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Where do you spend all your money? February 25, at 4: You need socialistic policies, or else you end up with a state resembling Victorian London. Car shopping is stressful. Midna 3x pleasure Link version K views. January 28, at 8:

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Start your session by working up to your top set. Now you apply your fatigue percent. What this means is that you will continue to work until for 3 reps yields a 9 RPE. This may require many sets or only a few. Each workout will be different, as will each movement. So he goes to the gym, fills up his water bottle and stakes out his power rack.

When he finally gets settled in to the rack, he goes through his warm-up the way he normally does. The warm-up is followed by a work up to the heaviest weight of the day in this case a weight that he will do a set of 2 reps that results in a 9 RPE. So he subtracts 26 from and rounds it to a weight he can load There are a few ways to go about reaching that level of fatigue.

The simplest way is to load pounds and do repeated sets of two reps until the RPE climbs up to a 9. At that point, you would stop. You have to be willing to work hard very hard to achieve your goals. Simply put, if you work hard to get stronger, but you also put some thought in your training, this system can be helpful to you. One thing to keep in mind keep your rest intervals under control.

The key to mitigating this is just to pay attention. Conclusion RPEs play a critical role in implementing this system of training for both intensity and volume. For a deeper understanding on how to use fatigue percentages, including information on how to vary the percentages in accordance with your training goals, check out the Reactive Training Manual or visit our forum at ReactiveTrainingSystems.

There is a lot we can all learn from one another, so join in the discussion! This style affords you greater control based on how your body is responding to training and it does it in real-time. This is a very powerful tool and can help you bust through your PRs! These terms are fairly ambiguous and will likely mean different things to different people.

We use a numerical scale from one to ten based on how hard a set feels. Each number on the scale has a specific meaning. RPEs below 7 are usually for warm-up sets and restoration work. The benefit of using an RPE is that it gives you the ability to be much more exact with how the weights felt. Who wants to give a government more than half of their pay???

This is your argument for capitalism?? Your country is known for drugs and giving the government more than half of their money. You are mindless sheep and this is why the government allows you to be high all the time.

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Do look us up Denmark , we are at the top of most lists of great things: Welfare, Economic freedom, Ease of doing business, Happiness etc etc.

I will never visit again. BTW, what is stopping any country from coming in and killing all of you. The sad fact is that the all conquering, all powerful, all righteous America does what I have just stated. Including, killing innocent people in the in the name of freedom. I ask you, what is so free about that? As an American I am ashamed to be associated with such cruel and unjustified actions.

For we fund the true terror. Our politicians and media feed into our brains propaganda that only uneducated people would believe. Half the country is uneducated. We cut funds for a future to finance wars. Are Americans that naive or are they just stupid to believe that we have a self sustaining society to move forward? So please stop opening your mouth and speaking as if you know what you are talking about.

You live in a country where people feel entitled to what they have. Nobody is entitled or deserves anything. The issue is that these small countries that experiment with their socialist economy, have no defense against the rest of the world actually have nothing to defend. Yes the US spends on military to defend ourselves. Perhaps we have something to defend.

There was a time when we we would help others defend. Perhaps we should stop. I see many Americans being the true sheep here. Yes and exactly what business is done in your country. See if you can survive in you little bubble. When the blind in America finally wake up it will probably be too late.

European countries are SO much nicer to live in than America. If the US made the decision to stay out of all foreign affairs, the world would be begging us to help with every war, injustice, natural disaster, or international crime that occurred. If you are an American citizen, have the courage to renounce your. Itizenship so we can be rid of you. Car shopping is stressful.

The information here will help make buying a car as easy and stress-free as possible. It is hard to dispute the fact that car shopping is a stressful, anxiety-ridden task for many individuals. The sheer size of the expenditure involved and the myriad of choices on the market make the need for education and information quite critical.

Guess we can add United States on there now. Since apparently we are almost there and our constitution means pretty much nothinganymore. Freedom of the press, Right to free speech, Right to assemble, Right of privacy, Privilege against self-incrimination. Though, you know, most of these incriminations against your constitution were put in place by the conservative President Bush.

