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As such, Japan and S Korea may be richer on per capita basis than China and Vietnam, but they are utterly phony nations. January 25, at 6: When it came to the election they preferred Hillary Clinton. Obviously a sixth sense. Now, Israel would have to surrender and make do. The FBI now admits it. Now, the deal is this:

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I was just saying that if the Nazis wanted to gas and cremate them they could have done it. Why do we have to even accept the official narrative that it was done with Zyclon B when more effective poison gases had already been used in WWI? The guards may not have even had specific orders for such an eventuality, other than what? Never surrender, fight to the end, keep the last bullet for yourself?

And why follow any orders at such a late date when everyone was just trying to save their own skin? You know the Holocaust is big business and carrying on about it gives Jews justification for their occupation of Palestine and garnering sympathy from their sponsors. Like they could have used some more potent gases than Zyclon B. This highly emotive topic is loaded with wartime propaganda on both sides, so my comments were more speculative.

You could say that was Plan A. But when war broke out they reverted to a Plan B. Another grim chapter in the Jewish blood libel against our people. The memoirs of Major Knappe, of the General Staff, and in Berlin at the end, then in Soviet custody, are enlightening. So, at the time of the surrender of Berlin, the lie was already formulated, and revealed in the words of two Jewish Soviets.

The ethnic Russian officers and GRU made no such accusations. You must not lie, German Reader, people will not believe you. The Holocaust lie and the Antisemitism lie has been used to kill millions. Maintaining this lie encourages Mossad to stage fake attacks like and fake terrorist attacks in France, Spain, and the UK in order to kill whole countries.

It is evil. Do you know what evil is, German Reader? But you said the Rohyngya are more dirty than the Bangladeshis. You think all Indo-Europeans are dirty? March 24, , to be exact. The Zionist stranglehold on the jews was almost complete. Warm bodies were needed for war production.

It would have been senseless to ship jews to camps, only to kill them. Most jews were not used to manual work, they were usually merchants and of the upper-class, doctors, lawyers, etc. Part of your resentment is rooted in a resentment of Westerners with whom you have had contact because they always seem taller, more confident and better off financially. Pretty Chinese women you see gravitate towards them.

Did Jews rush right out and want to be whiggers because of the Beastie Boys? Why is the white populace vulnerable do Jewish mass media dissemination but Jews could not care less about white media portrayals of them? Muslim Bangladeshis are low-caste.

Only Hindu Bengalis have Aryan blood. The reason low-caste Bengalis converted to Islam was to escape the caste system. Definitely that was going on.

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Bengladesh in general became mostly Muslim due to Sufi teachers as well as it becoming something that spread through the farming class.

Richard Eaton has the best analysis on the subject highly recommended: Unfortunately, those who would dispute the Holocaust find themselves in endlessly trivial debates about one or another aspect of what happened. The original Holocaust claim was something like the following: In response, presumably, to the lack of evidence for this strong claim, the promoters of the official narrative were forced to dilute it.

It has morphed into: That is a qualitative change from the original. That there was one? No revisionist would claim that Jews were spared forced labour, or the horrors of the Eastern Front. Rather the opposite. Jews had made a lot of enemies in the eastern reaches of Europe for a wide variety of historical, ethnic, and political reasons, and they suffered for it.

However, unless something like the original claim also took place, there is nothing to distinguish the Jewish experience as qualitatively different from the rest of the horrors. When that happened, the discussion ended quickly. No credible evidence has ever been presented in support of any aspect of the 1st claim. None, zero, zip, nada. As the official claims got wobblier, so were they more widely and loudly promoted than ever before.

The Nazis ran a forced labour program that involved several groups, including Jews. Jews that were surplus to labour requirements were expelled, primarily eastwards into the USSR where many met their end. That is not in dispute. It was imagined and overlaid to create an otherwise non-existent qualitative difference between the plight of the Jews in WWII and all other groups, which in turn served a political agenda within the new world order that emerged in the post war period.

ADL attempts to censor the Internet. How many Christian journalists do you see working at Christian owned Media going after and exposing Jewish schools? If only! Germany would not have been in the sad state it is now, an increasingly cuck population ruled by the puppets of America and Israel.

