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Retrieved on July 12, The City of Jacksonville comprises all of Duval County except the other incorporated municipalities within the county. The City of Indianapolis comprises all of Marion County except the other incorporated municipalities within the county. The population given is for the entire city-county, excluding other incorporated places lying within the city-county limits.

See Nashville-Davidson balance , Tennessee. As of , the population of the city-county including other incorporated places was , The City of Louisville comprises all of Jefferson County except the other incorporated municipalities within the county. The City of Augusta comprises all of Richmond County except the two other incorporated municipalities within the county.

Kansas City comprises all of Wyandotte County except the other incorporated municipalities within the county. The new consolidated government is officially "Macon-Bibb County. The City of Lafayette comprises all of Lafayette Parish except the other incorporated municipalities within the parish. The City of Athens comprises all of Clarke County except the other incorporated municipalities within the county.

Because of this, there is no official Census population. Census Bureau, Population Division. Retrieved December 30, Retrieved April 16, All data from the Census. However, since Brooklyn is now a borough of the City of New York and thus no longer its own separate city, for the purposes of this chart, its current population will be regarded as negligible.

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Species that inhabit dry, grassland savannahs or arid desert environments hardly ever encounter carrion or fruit, however. Both groups of tortoises have developed different ways of dealing with the foods that they naturally encounter.

If you feed arid habitat tortoises large amounts of fruit it will cause severe digestive tract upsets, diarrhea, encourage the proliferation of digestive tract parasites such as flagellate organisms, and can even lead to sudden death from a maladjusted gut pH. By the same token, you cannot expect to keep a tropical rain forest tortoise such as an African Hingeback Kinixys sp.

Such a diet is very well suited to a Leopard tortoise Geochelone pardalis , but is completely unsuited to the needs of a species that has evolved to consume a combination of live prey, soft fallen fruits, and carrion. They are not interchangeable. Any attempt to do so invites very serious consequences indeed. These ill-effects may not show up for some time. It can even take years.

By the time it does show up, however, it may well be too late to do anything about it. We cannot stress this enough: I t is worth commenting upon the canned usually dried 'complete tortoise diets' that are available in pet stores. These are advertized as complete, or almost complete, solutions to all of your tortoise nutrition concerns. Words such as 'scientifically formulated' and 'quality ingredients' are used to describe them.

You may think you are safe relying upon such products. We have tested most of these products over the years, and in our view, they should be avoided. We have also seen numerous 'dietary disasters' attributable to their use. These products are usually extremely high in protein, and many contain high sugar levels in addition.

They in no way approximate the natural diet of these animals. Rather than describe each one in detail, we will let the following pictures speak for themselves. These two animals, a Terrapene carolina American box turtle and a young Geochelone sulcata African Spurred tortoise were both raised from juveniles using T-Rex brand 'complete' tortoise and turtle diets. Note the severe deformity at the rear of the carapace: This Geochelone sulcata demonstrates the thickened keratin and 'pyramided' scute formation again typical of high growth rates sustained on a mineral deficient diet.

This is what healthy shell growth should look like. A Geochelone pardalis Leopard tortoise raised from a hatchling on the diet recommended by the Tortoise Trust. Note the very smooth carapace and even growth. Our advice is simple. We see no need for these commercial feeding products and we believe their use is unsafe and is very likely to lead to the kind of severely deformed animals shown above.

We strongly recommend that you avoid them. The diet of Mediterranean tortoises Testudo species in the wild consists almost entirely of herbaceous and succulent vegetation, including leaves, grasses, flowers, and very, very occasionally fallen berries. Fruit is categorically not a regular or significant component of their diet.

These tortoises are almost exclusive herbivores. They categorically do not consume meat of any kind in the wild, other than - possibly - on a very, very rare and opportunistic basis. It is in no way a regular part of their diet. Look closely at this picture: This is a wild Testudo ibera in Turkey. Myself, Lin King and Jill Martin from the Tortoise Trust tracked these animals over many days to record their diet and behavior.

No tinned dog food! No hard boiled eggs! Just extremely healthy tortoises consuming a diet based entirely around the type of plants you see above I have personally worked with all of the Mediterranean species extensively, both in the wild and in captivity. In all of my years studying these tortoises in the field, I found not once single piece of evidence that any animal protein was deliberately consumed.

The nearest I ever came was a Testudo graeca in Morocco that appeared to have consumed part of a dead beetle. This may well have been entirely incidental. At the Tortoise Trust we breed Mediterranean tortoises frequently. If Mediterranean tortoises "needed" meat or other high protein foods this extremely healthy, beautifully grown animal would be dead.

It was reared exclusively on the type of diet recommended in this article During episodes of rainfall tortoises will drink from the puddles which form, and they may also approach streams or ponds. They frequently pass urine at this time as well, and will simultaneously dispose of the chalky white uric acid residues which form in the bladder.

It is categorically not true that wild tortoises rarely drink. I have seen both Testudo ibera in Turkey , and Testudo graeca graeca in Morocco a pproach streams and ponds and drink copiously, in addition to regular observations of drinking following rain. During the dry season, and in the more arid parts of their range, tortoises rely mainly upon the water content of their food in order to supply their moisture requirements.

