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Long before Elle MacPherson and Flo-Jo stole the hearts of successive generations of teenage boys Suzi was the one who set the pulses of 14 and year-olds racing. His family name of "Quattrocchi" was shortened by the immigration authorities to Quatro. Give Album or Song as Gift. Back to the Drive also returned Quatro to the worldwide charts her first album to do so since 's Rock Hard. Frith noted that while any publicity was a bonus, "Tit-talent spotters don't buy many singles and record buyers aren't yet that frustrated.

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Quatro's early recorded songwriting was deliberately limited to album tracks and the B-sides of singles. She said in late , that " The two-minute lo-and-behold commercial single will not come out of my brain, but ain't I gonna worry about it. She describes creating a new song: Only then is it officially a song.

Next it goes down on my tiny 8-track , [with] me playing everything Quatro married her long-time guitarist, Len Tuckey , in They had two children together Laura in and Richard Leonard in and divorced in Before , Quatro lived with her two children in a manor house in Essex that she and Tuckey bought in She married German concert promoter Rainer Haas in In , her daughter and grandchild moved into the manor house again.

Quatro continues to live in Essex. On March 31, , Quatro broke her right knee and left wrist while boarding an aircraft in Kiev , Ukraine , where she had performed the night before. She had to cancel her appearance at the Detroit Music Awards , where she was to be inducted into the Detroit Hall of Fame along with her sisters, scheduled for April This would have been her first performance in America in over 30 years.

Quatro also had to reschedule other concert dates, while some were cancelled altogether. In a interview, Quatro was asked what she thought she had achieved for female rockers in general. Before I did what I did, we didn't have a place in rock 'n' roll. You had your Grace Slick and all that, but that's not what I did.

I was the first to be taken seriously as a female rock 'n' roll musician and singer. That hadn't been done before. I played the boys at their own game. For everybody that came afterward, it was a little bit easier, which is good. I'm proud of that. If I have a legacy, that's what it is. It's nothing I take lightly. It was gonna happen sooner or later.

In , I will have done my job 50 years. It was gonna be done by somebody, and I think it fell to me to do because I don't look at gender. It doesn't occur to me if a 6-foot-tall guy has pissed me off not to square up to him. That's just the way I am.

If I wanted to play a bass solo, it never occurred to me that I couldn't. When I saw Elvis for the first time when I was 5, I decided I wanted to be him, and it didn't occur to me that he was a guy. That's why it had to fall to somebody like me.

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In a interview, Quatro sympathised with many of the opinions voiced by the women's liberation movement while distancing herself from it because she considered that the participants were.

Their leaders stand up there and say, 'We're individuals blab blab blab,' and yet they're all in a group following like sheep. For me, I cannot put the two together I'm talking about the masses that follow [the movement's leaders who get press attention] and who have nothing at all to say. It gives it all a very phoney light.

I hope they can find a way to apply it to their own lives, because grouping together takes away the whole idea of Women's Lib. The interviewer, Charles Shaar Murray , considered her viewpoint to be " In , Philip Norman said that. Of all female rock singers, she appears the most emancipated: The image is of a tomboy, lank-haired, tight-bottomed and twice tattooed; a rocker, a brooder, a loner, a knife-carrier; a hell-cat, a wild cat, a storm child, refugee from the frightened city of Detroit.

By October , she had featured as a centerfold for Penthouse. Frith noted that while any publicity was a bonus, "Tit-talent spotters don't buy many singles and record buyers aren't yet that frustrated. In October , it was announced [51] that Quatro had received an honorary doctorate in music from Anglia Ruskin University along with Dr.

Feelgood 's Wilko Johnson. In August , Simon Frith spotted a problem with the formula that was working outside the US, saying that. Suzi's facing a bit of a [commercial] crisis: Chinn and Chapman, having proved their point, are losing interest in her.

She's never had their best material they don't play many games with her and each of her singles has been less gripping than the one before. Unless they suddenly imagine a new joke, she's in danger of petering out and she lacks the resources to fight back. None of her own musical talents has been needed and so they've been ignored except on the throwaway B-sides and while Sweet and Mud have their histories and themselves to draw on for support, Suzi's present has nothing to do with her past and her group was formed only to play Chinnichap music.

Mud may become a top cabaret act and Sweet a respected rock group, but Suzi will only be a memory. As this audience ages and changes, so will its music and Suzi Quatro will have been just an affectionate part of growing up. In , journalist Tom Hibbert wrote that Quatro may have overstated her role as a leading light among female rock musicians.

But Suzi Quatro, with her tomboy sneers, her bass guitar and her stompingly persuasive teen-tunes, had at least laid down a challenge to the male-dominated rock orthodoxy. In his paper Suzi Quatro: He describes Quatro as " Philip Auslander says that "Although there were many women in rock by the late s, most performed only as singers, a traditionally feminine position in popular music".

Though some women like Quatro herself played instruments in American all-female garage rock bands, none of these bands achieved more than regional success. So they "did not provide viable templates for women's on-going participation in rock". Quatro has influenced various female musicians. Musician Tina Weymouth , who played bass guitar in Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club , among other bands, first learned to play bass by listening to Quatro albums.

Quatro had a direct influence on the Runaways [56] and Joan Jett [56] and Girlschool. Quatro performed five songs with a local band that included her sister Patti and Tony Scalzo of the band Fastball on "Stumblin In". Quatro was played by Ricky Rocket. Quatro's music covers several genres. Her primary genres are hard rock , [65] glam rock [66] [67] and female cock rock.

