The Opening Of Misty Beethoven 1976

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He took me back to his place, where he showed me the trophy that he kept on the mantelpiece in his bedroom. Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. Remember me on this computer not recommended on public or shared computers. Retrieved January 26, But what was really wonderful was that so many of us women finally had an erotic movie that we could thoroughly enjoy on all levels just like the men. Behind the Green Door

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I got a call from Jamie Gillis in the fall of When I arrived I was surprised at his appearance. He was moving slowly and in obvious discomfort. His features were grey, severe, lined with shadows. He told me he had cancer. He had a few months left to live.

This was not unsurprising; despite a friendly, even garrulous, exterior, he was a private man. He always contradicted anyone who said that he could have had a successful career in mainstream films. What, and be recognized everywhere when he conducted his private business? He had no interest in that. He spoke with measured happiness about his life.

He had no regrets. No unfulfilled wishes. He only had reasons to be grateful. We spoke at length of weighty, important concerns and of inconsequential trivialities, and found no distinction between the two. He was full of dignity. I left wanting to do something that would help brighten his final days. Maybe it was a futile and shallow gesture.

Trying to bring meaning to a situation where there was none. Who knows? I wondered how he would like to being in touch with Constance Money one more time. Radley seemed to have a soft spot for Jamie. They seemed content to conduct an invisible dance around each other, like two old Jewish compadres not wanting to break the magic spell of their separation. Radley emailed straight back to recount a little-known story of when Hitler had been celebrating his final birthday many years previously, deep in a Berlin bunker.

As Hitler was being toasted one last time by his cronies, a clairvoyant sat in the corner spoke up. In the years to come, the mystic said, a man will be born on this same day and he will become the greatest actor in all pornography. A man of unrivalled sexual attraction and physical prowess.

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A man the world will admire for his great portrayal of a sexual mastermind.

Connecting Jamie to Constance Money was a tougher proposition. I eventually contacted her and found her to be as smart and bright as I had heard. Clearly 30 years had not dulled a sense of bitterness. Frustration at being forever Constance Money. Annoyance at the secrecy she has to endure to this day. And frankly, irritation at the way that no financial benefits have come her way as a result of her misadventure all those years before.

She talked about writing a book to set the record straight, but was concerned about the impact it could have on her private life. She talked about returning to New York for the first time in decades, but was afflicted by a number of health issues that limited her independence. I asked about her memories of Jamie. More anger. But this time tempered by sadness. A few days later Jamie called me.

Susan had been in touch. They swapped stories and even joked about the inanity of being sexual partners in the greatest adult film of all. In the weeks that followed, I visited Jamie at his home. He was bed-ridden by now and in constant pain. He said the last thing he did each night before turning in was to reach up and kiss it.

Moving story, well told. Together Jamie and Constance formed one of the iconic couples from the golden age, so reading about the after-story is very interesting. Thanks for sharing. This week has been sad following the passing of the Greatest. I always wondered what her story was. Is there any hint of one in the extended DVD? What a moving story full of honest emotions! One of the best entries if not the best on this blog!

All of these posts regarding Radley Metzger, his films, and the people connected to his work have been marvelous: This latest post, re Jamie Gillis and Constance Money in particular. I love this very much! Both descriptions had the ring of truth and I enjoyed the contrast. Great article. Thank you! Misty Beethoven was shown at the University of Minnesota when I was a student there in the late 70s.

It was a treat. That was sweet to hear. Yes, yes, yes! Jacqueline Beudant please! Any story about Jamie Gillis is appreciated, and this was very moving and well written. Flight Attendant on Phone uncredited Peter Andrews Servant with Slicked Hair uncredited Terry Austin Geraldine's Male Prostitute uncredited Grover Griffith Servant Shaking Head uncredited Bonnie Karrin Makeup Artist in Blue uncredited Mark Margolis Unhappy Guy on Plane uncredited Rocky Millstone Servant with Orange Carnation uncredited Ian Morley First Guy in Limousine uncredited Max Packs Alfredo Spontini uncredited Michael Ronds Servant with Geraldine uncredited Beth Rosen Brunette Maid with Geraldine uncredited David Williams Edit page.

Share this page: Guide for the Film Fanatic by Danny Peary. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere.

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Unhappy Guy on Plane uncredited Rocky Millstone A man of unrivalled sexual attraction and physical prowess. Quotes Seymour Love: Misty Beethoven was shown at the University of Minnesota when I was a student there in the late 70s.

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We're always working towards adding more features that will keep your love for porno alive and well. Clear your history. Steve Gray. It was also said the Laser Disc Print runs at 87 minutes and has 1:

The Italian Edition by Noctuno is an extended version of Misty Beethoven with footage not seen in the original film. He was full of dignity. You I know! Dave Cummings in Misty Beethoven the Musical! He stood up and unfurled it with pride.

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