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If you get it wrong I got Stevie from a local breeder and friend. You are flying by a private jet. That's one of the reasons that shows haven't been running consistently or have been hanging up at night. Realistic adult games for Android. Sketch Mode is available from August 24th - August 31st!

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I have a B. I love programming almost as much as I love animals and working with kids. I also have two dogs. I rescued Dexter when he was only a three weeks old. He was so small he fit in the palm of my hand. He enjoys chasing his tail and barking at anything that moves.

I got Stevie from a local breeder and friend. I'm planning to get him certified as a therapy dog and take him to local hospitals once or twice a month. My hobbies include reading, writing, drawing, horses no brainer here , playing violin, swimming, and programming. I love making online games and I'm happy you've decided to come play one of mine.

White Oak Stables donates every year to a local horse rescue. We believe every animal deserves to have adequate food, shelter, regular farrier visits, medical attention and a loving home. Show your support and make a difference by adopting a horse, volunteering, or donating to a horse rescue in your area.

Here's a list of horse rescues you may be interested in. If you have or run a horse rescue and you would like to be added to this list please contact us. Not a member yet? Sign up, it's free to play. The security of your account is your responsibility. You agree that you will not discriminate against any other person or be unkind, use foul language, harass, or threaten someone else, cheat or otherwise behave in an manner that is offensive to others.

You further agree to comply with the Rules and Terms and Condition set forth below. If your account s is are cancelled as result of your violating these Rules, whiteoakstables. To discourage shared accounts whiteoakstables. To prevent this from happening you should not share accounts, give out your account login information, or login to an account that does not belong to you.

Copyright Rules Linking, posting or uploading copyrighted material to the whiteoakstables. Please ask permission from the copyright owner before posting or uploading any copyrighted material on whiteoakstables. If you would like to report a copyright violation please notify jade whiteoakstables.

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Widgets, Applets, Pictures and Hyperlink Rules You agree not to upload pictures, graphics or images, music, or text that are obscene, vulgar, sexual, that contain inappropriate language, or that reference or depict drugs, violence, smoking or alcohol.

Excessive posting more than 3 times of the same material is not allowed. This is considered flooding and is annoying so please be respectful of other persons. Chat boxes, shout boxes, and any other form of instant messaging or posting widgets are not allowed. Advertising of any kind without written permission from whiteoakstables.

Automated Scripts and Unauthorized Access Rules You agree not to use automated scripts, excessively refresh the page, or consume server resources with or without malicious intent. Logging into an account that doesn't belong to you, even with the permission of the account owner, may be considered hacking or unauthorized access. You may not login to admin areas, including but not limited to the chat room and game admin panel, without written authorization from whiteoakstables.

You may not login to the newspaper management system without authorization from whiteoakstables. Shared Account Rules Shared accounts are strongly discouraged however they are allowed. If ownership disputes are made over an account whiteoakstables. Competition Rules You may not make a show, race or any other contest or competition and exclude certain members from entering.

You may not ask another member to scratch a horse from a show, race or competition. You may not name your show, race or competition in a way that would discourage other members from entering. You may not ask another member to enter horses out of event. All shows must be open to all members who have a horse in that particular grade and event.

Hacking and Cheating Rules Hacking member accounts, game databases, servers, or other game software and hardware is illegal and forbidden. Trying to bypass game security or intended functionality is considered cheating and is not allowed. Cheating or hacking may result in your account be kicked or banned from the game even if you've paid to use the website.

Blacklisting - speaking negatively about other member's pets, items, pictures or services - is forbidden. Fighting, bullying, threats, condoning violence, drugs or alcohol, dating, and cybering are not allowed. Asking other members for personal information is not allowed. This includes address, phone number, full name, school, email, local landmarks, or photos.

Refunds All goods and services offered by whiteoakstables. Restrictions On Site Materials You acknowledge that whiteoakstables. Use Of Received Materials By mailing, faxing, emailing, uploading, or in any other way transmitting original works to whiteoakstables. Posting Or Posted Site Content whiteoakstables. Contact Information This site is run and owned by design1online. Applying For Position: Don't Care Manager Staff.

Do you have any experience writing for a newspaper? What would you do differently then the older newspaper managers? How often will you post new articles? What contests and events do you have planned during your term? Due to a high spam volume please enter this number below: Remember to check your spelling, punctuation and grammar before sending this in.

Start Playing! Unpaid Intern Job Description: Varies Location: Telecommute Requirements: Duties include: Availble on a per-script basis Location: Telecommute Payment: MMO programming for whoa-horsie. Horses, Humans, Natural Movement - walk, run, eat and other natural movements Colorization - segmented, dynamic colorization Storyboards - intros and other movie sequences Hours: Knowledge of: For more information on any of these positions or to apply please contact design1online.

Front Page Changes. Today I flipped the play page as the front page of the site since I've been really lax on news updates this year. Work has not been the greatest and the farm has taken up a lot more of my spare time. I've also been busy with a side project that ties into some of the Version 2 work which I haven't really talked to you guys about.

I'm hoping things will return more to normal next year once this side project is done and integrated into Version 2. Hey guys, I have been working on getting automatic upgrades back up and running again. My main server has been having a lot of availbility issues while I was testing out a new server setup when we were having server issues.

Long story short, that server has been reverted to what we were using before and seems to be more stable now. This means you should be able to automatically purchase and get your upgrades again. I have a few emails from people having trouble with racetracks still that I'm looking into and hope to have fixed by the end of the week.

