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Lesbian XXX. Big Cocks. Wifes XXX. Housewife XXX. Nude Girls. Mature XXX. Coed XXX. Asian XXX. Pussy Lick. Amateur XXX. Foot Fetish. Big Boobs. Big naturals. European XXX. Close Up. Can you use sperm as a lube for masturbation? Also is normal to masturbate with my two older brothers and sometimes my friend?

I advocate masturbation as a solo activity. That's how nearly all guys your age practice it. What happens to the semen I eat after I masturbate? Gets absorbed into the body and used by various cells. I have been masturbating now for 3 and a half years and really enjoy doing it. I have only recently started to ejaculate but still have very little underarm hair.

My friends and I jerk off together at least twice a week and though a couple of them are a year younger than me, they have much bigger penises than mine and shoot much more semen. One of my friends told me that I should increase my masturbation in order to become normal and so I have been jerking off 4 times every day and sometimes 6 times when we have a circle jerk at the weekend.

I seem to be able to do this with great ease and really enjoy it a lot. Do you think I should keep going or am I going to have problems later? Masturbating 30 or more times a week is compulsive at any age. More frequent masturbation will not make your penis any bigger and will actually reduce the volume of semen you ejaculate. At your age, it might be worthwhile to have your hormone levels checked by a doctor if you don't think you're finished with puberty.

You should be finished with that by now. One hazard of group masturbation is the inevitability of comparing yourself with others. This is not healthy and leads to self-image problems for the guys who are smaller, have less copious ejaculate, and strangely enough, who take longer to reach orgasm. In the real world, penis size and ejaculate volume are mostly irrelevant, and the prize goes to the man who doesn't orgasm quickly.

You'll have an easier time focusing on your own sexuality if you aren't masturbating with other people. I am 12 years old and I first masturbated at I was one of the best in our class but ever since my third year of masturbating, I wasn't a medalist anymore. Second,I recently was searching the web for nude pics of boys my age nude, because it helps me fantasize while masturbating, and I become extremely angry if the results only showed girls.

Am I gay or something? I also am attempting to invite my friend to masturbate with me, but I never had the guts to. I know you said this is not good,but I'm not satisfied with my own hand grasping my penis anymore. I tried to have my younger cousin stroke my penis, but it doesnt feel as pleasureable when a blood relative does it and he seems scared and shy when we talk about it and show each other's penis.

What do I do to satisfy the need of my male peer's hand stroking my penis? Masturbating didn't keep you from becoming a medalist. If the guys who beat you for the medal aren't masturbating already, they will be soon. It might be that you're not as big relative to the rest of your class as you were before puberty. You should stay away from nude pics of boys or girls your age.

They would be considered child pornography and you could go to jail for having them. I think it's too early to say if you're gay or something, but straight guys at any age don't have much interest in nude pictures of males. Seducing another guy your age to say nothing of your younger cousin to perform a sex act on you is not good.

Depending on how much younger he is, it could be considered rape in some states. You don't need to get in trouble with the law for sex crimes before you're even 13! It's one thing to masturbate together -- separately -- and another thing to stroke each other. I think your need to have a male peer's hand will have to go unsatisfied for a long time, just like a lot of guys' desires to have their penis in contact with various female parts has to go unsatisfied for many years.

When I masturbate, I always think about men. When I see a handsome man, I want to see his penis. Sometimes when I go to bed I have this giant stuffed animal and I close my eyes then I think of the most cute girl like Jennifer Lopez. Then I thrust my penis into my hand and act like its going into a vagina until I orgasm.

Is this a form of prone? Why not quit that while you're young. It's easy to switch at your age, I'm told. When I was 5 I started humping pillows, at 12 I started masturbating, and I always masturbate to pornography. I masturbate times a day every day, even when my penis hurts. I love the sensation when I orgasm. I want to cut down to once or twice a day, but I don't know how.

I say to myself I am going to, but never do. My dad and sister always catch me masturbating and so do my friends, but I catch my friends doing it too. I need help to stop masturbating so much. That's prone masturbation, and it can lead to a heap of trouble. Everyone likes the feeling of orgasm, but hardly anyone does it as much as you do.

