexed, cranky Negan is not my favorite Negan," Negan just scoffed. Actually, he had found someone last night and went home with the chick. Although she seemed to have enjoyed herself he had nearly been bored. True to his MO he had been sneaking out after the deed was done just to go home, take a shower and stare at the ceiling for two hours contemplating about how truly fucked he was.

That's the third time. I can't clean that shit out myself. Didn't you hear me saying I'm not 20 anymore like 30 seconds ago? Now after nearly four years he finally was ready to sell. No, not nearly, definitely. The past three weeks Simon was practical with Nova nonstop who wasn't "feeling well" whatever that meant. He and Simon barely talked and apparently, she didn't want to make a big deal out of it, so it could be everything, from her being slightly unwell to serious complications.

At least Simon could give him an explanation why he left him hanging the third weekend in a row. It wasn't like Negan actually needed his muscle, hell Gary was basically two men, but most of the stuff in the house had been Lucille's and Negan wasn't quite sure how going through it would turn out for him.

So he needed Simon's moral support, but the man was too preoccupied with baby shit. Negan would recognize the silence on the end of the line anywhere. This was the silence around Simon when he was menacingly staring. If it would be just some old furniture. Simon wasn't even realizing what he was saying here.

I don't want your help anymore. Go and hold your baby mama's hand or whatever. Fuck you," with that he hung up and threw his phone somewhere onto the bed. Way to communicate his feeling and emotions. Now he had pissed off Simon, royally, and quite rightly at that. When she was actually sick, and Simon wouldn't just say that when it wouldn't be true, then Negan just had been a complete douchebag.

But frankly, Simon had been a complete douchebag there, too. He had every right to be pissed off as well. So why wasn't it anger he was feeling, but rather a whole lot of disappointment? That was exactly what Negan had been afraid of. He sighed and sat on the edge of the bed. At least his boner was gone, and the recent fight had probably cured him of any new sex dreams for the next couple of days, or so he hoped.

The little ugly cat Negan called his own ever since Simon had decided Negan's apartment was one species short, he needed a cat, came in and brushed along is legs. Negan scratched him between the ears and got up. On the other side of town, Simon sat on a lush sofa in a living room where his whole apartment could fit in with his phone clutched in his hand and stared at his own reflection in the massive T.

That came out wrong. He could've at least said that Nova and the baby where at the moment more important. And he hated to let him stand in the rain like that, but that morning sickness business was serious. He never in his life had seen someone throwing up that much like Nova the past two weeks. It had started harmless enough, but now a nurse came in every day and gave her fluids and vitamins over an I.

She had passed out on him twice, they had been in the hospital four times, she had been barely eaten, was constantly nauseous and this shit seemed to get worse and worse every day. She needed him, because who else should take care of her? That walking sexual harassment lawsuit about to happen that was her editor? Or her squirrely and always on the go agent?

Or one of her so-called other friends who would have trouble finding time because then they would have to reschedule brunch? But maybe he should have told Negan any of that. He couldn't really blame him for lashing out. It was Negan after all. But no need to badmouth Nova. He got up and walked up the stairs to her bedroom.

To his relief, she was still out as a light after yet another night of relentless dry heaving between a lot of tears. This was hard on her, not only physically, emotionally too. She was scared to death, so was he. He gave the bottle with antiemetics a glare because these white little fuckers were useless white little fuckers and climbed next to her in the bed.

He could use some hours of shuteye himself and she liked it when he was there. His phone was still downstairs, something he regretted now because maybe he should write Negan a text, offer another apology, or at least explain that this here was only temporary, that Nova would be fine again in time. At least that was what the doctor had promised, and he better was right. Simon sighed and looked over at the small form under the heavy duvet.

She was so fragile right now. This was the woman who carried his child. No matter how much it stung, Negan had to wait in line. Negan was avoiding Simon for five weeks now. And after an incident with Gary the whole gang, too. He wasn't even entirely sure what his reason behind this was exactly, but he had convinced himself that may be keeping some distance to Simon would calm down his feelings and he could move on.

Simon had reached out, three times, and at the third time, Negan had finally managed to piss him off enough that some of that well-contained rage had come out and Simon had shoved him roughly against a wall announcing he was done with Negan's bullshit. There was no avoiding Dwight of course, downside of working at the same school. The other man had given up on encouraging Negan to make nice with Simon again, but he didn't back off and that's how Negan found himself in a weird double, blind date with Sherry, Dwight, and a woman named Andrea.

