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Zero TV Excellent Aldnoah. Densetsu Kyojin Ideon TV. Anata no Tame ni Netoraremasu of pictures: Brotherhood TV Fullmetal Alchemist: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Chikai live-action movie.

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In this fiercely passionate and revealing cycle of narrative poems that read like a novella, Francesca Lia Block describes in fiery detail the rise and demise of a year-long love affair. Her rich use of language infused with the power of sex and spirit paint a transcendent, almost mythic, portrait of the way two wounded people-both searching for connection-find each other, collide, and eventually separate.

Francesca Lia Block is renowned for her groundbreaking literary works, including the best-selling Weetzie Bat. Her writing transports readers through the harsh landscapes of contemporary life to realms of the senses where love is a saving grace. She lives in Los Angeles. Quakeland is not to be missed. A solemn, sensual journey through the female interior landscape A preschool teacher contemplating the unsettling challenges of her mid-life, she finds solace in the company of her dear friend Grace, and conflict in the arms of a narcissistic yoga instructor, Jasper.

Hoping to woo a fickle Gemini or a larger-than-life Leo? The Astrology Cookbook offers tempting menus geared to the tastes of each sign, with clear, easy-to-follow recipes. Whether you're an accomplished cook or a beginning baker, Stephanie Rosenbaum's charming astrological insights combine with lighthearted, delicious recipe ideas to please the palate and create endless romance in the kitchen.

The author of Honey: Italian American writers celebrate their hidden history in a literary tribute to fighting social injustice. This breakthrough anthology filled with thought-provoking works that focus on re-interpreting the mainstream tradition of glorifying Christopher Columbus, features new work by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Diane di Prima, Kim Addonizio, James Tracy, Michael Cirelli, Michael Parenti, Thomas Centolella, and many others.

Intersex For Lack of a Better Word chronicles one person's search for self in a world obsessed with normal. In first-person prose as intimate as a diary, Thea Hillman redefines memoir in a series of compelling stories that take a no-holds-barred look at sex, gender, family, and community. Whether she's pondering quirky family tendencies, reflecting on "queerness", or recounting scintillating adventures in San Francisco's sex clubs, Hillman's brave and fierce vision for cultural and societal change shines through.

Depending on the Light contains 64 short works of smart sophisticated sudden fiction that erupt from a core of sharp urban observations. Her language is at once insightful yet pointed, her voice clear and urgent. Gritty compassion and wry humor permeate these short short stories, and Hillman's insatiable lust for life is everywhere evident.

Written chapters offer the history of stencil artwork from 30, BC to the present, tips for creating stencil artwork, and lots more! This exciting new comix collection examines LGBT life from new perspectives: Perfect for sexual outlaws, gender pirates, and their friends and admirers These side-splittingly funny short stories relive the twisted glory days of homegrown DIY punk rock, from "Road Trip," in which four benevolent urban skinheads venture forth to rural Montana for a friend's wedding, to the title novella, which follows the absurd trials and tribulations of a small-town Delaware punk band, Third Leg, as its dreams of superstardom get flushed away in a series of hilarious catastrophes.

A fictional chronicle of a year in the underground counter-cultural life of a San Francisco guy during the s: Dubious achievements including burping the alphabet backwards, keeping a dayjob at Last Laugh Book Distribution selling titles like Full Metal Genitalia , a blood-drenched wedding at Burning Man, and more will keep readers yowling with laughter at the absurdity, silliness, and occasional tragic meltdown that defines the outer edges of America's left coast.

Flashbacks and Premonitions is populated by the entire spectrum of contemporary alternative culture: Surreal yet strangely realistic, Jon Longhi's carnival is a portrait of modern America in decline, a wasted human landscape choking on its own polluted broken dreams. Twenty-six weird tales from the underground, ranging from one-page microbursts of energetic prose to longer, finely wrought chronicles of post-punk living.

Longhi's flair for creating memorable characters and his distinctive voice propel the reader forward toward the brink of insanity. In this charmingly disarming third volume of unique narrative poetry, spoken word Slam champ Matt Cook tackles political opinions "So Anti War" , courtship "Duck Decoys" , and family "The Mother of the Poet," "The Comet" , among other topics.

The writing is clever, the artwork original, and the stories proving the old adage tht the truth is way stranger than fiction. Inspired by shounen-ai manga - melodramatic Japanese comics by girls about gay boys - Tough Love is a teen romance and coming-out story about a shy boy named Brian. More realistic than Japanese manga, this story centers on the relationships Brian develops with Chris, the boy he likes, and Julie, the girl who befriends him.