The first thing is to stop doing it in semi-private spaces, which is why people are catching you doing it. You seem determined to cut back, so all you need is self-control. Just find something else to do when you feel compelled to masturbate. Go someplace where you can't do it. I think if you can cut down for two or three weeks, the urge to do it so often will go away. My son is 15 and he looks at pornography several hours a day, and every chance he gets he looks at nude women.

I have caught him masturbating to vagina pics on the Internet a few times. Is this healthy for him? Do I need to get him some help? My husband says it is OK with him, but it is bothering me. Also, my husband is masturbating in his sleep, but we have a good sexual relationship. Is there anything he can do to stop masturbating in his sleep?

It's normal for teenage boys to be curious about pornography, but several hours a day is too much. Also, healthy sexuality would mean being attracted to the entire person, not just a vagina. I doubt he needs professional help, but you might point these things out to him.

Wearing more clothes to bed is apt to prevent sleep masturbation. When I masturbate, I sometimes pull back my foreskin and put some face soap it has the texture of vaseline on my fingers and rub under the glans. Masturbating normally means stimulating the whole penis with moderate pressure rather than zoning in on one part with heavy pressure. That all-over stimulation is most similar to vaginal intercourse.

So I'd try to break away from what you're doing. If using soap as lube, be sure to wash it off completely. Are there any other healthy ways to masturbate? Is it OK to look at nude pictures on the Internet once in a while before masturbation? Using pictures frequently is apt to limit your own erotic capabilities. There are some variations on the basic masturbatory technique, but they should be used with caution.

Atypical masturbation seems to lead to sexual difficulties later. More than 90 percent of guys are satisfied with doing it the typical way. I sniffed glue from kindergarden until 6th grade. I'm going to the 8th now. Will that affect my puberty? It's a good thing you stopped.

Am I gay if I think about seeing the penises of guys my age? Most guys your age are curious about seeing other penises. I'm 15 and have been masturbating for about 3 years. For the last year I have done it looking at porn. I have gone from looking at girls in swimsuits to watching hardcore porn movies.

It's normal for guys to use pictures, but I hope you're not using porn every time at I think guys should be able to get by on their imaginations until they're at least It would have been better if you'd stayed with the swimsuit pics for a while longer. Watching movies should be an occasional and not a regular thing. I'd try to use the porn less than you are now, or by the time you're 17 you might find that nothing arouses you anymore.

I really want to stop masturbating but am having real trouble. Can you give me some tips in trying to stop? It's a waste of time and resources and I just want to stop. Why not try masturbating once a week for a couple of months and then see if you really want to quit. How many times can I masturbate a day? I've heard of people doing it eight times.

Doing it regularly more than twice a day seems excessive. I masturbate about once a day. I always masturbate thinking about being examined by a doctor. I picture myself sitting completely naked on the examination table while the doctor examines me with his stethoscope. Also, the thought of being examined naked in front of other young guys gets me turned on. It's about the only thing I think about when I masturbate and just the thought of being examined naked with a stethoscope gets me real hard.

You need to develop other stimuli that get you aroused. You might find some pictures that get you to focus on the who's in it. I don't think fantasizing about the doctor is so bad if you do it less than 50 percent of the time. The doctor's exam gets rougher when you get older. I love to masturbate while looking at web sites that talk about sex and stuff?

However, at your age, you should try to develop your imagination and so you shouldn't have to be looking at something too often. Maybe do that only once a week and use your imagination the rest of the time. My friends have been telling me how anal sex is quite good. How did it feel if you ever had anal sex?

I'm feeling like I'm going to have anal sex soon! When dealing with a know-it-all, it's good to ask this question frequently: Although I have a rule not to talk about myself here, I've never had anal sex. The closest I can come to forming an experiential opinion is from the dreaded prostate exam. I think having the doctor's finger go up there is about the most uncomfortable part of my year.

And the doctor's finger is smaller than a penis, and he inserts it slowly and gently. Perhaps your friends have heard about or tried being the partner in anal sex who inserts his penis. This is equally dangerous disease-wise although less dangerous for your sexual and rectal functioning.