He wasn't really interested in her, but he could behave when he wanted to, he even was charming, he didn't want to piss of Sherry and Dwight after all. They were his only friends right now. So he somehow ended up asking her out on a second date, even in a rather fancy restaurant.

He could be classy on occasion. Maybe moving on from Simon meant moving on literally, and who knew. Andrea seemed nice enough, although she wouldn't shut up about her little sister. But the plan to give this one a try had flown out of the window the second he sat down, and he was now right in the middle to be the worst date that poor woman ever had, and they were only 20 minutes in.

The reason sat a couple of tables away in a secluded booth, the ones reserved for couples who wanted to have a little bit more privacy, and tried to bring some distance between her and the man sitting way too close. First Negan had thought that had been a date and he was seriously questioning Nova's taste in men, but then the guy had pulled out some paperwork and it had made click.

This had to be the editor Simon had told him about, Gregory something, the one the other man had had a hard time not to punch in the face. And Negan now could see why. The way he leaned in to show Nova whatever was written down on that pages was at best inappropriate and she clearly felt uncomfortable, but she had no way out without climbing over him.

Negan bet that this was the other man's intention all along. So now Negan sat there, unashamedly staring over, ignoring Andrea completely and contemplating what he should do. First, the big question was if she even wanted his help. As much as it pissed Negan off he was well aware that women had to endure shit like that in order to keep their jobs and if he waltzed over there he could seriously fuck things up for her.

The second question was what exactly could he do. The guy was maybe sleazy, but he hadn't done anything warranting things in the vicinity of breaking his jaw. He could text Simon to give her a call or something, an excuse to leave. He could make a waiter aware of what was going on. He could walk over to say politely hello, make the man aware that Nova wasn't alone anymore, that she had a tall, tattooed, generally a bit dangerous looking friend in here now that could clearly see from where he was sitting what was going on.

And he was about to do just that when the other man's hand disappeared under the table and it was enough for Nova to jump up. Negan nearly jumped up, too. With her lips pressed to a thin line and generally avoiding the other man's eyes, she excused herself now profoundly and pressed past him out of the booth, clearly disgusted. Negan leaned back relieved and turned to his "date" who looked at him sourly.

Okay, this was not going well. He was about to say something, maybe even explain the whole situation when he realized that Nova wasn't leaving, she was walking to the restrooms, and that in itself wasn't bad, but the asshole actually followed her. Before he stormed after the two he remembered shortly that he had something resembling manners. This is not working out, clearly.

Yeah, so sorry," he mumbled and then he was gone. Sure enough, the guy had her cornered against a door saying private and Negan's anger skyrocketed when he heard what the man was currently saying while basically pressing against her. We just see what happens, hm?

That you are pregnant is not a problem at all," Negan grabbed him by his nape and with one strong pull yanked him away from her and against a wall. He had used enough force to knock the wind out of his lungs. You clearly have no idea what is going on," Gregory was scared out of his mind. Of course, he was. So you didn't have your hands all over her earlier although she clearly didn't want it?

And you didn't press yourself against her just thirty seconds ago and she didn't try to push you away? She stood there rather spooked hugging herself. Let me go or I call the police. Nova, tell him to let me go," Negan waited if she actually would say something and after 30 seconds of silence she did.

Negan looked at him smugly. He would not actually assault the man, you don't assault men who looked like they could afford lawyers that didn't operate out of a strip mall after they saw your face and knew your name, but he could threaten the asshole a little. There was no law against that. Okay, there was, but it would be his word against Negan's and something told Negan that Nova would back him up.

The other man collected all his bravado and put it in his next move. He was hovering probably three or four inches taller than him. I need to tell you something, and it's really simple. So even if you're stupid, which you very well may be, you can understand it. Here it goes, pay attention.

I know who you are, Gregory, and the father of that little one Nova's carrying knows who you are, too. So now you maybe got the impression that I am bad news, oh and believe me, I am, but let me assure you that I'm cute and cuddly compared to him. I believe you two met," by the look that now appeared on his face he clearly remembered 6feet3 and pounds of muscle.

But always keep my words in mind and your little, needle-thin dick in your pants, and you can live a long, happy life without ever having to see me again," he made a head jerk and the other man bolted. Negan glared after him for a while before he turned to Nova who still stood there with her arms around herself avoiding his gaze.

