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Is there anyway to configure the game, like to change the volume levels or make it play windowed? October 18, at 3: Now to go play the game. You can help. When adding a file to Daemon tools be sure to click show all files instead of all image files. Description Takuro Hayami transfers to the previously all-girl university of St.

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Now the problem at hand is that every file is named the same. Cue files as they are not available? I see that everyone is having the same problem but no one seems to have an answer. So again does anyone know how the people like me who are having troubles have any input as to how to solve this problem? It seems as though I have solved my own problem lol.

When adding a file to Daemon tools be sure to click show all files instead of all image files. It is the. When I mounted the first. I am going through the process now. If I have further problems I will document here my process. Please tell me how to solve that error.

The first thing to error-solving is reading the error, you need to make space on your harddrive because at the moment there is not enough to install the game. Hi im on part 3 and i am finiched with part but i cant download part 3 quz it sess that you can only download 1 part per time and im not downloading any parts and i only have the 3rd one left, how do i fix this plz help.

The voice of Leona seems eerily similar to the one for enshou in koihime musou, especially the laughing. Love yah. I am having trouble with mine it is saying Writing the data failed. I managed to download and install everything after reviewing the trouble shooting and changing the file name but because of this every time there is another scene or I try to save it comes up cant save cause of it.

Try running the game as administrator. Some of those older games are bitch to get to play on Windows 7. Okay that worked but why exactly did that work. Would you mind explaining to me I am a little slow I guess. Just wanted to say that the community here is amazing, I had some problems and I simply scrolled down a bit and the answers were already there, thanks everyone.

Should I redownload the rar again? I have no idea why you have those extensions associated with VLC. I later even tried to download other games and see if same problem occur but all other games worked correctly. I know how to use daemon tool but this game just not working for me has anyone else have any problems with this game? Had the same exact problem as yours but instantly remedied by the above comment.

I just changed the file name to hht-disc both of them and it works like a charm! Thanks for uploading this game but can you please help with problem? Try redownloading. If the unpacking process completed without errors, then that means you downloaded them properly.

The two files you got are actual disc images you should mount the. Ok I tried to mount it on the cue.

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Your advice will be much appreciated thank you. Thanks for the help Obaka it worked perfectly after changing the bin. I was having this same problem. After I changed the filename it worked properly.

Now to go play the game. I have no choice but to suspect that you are a witch. The Record of a Crusade. Game download Free download Related links. The Record of a Crusade Walkthrough. See also: Posted in Downloads Tags: Douille says: August 31, at 3: Clueless Perv says: January 16, at 3: Seph56 says: September 29, at 9: Rex says: April 4, at Nobody says: April 4, at 3: June 18, at Limekiller says: November 27, at 2: BunBun says: September 22, at 4: July 24, at 3: ERROR says: June 5, at 7: November 17, at 6: Ares says: August 9, at 1: MarioToast says: July 15, at 5: June 10, at Lindo says: August 4, at 7: June 18, at 6: June 7, at 6: Samm says: May 2, at Tom says: April 29, at Enjitsu says: January 30, at 3: January 30, at 9: Suki says: January 31, at 7: Andrew says: February 22, at 2: Walao says: April 21, at 7: Abom says: May 14, at 9: January 26, at 2: January 5, at 2: Leploulple says: December 31, at 5: May 30, at 9: Steffan says: December 3, at 2: Banjo says: January 10, at 1: May 30, at 8: PervertedBastard says: November 25, at Adnan says: October 26, at 6: October 5, at 1: Ravenleaf says: November 16, at August 24, at Katana says: November 23, at 7: November 22, at 1: Ken says: August 5, at 7: July 27, at 9: July 27, at 8: Katsuragi says: July 22, at June 11, at 3: Fernando says: May 19, at 3: February 21, at 2: TheBalkans says: March 28, at 2: Anon says: February 4, at 5: TheNightWalker says: February 15, at Marcus says: December 30, at 8: December 5, at 9: November 30, at 1: Lion's Heart says: November 10, at 3: HellScythe says: Forums Adult Games Games.

Thread starter Bloo Start date Sep 28, 2dcg anal sex bukkake cheating exhibitionism footjob gay groping group sex handjob japanese game lesbian male protagonist masturbation oral sex pregnancy rape scat titfuck urination vaginal sex voyeurism. Bloo The Angry Person Staff member.

Sep 28, Aug 18, 2, 14, Seemingly all of the girls want to have sex with him because the school only recently started admitting male students. Takuro seems like a normal student, but what the girls later realize when they try to take advantage of him is that he has a secret.

Takuro has an "Ultimate Sex Power" that becomes the focus of St. Arcadia's sexual power struggle. Spoiler 1. Mount Discipline. Install the game. Keep Discipline. You must be registered to see links. Nirriti , ray20 , Kiroshi and 44 others. Makaikishi Active Member. Sep 29, Sep 26, I played Starless which is from Sei Shoujo too, I hope the story is not bad as Starless because it was kind of a waste of such awesome art.

Arcane and muttdoggy. Makaikishi said: Aug 6, 6, 21, I got Starless for the art and didn't like the story one bit.. I recognized the art as being similar tho. I like his art more than many Japanese artists. It almost seems cleaner and even though it's all big breasts, it's done nicely.

Arcane and KOR. Aug 7, Lool discipline and starless is much better in story that black bible we rly play the same games? Last edited: Bluedust said: Wtf are you talking about, these games aren't rouge-likes or platformers they are visual novels with minimal interaction. I guess he meant "hard" in the hardcore sense, Starless is really hardcore with bestiality, scat and torture.

I don't mind bestiality but torture and scat Former Staff.

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June 11, at 3: Keep Discipline. Oh god this was your first? January 31, at 7:

Discipline The Record Of A Crusade Free Download:

Oct 6, Takuro Hayami transfers to the previously all-girl university of St. Thanks for the help Obaka it worked perfectly after changing the bin. Arcane and muttdoggy. ERROR says:

Can anyone help? Ray-Ray says: Im getting an Writing data failed and writing ar data failed cant save or load games, the game used to work before but for some reason it just stopped working im playing on windows

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