Keep in mind that if you choose to practice anal sex with males, you won't get to be the inserter every time. You'll have to take turns being the inserter and the receiver. Ewww, I don't want to have anal sex with boys! I want to have anal sex with girls! Also, I masturbated yesterday but my orgasm was regular then I masturbated two more times and my orgasm was powerful.

Well, anal sex is dangerous for and with girls too. There can be a lot of variation in strength of orgasms when you're young, although I would have expected the first one to be most powerful. I masturbate once a day by rubbing my penis on the side of it while it's still in my pants. I have now learned about prone masturbation and was wondering if I have it.

If I quit now since I started 7 months ago, will I be completly cured? I think you can be completely cured. Guys who have been masturbating less than a year get cured fastest. How can I decrease masturbating? I don't like to do it but I enjoy it. Just tell me the way. Anyway, the way to cut down is to go to half of what you're doing now. Every other day instead of every day, etc.

My libido's extremely high. Despite having a great girlfriend, I often prefer to masturbate compulsively, mostly using pornographic pictures in magazines or on the web. I also have strong temptations to engage in mild paraphilias e. The question I have is what could be causing these things?

I was brought up in an abusive family home and suffered huge trauma at 12 when I lost my parents which may explain some of this. There's nothing wrong with an extremely high libido, but you should be expending it on your great girlfriend more often than you masturbate.

I'm not in favor of or against paraphilias even "mild" ones as long as they're not causing problems for you. You need to consult in person with a competent therapist to determine the role abuse may have had in shaping your sexuality. My husband really enjoys his porn collection. He masturbates every chance he gets instead of being with me. Lately he has requested that we watch porn while having sex.

I want him to be happy, but I'm miserable. How do I approach this subject? You might start by telling him that married men your age masturbate about once or twice a week. If he really would rather masturbate than have sex, then I think he needs professional help. I don't think there's anything wrong with watching porn during sex if you both agree, but it is a problem if he can't get aroused without it.

It might help if the two of you could pick out something to watch that arouses you both. First, I am I know you have heard it before, but I must say it. Your pages are brilliant, even my parents might approve though the only way they would see them is over my dead body, lol.

It has raised some important questions about prone masturbating, as well as a general masturbatory question I would like to bring up. I have masturbated prone for about 3 to 4 years now, and will be quitting extremely soon now that I have discovered the error of my ways.

I usually lie down and masturbate while using stuffed animals. Is this still wrong, if I lie on my back and still do this, like, say, not lying on top of them but using a puppet or other types of thing where prone isn't involved? This is something I would like to continue if it is safe to do so.

My other question is that I do not usually have normal fantasies when masturbating. I generally think about people, spacifically females, getting devoured by animals or something of that general nature. I agree, and really have to laugh. I have tried to stimulate myself by using other erotic ways, however, since I am unable to see, pictures are out, and reading erotic literature in a flat computer voice doesn't exactly do me much good, lol.

Is this fantasy alright, if not, how can I change it? You should drop the stuffed animals altogether. Guys who masturbate with their hands make the best lovers. While using an object while using your hand is not masturbating prone, it is not normal masturbation either. Your fantasy is very strange, and the only way to get rid of an unwanted fantasy is to replace it with a different one.

Try to develop some new erotic interests and use the animal one only occasionally. There is apt to be a sexuality support group for the blind out there. You should try to use some of your other senses, like smell and touch. I think when you progress to sex with partners it'll come to you. What can I use to simulate insertion of my penis into a vagina?

Any hand postions or strokes that you know of? Simulating a vagina is apt to be counterproductive and destructive. You should try to masturbate like a normal guy. I like to masturbate while watching porn videos either on tv or on my computer. Does this make me a voyeur? Whenever I have my friend over to spend the night, I always suggest "truth or dare" and then dare him to go streaking and then I have to do the same.

Right before I take off my pants, I always have an erection. Just from him walking up the stairs I notice that he also has an erection. Is this homosexual behavior? It's probably not a gay thing. I don't think I'd call streaking normal, however. I like this girl and sometimes when I masturbate I think of her. Now I feel awkward around her.

