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While abortions are legal under certain conditions in most countries, these conditions vary widely. According to the United Nations publication World Abortion Policies , [20] abortion is allowed in most countries 97 percent in order to save a woman's life. Other commonly-accepted reasons are preserving physical 68 percent or mental health 65 percent. In about half of countries abortion is accepted in the case of rape or incest 51 percent , and in case of foetal impairment 50 percent.

Performing an abortion because of economic or social reasons is accepted in 35 percent of countries. Performing abortion only on the basis of a woman's request is allowed in 30 percent of countries, including in the US, Canada, most European countries, and China, with 42 percent of the world's population living in such countries. In some countries, additional procedures must be followed before the abortion can be carried out even if the basic grounds for it are met.

For example, in Finland, where abortions are not granted based merely on a woman's request, approval for each abortion must be obtained from two doctors or one in special circumstances. For example, in the United Kingdom Care Quality Commission 's report in found that several NHS clinics were circumventing the law, using forms pre-signed by one doctor, thus allowing abortions to patients who only met with one doctor.

The effect of national laws as of [update] for each of the member states of the United Nations and two non-member States Vatican City and Niue is listed in the UN World Abortion Policies [25] report, and summarized in the following table.

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The publication includes information on national estimates of abortion rate, fertility rate, maternal mortality ratio, levels of contraceptive use, unmet need for family planning, and government support for family planning, as well as regional estimates of unsafe abortion.

Despite a wide variation in the restrictions under which it is permitted, abortion is legal in most European countries. The exceptions are Malta , Northern Ireland , and the micro-states of Vatican City , San Marino , Liechtenstein and Andorra , where abortion is illegal or severely restricted. All the remaining states make abortion legal on request or for social and economic reasons during the first trimester.

When it comes to later-term abortions, there are very few with laws as liberal as those of the United States. Most countries in the European Union allow abortion on demand during the first trimester , with Sweden, the UK and the Netherlands having more extended time limits. For instance, in Austria, second trimester abortions are allowed only if there is a serious risk to physical health of woman that cannot be averted by other means ; risk to mental health of woman that cannot be averted by other means ; immediate risk to life of woman that cannot be averted by other means ; serious fetal impairment physical or mental ; or if the woman is under 14 years of age.

Some countries, such as Denmark, allow abortion after the first trimester for a variety of reasons, including socioeconomic ones, but a woman needs an authorization to have such an abortion. Access to an abortion in much of Europe depends not as much on the letter of the law, but on the prevailing social views which lead to the interpretation of the laws.

In much of Europe, laws which allow a second trimester abortion due to mental health concerns when it is deemed that the woman's psychological health would suffer from the continuation of the pregnancy have come to be interpreted very liberally, while in some areas it is difficult to have a legal abortion even in the early stages of pregnancy due to conscientious objection by doctors refusing to perform abortions against their personal moral or religious convictions.

Malta is the only EU country that bans abortion in all cases, and does not have an exception for situations where the woman's life is in danger. The law however is not strictly enforced in relation to instances where a pregnancy endangers the woman's life. Abortion in Italy was legalized in This conscientious objection has the practical effect of restricting access to abortion.

In Ireland , before December , abortion was illegal with the exception of cases where a woman's life was endangered by the continuation of her pregnancy. However, in a referendum a large majority of Irish citizens voted to repeal the constitutional amendment prohibiting legislation relating to the termination of non-life threatening pregnancies; and the new law enacted the Health Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy Act allows abortion on request up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, and in certain circumstances at later stages.

Northern Ireland , which is under UK control, retains its near complete ban on abortion, however the Irish government has stated that Northern Ireland residents may access abortion services in the Republic free of charge. Europe's formerly Communist countries have liberal abortion laws. An exception is Poland, a country with a strict abortion law.

Abortion is allowed only in cases of risk to the life or health of the woman, when the pregnancy is a result of a criminal act the criminal act has to be confirmed by a prosecutor , or when the fetus is seriously malformed. A doctor who performs an abortion which is deemed to not have a legal basis is subject to criminal prosecution, and, out of fear of prosecution, doctors avoid abortions, except in the most extreme circumstances.

Most European countries have laws which stipulate that minor girls need their parents' consent or that the parents must be informed of the abortion. In most of these countries however, this rule can be circumvented if a committee agrees that the girl may be posed at risk if her parents find out about the pregnancy, or that otherwise it is in her best interests to not notify her parents.

The interpretation in practice of these laws depends from region to region, as with the other abortion laws. In countries where abortion is illegal or restricted, it is common for women to travel to neighboring countries with more liberal laws. It was estimated in that over 6, Irish women travel to Britain to have abortions every year. In , the U. Supreme Court decision Roe v.

Wade legalized abortion nationwide. It established a minimal period during which abortion must be legal with more or fewer restrictions throughout the pregnancy. This basic framework, modified in Planned Parenthood v. Casey , is still in effect today. In accordance with Planned Parenthood v. Casey , states cannot place legal restrictions posing an undue burden for "the purpose or effect of placing a substantial obstacle in the path of a woman seeking an abortion of a nonviable fetus.