Auslander analysed Quatro's live performances of " Can the Can " plus " Breakdown " and concluded that she performed as a cock-rocker. By foregrounding her status as a rock player, not just a singer, Quatro declares ownership of the symbolic rock cock. With the Pleasure Seekers , their musical styles and genres included power pop , [68] garage rock [69] and Motown.

List of songs by Suzi Quatro. Bravo is the largest magazine for female teenagers in German-speaking Europe. Each year, the readers of this magazine select the Bravo Otto award winners. Quatro has won the following Bravo Otto awards: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from Suzi Quattro. Not to be confused with Sussie 4. Rock hard rock glam rock pop rock. Singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist record producer actress radio presenter. The Pleasure Seekers band. Simon Frith wrote in August that when Most had first introduced him to her, she was " Since May , she's never been seen in anything but soft leather cat suits with zips down the front.

No bra, no panties, but lots of chains and big boots. She put her band together. It's got three men in black vests and biceps. Arlene was screaming as Elvis sang " Don't Be Cruel ". When he sang "Mmmmmm", Quatro had her first sexual thrill but did not know what it was.

Then their father Art entered the room, said "That's disgusting", and switched off the television. At this point Quatro decided that she wanted to be Elvis. Suzi Quatro's musical androgyny" PDF. Archived from the original PDF on 24 May Retrieved 25 April Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States. Archived from the original on 14 December Retrieved 22 February The Girl in the Gang".

Retrieved July 20, Archived from the original on July 15, Retrieved January 28, Archived from the original on January 26, Encyclopedia of Popular Music. Retrieved January 1, Patti and the Quatro Band. Michigan Rock and Roll Legends. Retrieved December 6, The Book of Golden Discs 2nd ed.

Barrie and Jenkins Ltd. The Great Rock Discography 5th ed. Rock Hard CD booklet. Archived from the original on January 20, Retrieved February 25, Scottsdale, Arizona, United States: Retrieved June 25, From Good Cause to the Bargain Bin". San Francisco, United States.

Retrieved April 11, Archived from the original on July 20, Archived from the original on 20 July Retrieved 18 September Retrieved September 18, Retrieved November 23, Quatro's cover version of the Goldfrapp song is on her new album In the Spotlight. Archived from the original on 22 August During concerts, you could kick those platform shoes high in the air; did you ever have any mishaps or Spinal Tap type experiences?

My platformswere really quite small, just one layernot like the othersI can kick quite high stillre Spinal Tap momentsI have so many you would need another six pagesmy falls onstage are legendary. During a time when it was fashionable for glitter rock guys to sport what was considered feminine looks, you were the opposite. You wore minimal make-up, and wore edgier clothing.

You were often labeled a tomboy due to your look and attitude. Yet you were a natural beauty and desired by both males and females. You were not bound by gender and aided in breaking down androgynous stereotypes. How does it feel to have had such an important impact on society, females in particular?

There was a period in rock music when glitter pop rock or cock rock was dominant in the early seventies and was lead by an elite British boys club. This included such acts as T. However, you were part of that movement which primarily belonged to males. You single-handedly created a new wave of female cock rock. By blurring the lines of gender and playing gutsy, raw, attitude filled rock.

You opened the door for female rockers to be accepted into the mainly male industry. What was it like for you to be in the middle of a male dominated genre of rock? Do you believe views on women musicians are continuing to improve today? I was aware that I was the only female around I guess it stood me in good stead being a tomboy I have always skirted all the genders I don't know why You have been a musical role model who inspires toughness and independence for females.

Prior to your influence, most women were traditional singers only. You broke barriers for women in rock. You have been a major influence not just on Joan Jett and The Runaways who credits you for breaking all the female rules of rock and being her biggest influence; but also for Heart, The Pretenders, Girlschool, Chrissie Hynde, Siouxsie and the Banshees and all other riot grrl rockers to come.

You set the template for every tough rocker chick to emulate your style, music and attitude. This I have also totally identified with throughout my life as a rock fan. How does it feel to be ahead of her time in terms of being a strong female pioneer of rock? Do you have any advice to female musicians? Did you enjoy your time spent on the set?

Who came up with your famous hand gesture, the thigh slap-finger gun? Also, was Henry Winkler as cool as his character the Fonz? Today you continue to play live, work in radio, film and even Broadway. You have had fifty years of entertainment. What is your secret to longevity in music?

Looking back on your music career would you change anything? There is no secret to longevityI just try to keep learning, keep giving onstage, keep loving the business, keep doing all the artistic things I do, IE poetry, acting, writing novels, writing songsperformingbeing a disc jockeybasically communicating and being creativeand never ever let anyone put me into a boxI continue to defy it.

You have had an extensive background in music and film. What else do you do outside of music? Is there anything that would surprise fans? Do you have any upcoming projects? Anything else you would like to tell your fans? Suzi Quatro was not just a fading gimmick or one trick pony. She is a transcendent, ground breaking visionary who continues to write memorable songs with quotable lyrics, and perform live.

She had an important role in rock history and is still active now, involved not just in music but also radio hosting and films. In , her autobiography, Suzi QuatroUnzipped was released. They released their self-titled debut album and kicked off a tour in February Suzi had to look up to and imitate Elvis and The Beatles because she did not have any female rock role models of her own, but thanks to her generations of girls had an amazing, kick ass, riot-grrrl, rock and roll rebel role model.

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If there was a movie produced about your life and based on your biography, Unzipped who would play you? You have played in bands with your sisters, your father and your brother was once your manager. Retrieved 22 February

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