This generally pissed him off, that she felt embarrassed like this had been her fault somehow. After a while, she nodded and let one hand run through her hair. Negan wondered how often that asshole had tried something like that or if it happened to her before. He wasn't getting closer, but he very carefully touched her arm. I can bring you home if you let me.

Or you can call someone, Simon maybe. No, that would be great. Thank you," she still couldn't really hold eye contact. The douchebag was gone, so was Andrea, and Negan quickly sorted the tab for their drinks. When she buckled her seatbelt she finally seemed to relax. It also gave Negan the first look on her little baby bump that her cleverly tailored dress had covered so far.

He had the impression she was a bit on the small side there, but that probably was no surprise since she was just over her hyperemesis two or three weeks ago, something he knew because Sherry kept him updated. He pretended he didn't care, but honestly, he did. He also didn't understand why Simon hadn't told him, he hadn't behaved like a dick.

This stuff was dangerous, she could've lost the baby, and maybe the odds were low, but she could've died. She had said it so seriously he just looked at her for a second and then he laughed. He actually hadn't, or so he thought, but it was definitely no Dodge Ram. I swear he's compensating something with it.

He didn't really want to talk about Simon although he was the one bringing him up, above all he didn't want to listen to insinuations considering his dick. Nova was classy enough to go over that topic anyway. She stared out of the window while the town rolled past.

He cleared his throat. With your job I mean. I came on him a bit strong, but assholes like that just piss me off," she turned to him with a soft smile. Gregory would cut himself in his own flesh. He is always a bit handsy, but this today," she shook her head and looked onto her hands she had folded in front of her belly.

I should have bailed when I saw that there are in fact no other people like he had told me," Negan shot her a little look. He was the asshole. He made the mistake. You did nothing wrong. You shouldn't be worrying that shit like that happens in the first place," he grumbled now. Nova looked at him for a little while.

What was she meaning with that? He doesn't know what he has done, but he feels bad and he misses you. And I will be honest, there are just so many hockey games that I can watch. That game is utterly confusing," she resumed her looking out of the window like she didn't just say that thing about him deserving to have good things.

Was she knowing about his feelings for Simon? When Negan was honest to himself then she would be the first to pick something like that up, but because she was all classy and sophisticated she wouldn't gossip about it or make fun of him. He probably even could talk to her about it, but he wouldn't because he was a manly man man who didn't do talking about emotions.

He pulled in her driveway and looked at the dark house. She was a tough cookie, she would bounce back, but still. Maybe you should call someone to keep you company," he suggested into the air in front of him. He could see her smile from the corner of his eyes. At least text him. Fix this," she said and to his surprise grabbed his hand and squeezed it shortly before she let go again.

And now get out of my car," she chuckled and waved him before she disappeared into the house. After a while, some lights on the second story went on. Negan pulled out his phone and stared down on it. When he opened the chat with Simon he was greeted by a lot of messages of Simon asking him what was wrong, nearly begging him to talk to him.

They had stopped roughly three weeks ago after Negan had given him some choice words including a derogatory slur considering Simon's sexuality he wasn't proud of that had led to Simon nearly starting swinging. It took him a very long time to type out a message. He frowned down on it and added an I'm sorry before he pressed the send button. With a sigh, he pushed his phone back in his pocket and was about to start the car when a motorcycle pulled next to him.

He couldn't really see it since the shield of his helmet was pitch black, but he was sure the biker was as surprised to see him as Negan was. He got out of the car while Gary dismounted and took down his helmet. He shot the tiniest look to the windows and Negan could have sworn there had been a little smile. Get your shit together with Simon, man," he said over his shoulder.

Back in the car, he gave the bright windows another look. He sincerely hoped for Gregory sake that Negan wouldn't have to make true on his promise, and he would, because with Gary in the mix the asshole was dead. What a strange turn of events. Simon hadn't answered, although he at least had read the message, and Negan was pacing.

His cat looked at him annoyed. It was 10 after 6 already and Simon usually wasn't fashionably late. The ring of the bell made him jump and he was at the door and ripped it open so fast Simon stepped away startled and nearly dropped a black paper bag he held in one hand. I come in peace," he said. They seized each other up in silence. Simon didn't look upset or anything, maybe a bit wary, but there was also a little, amused frown on his face and Negan relaxed a little.

It was an accident," Simon wasn't saying anything, so Negan looked up and in Simon's smugly grinning face. How did that happen? Were you aiming for devilishly handsome and somehow landed at pansy? Haven't heard it since , always nice to bring out the classics. You called me worse. I called you worse. And I made it physical, which I shouldn't have. I feel bad about that.