George Bush is no conservative. Who told you he was conservative? Perhaps socially he could be considered right of center. Fiscally he and his dad are big government spending powerbrokers. The Republican party is in the process of getting folks like this out. Because it has happened over and over again, everywhere people have attempted to install Socialistic government.

It is a guaranteed recipe for failure. Many of the countries on this list are proof of that, such as Denmark and Finland. China is communist, not socialist am life is more relaxed? Have you ever even been to china? The government control everything, no one owns property and most live in poverty making just enought to survive. The government pimps out people to greedy companies and pollution is horrible.

We may not be perfect but who do they cry to when someone is picking in them? And good or bad we are often more willing to help. One last thing, how is Greece and its socialist economy working out? So is that why America is starting to bully Syberia, your latest failed attempt and also i get this weird feeling in my gut that America have been making excuses for war since to help out their debt issue.

As war is the most profitable factor in the world still. As you guys are still the biggest economic bullies in the world, trying to dictate the movement of newly reformed countries left right and center. The first real failure your country faced was Iran in this regard when you realized they have plenty juicy oil that your government just had to capitalize for their own gain instead of a global gain.

My key is globalization of freedom of movement on a global level is what will actually make changes in how humanity as a whole run ourselves. All these walls and divides are just a dead end road to create hatred and complex corruptible ideas easily masked from society. America has the highest debt ceiling in the world and it is only growing, this makes for a desperate and volatile environment.

As a country i am not surprised America is seeking ever more sly or direct ways to save themselves at the expense of many. It is the nature of it all. This includes leaving decisions to the reserve or federation, who only want to line their on pockets no matter which country we are talking about. Real smart utopian pipe dream.

I think the last time I had one of those I was Wake the hell up. The United States is the only one. What country actually made it possible for these countries to live so care free? Eventually all socialist and communist countries fail because they run out of other peoples money and the incentive to strive to be more is lost. Enough is taken so everyone can have the basics- food, shelter, sanitatio, clothing, education and healthcare.

Everyone deserves the money they make! I can understand if it goes to repairs and fixing debts, but for our hard-earned money to be sent to someone who sits on their ass all day, and collects welfare checks, is just wrong. Another thing, each person should get their own healthcare! If not, then go buy some with the money you get with your job!

No, the more benefits that are shelled-out to free-loaders, the less the hard-working citizens have in their pockets. The US is not bullying Syria, to take over land, they do not want them to kill their own people. The world use to rely on the US to take care of the problems. We were called into WW II we did not just start the war. The same is true about every conflict since then.

UN approval was received. The problem with one world government is that ere are many countries that do believe in dictators and no rights of the people. People are not allowed to own property, and they determine education. And how open is your country to having masses of people coming into your country illegally and staying. Yes you may travel but if someone comes to you country illegally to work and live.

The US HS millions coming each year illegally plus many legally. This was written by some nutjob who was trying to make socialism seem wonderful. Who deems what is less stressful living? China less stressful than the USA? Is that a result of culture or government? Heck, most of the world lives in poverty when compared to the USA. Inequality and salary gaps is like a culture in most countries where there is an open economy.

The monied people do not care about others. Since the cold war the term has garnered attention in the press and from politicians. Socialism is a self-government workers. The means of production are reguled by workers. These are basic principles of Socialism. So, there is no socialism in any country of the world. But there are many that are far to the left of the US [].

Thanks for writing on this subject. It would be more helpful and illuminating, however, if you made a distinction between socialism and communism. That would explain a great deal of the difference, aside from language and culture, between China and the European socialist countries. Socialist countries do not need centralized control. The advantages of socialism for everyday working people are maintained by cultural mores and the laws created by people with such mores, not centralized control of commercial activities.

China is a communist country.. Totally irrelevant to the story! You may pat yourself on your back if you want to. Top 10 Most Socialist Countries in the World Peerform Blog Also looking at this, its funny that this top ten most socialist countries is pretty much the top []. You must be kidding about Ireland.