This category of countries includes most countries in Latin America , most countries of MENA , approximately half of the countries of Africa , seven countries in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as one country Malta and the Northern Ireland region of the UK in Europe. Latin America is considered the world region with the most restrictive abortion laws.

Controversy over the beginning of pregnancy occurs in different contexts, particularly in a legal context, and is particularly discussed within the abortion debate from the point of measuring the gestational age of the pregnancy. Pregnancy can be measured from a number of convenient points, including the day of last menstruation , ovulation , fertilization , implantation and chemical detection.

A common medical way to calculate gestational age is to measure pregnancy from the first day of the last menstrual cycle. Exceptions in abortion laws occur either in countries where abortion is, as a general rule illegal, or in countries which have abortion on request with gestational limits for example if a country allows abortion on request until 12 weeks, it may create exceptions to this general gestation limit for later abortions in specific circumstances.

There are a few common exceptions sometimes found in abortion laws. Legal domains which do not have abortion on demand will often allow it when the health of the mother is at stake. Laws allowing abortion in cases of rape or incest often go together. For example, before Roe v.

Wade , thirteen US states allowed abortion in the case of either rape or incest, but only Mississippi permitted abortion of pregnancies due to rape, and no state permitted it for just incest. Many countries allow for abortion only through the first or second trimester , and some may allow abortion in cases of fetal defects, e.

Laws in some countries with liberal abortion laws protect access to abortion services. Such legislation often seeks to guard abortion clinics against obstruction , vandalism , picketing , and other actions, or to protect patients and employees of such facilities from threats and harassment. Other laws create a perimeter around a facility, known variously as a "buffer zone", "bubble zone", or "access zone".

This area is intended to limit how close to these facilities demonstration by those who oppose abortion can approach. Protests and other displays are restricted to a certain distance from the building, which varies depending upon the law, or are prohibited altogether. Similar zones have also been created to protect the homes of abortion providers and clinic staff.

Bubble zone laws are divided into "fixed" and "floating" categories. Fixed bubble zone laws apply to the static area around the facility itself, and floating laws to objects in transit, such as people or cars. European Court of Human Rights. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. International status of abortion law. In some cases, this map may not accurately depict the content of this article.

Main article: History of abortion. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources: Article states that abortion is allowed in case of sexual assault, rape, incest or when the pregnancy endangers the mental or physical health or the life of the mother or the fetus.

On 8 May , the new penal code was enacted by the President Idriss Deby. It became law on 1 August Not allowed. Abortion in the United States. Beginning of pregnancy controversy. Legal protection of access to abortion. Retrieved Adding it Up: If the million women with unmet need used modern family planning methods Retrieved 12 January Women and Socialism: Essays on Women's Liberation.

Haymarket Books. South African Medical Journal. Women, the State and Revolution: Soviet Family Policy and Social Life, Cambridge University Press. The Dictators: Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Russia. Norton Company, Inc. Protecting the Genetic Self from Biometric Threats: Autonomy, Identity, and Genetic Privacy: Autonomy, Identity, and Genetic Privacy. IGI Global. Encyclopedia of Islam.

Infobase Publishing. The Huffington Post. Retrieved 17 July Retrieved 10 August Care Quality Commission. Archived from the original on International Business Times. Retrieved 19 December The new law signed by Guebuza Thursday will ease abortion regulations in the country, allowing women to electively terminate their pregnancies during the first 12 weeks, except in the case of rape, which would extend the legal period to 16 weeks.

Durr, Benjamin 26 January Al Jazeera. The Southern Sudan Gazette No. February 10, Retrieved 2 February Morocco World News. Retrieved November 3, Retrieved 6 November Abortion is legal when there is fetal impairment or when the mother is a victim of rape. The Jakarta Post. Retrieved November 6, Abortion in Indonesia remains prohibited in most cases, unless the mother's life is in danger or in the case of rape.

Cyprus Mail. According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, doctors are permitted to perform abortions only when pregnancy endangers the mother's life, but not if it is a peril to her mental health. When fetal impairment is detected, an abortion can be performed if both parents consent, but terminating a pregnancy that resulted from rape or incest is banned, the ministry said.

United Nations. Retrieved 24 August Kosovo's powerless reproductive force". Prishtina Insight. Oman to Zimbabwe. United Nations Publications. Retrieved 23 November The Europeans: A Geography of People, Culture, and Environment.

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In jurisdictions governed under sharia law , abortion after th day from conception 19 weeks from LMP is illegal, especially for those who follow the recommendations of the Hanafi legal school, while most jurists of the Maliki legal school "believe that ensoulment occurs at the moment of conception, and they tend to forbid abortion at any point [similar to the Roman Catholic Church]. IGI Global. She waggled her ass for me and put her hands on those huge buttocks.


  • Legal domains which do not have abortion on demand will often allow it when the health of the mother is at stake.
  • Laws in some countries with liberal abortion laws protect access to abortion services.
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