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Clear your history. They go out one night and Diana's cousin calls asking her to pick her up from a bachelor party. LJA Photography Artist. L'il Man as A. Happy birthday america!! So I contact a host at the Tropicana in AC. More Info.

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Posts about Platinum Players Club. Tammy Jones is at Platinum Players Club. Wayne Watson is at Platinum Players Club. Go Chiefs. Woot woot Chiefs Kingdom Getting to hang with this beautiful lady for a few minutes at work!!! Tammy Jones added a new photo — at Platinum Players Club. Curtater and Curturtle!!!!! Curtis Bullington is at Platinum Players Club.

Happy birthday america!! Tammy Jones was cashing in tickets at Platinum Players Club. I am working at Platinum Players Club tonight!! Number two!!!!! Please insert code. Please enter correct code. Not a member? Create Account. By logging into this site you acknowledge and accept our Terms and Conditions and cookie Policy. Please wait a momment Terms and Condition update.

Accept and Play Not Accept. I had walked through their property, and loved it, but the boothling at their club desk said they don't match players club cards. So piss on them, well, at that time anyway. I tell him how I want to take my action to his casino, but wont, since I'd have to start at the bottom. He tells me to send him a picture of my cards, and my best offer in town, and he will match everything.

I just couldn't earn enough fast enough to stay active. But I do love me some Borgata, so even though that next trip sees me staying with the Tropicana, I swing by the Borg for some action. Hands down one of the nicest casinos I have ever seen and a slot players wet dream.

I don't play for free, so I grab a copy of my card at the booth. I ask her for a new card and I pull out my Platinum Trop card and ask "Are you still matching? Grid, one moment please". Just for showing up! If I was local, I could run this cycle forever. Now it is , I'm Black Label for 4 more months, and Platinum for the rest of the year.

I take my scam on the road.

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That Trop card was matched by Hollywood casino in Indiana. I guess there is a Tropicana in state as well, who knew? But that card also works at the Tropicana in Las Vegas, which ironically enough is not affiliated with the Trop in AC. So I'm a "Producer" there as well. Now I'm Gold there. Staying on Fremont street, and the Plaza is matching as well.

I say "Pick a card" and now I'm matched to Ace. I walk into Downtown Grand a nobody and walk out with some Black card of theirs after chatting up a host and showing him my collection of cards. I will say, that I did actually earn Platinum within Mlife all on my own as well. But that still makes one earned card and half a dozen thrown in for free that season.

But the scam is running out of steam by the end of I had cards for casinos that I never returned to, and the ones I do still play at wont match these random still current cards from smaller regional places. Then I get lucky, with no fancy level cards past , MGM buys out the other half of the Borgata and plans to kill off their Black Label program, and run with Mlife like all of their other properties.

And they are matching any current BL members with a free Mlife Gold card. Back to the Trop to extend me out till the end of and we are back in business. That brings us to current, and as life so often does, the Great Players Club Trade-up comes full circle.

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Welcome to "The Players Club". Stripper 2. Number two!!!!! Actually played, lost, spent time chasing and earned that damn level. Some luck, some planning and a whole lot of asking.

Players Club:

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Hookup download the players club from platinum blue only


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