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In Seth Gordon's black comedy "Horrible Bosses" , Jennifer Aniston played a randy, raunchy dentist who sexually harasses her assistant Charlie Day. I think the point is that the statement is dirtier in the context of this thread than the out of context version. It's interesting to hear how many times this has happened though, I've only had it happen the once and I doubt we'll see anything like that again now with the switch to mostly digital projectors out in theaters now. Yes It's me Tera Patrick! How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Amber Heard.

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Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller arrive at the U. In the thriller "Derailed," Jennifer Aniston is a woman who becomes entangled in an affair, blackmail plot and murder involving her lover Clive Owen, left , and an extortionist Vincent Cassel. The comedy "The Break-up," about a couple's downhill relationship, starred Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughan, who became a couple at the time of shooting - and who broke up after the film's release.

In Seth Gordon's black comedy "Horrible Bosses" , Jennifer Aniston played a randy, raunchy dentist who sexually harasses her assistant Charlie Day. The comedy "Wanderlust" reteamed Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd as a couple who partake of a trial run at the commune life. A drug dealer Jason Sudeikis hires a stripper Jennifer Aniston , a thief Emma Roberts and his young neighbor Will Poulter to masquerade as a family traveling in an RV, in order to smuggle two tons of pot across the border, in "We're the Millers" Based on the novel, "The Switch," by Elmore Leonard, "Life of Crime" stars Jennifer Aniston as a wealthy businessman's wife who is abducted in a kidnapping plot gone awry.

The couple has been engaged for two years, but no wedding plans have been announced. By CBSNews. Jennifer Aniston and Chris Messina in "Cake. That scars you for life! I was excited to be working. The two, who married in , were among the most-photographed couples in Hollywood. Peyton Reed Rated: PG Home Release: Top Scenes. Jennifer Aniston. T and th Cashback The Cooler Secretary Skin About Mr.

Skin Mr. Yup, that's what I mean. She would use them if it wasn't intended for it to be a nude shot, but again, she probably backed out that didn't help. I've honestly never understood. What's so bad specifically about showing nipples? If I was an actress which would require me to be a girl too I'd be just as self conscious with or without my nipples showing if I was walking around without a top on.

Hi, sorry but I need to cut in here. A movie is not shot in the sequence in which you see it on screen. Between shooting the different shots her from the front, her from the back there could lie 15 minutes, 15 Hours or even 15 Days. Therefor, besides for continuity it doesn't matter what she wore in one shot.

Maybe it wasn't even her from behind, anything is possible. If she didn't want to be seen nude, she would never do this shot from the front nude.

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If she didn't want to be nude on film, she would not want to be nude in front Crew. As Okuma pointed out, thats what pasties are for, althoug if the shot is tight enough, even a tube top would do.

Yes, this is called an open matte shot. They film it full frame, then crop with the mattes as needed to get the right aspect or framing. One of the other great open matte "oops" shots that comes to mind, is the kick scene from Showgirls. The original film, and all of its digital releases, were 2.

All with slightly different crops and zooms. But the source, and the HDTV broadcast version, was transferred open matte at full frame. So when Elizabeth Berkley does the kick, you can see right up her skirt, where she happens to be wearing nothing. There are a couple of scenes in the open matte version that are like that, were you see much more than intended because of the lack of matte.

There was legal kerfuffle surrounding the leak so my vote is for it being real. Why cause a fuss over a fake picture? Because that's the only way to take it down. Why take down something that's fake? Why not ignore it. It lends authenticity to it if you make a stink about it. Try ignoring the fact that millions abuse your image and prominent gossip websites make hundreds of stories about the color of her nipples.

If I was a movie star I'd take all publicity as good publicity unless it crosses over into outright slander. If she didn't agree to appear nude in the film, why wasn't she wearing pasties? I thought it was standard practice in all movies. It is standard practice, but this yahoo news article claims they're real. That's not saying much, but it's a source. How many times did she do that already?

It amazing that only one picture got leaked of all the bait and switch that she pulled. My grandpa, RIP, once said to me 'everything is done on porpoise, you just have to swim between the lines'. And that's one of the reasons why Rachel was my least favourite friend. You can't tell a guy you're on a BREAK then accuse him of cheating on you you stupid, petty, jealous bitch!!!

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Why Did Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn Break Up? The 'Break-Up' Stars Dated On Screen And IRL:

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