They have a far more conservative government very little in the way of universal healthcare. The UK, In particular Scotland is a far more socialist country that offers free healthcare, transportation for the elderly and free higher education. I agree with this opinion. In my family, my parents []. This article contradicts itself.. The title is misleading.. Its strange that in the US they confuse socialism collective ownership of means of production with the normal obligation of a civilized developed country to provide education, healthcare and welfare.

And yet, millions of Europeans immigrated here in the 20th century and made this the greatest economy in the history of the world within 50 years, operating under those very rules you find strange. I worked for a Dutch company []. Read some books for crying out loud. How much welfare do you think there was in Soviet Russia?

The newly inaugurated King of the Netherlands in September heralded the decline of the welfare state in his country, referencing changing demographics and an aging population that will necessitate civil solutions to issues like retiree welfare. This is an opening salvo in the decline of the welfare state in Europe. Socialism works great as long as you have the huge pot of money or credit available to finance it.

The credit cards ran out? It created a system where finance companies were giving loans to people who otherwise would not be considered loan-worthy. Naturally, over the next decade, the demand for housing skyrocketed, artificially inflating prices. Eventually, the market corrected itself, as any healthy and relatively free market would.

House values plummeted back to normal, leaving tons of people owing way more than their house is worthleading to inability to refinance, foreclosures, etc. All governments need a positive cash flow to be sustainable in the long run, and pure socialism by nature squelches the drive for innovation and profits needed to make it happen.

This is why social democracies are becoming so prevalent in the world. Ugh, God, the Community Reinvestment act. I still to this very day cannot see why that idiot Jimmy Carter even signed that bill. It made it so that loan companies were forced to pay people loans for houses, even when they knew that those people would have no chance in Hell of paying them back.

The world is built upon money. Now after apartheid ended and our future was looking bright we had the great injustice of being tempted by a loan from America during , after accepting this great injustice America now had a hold on decisions we made on our economy.

So the blueprint for our economic infrastructure bends viciously towards Americanism. Also, America has never been the greatest of fastest growing country in the history of the world. Those titles go the Egyptian Dynasties and the Mongols respectively. Have a look at what South Africa has paid back to America.

So I guess your great leader was an idiot. You have WAY to many labor laws to ever really succeed like America did. There is way to much redistribution of money instead of free market capitalism. This causes people to give up like my friend and come to America or somewhere else where all that hard work and education pays off.

You need socialistic policies, or else you end up with a state resembling Victorian London. It was a booming economy that actually raised all wages, including those of the inner city. There is a reason so many people revere Reagan. Times were good, credit was easy, morals were loose, optimism was high.

The Netherlands and Denmark also score high on both lists. I am very thankful to you its most important and informative for me. I freely admit the answer is Yes to that question. The question is whether socialism is inherently unstable. And the answer to that is no. You've picked some examples which are convenient for you. The picture of the Chinese Army is actually a picture of the military police of Bolivia.

How do I know? I lived in Bolivia. Yeah, this idiot says life is more relaxing in China, he obviously did not put a lot of effort into this article. Yes, it is obvious that this idiot did not put enough effort into the article. Half of the stuff he said is not true. Especially about China being more relaxing to live in.

More relaxed than in the USA? Have you looked at censorship in China? The Buddhists in Tibet being killed, imprisoned, and censored? And you say it is more relaxed than in the USA? You know, China, the country that imprisons people for speaking out against the government on blogs? The country that is rated as an enemy of the internet? You must be kidding me. The country with the most developed economy in Europe is Hungary.

We have the greatest geography in the area, the most brilliant politicians, we are connected to the strongest masonry lodge via George Soros and even prince Charles loves us. We are supreme in the way we behave and due to our historical connection with our neighbouring country Romania, we have the best girls in the world.

Like phenomenons, there are places you never understand because you lack information on them. Also, you erred in showing a row of armed soldiers in your picture depicting China. What it really is. The state owns all property. This is the economic definition of the system.

This system was first adequately described by Adam Smith. But it IS nearly perfect. Those who actually work and do their job, prosper. It only exists within a set of laws that we decide, hence it is not actually free. Since the system is artificial like any we come up with , we are free to tweak it as we like. Things like consumer protection are not free market, but we regulate so that we have recourse if products poison us etc.