Serious issues like gay bashing, suicidal thoughts, and coming to terms with one's own sexual identity are depicted with an honest, gentle touch. Socially relevant, fun, immediately accessible, and a bit of a soap opera, teenagers who are questioning their sexual identity will appreciate this book, as will friends, teachers, and parents of gay teens.

A resource guide for those seeking support and further information is included. What's all the fuss about The Killers? Featuring dozens of never-before-published photos of The Killers, from their earliest club gigs to recent shows at sold-out arenas. An epic true story of the meteoric rise of one American band from garage to arena stage Pop culture meets and mates with poetic formalism: Coyote pays homage to George Santayana The absolute lowdown on what and where in the neon desert's Sin City, whether you're here for a day, a week, or the rest of your life.

Avoid the Strip's cheesy pitfalls: For hangover recovery, discover some of the most relaxing spas and breathtaking outdoors the West has to offer. Future Tense series, edited by Kevin Sampsell.

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Like so many writers before him, Eric Spitznagel moves to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming a highly paid and respected screenwriter.

When Hollywood fails to notice, he settles for the next best thing: Determined to make the most of it, he sets out to write a movie that will be celebrated more for its witty dialogue and gripping plot than its depictions of hardcore sex. As he soon discovers, making the Great American Porn is far from easy, especially when you've been hired to write a sequel to Butt Crazy. Makes a great stocking stuffer.

In this collection of 25 short stories, one of the original masters of early 20th century science fiction and fantasy is introduced to a new generation of readers. Often cited as a major influence on J. Lovecraft, Dunsany's work continues to delight and intrigue whether he is weaving fanciful tales of strange adventure in imaginary exotic locales, or depicting grim and creepy visions of otherworldliness.

More than eighty books of his work were published, and his oeuvre includes many hundreds of published short stories, as well as successful plays, novels and essays. Each adventure - every action and choice - leads to unexpected situations Long after nightfall, America's best contemporary writers shine their flashlights into a world that begins around the time when most people fall asleep.

A superb exploration of inner city America told from the perspective of an African-American young man in short poetic prose pieces. Hypnotic and scary, just as you think you're reaching the end of a piece and that you understood it, Jackson twists the knife 90 degrees and exposes a point of view that catches you unawares, then he's through your defenses and into your heart.

Author Bruce Jackson has lived in Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and currently resides in Seattle where he works with troubled children in a public elementary school. Drunk house painters, guys playing golf in a graveyard at midnight, Euripides made incomprehensible: Kassel writes up a storm in this collection of hysterical short stories.

The Ghastly Ones and Other Fiendish Frolics follows in the grand and ghoulish tradition of Edward Gorey and Charles Addams in a delightfully gruesome and fanciful, tongue-in-cheek look at maniacs, monsters, and mayhem. Creeping through the pages are lurking beasties, axe-swinging psychos, and pouncing bloodsuckers - each one described in darkly witty verse and captured in Sala's fine, quirky drawing style.

Universe got elected governor of the most populous state in the U. Connect the dots to find Arnold groping a nearby female, draw a picture of yourself between Arnold and George W. Bush, color in the governor as Conan the Barbarian, drive a Hummer through a maze from Hollywood to Sacramento, and more.

Great drawings, hilarious real quotes that we couldn't make up if we tried! He creates beauty with an original hybrid of brutality and love that takes my brain to its favorite place. Whether he's writing about a chance sexual encounter at a Goth club called Lilith or revealing the inner thoughts of young hustlers in Hollywood, Catalyst unearths the trashy truth in his characters' unconventional lives.

A humanist poet who sees the world from a very personal perspective. After a poignant exploration of her family's curses and blessings, Po allows the healing process to begin. Without slogans or dogma, these seven authors have created an original literary manifesto of progressive ideas. Passionate stories about gentrification, discrimination, and identity politics unite with heartfelt poems exploring poverty, race and disability that positively shine with subversive solidarity.

Compiled by a veteran of the underground after spending 30 years in the alternative art trenches, these experiential, very real commentaries from today's underground luminaries offer honest and humorous advice on everything from "Door Etiquette for the Nightlife-Challenged" by Clint Catalyst to "How to be an Art Star" by downtown NYC scenester Reverend Jen.

Without a hint of irony, Good Advice for Young Trendy People of All Ages shows would-be bohemians how things really are "How to Live in Debt" by Mykel Board , instead of selling far-fetched dreams of writing the great novel or producing a top gallery show. Narrative poems with straightforward, feisty sensibilities confront the difficulties and rewards of love: Often funny, with a subtle sting, Coppola's heartfelt writing reveals an unrelenting, courageous struggle with a progressive disabling disease "Enlightenment and Muscular Dystrophy".