Try not to worry about it this time. She doesn't ever have to know. When I was little I would go to a sleep over and my male friend would pretend to be a girl and we would start humping each other. Now that I am older and have a girlfriend I can't stand to think I did that.

You seem to have developed a preference for females. A lot of guys did stuff like that when they were young. You should laugh about it. I masturbate to pictures I find on the Internet. I think it is cool. I like the feeling a lot, but I am getting tired of the same old thing time and time again. Are there any sites that you would recommend?

I would advise against using pictures so frequently at your age. You should still be able to get a lot out of your imagination. If you're bored with pictures on the Internet, you might get some print ones. Then you can hold onto the ones you really like. I look at porn photos on the Internet. You should exercise your imagination for a few more years.

Also, the porn on the Internet is much more sleazy than what you'd find in Playboy, for example. From time to time, I fantasize of another guy having sex with my girlfriend no guy in particular. In my fantasy, I am not "looking" at the guy. It is all the idea of her being pleasured by another guy.

Is this a known fetish of some sort? If so, what is it? If not, do I have a problem? Most people fantasize about themselves. Once I was using a neck massager on my legs and I just happened to be hard, so I put the massager on my penis and had a very nice orgasm but it made me get bigger and sort of jelly or really soft, and it was only where the massager was.

How can I eliminate homosexual fantasies? Does masturbation makes you gay? I started to masturbate when I was 8. I get horny when I see two girls having sex and two guys having sex. I don't want to become gay since I love my girlfriend so much. This fantasy is making me crazy.

Masturbation does not make you gay. If a fantasy is really bothering you, try to replace it with a different fantasy. Looking at pictures that don't spur the unwanted fantasy might help. I discovered masturbation at the early age of 4. I have done it ever since. I remember "liking" girls during early childhood, but when I reached my teen years and started puberty, my attraction for girls completely faded, and my attraction for boys skyrocketed, and I am sure that I am gay.

Do you think that the fact that I discovered masturbation at the tender age of 4 had anything to do with me being gay now? Did I harm myself sexually by masturbating so young? Many people -- gay and straight -- learn to masturbate at that age. I have serious problems because I'm straight but I get more excited sexually with male porn.

I get very aroused looking at two men having sex. But I also enjoy a man with a woman. Does this mean I'm gay? I don't wanna be and if I am inside, I'll never show it. The important thing is who you'd like to have sex with, not watch. If you decide you're gay, you'll have to decide if you want to be open about it.

I like to masturbate since I do it often alone but I enjoy it when I'm watching a porn or not with a close friend. Does it mean I'm gay or something? I'm afraid someone thinks so when I suggest it to someone. You're the best, Doug!!! Wanting to masturbate with a male friend is universal among gay males and relatively uncommon among straights. I think it's more common in groups of guys who gather to watch, er, DVDs.

It sounds like you're suggesting it to people with whom you haven't established the right level of trust. You might try to experience more in the world i. Every time I masturbate I want to taste my semen, but when it comes, I dont have the courage to do it. Do other guys do it too or think about it? Around 1 in 20 cleans up by eating his semen. I join some schoolmates every Wednesday afternoon for a "movie session" at a friend's house.

While we see the movie, we all masturbate together. We have done it for 6 months and we enjoy it and none of us gets embarrassed. Is it bad for us doing it? If you're in my situation, would you continue? Before engaging in any sexual activity, you should think about where you want your sexuality to go, and whether that activity will help you achieve it.

I'm not addicted to porn, but once a week I see a movie or on the Internet and masturbate until the end. Is there a problem with this? The key is if you start needing to watch every time or start going for more extreme material. Every time I see a male I look at his genital area and it starts to turn me on. My husband occasionally looks at Internet porn when our young children are in the room.

When he hears me coming, he clicks off the sites as quickly as possible. Lately, I have caught him doing this when he is fully clothed and about to leave for work; something I find very strange. I'm sure the kids haven't noticed -- they would have asked me about it. But this is very disturbing to me. I don't care how much he masturbates or what he looks at while he is doing it, but he shouldn't look at porn with a three-year-old girl and four-year-old boy in the room.