Moreover eastern Germany is predominantly slavic sorb anyway, with the cultural and linguistic switch not fully complete until the 17th century. My own conversion to reality started with reading The Painted Bird , and realising that there was a big BS factor. Later, buying a couple of holohoax porn pulp novels, in English translation, from a second-hand bookshop while overseas, and noticing that, while they were in line with the standard narrative, they had a fine-print declaration of being purely works of fiction.

There is a Modern Hebrew word for the genre, but I forget it now. Encyclopaedia Dramatica has an article on it. Later, wonder at the absurdity of the Germans wasting so much energy and transport infrastructure on the alleged project at the time. Bengali Brahmin Gaurs? The best that can be said about Brahmin from all parts of India is that they are physically not aggressive or dangerous.

Which is odd, because they apparently descended from tough Aryans from the steppe or Ukraine. Born in Kiev, Russian Empire to a privileged Jewish family. He was one of the most ardent supporters of Communism, being involved in the development of the Bolshevik revolution as early as In he wrote. We have nothing to discuss. We will not get excited. We will kill.

If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day If you cannot kill a German with a bullet, then kill him with your bayonet. If your part of the front is quiet and there is no fighting, then kill a German in the meantime If you have already killed a German, then kill another one there is nothing more amusing to us than a heap of German corpses.

Count only one thing: Kill the Germans! While you make some valid points I still have a fundamental problem with the deniers and their honesty. What are they truly trying to say? Are they perhaps truly Holocaust advocates and not deniers but just pointing out ineffectiveness of various measures adopted by the Nazis? And Hitler long warned that their own state is what they wanted and why, and yet even he worked on making it happen through the Zio Nazi resettlement programme in Palestine.

You may be right. Why look for a psychodrama to overlay on top of their words? Have you actually read any of their words? I kinda doubt it, which puts your honesty in question. The Holohoaxers, in the main, missed, or willfully ignored the vast documentary evidence of this little detail. East was as good as South and West, so long as they stopped polluting his notion of Europe.

Yes, he underestimated their power, and overestimated his own. For example, all, or almost all Moslem women in Bangladesh until quite recently were dressing in colourful saris, just the same as the Hindu women. Now, increasing numbers of the Moslem-majority women are choosing to wear bizarre coverings. Bangladesh has a much larger portion of Hindus than Pakistan just because they were not so avid on driving them out or worse.

All of the Bengalis I have ever met in the US or overseas were humble an unassuming. I remember at Hajj, I met a Bengali hadith scholar. Someone else in the group gave him away. The population in plenty of Muslim countries unfortunately have a problem with vigilante violence as well as a certain level of mob mentality when it comes to their religious minorities.

It differs from place to place even within a country so for instance, Pakistan definitely has that issue, but certain places are pretty chill and can hopefully stay that way:. Hindus and Muslims live in harmony in this small Pakistani town a rare oasis of religious tolerance in a country where minorities enjoy limited rights. And they did not drag the rest of the Roman empire into a world war as they did against Germany, twice.

The third time is the charm. Me observing: I suppose that Mr. Dinh writes simply to provoke emotions, not thought: He or she is correct, I think, in writing of the disintegration of national identity, both perceived and actual, as a risk of empire; but that risk exists only with overreaching, waste of blood and materiel, and laxity in acceptance of immigrants.

It may not yet be too late to restore the Republic. A pretty good analysis I think if you buy that the Japanese actually started war with the U. Blockade of ports is the act of war in my opinion and Japan only attacked a military target, not civilian. I also wonder how the Japanese have come to regard the U.

Perhaps it is part of their culture that the defeat was so hard to accept they are somehow able to pretend it did not happen or maybe they find it more convenient to get along with the materialism they have adopted to pretend they were culpable in some way and deserved punishment.

Israeli interests certainly need to be watched but most are ignoring a wealthy fifth column from a far larger and more dangerous nation. Nice ratio, Levin. I only met one Hindu Pakistani woman. An accountant I worked with of Sindhi descent whose parents moved to India following the partition.