A man tells his wife, "You know, I don't feel like going to the Robinsons' party. With so many remarkably unfunny things going on in the world today, everyone desperately needs to laugh just to relieve the tension of everyday life. In fact, laughter, along with an active sense of humor, may help protect against a heart attack, according to a recent study by cardiologists. In the interest of restoring mental and physical health in the general population, Intelligent Jokes appeals to clever readers looking for more than a rudimentary punchline.

Lovers of "shaggy dog stories", as well as those who appreciate witty insights into personal relationships, send-ups of human folly, and our preoccupation with sex, will find these amusing jokes enormously entertaining. Cover painting by Mark Ryden. Travel a picturesque and often harrowing road through these narrative poems to encounter the quiet survivors and overlooked places fallen through the cracks in the American Dream.

Meet a battered wife wearing a celebratory dress to her husband's funeral "The Red Dress" and a fed-up woman who shoots a complaining nonsmoker at Denny's "Mother of Four". With empathy for the human condition, Juliette Torrez captures the absurdity, hypocrisy, and ultimately the beauty of the places and people she has known. Hard-hitting stories, accessible poems, and hair-raising comix answer the question of millennial ennui in the wake of economic crashes, Zoloft for breakfats, and governmental insanity.

This lively collection contains fresh work by more than 40 cutting-edge writers and artists: Outstanding writers from every region of the US are featured in this celebration of human spirit and good ol' American originality. B etween and , Manic D Press produced more than a dozen page photocopied and stapled books of fiction and poetry by some of the most talented young writers from the Bay Area and beyond.

Collected for the first time in a single trade paperback edition, this archival volume includes rare works by twelve authors including Jon Longhi, Wendy-o Matik, Jorge Argueta, Lisa Radon, Jerry D. In these never-before-seen live and backstage photos, Sid Vicious is alive and sneering, the Red Hot Chili Peppers barely have a tattoo between them, the crowds are moshing, and the hairdos are tremendous.

North America's favorite crypto-zoological homonid recast as the modern day everyman bravely struggling with casual cannabalism, eating disorders, pop culture and philosophical quandaries. Absolutely hilarious - a total laugh riot! Whether Jeffrey McDaniel's denouncing insomnia "4, A. In Jeffrey McDaniel's second book, it is hard to separate the humor from the pain.

Both qualities are omnipresent whether he's tackling dysfunctional family memories in 'The Most Awful Lullaby', or broken-hearted romance in poems like 'Another Long Day in the Office of Dreams'. Fresh, provocative, non-doctrinaire, his poems are the kind I want to grow up to write. Earnest and confessional in the best sense, Maybe's poems about self and vulnerability reveal her beliefs in family, love, identity, and anti-establishment idealism.

Her uncanny ability to pivot at multiple places within a poem, using surprising observations and control of language, wraps beauty and purity around her day-to-day experiences. In this wholly unpredictable collection of tongue-in-chic short stories, Beth Lisick casts a cool eye on the lost and living dead of offices, nightclubs, shopping malls, and rent-controlled apartments.

Pretentious web designers, reality show wannabes, and hipster party girls are among the characters populating a seemingly ordinary world teetering on the brink of chaos. Her first book was Monkey Girl , this is her second. I n her first collection of short stories, celebrated spoken-word artist Beth Lisick evokes the rollicking world of post-boom America.

An impoverished but proud office drone "I am the reigning queen of the Toshiba BD copy machine" gets a makeover. A teenager is drugged by her fraudulent, sadistic orthodontist. On a five-hour flight to Cabo San Lucas, the author psychically bonds with a flight attendant. In this collection of 25 hilarious, anecdotal short stories, spoken-word performer Beth Lisick creates a panoramic tapestry of strip malls, junk-food habits, and yuppie pickup joints, unveiling a world that most of us simply drive past.

Blending the everyday and its sometimes grotesque underside, hallucinatory detail, and stripped-down dialogue, Lisick's descriptions are almost hypnotic with their complex rhythms and cadences. These stories - all of which Beth Lisick uses in performance - imbue the ordinary with unique and unexpected hilarity.

Striking, witty, and vividly contemporary, these stories evoke what it's like to live now, in the suburban wasteland of the '90s. Cover by Frank Kozik. T wisted stories, bone-chilling poems, and harrowing yet humorous comix that deal with failed relationships, religious cults, loneliness, and drugs, penned with razor-sharp precision.