If you have any trouble with your upgrade please email me so I can get it sorted out. If you put in a dispute in PayPal I can't fix the upgrade right away, I have to wait for the dispute to end ie give you a refund before you can get your money back and try to upgrade again. Hey guys, I spent the morning trying to figure out why we've been having so many issues with shows and races not running.

It looks like there were a few things going wrong that I've made changes to in an effort to fix the problem. I also restarted the server to make sure that wasn't causing the problems either. I'm sorry for the lack of updates, my work has been super crazy and we have a major deadline in 3 weeks that if we don't meet it could mean loosing my job, ugh! I'm hoping things will finally settle down after that.

Hey guys, spring is in the air and it's long past time we got warm weather and sunshine again. I have still been super busy, running the farm and working at a new job so you'll have to forgive my lack of updates. So here's the state of things: Email is still hosed, I'm about to give up on it. If you need me you can use my gmail account jadendreamer13 gmail.

Crickett is helping out with making sure shows run and special pics get posted. She is also going to be reviewing and picking our new newspaper managers. If you're interested in applying for newspaper manager you need to fill out an application. Applications are due on April 30th We have be having an issue with upgrades going through because the server we use for payments has been going down a lot.

I'm testing new server software on it and it's been pretty unstable. If you want to upgrade and it doesn't go through or you get an error message please email me at jadendreamer13 gmail. Hey guys, I wanted to let you know that the server has been successfully upgraded to a bigger and faster server with more CPU, RAM and disk space.

Hopefully this will fix a lot of the issues we have been having with the CRON not running at night and the new shows not being created like they are supposed to. If you notice any big issues horse photos are still missing right now please email me and let me know. I took a backup before I upgraded us so I can restore it if anything is missing.

Hey guys, we've been having issues with the server lately because we're running out of disk space on the server we are currently using. That's one of the reasons that shows haven't been running consistently or have been hanging up at night. So, I'm going to upgrade us to a larger server on Wednesday 22nd. That will mean the game will be down for some or all of the day during the server change.

You wll also notice that your pictures on your horses may be missing - this is because I've removed them for now to make sure the server has enough space to keep running until wednesday. I will have the game re-generate them after we move to the bigger server. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Hey guys, my email has not been working again so I'm going to give out my personal email until it does. If you need to contact me you can use jadendreamer13 gmail. I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while I've been really busy at work and trying to find a new job again.

I'm hoping things will settle down soon. In the meantime, I've fixed some shows and races that were stuck on December 31st and I have a new feature coming for the racing register that will allow you to reset your brand. I should have that up sometime today. Wow, I can't believe it's been 3 months since I last wrote a newspaper post!

So I wanted to fill you all in on my brief haitus. At the end of June I found out that my company was closing down our building and asking us to move to a new state. At the same time I got an assignment at work that was 10 weeks of working with another company which meant I was away more and had longer days than normal I'm talking some days with a 5 hour commute!!!!

On top of that and looking for a new job my computer is broken mousepad is stuck in right click mode , one of our servers is being email bombed and I had to shut down the email service completely, and I haven't been able to use anything other than my phone which is horrible for trying to update this newspaper on our servers. Long story short, I've found a new job and things are starting to settle down in my crazy schedule and I'll have enough money for a new laptop soon.

That being said, I'm sorry for the delay in email responses and I'm working my way through them over the next few days. We had a few weeks where PayPal was not creating upgrades properly so if you paid for an upgrade and it has not appeared on your account please let me know so I can get that corrected or refund your money if you'd like a refund instead.

Have Your Own Horse! Big Prize Contests. Once or twice a year we give out a big prize! This is a contest you don't want to miss so make sure you keep your eyes open and enter when you can. Big prize contest dates vary. Spread the love and keep your friends guessing as they try to figure out who you are! Send them clues about who you are and then a special present on Valentines day.

Secret Admirer is available on February 1st - 14th. Easter Egg Hunt. Love Easter? See how many eggs you can find around the website and you'll be rewarded for your efforts. Sorry, no chocolate but I'm sure you'll like what you get: The Easter Egg Hunt runs on April 21st.

Join us in the chat room several times a year for our chat parties! At chat parties we play games, answer trivia, tell stories, and have a blast winning prizes like game money, game credits, halters, t-shirts, journals, video games, jewelery and more!

Chat party dates and times vary but we typically have them four times a year. Since Riders4Helmets has started a campaign to get more heads protected world wide. Most deaths and severe injuries are due to tramautic brain injuries from riders without a helmet on.

Join us as we fight to protect ever noggin and brain out there. Helmets have a five year shelf life so enjoy this day when most tack stores nationwide sell helmets at a discounted price. Login to your account on August 1st and you'll automatically be entered into a drawing for a FREE helmet! Sketch Mode. See what your horses would look like if they were flat drawings instead of shaded drawings.

You can turn sketch mode on or off for specific horses, the choice is yours. Sketch Mode is available from August 24th - August 31st! At White Oak Stables there's always something to do! Each year is packed with fun filled events for you to test your skills in horsemanship and have fun at the same time. One of our largest events is a site wide scavenger hunt!

You'll be asked to answer questions and find things around the website in exchange for free game money and neat other prizes. The scavenger hunt runs annually on September 25th, the birthday of White Oak Stables! We honor the superstition behind this special day by giving all members 3 game credits. Friday the 13th! Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt.

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You may only have one account on Version 2. Especially in the world of erotic games. This means you should be able to automatically purchase and get your upgrades again. None of the information collected actively from whiteoakstables.

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