It is my own opinion that India has been held back to some degree by the caste system because monotheistic religions are essentially a form of socialism. In spirit. Capitalism has been seized by high-caste Indians as another form of suppression. Like giving car keys and cocaine to 17 year old boys.

And unlike some of these folks, I maintain the opinion that you have to spend a month in a country before really knowing it. What did Jesus look like? He looked Jewish. By way of deception you will make your war, eh? The four Gospels are authentic documents of the Pauline school of Christian doctrine. The Ebionites became Islam five hundred years later when a branch reacted defensively against another rival Baptizing Sect development, the Manicheans, who said there are two gods, Good and Evil.

These show up again as Cathares, Calvinists, and Communists. The reaction of one group under duress affirming there is only one God, like the Book of Isaiah which started these movements, reawakened the others who had fled to the hills and to the deserts from both Christians and Jews, and were, until then, dormant. Mossad, from what I understand, my friend, is the intelligence agency for the nation of Israel.

This state did not exist until In those days we looked like Jeffrey Hunter. If the Institute did not exist until then who wrote the Torah? The self-imposed swinish indignity: The Trump administration just appointed arch-neocon Elliott Abrams as special envoy overseeing policy toward Venezuela.

Elliott Abrams was a key figure making it happen. Abrams was eventually convicted of lying to Congress about Iran-Contra, but was pardoned right away by President George H. In the s, Abrams became a founding member of the Project for a New American Century, a hawkish neoconservative [Jewish] think-tank.

I saw that, and I also saw this: The AN heavy lifter and the IL that accompanied them were carrying military personnel and eqpt. There have been a couple other IL flights via Cuba. Generally a good way to approach things. A lot of it also depends on where you go and which region you visit.

I mean, one would be remiss in thinking they know what the US is like just from their month-long trip only to Boston or only to Oklahoma. I have never been in Pakistan. I knew them in Dubai. My impression was that Baluchi were druggies, Sindhi were pretty good at business, Pathan were the toughest and most wild, Punjabi were more normal.

Some races like Gujarati or Jews take to it regardless of class but in general the agrarian population loses all dignity. Well under the circumstances the Germans fully deserved this attitude. And Unz can surely afford it. My take is that Whabbist supremacy, Zionist ideology and moribund, born again Christians are racists with Nazi ideology.

The Shias of Iran, Iraq etc are steeped in religious ideology of fighting against religious tyranny and political injustice against their Imam Hussain. They will never relent. Once the cause is seen as just, the aggressor eventually loses, unless the enemy is bombed to oblivion. The Kurd problem will go on as that of Kashmir. I am far from a Biblical scholar.

Opinion Noah Berlatsky: White kids, racism and the way privileged parenting props up an unjust system. The Americans, under the direction of Eisenhower , and the Russians were guilty of mass war crimes against the German people, most of them civilians. Both sides, but especially Russia, were guilty of mass rapes of German women.

Good Old Ike, after the war was over, set up open air concentration camps where thousands died of starvation and exposure. And the Poles got their bloody revenge too. War Crimes Committed by the Soviet Union. Raul Hilberg pic. The same claim with the same reference has been made in other comment threads here at unz. Do you think the collateral damage of Iraqi children was worth it?

WTF man originally, all I said was advocating that war crimes be committed against civilians is wrong why no outrage directed toward the guy who said the Russians should have deliberately eg murdered and raped more German civilians? I am no fan of US foreign policy I have no interest in such a broad discussion so get lost you cretin. It wanted to subjugate them. Ancient Jews were certainly barbarous but so were the other ancients.

Civilized Romans would put entire cities to the sword including every woman and child, even dogs and cats. Barbarism continued through the ages. Perhaps the twentieth century was the worst. Christians, Chinese, hindus and Muslims butchered millions. Rare are the peaceful and humane societies anywhere. If these existed they were probably annihalated by neighbors.