In captivity, we suggest soaking the tortoise for 10 minutes twice each week in fresh, shallow water to ensure an adequate state of hydration. General rule for feeding Mediterranean tortoises. In captivity, a high fiber, low fruit content, low protein and calcium rich diet will ensure good digestive tract function and smooth shell growth.

Mediterranean tortoises fed on cat or dog food, or other high protein food items such as peas or beans, frequently die from renal failure or from impacted bladder stones of solidified urates. Peas and beans are also very high in phytic acid, which, like oxalic acid, inhibits calcium uptake. Fruit should be given very sparingly or not at all as it frequently leads to diarrhea, intestinal parasite proliferation, and colic.

We do not use fruit at all with our Mediterranean tortoises and we suggest you do the same. Unfortunately, it is all-too-common to see totally inappropriate and dangerous advice on feeding these species. One veterinary website published a truly appalling diet for Mediterranean tortoises, heavily biased towards root vegetables and fruit both of which cause major gastric disturbance in these species , including peas and beans which are far too high in protein, have a terrible calcium to phosphorous ratio and are rich in calcium inhibiting compounds.

It also includes cabbage family leaves to excess, and finishes up with meat and boiled eggs, neither of which I have seen lying around in any Mediterranean tortoise habitat I have yet visited…. Although it is difficult to tell, due to the extreme deformity, this is a Marginated tortoise, Testudo marginata. This animal was also raised on a high protein, calcium deficient diet This is a terrible example of what poor dietary management, and the feeding of meat based products will do to a naturally herbivorous tortoise.

A diet like this fed to a rapidly growing juvenile will result in excess growth, poor bone density and metabolic bone disease, and it will throw in kidney damage for good measure. I would be surprised to see a juvenile reared on such a diet to survive for more than a few years. It would certainly exhibit severe shell and other developmental disorders.

There is no room for error at all when feeding hatchlings and juveniles. Testudo kleinmani, the Egyptian tortoise. A fully grown adult may survive longer, even on a truly terrible diet, but will slowly suffer serious liver and kidney complications over the medium-long term. Herbivores are not equipped to deal with large amounts of saturated fat, or with high protein intakes.

Unfortunately, advice of this calibre is in wide circulation, and many who do not know better including many veterinarians , continue to assume that this is what tortoises need. Nothing could be further from the truth. When planning a diet for captive tortoises, take their natural dietary behavior into account as fully as possible. In the case of Mediterranean tortoises, try to provide a mixture of edible flowers and leaves.

Mulberry leaves and hibiscus leaves and flowers are excellent, for example. Opuntia cactus pads are also a great favorite and are rich in both calcium and fiber. A lack of dietary fiber, or roughage, will precipitate digestive tract disturbance, diarrhea and an apparently much increased susceptibility to flagellate and worm problems.

Root vegetables are far too high in readily digestible carbohydrates, and have no place in the diets of these species. Although Mediterranean tortoises will take animal protein if offered as will most normally herbivorous tortoises , in practice this leads to excessive growth and causes severe shell deformities, liver disease, and renal stress.

It should therefore be avoided entirely. In our experience, tortoises that are fed animal protein suffer premature mortality. In other words - they die. Another Desert tortoise raised on an unsuitable diet. This tortoise displays the raised, 'pyramiding' of the scutes that is so typical of poor dietary management. Juveniles are far more susceptible to this condition than adults as their bones become soft, porous and fibrous during growth phases instead of strong, dense and smooth.

Do not use head lettuces such as iceberg, as these contain very little in the way of vitamins, fiber or minerals. There are several excellent resources available on the web where you find comprehensive lists of suitable food plants that are suitable for use in Mediterranean tortoise diets. Some of these are listed at the bottom of this page.

Most Mediterranean tortoises fare best when allowed to graze, offering the other listed items as occasional supplements. Do not routinely offer cabbage, spinach, chard, bok choy, or any vegetable related to these, as they inhibit calcium absorption and can cause serious health problems. This is particularly critical in the case of juveniles or egg-laying females. The regular use of a cuttlefish bone or calcium block left in the enclosures allows tortoises to regulate the amount of calcium in the diet.

Some tortoises like this very much, while others will refuse to eat it. Allowing Mediterranean tortoises to forage and graze naturally helps the tortoise to maintain good digestive-tract health, and greatly assists in the prevention of obesity.

We recommend the use of a good quality phosphorus free calcium and vitamin D3 supplement at least twice per week, more frequently for juveniles and egg-laying females. If the tortoise is maintained indoors for any significant period, be sure to make provision for UV-B exposure.

Like all arid-habitat tortoises it is a strict herbivore. If you keep Desert tortoises Gopherus agassizii you will find that the above diet is also suitable, with minor modifications, as their requirements are very similar indeed to the Mediterranean Testudo species. The Russian tortoise, Testudo horsfieldii , though geographically not a Mediterranean tortoise, also has near identical dietary requirements.

Overfeeding is a problem with this species in captivity. For large savannah species, such as Geochelone sulcata African spurred tortoise or Geochelone pardalis Leopard tortoise , grasses and hays are a critical dietary component. Aldabra and Galapagos tortoises also do extremely well on this type of diet.

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