We aren't having as much sex as he would like, and that is mostly my fault, as I have trouble switching from Mom to lover and there are certain times of the month when I really want to be left alone. Your kids, of course, are too young to realize what it is, but I think prudence would dictate that he send them out of the room. The viewing of porn before going to work is a mystery to me.

It hints at perhaps this being more than just an occasional habit. If you think having more sex would solve this problem, then you know what to do. Excellent job on the site. I was wondering what your views are on erotic stories. I think that they greatly improve imagination, and they seem to lead to very strong erections. If you find this to be a good form of masturbation, perhaps you could tell the readers a bit about it.

Many people find such stories arousing. It would have to be a huge vibrator to be effective for a man. I advise against it, because the males who masturbate most conventionally have the most success in intercourse. I watched a porn movie and this man had sex fourteen times in 4 hours. I have a huge foot fetish.

Whenever I masturbate I almost always think about some hot chick's feet. I've never acted out this fetish with a chick but I'd love to. Plus I'm still a virgin. Is thinking about this okay, and if I do it with some girl for real are there any problems with it? You might hold off on acting out the fetish until you've established a sexual relationship on more normal terms. Most women would be turned off by a fetish, at least if they haven't gotten to know you sexually first.

This guy at my school seems like he comes on to other guys an awful lot. What if he came on to me? Is there any way to tell if he is gay? If he comes on to you, just say you're into girls. When I was in high school I would occasionally have crushes on guys slightly younger than me. I would often daydream and wonder what it would be like to kiss these guys I thought were very cute.

I have never had the chance and still find guys in high school cute. I do not consider myself homosexual because I like girls and have some sexual experience with other girls. What does this mean about my sexuality? It's always white guys. Black, African American males are never attractive. I tend to have this regarding females too; I never find African American females attractive.

Only white or Asian females. It's OK for you to fantasize about whatever you want. From what you say, I think I would call you bisexual or perhaps "mostly heterosexual" only, but if you ever tried kissing these guys, you might find either that you're not really interested in them and thus truly heterosexual, or that pursuing males is your true calling, making you gay.

If you decide to pursue younger males, keep in mind the age of consent. And most people, whatever their sexual preference, are mostly attracted to people of their own race. I have had an extreme turn on with bare feet for about six months now. It is with young guys and girls and "Playboy age" women.

Playboy even publishes a magazine called "Barefoot Beauties. There is a girl that that I like. When I masturbate and think of her everything is good. But when I have an orgasm I regret I masturbated. Do you know why that happens? Masturbation by itself causes enough guilt. You'll feel less guilty if you don't fantasize about girls you know.

I have known since I was about 14 that I'm gay. I've never had a doubt that I was attracted to other men, except for recently. I saw two of my friends from class in a store yesterday, and they were talking about bra sizes and about how they liked their breasts, and I actually found myself a little turned on. I didn't get hard or anything, just aroused. Does this mean I'm bi?

But then a lot of people get turned on by sex talk even if they're not attracted to the person saying it. I don't think you should have sex outside. I am 14 and have masturbated since I was 9. When I was 9 I was beaten and molested by a "friend" until the age of I am now a "gothic" into bondage, and consider myself gay. I want to know what your views on me considering myself 'gay' are and about my enjoyment of 'pain'?

Do I need to seek help, or are there more out there like me? You need to address the issues of your abuse. You don't need a lifelong fetish of pain and violence and should find some way to bring that under control while you're young. I suggest you find a support group for people in your situation. I masturbate twice a day and I like men giving me oral and not a woman. For masturbating my penis gets red and my head has gotten big.

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Maybe do that only once a week and use your imagination the rest of the time. Felony Face-Fucked One , Two and Three Brutal face-fucking of porn-star Felony, who is a very good sport about the gagging, the body fluids oozing all over her face, and the puking. I think you should decide tentatively which direction you want your sexuality to go as you get older and engage in fantasies that take you in that direction. You don't want to be publicly humiliated. I thought that if you masturbate often that it's compulsive and that you're not enjoying it, but I am enjoying it.

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