A voluptuous gift for highbrow art connoisseurs and lowbrow eccentrics: Why should kids have all the fun? Now grown-ups can have a blast coloring in Devil Babe's luscious lips and tantalizing body parts, playing connect-the-dots to discover naughty pictures, dressing up the Devil Babe paperdoll in sultry fantasy costumes, and whipping up finger-licking taste sensations like Ultra-Chocolate Devil's Food Cake.

Revealing artwork for the ultimate tattoo is featured throughout. Poetry Slam documents the first ten years of the National Poetry Slam with a dozen essays on how to start a slam, strategies for winning, history of the slam, memorization tips and more, as well as of the best slam-winning poems ever. In more than 50 brilliantly humorous short stories and vignettes, Ayn Imperato writes about a contemporary punk rock gal in search of love, fun, and gainful employment.

Along the way, she works at a Goth store "where lots of morbid kids in black wearing pointy buckle boots trudge in lamenting about life in the dreary suburbs and then spend what was a week's worth of pay for me on a bunch of rubber eyeballs, bat wall hangings, and cheap Ankh jewelry" Mr. Janglin' Bones and the Brain ; posing for soft porn photographs while covered in mud Dirty Money ; and as a movie extra playing a refugee in Hell Dirtier Money , among other attempts at earning a living.

Cover art by Mary Fleener. It's lurking in your favorite bar or following you down a freeway at night or standing perfectly still just behind the door to your apartment. Her writing will find you in places you thought were safe. In an urban framework of love and sex and betrayal, these sizzling poems and scorching stories explore the inexplicable politics of human relationships while breaking open the boundaries of the heart's language.

An uproarious collection of 11 intoxicating short stories and a staggering novella about fist fights, love bouts, the trials and tribulations of minimum wage employment, and of course, carousing in bars and nightclubs. From the glittering debauched nights of s Hollywood "Escape from Houdini Mountain" to the festering bowels of New York's Lower East Side "Must Have Been Love" , these 23 mind-bending tales chronicle a young woman's quest for romantic adventure.

Spun from her experiences in the L. Pleasant's eye for the human condition is pristine. Her heart shines as she revels in a carnival of delicately drawn characters. Some are sad, some sick, some brilliant, but in Pleasant's world they are all appreciated equally.

Ultimately this book, for all it's wildly funny tales, is an evolved praising of feminine beauty and it's power in a world gone mad. Pleasant Gehman has been writing about L. She has appeared on E! The author of several books including Senorita Sin and Princess of Hollywood , her work has been widely anthologized.

Whether he's writing about drug deals gone sour, hobo camps at war with the local rednecks or his hillbilly childhood, Sparrow 13 LaughingWand spares no details. His inimitable character portraits and depiciton of life on society's fringe are at once haunting and unforgettable. Be prepared to burn as you consume Hell Soup. After leaving school to pursue a career in vagrancy, experimental mysticism, and small villainies, Sparrow 13 traveled a million miles with his right thumb.

He's alive and well in San Francisco. We ship books all over the planet. Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery. To order by mail, send a letter to the address below telling us which books you'd like, with a check or money order payable to Manic D Press. Manic D Press was founded by Jennifer Joseph in An award-winning literary press based in San Francisco, California publishing fiction, poetry, pop culture, music, art, narrative-oriented comix, children's,and alternative travel books, we represent a diverse group of unique writers and artists, with emphasis on those who have been shunned by the traditional publishing establishment for lacking commercial viability, regardless of their talent or future promise.

For 10 years, we were funded in part by the California Arts Council, then California got screwed by Enron and state funding for the arts evaporated. We've expanded our mission to offer refuge to established writers escaping from the commercial publishing parallel universe.

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Thanks for everything and especially for reading our books. The Planet Eater Nov 21, Grave of the Fireflies movie. Low Class Heroines 17 pictures hot. Often funny, with a subtle sting, Coppola's heartfelt writing reveals an unrelenting, courageous struggle with a progressive disabling disease "Enlightenment and Muscular Dystrophy". An uproarious collection of 11 intoxicating short stories and a staggering novella about fist fights, love bouts, the trials and tribulations of minimum wage employment, and of course, carousing in bars and nightclubs.

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The Future Diary TV. Summon the Beasts OVA. Canadian distribution is through PGC. Often funny, with a subtle sting, Coppola's heartfelt writing reveals an unrelenting, courageous struggle with a progressive disabling disease "Enlightenment and Muscular Dystrophy". Anime NYC just wrapped up its second year, having attracted more than 36, people with two enormous Anisong concerts and a bunch of world premieres. After his arrival on the shounen manga scene with Dr.

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