You let me in? So we can talk about the bigger, underlying issue why you behave like you behave in the first place? Had he caught on? Had Nova said something? Negan somehow managed to step aside and let him in instead of slamming the door in his face. Simon made a beeline to his living room carelessly throwing his leather jacket on the sofa and turned around holding the paper bag in Negan's direction.

Thanks for yesterday, really I mean it. This could have turned really bad and I'm all kinds of relieved you had been there. So this is a little thank you present from Nova for stepping in yesterday. It's a thing she does," Negan grabbed the bag reluctantly. It was pretty heavy. He pulled out a box and stared down on it for a while. I can't take that. You want to refuse it you have to talk to her.

But like I said, that's something she just does and there is no getting out of it. She charms you into taking it. You go and try to give it back you will end up with two bottles and a complimentary eatable arrangement. Remember when someone broke into her house? The police were useless and frankly pretty rude, and she sent the precinct three muffin baskets thanking them for their good work," Negan sat next to Simon and nearly gingerly placed the box on the coffee table.

And I didn't even do anything special. I shouldn't tell you that since this is a present. But I have to tell someone. The guy in the shop probably thought I stole her credit card. I swear, a drone was following me here," he chuckled. Negan still didn't look convinced, if anything he looked even more disturbed.

It took me four years to get over that, and at this point, she probably spent dollars on coffee on me. There is no hidden agenda or anything, she doesn't do that to show off or swank around. She knows you like whiskey, she wanted you to get something nice, so she got you something nice. Just take it, alright? You can let it stand around and break it open to a special occasion," Negan rubbed his neck.

He wasn't used to things like that. Is there like a protocol? Should I send her a fucking card? They sat like that for a while. Negan sighed and slumped into the couch. He and Simon sat rather close now, Negan had not intended that, and it made him uncomfortable. Instead of sliding a bit away since that would look really awkward, he just avoided to look at Simon and glared at his T.

Because I think I do," Negan felt a surge of panic. He couldn't possibly know what was going on in Negan's head, could he? You are not just pissed at me because you had to carry out all that stuff alone, am I right? Negan looked at Simon. You talk about her, tell stories about her. I forgot how much it still has to hurt, and I wasn't there to help you sort through her stuff.

Jesus, I called it just some old furniture. And I admit I wasn't even considering that you might need me there, I thought why the drama, just ask Gary and Dwight. I was being selfish. I could have found someone to be with Nova for one weekend, she was maybe in bad shape, but she wasn't dying. And this had to be the worst possible timing with me basically avoiding you for weeks before that.

I didn't mean to do that. I promised you that the baby won't change anything between us and I failed you. And I am sorry. It's no wonder you are acting up. That's what you do, just that usually I am the one who sets you straight and has your back," well, Negan had dodged a bullet there. But Simon shouldn't take the whole blame, this was just one part why Negan had withdrawn himself from him and all his friends, and it wasn't even the bigger one.

Pressure at work, the fucking house, Lucille's stuff, you, Nova and the baby, and I don't mean it in any way accusingly, and maybe I'm a bit lonely lately," that was close enough to the truth. I was practically begging for it. Was a fucking asshole. Story of my life. Manage to piss off everybody, even Gary, and the guy is usually fucking serenity incarnate," until he wasn't, and you didn't want to be on his bad side when he wasn't.

Jesus, he was close, barely eight inches away. They were basically breathing the same air. For very long seconds Negan's eyes fell on Simon's lips. It would be easy to lean in. Simon looked back at him with an expression Negan couldn't interpret, but then a little frown crawled between his eyebrows.

What was Negan doing here? He hastily sat up and put his forearms on his knees. If Simon found that awkward he wasn't showing. He still sat there relaxed and like nothing happened. I was kind of irritated and we had a somewhat hostile conversation and I ended up punching him. Wasn't fucking warranted at all," Simon huffed a little laugh. Knocked me out cold. Woke up on that couch with an icepack and a note that he's sorry he didn't mean to hit so hard," now Negan had to chuckle.

In hindsight, this was kind of funny. He rubbed his neck. I swear when they are both in the bar I have to break up clusters of my waitresses staring at them," Negan looked over at Simon. I mean, everyone is gossiping about the obvious, she's rich, he's not, she went to Cambridge, he was in prison, she looks like that chick from New Girl, he looks like goon number two from a Banshee episode, but they aren't so different after all.