You picked the nations that told the pro-socialist story that you wanted people to hear, but the reality is that most of those nations have vast natural resources with small populations that allow the higher standards of living, not the socialism.

Most of those are more autocratic than anyone else though. And some socialism is needed for decent conditions for the masses. Capitalism IS necceseary for development, because nothing motivates people more than greed. Could it be only me or does it seem like a few of the remarks come across like they are coming from brain dead folks? Would you list of all of your social community sites like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

Somehow I dont think I'll hold my breath. Jesus, me boy, if you were not such a con []. Most countries now have a blend of various systems. It is pretty worth enough for me. Personally, if all web owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the net will be much more useful than ever before. I just want to say I am just newbie to blogging and really enjoyed your web page.

You really come with really good writings. Thank you for sharing your website page. When you look at countries who actually have a socialist economic structure, you can see some similarities to the United States but there are some really stark differences.

Health is not free, neither is welfare nor unemployment. The cost is very high taxes to pay for social programs such as health, welfare, and unemployment. Canada is not a socialist, country. Like Sweden etc, it is a democracy, with democratic-socialist programs.

This article has many faults, starting with China. Someone is confusing communism and socialism, AND democratic-socialism. It is entertaining to see how many retards talk shit about socialist countries, because they have been brainwashed by Nazi America.

And before you hate on me for saying that, you should look up what National Socialism is. You say we do not have an army? Fair enough, considering how we have 2. You hate on us for our taxes? Well, at least they pay for our hospital bills, while your free america let people die on the street because cash means more than human lives to america.

You hate on us for being better than you, just face it you sad idiots. In fact, we get paid to study. I get that you are sad and jealous, but that does not give you the right to talk shit about countries for being better than you. Honestly, only the idiots here in America have anything bad to say about any of the countries on this list.

Most of us dream of at least visiting all of the countries on this list. So while any disagreement about government has good points and bad, please understand it has nothing to do with how Americans feel about the people in these countries. Then again I am from California and the rest of the U.

The other thing I would like to say is that America is pretty open to anyone becoming a citizen and opening businesses. There are soooooo many businesses owned by migrants. This is a rambling reply, but it makes me sad to see how the world views us. My grandfather fought in world War 2 and loved the people of Germany, France, England etc.

Just wish that everyone could get along. Honestly, as history has always shown, the world is run by the wealthy. Class warfare is the real issue. There is actually a whole lot of capitalism in China. OMG, what a shock!!! You actually think that China is a socialist country!!!! China is a dictatorship run by sociopaths. This is also true of North Korea. Or are you in the pay of some perfidious right wing political group in the states who deliberately spread misinformation???

So define your goals now, and dive into the vast sea of your subconscious mind through hypnotherapy. Each individual has his own set of likes and dislikes, interests, aspirations and desires. Although these countries are considered to be socialist because of the redistribution of economic benefits ,But their economies producing these economic benefits are substantially free markets.

Total Government control results in a monopoly with no incentives to do better and grow the economy and improve the quality of life. Free markets are economic democracy and must innovate and meet consumer needs or go out of business. That's your own damn fault for allowing that to happen. In Denmark small businesses thrive, with over 70 percent of companies having 50 employees or less.

Top 10 Most Socialist Coutries in the World. Note that China, Sweden and Canada are all included in theip top list. It's a sad read for []. China is transitioning back to capitalism may have no choice but to return to socialism as things get loud in that country in the coming years. Socialism works in little crap countries but they do not have the large social issues we have in this country, race issues, immigration, high wages, etc.

Our politicians compare more like those in the large countries that have failed, dishonest, cronyism, and never achieve what they promise. Social Security is the best example. Without this, most people would have nothing to fall back on when they need it most. Without it, retirement would not be possible for a great number of Americans.

It is, as a matter of fact, a stop-gap measure to protect Americans against the ravages of American capitalism. The Netherlands is not a socialist country but a parlementary democracy in which different parties fight for the favour of the voter. Some parties are liberal democrat, some are socialist, some are even communist in origin, some are christian, some are muslim, some green.