Even noble and primitive peoples engaged in murder and cannabilism. Jews were not the first nor the last brutes. They were one of a few that wrote it all, or some of it, on scrolls. It makes them hard to respect and easy to resent. Totally irrelevant. The Unz Review - Mobile.

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Bob who thanks LD for leaving says: January 18, at 3: MBlanc46 says: America is finished. Low Voltage. Carlton Meyer says: January 18, at 4: Kratoklastes says: January 18, at 5: Alfred , bike-anarkist. The Alarmist says: January 18, at 9: Such pessimism America will surely soldier on for another thousand years or so.

Biff says: Some people like it. Some people hate it. Johnny Walker Read. Erebus says: January 18, at 2: Johnny Walker Read says: January 18, at 6: Johnny Rottenborough. Hans Tholstrup says: January 18, at Johnny Rottenborough says: Haxo Angmark says: January 19, at 2: Linh Dinh says: Druid says: January 19, at 3: Get your head chopped off?

My goodness, your ignorance is brainless! January 19, at 4: Rabbitnexus says: January 19, at 7: Patricus says: January 19, at NoseytheDuke says: January 19, at 1: Bob who thanks LD for leaving. January 20, at January 20, at 1: Who else eliminated slavery, conquered so many diseases, Even though you ment to be serious, it gave me a good laugh.

Talha says: January 20, at 4: January 20, at 5: Jeff Stryker. Jon Baptist says: January 20, at 3: January 20, at 7: Jon Baptist. Low Voltage says: The America I grew up in disappeared a long time ago. All they kept is the name. January 20, at 8: Vietnam did not suffer any permanent demographic distortion or damage Perhaps none better than this one below is an infographic from a periodic report on the labor market published by one of the German bureaucracies in the line rising steeply starting in represents people from the named countries Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria who are now both living in Germany, and also completely dependent on German taxpayers and you can be sure the vast majority will never leave Germany or their dependence.

January 20, at 9: TG says: January 21, at And this rot can happen to any nation, any race. Even Vietnam. Stonehands says: The Alarmist. January 21, at 1: This is the Chinese century. Ivy Mike says: January 21, at 2: Men were the first to pierce the ear, have long hair, wear high heels, and use cosmetics.

The Anti-Gnostic. January 21, at 6: The Anti-Gnostic says: January 21, at 5: Ear piercings and long hair are pretty superficial and can be masculine. High heels and cosmetics on men are always products of a decadent age. Sergio says: January 21, at 7: Currahee says: January 22, at 1: January 22, at 2: January 22, at 3: Truth says: Actually Talha, in the Bible, long hair on a man is considered haram.

January 22, at 7: January 22, at January 23, at This is a blatant lie. January 23, at 5: January 23, at 8: Sollipsist says: Jeff Stryker says: January 23, at 9: Have not seen shoulder-length hair on men as a hairstyle in 20 years. Counterinsurgency says: Johnny Rico.

The true criminal underclass cannot afford to live overseas. Few Jews live overseas. They apparently have a good thing going in the US,. He suffers from that Western Enlightenment thingy. Johann says: Alfred says: Johnny Rico says: The Vietnamese appealed to both the Wilson and Truman administratioms but were dismissed.

January 23, at 1: Anon51 says: Take your pick. China is just kinda backwards. The rest is just details. George F. Held says: January 23, at 2: Evidence for my contention is found in the phrase, for thousands of Chinese are enrolled in American universities, studying the hard sciences.

I do think this would be more accurate though.: Why of course it is. What makes you think you had to explain it to us dumb goyim? Reuben Kaspate says: In the case of Wilson, they were worse than dismissed; they were snubbed. Who else eliminated slavery Hooboy, we got a live one here.

You call it living? Your assignment is to read more LD. One can do that even without industrialized skoolink. January 23, at 3: Bill Cooper: And so it goes. Craigslist for many years featured an "adult services" section of this kind. After several years of pressure from law enforcement and anti-prostitution groups, Craigslist closed this section in September , first for its U.