They have the same dry humor, they are rather nonjudgmental, they both hard workers, and Gary maybe lacks education but he's helluva smart guy. But I'll give her the benefit of the doubt because I think Nova wouldn't just go for it due to she being all hormonal and nesting. She doesn't do casual.

And she, and I share one of my biggest secrets here with you, always had a thing for Gary after all," Negan raised an eyebrow to that. Why haven't you set them up, yet? You're usually a fucking sucker for shit like that," Simon chuckled. Setting up people was basically a hobby of his. And it usually turned out fine.

Maybe because deep down I, too, thought they would be a weird couple. But now that they're together? I don't know, I think they're quite cute. You can come to the bar later. Form your own opinion. And yesterday was career day. Fresh young faces, not that you look at that, in tight short shorts?

You can be the owner's creepy best friend," he chuckled. Negan huffed a laugh. He was a businessman after all and his bar lived from the college crowd and the sports fans, so he had no quarrel whatsoever to choose his waiting staff solely on the fact how pretty they would look in shorts and tight tops.

He was paying above minimum wage and drunk guys had a habit of tipping well, so the girls didn't mind. That didn't mean he would allow the objectification to cross a certain level. Try to touch one, see what happens. Simon looked at his watch and groaned. But like I said, I would be thrilled when you come over later.

And I'm free the whole weekend. So maybe we can hang out, and you can bitch about your job and everything else, hm? He reluctantly got up, too and walked him to the door. Simon turned around halfway through the door. This will happen, especially when the kid is there. But I will try to be a bit more sensitive about it and not let you stand in the rain when it's important, okay? Talk to me when something eats you up.

You cannot shut yourself out like that. That ain't good for you and it certainly isn't good for me. I fucking missed you man," Negan had to chuckle. He got a nose full of Simon, a mix of expensive aftershave, that weird vanilla fabric softener he was using because deep down he was a little girl, and something musky and spicy and completely Simon that made his knees week, and he realized that he was basically clutching onto the man.

He awkwardly stepped a step back and retreated backward in his apartment. Simon was still grinning at him. Simon turned to walk down the little hall to the elevator and the smile disappeared from his face. Negan had been super awkward, and it had happened before. Four years ago when Lucille had died. But that had been just the grief and the confusion. It hadn't been real.

Moving out all her stuff from the house had probably opened up the wound a bit and he had said it himself he felt lonely and over his head there, so this wasn't real as well. It had been easy for Simon to gloss over it when the other man had been half-insane by grief, but this time he didn't know how he would react if Negan would really take action.

Negan had thought about kissing him earlier, that much had been obvious, and that hug had been everything but platonic. But Negan hadn't been comfortable with it at all. He didn't actually want this. And that was fine, Simon had made peace with that fact a long time ago. He just had to sit it out, like last time, be a supportive friend, act normal, and most importantly don't give in.

Negan would regret it, it would mean nothing and change everything. Simon was spinning around aimlessly in his office chair staring at the ceiling. He was waiting for Negan to show up, he had exciting news to share, but when he was really honest to himself he wasn't exactly eager to be alone in a room with the other man. Maybe he should move that meeting to the guestroom.

The last month had been exhausting and frustrating. It wasn't like Negan made one pass after the other and Simon had to dodge him constantly, but Simon was aware of the lingering stares and the general awkwardness which in return made him hyperaware of Negan in the first place. It would be so easy. He sighed and sipped on his beer. Negan parading around him at the moment was the equivalent to smelling his favorite food without getting to eat it and it sucked.

And Nova was no help. Not that she was showering him with I told you so's, but she gave him knowing, encouraging looks. What did she know? Like this was so easy just because it worked out fine for her and she and Gary were all happy and cute and he wanted to begrudge that, but he couldn't because he was an awesome friend. Negan started to fidget uncomfortably with his cufflinks.

Ron Anderson, Senior, baseball and basketball captain of the varsity team, had hit Carl Grimes, sophomore, not in any team at all, over the head, with a baseball bat because of some girl. And Negan had been the only one to see it. Negan was what one would call an unreliable witness, or at least that's what the Grimes' lawyer was afraid the Andersons' lawyer would turn him into with his not to so upstanding past, so they had pulled out all the stops to impress the Jury.

