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Guess what happens with the majority of the animals inhabiting planets? In its first appearance, it takes on the form of a Hybrid Monster with Origin Giratina's body, Palkia's arms and Dialga's head, with each body part colored differently from the regular ones. Biker Mice from Mars has Fred the mutant, who has a duck's foot, a bear's foot, a human arm for his right arm, an octopus tentacle for his left arm and three eyes. The Beast in Disney's Beauty and the Beast has the mane of a lion, the beard and head of a buffalo, the brows of a gorilla, the eyes of a human, the tusks of a wild boar, the body of a bear, and the hind legs and tail of a wolf. The protagonists are currently clueless as to what it could have evolved from having dismissed genetic engineering, and only joked about aliens. Mooks encountered in the Medium imps, ogres, basilisks, etc assume various combinations of features and included powers from the players' prototyped sprites when they enter; in the kids' session it's a mix of harlequin outfits from Nannaquin, wings and a sword from Seppukrow, cat features and tentacles from Jaspers, dog features and various levels of Reality Warper powers from Becquerel. Basically, adorable balls of fluff that make great pillows.

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Manda 2, a modified clone of Manda made by Kabuto is a combination of several different kinds of snakes: There are "koala otters" creatures with sea otter bodies and koala heads that are extremely cute living in the waters around the Northern Water Tribe. Now the Monster was hideous to behold: In the Discworld novel Eric , the demon-god Quetzovercoatl is described as "half-man, half-chicken, half-jaguar, half-serpent, half-scorpion and half-mad". Since every fusion is generated from an algorithm, your fusions will often look very odd, and more often than not will be either stronger or weaker than they look. Chimairamon is based on the mythical chimera, and it shows. Also applies to a few bosses: In Irritability , Exoth keeps a stock of modular chimaera parts in one of his labs that can just be snapped together.

Mix-and-Match Critters:

  1. The demons in Michelangelo 's The Torment of St.
  2. Also cheekily, the gag Golden Crocoduck Award is now granted to whichever creationist whackjob is caught on film making the year's stupidest argument against evolution.
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  4. However, some male cats are chimerae with some Orange cells and some not-Orange black cells, so they can have both orange and black fur in different places depending on which particular cells happen to be there.
  5. Professor Elemental 's song Animal Magic revolves around him describing his mix and match animal experiments.
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Interestingly, toothed pterosaurs with Pteranodon -like crests did exist in real life. Maybe you don't like monsters so much. In addition to the Manticore mentioned above, other popular bestiary inclusions are: Allegedly an exaggerated and jumbled description of a cheetah and a hyena. Stephen Colbert pointed out that the set includes a grizzly bear and a bald eagle , which means it's theoretically possible to create a Greagle — "Aah!

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