In January , the "Adult" section of Backpage was closed down. With the exception of some rural counties of Nevada , brothels are illegal in the United States. However, many massage parlors , saunas, spas, and similar otherwise-legal establishments serve as fronts for prostitution, especially in larger cities. Often, parlors are staffed by Asian immigrants and advertise in alternative newspapers and on sites like Craigslist and Backpage.

They tend to have much longer working hours than parlors which are not actually brothels. They tend to be located in cities or along major highways. The prostitution of children in the United States is a serious concern. In , a scholarly article stated an immigration issue pertaining to the difference between underage females committing this crime as citizens and non-citizens stating, "Furthermore, a 14 year old Chinese girl trafficked into the country for use in prostitution would be viewed as a victim and offered a temporary visa, protection, and support services.

A 14 year old American girl in Boston arrested for prostitution would be seen as a criminal and may end up in a juvenile facility Lustig, Nevada is the only U. Currently eight counties in Nevada have active brothels these are all rural counties ; as of February , there are 21 brothels in Nevada.

Prostitution in Rhode Island was outlawed in On November 3, governor Donald Carcieri signed into law a bill which makes the buying and selling of sexual services a crime. Louisiana is the only state where convicted prostitutes are required to register as sex offenders. The State's crime against nature by solicitation law is used when a person is accused of engaging in oral or anal sex in exchange for money.

Only prostitutes prosecuted under this law are required to be registered. This has led to a lawsuit filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights. The federal government also prosecutes some prostitution offenses. One man who forced women to be prostitutes received a year sentence in federal court.

The ban on prostitution in the US has been criticized from a variety of viewpoints. One study estimated the annual prevalence of full-time equivalent prostitutes in the United States to be 23 per , population based on a capturerecapture study of prostitutes found in Colorado Springs, CO, police and sexually transmitted diseases clinic records between and A continuation of the Colorado Springs study [46] found a death rate among active prostitutes of per , person-years, which is 5.

Among voluntary substance abuse program participants, A TNS poll reported 15 percent of all men have paid for sex and 30 percent of single men over age 30 have paid for sex. Over men answered ads placed in Chicago area sex service classifieds for in depth interviews.

John schools are programs whose mission is the rehabilitation of purchasers of prostitution. An audit in of the first john school in San Francisco, California by the budget analysts of the City faulted the program with poorly defined objectives and absence of a method to determine its efficacy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Further information: Sexuality in the United States.

See also: Prostitution in Harlem Renaissance. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Prostitution and the law and Prostitution by country. Prostitution permitted, at least one active brothel. Prostitution permitted, no active brothels. Prostitution not permitted. United States portal Law portal. The Johns Chart". June 1, Historical Timeline". Retrieved January 20, Retrieved April 17, Sex in the Civil War, , p.

Retrieved November 5, The Lost Sisterhood: Prostitution in America, JHU Press. An Encyclopedia. Murphy; Robert Thacker, eds. Cather Studies. Volume Willa Cather at the Modernist Crux. University of Nebraska Press. New Orleans Historical. United States, U. Justia Law. The New York Times. July 10, The Washington Post. Rocky Mountain News. November 2, Archived from the original on March 27, Retrieved December 7, July 17, March 12, Providence Journal.

Archived from the original on October 7, Retrieved October 3, April 23, Archived from the original on April 16, Retrieved December 11, Apr 27, We've been here before". Retrieved March 7, New directions in research on prostitution. Crime, Law and Social Change,43 , Prostitution 2. The changing face of sex work. Journal of Urban Economics, 69 3 , Escorts Philadelphia.

You said it yourself.. Before he became President, Obama said that he believed marriage is a union between one man and one woman.. In other words, he lied about supporting marriage between one man and one woman he was already engaging in homosexual acts. Winter can be quite harsh in the latter part of January all the way through February, and you need to be at your best physically.

That warmonger did everything to destroy the cornerstone of every society the marriage between man and woman to protect the children. When children grow up without a dad or mom they are likely to be very confused and vulnerable with a low self-esteem, so the work of the devil is much more easier.

You can see what happened with Afro-Americans after centuries of slavery where children were taken from their parents they are now like loose sand. The next generation is targeted with this policy to make sub-humans from them hating and fighting each other not capable to love another. To all of this was added the evil of Emperor Worship, along with the abundant images of the various Caesars and the required oblations to be made, which many Christians refused to perform.