His beard was neatly trimmed, he was combed and polished like a new penny in his fitted navy-blue suit, and he looked like someone who just stepped out of a high-class men's magazine. Simon was talking GQ here, at least. Like a gift ready to be unwrapped.

Simon cleared his throat and was suddenly very busy to look elsewhere. Shopping suits with your baby mama was like a never-ending Kingsmen montage. She has a guy for suits. Why does she need a fucking guy for suits? He managed to form a coherent thought that was somehow related to the conversation so far.

Welcome to America," he sighed and frowned at Simon. He had like 20 feet from his desk to his couch to get himself together and somehow he managed that although he sat down on the farthest spot possible before he faced Negan. Between you and me? I kind of hoped it will be a girl," a dopey smile appeared on Simon's face. You have like 8 million pictures of your nieces on your phone alone.

This is not the only reason I called you here," he got a bit more serious. Who else would I ask? And before you are wondering, it was basically Nova's idea, too. You were literally the only person she suggested. Maybe because I wholeheartedly agreed with her instantly and she didn't have a chance to present other options to me, but we will never know that. A hug that felt surprisingly normal and not awkward at all, until it didn't.

They somehow bypassed the moment to let go of each other and Simon pushed away slowly looking straight on Negan's lips who looked back in a mix of awe, lust, and disbelief. All of Simon's alarms went off, a bunch of red lights, flags and abort, abort announcements over his internal PA system, but his body seemed to have other ideas, because instead of doing the rational and responsible thing here he actually leaned in, their lips closing in on each other.

Arat ripped the door open without knocking sending both men jumping away from the respective other. There was no denying in what exactly Arat had just run into, and by the look on her face, she had read the situation loud and clear. Simon was never so relieved about somebody cockblocking him.

Negan rubbed his neck and ducked his head a little while Simon straightened himself and turned to her like nothing had happened. Dixon's here," that sent Simon into action immediately and he was already barging out. I'm sorry, but there is only so much I can do," Simon shot her a little glare unsure if she just apologized for not being able to handle the situation on her own or interrupting Negan and Simon's whatever that was that just had happened.

What could Arat do anyway? She might be fierce and a force to be reckoned with, but she was no match for a probably high raging racist. Sure enough, the guy was crowding a booth with four scared looking college kids giving them some swearwords and Simon would bet money and this bar the only reason he decided to pick these kids was that a white girl was apparently with a black guy.

The four were over their head there, one of the girls was crying, they looked nice and upper middle class. They weren't used to things like that. Simon was hoping this night wouldn't end in a crushing Yelp! He took Tanya, who had stared helplessly at the scene, gently by her shoulders and somehow led her behind the security of Negan's back. Of course, Negan had followed. Simon getting rid of troublemakers was always a show you wanted to watch.

Simon made a beeline for Dixon, pressed himself between him and the table and gave him a rough but effortless shove sending him stumbling backward a couple of steps. He didn't give him much time to recover and repeated the spiel which effectively brought a healthy distance between the asshole and the kids.

Simon straightened himself to his full glory and put his hands on his hips, even flexing a little, showing off these impressive biceps. He glared at Dixon for a second before a rather smug look appeared on his face. Long time no see. Last time we talked I had you pressed face-first against a wall enjoying myself thoroughly behind you.

I hadn't the impression you were having a good time, too, but here you are, begging for seconds. Considering that Dixon probably thought faggot was Simon's actual name his words were so deliberately provocative it was about as subtle as a chainsaw to the face. Simon had the right to refuse service and the right to kick someone out of his bar, but he had no right to do it forcefully unless the asshole started swinging first.

It wouldn't take long for Dixon to start swinging. Simon was counting on that. You covered it with cocksucking already, adding nancy is just bad style. Do I have to spell it out for you? His brows furled, his mustache twitched aggressively. Behind the calm and friendly man who always made light of every situation hid something else, something darker, more primal.

Simon had worked hard to control the anger, the rage, but sometimes you could still see it. Asking Negan it was as beautiful as it was dangerous, and he never found him sexier than when that fury swirled so close under the surface, even when it was addressed towards him. So Simon's mustache wasn't the only thing twitching here. You gonna make me with the help of that uppity bitch and her nigger boyfriend?

He looked confused for a second before he shot Arat a little look. He huffed a laugh. You don't even get your slurs right. Guess that's what you get after generations of inbreeding," it was surprising that that was enough to send Merle over the edge. He charged and didn't get far. All Simon had to do was step aside while simultaneously punching him in the solar plexus.

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