China remains relatively less stressful and more relaxed than life in capitalist countries like America. Proof this article is just more uninformed, knee jerk, leftist garbage. I stopped reading as well after the China leads a more relaxed life. Lol, the author of this is low information, probably low educated, and never been to a socialist country. Life is China is less stressful?

Not to say that the citizens of those countries asked for the world police BS, however they benefit none the less. All of us in America are not stupid, awful people. Unfortunately capitalism is a system for the wealthy. Most of us hate the system. We love our country, but hate the government. So many problems and issues involved in this discussion.

Eye opening article in that you will definitely be looking up all the real facts about life and how things work in these countries. These countries not China also are highly ranked on economic freedom. Denmark, notably, ranks above the USA in this regard.

There is o socialist nations now and there was no socialist nations during the cold war including the USSR. As soon as the author said the people in China live less stressful and more relaxed lives, I should have stopped reading. They have in the past. In some countries, they are working right now.

It most certainly does. For a while anyway. We are a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your web site provided us with valuable info to work on. You have done a formidable job and our whole community will be thankful to you. How do liberals never actually know what Socialism is?

Socialism is, and only is, worker control of the means of production, either by State representation of the workers in Marxism-Leninism or a subset of it, such as Marxism-Leninism-Maoism , as in the USSR, Maoist China, or Cuba, or through direct ownership, such as in Revolutionary Ukraine or Revolutionary Catalonia. Those are also not socialist countries, nor are those socialist programs.

Those are social programs, within a Social Democracy. Real Democratic Socialism is a completely different ideology, longstanding with many actual socialist adherents who want worker ownership of the means of production. Capitalism is where one man flies about in a private jet whilst others starve to death. That is not just unfair it is immoral.

I call it evil. Graft and corruption is the true enemy of free markets, not governments doing their jobs []. Like seriously, whoever wrote this needs to do some serious research, unless this article is actually a joke; if that is the case, then good one! You certainly got me! China has a less stressful and more comfortable life than America? Finland has a percent literacy rate?

Okay, well at least this statement is much more realistic than your statement about China. But stop and think for a second perfect percent? Do you realize that that means literally every single person in their country would have to be able to read and write? Lastly, your article contradicts itself at different points. Yes socialism has its benefits; however, they are very minor when compared to the benefits of a free market economy.

Capitalism has driven this country and several others to become a powerful and highly productive nation. Pick up a history book. What a bunch of nonsense by people trying to promote socialism. Over and above that Socialism is created by the Jews to benefit the Jews in the person of Karel Marx, look at the examples given of socialistic countries.

China is growing more and more capitalistic. The fact that government owns the business are not the criteria. Socialism subscribes that al wealth is owned commonly and equally. No such state exist. Even in Russia some people received more tokens then other for work performed, which makes it capitalistic.

Yes there is disparities in Capitalism, but fruits om my toil are not equal to yours. The note above that capitalism is immoral for one flies in a private jet whilst others starve to death is irrelevant. Even if that jet is sold and the money spend on food for the starvers, in a short while they will be back on the starvation list. People die, and there is no obligation on me or any other capitalist to maintain the health or life of another person starving for whatever reason.

That is the facts, and socialism cannot provide that support. Countries with big welfare institutions does not make them socialistic. They are capitalistic with big welfare. There is no thriving socialistic country which is pure socialistic. They all rely on capitalism. There is no pure socialistic state where everybody earns the same and possesses everything equally because socialism is a lie.

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China is communist, not socialist am life is more relaxed? April 22, at 7: Half of the stuff he said is not true. Retrieved 25 August These women were influenced by the Quaker theology of spiritual equality, which asserts that men and women are equal under God.

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However, that absolutely does not mean Socialist Democracies characterised by high welfare costs offset by high taxation cannot work. Social Progressivism and Counterculture. The term socialist has been thrown around quite a bit in the past few years. Credit scores fall between to The Dictionary of Feminist Theory.

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