It was not only their flagrant and open sins. Nero in particular, as were others, was guilty of gross persecution and making martyrs of innumerable Christians, particularly from A. This shedding of innocent blood was not unnoticed by God. The Book of Revelation reveals that judgment fell on Rome.

She did fall, that evil Babylon, the Scarlet Woman. Will America find its end in like manner. The reproach she has allowed to fall upon her could have this result. The latest fake news and anti Russian propaganda and Western military bullying of Russia is concrete evidence that the White House and Washington are not the ones pulling the strings. Thank you For revealing that!

For very few do and know who David Axelrod is! The man behind Obama is Axelrod. Obama is just a guy that read a teleprompter and traveled with a fake family. He also visited countries leaders and pretended he was in charge of something. One has to wonder if Obama thinks he is going to ride off into the sunset and play golf and his future will be filled with Rainbows! Such slip-ups by Fox show that Fox is just another part of the Jews Media.

Fox has been assigned to puppeteer Christians and people with traditional values. Fox tries to be the go-to news source for Christians, conservatives, and like minded people. In national TV news the 2 sides are left wing news and right wing news. All national TV news is portrayed as left wing except for Foxjews. This gives the impression Fox is the only alternative to left-wing news on national TV.

The result is that nearly all Christians go to Fox Jews instead of a left wing channel. FoxJews vs Left-wing news is an example of how Zionist Jews create 2 opposing sides and set them against each other. The Zionists use left-wing channels to incite queers and minorities against Christians.

Zionists use Foxjews to manipulate Christians with subtle lies. For some reason at Mass last week I was struck by how absent Christianity has become in our daily lives. Some of us attend regularly and do other things, read or minister, but most, have only their televisions.

Living a Christian life is more than just attending church. Contrast that with Russia, who have experienced a rebirth of faith. We have been immersed in a death cult. Certainly, in the US, we are living through a deeply Satanic period. You see how the Lord was right in persuading you to continue your ministry, even though you were so exhausted, discouraged, and burdened with financial problems that you went on retreat, thinking you could not continue.

Obama has taken his oath of office four times, but never successfully with his hand on the Bible. On the first occasion in , he fluffed his lines so badly that Congress required him to take it again in the White House, no Bible was used and he was word perfect. In , due to timings, he had to take the Oath prior to the public ceremony.

Watch this video, he does it at the 16 second mark. The problem is not that there exists some half breed, drug addict, commie sexual deviant, married to an incredibly ugly man in a dress. The Power of the Lord has beaten off the lesbian black witch and installed for the first time in memory a good looking, hetero-couple with successful kids and grand kids.

It is now up to the citizens of the US to recognize this as a temporary reprieve, and change themselves sufficiently to deserve a more permanent pardon. But this latest, cowardly, and sneaky little regressive move of His Inglorious Majesty, Barack ben Alinsky, The Magic Negro is going to stink like a rotten potato for a long time, the stench to be smelled around the world.

Berry is openly a proud homosexual and aggressively pursues the LGBT globally. Government must do all it can to uphold the rights of the people who are the objects of prejudice and hate. His experience in countries where LGBT people are persecuted, including Uganda, equip him to succeed in this new and important role.

As a veteran diplomat, Berry had posts in seven different countries, including two countries, Egypt and Uganda, that intensified their anti-LGBT efforts before being appointed Special Envoy to the Queers in Berry was most recently the U. That is where the Obama agenda will be hardest to overcome.

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January 24, at Winnipeg is a Jewish power center in Canada a lot of weird gargoyles on public buildings and the home of Gerry Schwartz who was the bag man for Paul Martin, the last Liberal PM of Canada, and the same man who provided management staff for Conservative leader Steven Harper. Starts at 3: LOL I started out almost twenty years back to educate dumbed down murikkans, the success rate so far. I'm sure neither can you. Or does it depend upon it? America is finished. January 26, at 6:

Prostitution in the United States:

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