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Vanessa and Candace have met on more than one occasion. Do you like this video? Vanessa then lets Candace come in and says she will go make some tea. Ferb saved her from a rampaging lawnmower and helped her obtain a canister of Pizzazium Infinionite for her dad. Before the situation could get any crazier, 2nd Vanessa arrives back to the scene, demanding everyone to stop fighting at once. As the series progresses, Vanessa's relationship with her father starts to improve for the better; in the episode "Brain Drain" when Heinz puts an spectacular rap beat on the DJ box with Perry's help to impress Vanessa's friends at the DJ party, a touched Vanessa kisses her father on the cheek as thanks. Vanessa does not approve of her father's evil schemes, but often finds herself reluctantly participating in them anyway.

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It appears that she spends more time with Charlene rather than Heinz since Vanessa does not appear in many episodes, although her parents alternate weekends. Her mother encourages her to donate to charity, which she appears to do fairly regularly. Eventually, after Heinz succeeded in taking over the Tri-State Area by becoming its first Tri-Governor, Vanessa finally concurs with Charlene's belief that Heinz isn't really evil, describing him as more of a 'nice guy pretending to be evil' out of obligation over his miserable childhood.

Vanessa had a crush on Johnny. Vanessa broke up with him because she thought Johnny felt that a video game was more important than her "Minor Monogram". Johnny was still upset about the breakup when he and Vanessa returned to school and he tried to get back together with her, but Vanessa insisted on just remaining friends " Doof ". Lacie is a friend that Vanessa talks on the phone with while she is wearing Candace's clothes.

Although not stated on-screen, she could very well be considered Vanessa's version of Candace's friend Stacy Hirano , based on how Vanessa talked with her that day. Vanessa is usually indifferent to Perry as well as anything concerning her father's numerous evil schemes. On one occasion she thanked Perry for helping her father decorate for her birthday party "Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together" , and she seems to always say hello to him when their paths cross "Phineas and Ferb Summer Belongs to You!

She is one of the few people outside of The Agency and Dr. Doofenshmirtz who knows Perry's alternate identity as a secret agent. Vanessa and Candace have met on more than one occasion. They meet for the first time on the ski lift in Phineas and Ferb's massive backyard ski resort. Both of them expressed annoyance towards the "schemers" of their respective families: Candace's brothers and Vanessa's father "S'Winter".

Their signature outfits were accidentally switched at the Dry Cleaners much to their dismay, since their tastes in clothing are vastly different. They briefly meet at the Dry Cleaners, and they noticed that they're wearing each others clothes "Hail Doofania! Candace and Vanessa fought over a Mary McGuffin doll in the charity store. The doll literally fell into the hands of a little girl.

While Candace decided that she was too old for dolls, Vanessa snatched the doll from the girl and made her cry. Needless to say, Dr. Doofenshmirtz was very pleased with his daughter's evil conduct "Finding Mary McGuffin". Candace simply replies, "I Vanessa invites her to her dad's place to look for Candace's book.

While they're there, Vanessa asks Candace if she needs to find small disappearing objects, like socks, as finding missing objects is the subject of the book. Candace replies that she's looking for stuff like rollercoasters, buildings to the moon and stampeding cows. When Candace leaves because her mother didn't see the "thing in the backyard," Vanessa asks if she still wants the book, and Candace responds, "It's flawed.

In " Last Day of Summer ", she meets Candace at her father's lair, Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated where Candace gives her back her DVDs and proceeds to talk about the mime movie and why he keeps letting go of balloons. Vanessa then lets Candace come in and says she will go make some tea.

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Ferb first encountered Vanessa while picking up blueprints at the Blueprint Heaven.

Ferb was so distracted by her beauty that he ended up getting the wrong blueprint, ruining the plans of both Phineas and Dr. Doofenshmirtz "I Scream, You Scream". Ferb test-drove Meap 's intergalactic spaceship around downtown Danville. When he spotted Vanessa on the street, he backed the ship up to her, lowered his sunglasses, adopting a cool-guy demeanor, which impressed Vanessa and made her smile " The Chronicles of Meap ".

Vanessa nearly learned Ferb's name during a chance encounter at the Superduper Mega Superstore. Ferb saved her from a rampaging lawnmower and helped her obtain a canister of Pizzazium Infinionite for her dad. She rewarded him with a kiss on the cheek "Vanessassary Roughness". Vanessa has also wondered what Ferb is short for, as she asks Candace.

During the Doof-zombie outbreak Vanessa recognizes and calls out to Ferb at the bottom of the stairs and compliments him on his grappling hook shot " Night of the Living Pharmacists ". Ten years later, they have become a couple " Act Your Age ". They met accidentally later on, at a coffee shop, and took a liking for one another basically from the start.

Vanessa did not want her father to interrupt her, as she was dating his foe's son, so she asked Perry the Platypus to help her hide her presence from Heinz. Thanks to Perry, her father failed to notice them but then Monty started mocking Heinz's supposed stupidity. This made Vanessa mad, so she started remarking on his father, Major Monogram, instead.

As they were about to bid one another farewell forever, though, they decided to continue with their relationship, in spite of what each of them thought of the other's father " Sipping with the Enemy ". They are dating each other in secret and the only person who has seen them on a date is Carl Karl " My Sweet Ride ". They went to a Love Sandal concert together after they went to the coffee shop again.

However, considering that in the episode " Act Your Age ", set ten years after the main series, Vanessa is dating Ferb Fletcher , it suggests that Vanessa and Monty have broken their relationship during that gap of ten years. Derek is Vanessa's step-brother, his appearance may not be accepted in the show.

However; Charlene mentions Derek in the episode " I Scream, You Scream " and presumably they just visit each other's home. Sign In Don't have an account? Do you like this video? This article is about the 1st dimension Vanessa. You may be looking for her 2nd Dimension counterpart , her Excaliferb counterpart or her Star Wars counterpart.

Vanessa Doofenshmirtz Vanessa Doofenshmirtz. It is also revealed that she is responsible for the capture of many of O. Upon learning this, Resistance leader Candace Flynn decides to investigate the situation, and coerced Heinz into helping her. However, having expecting this as part of her plan to free Heinz, Charlene has her cyborgs to trap Candace, Phineas, and Platyborg in her penthouse, planning to turn them into cyborgs.

Charlene is also annoyed of Heinz focusing his attention on his childhood toy train Choo-Choo, so she just throws it away, resulting Heinz to go back to his evil ways. However, Ferb manges to free the three by pretending that he was turned into a cyborg by Charlene, allowing the Resistance to infiltrate Charlene's penthouse.

As the Resistance manage to free all the agents of their evil programming with fedora hats equipped with magnetic deprogramming chips except for Peter the Pandaborg , Candace engages into a bo staff fight with Charlene and defeats her. As Heinz and Charlene are about to be taken into custody, an arriving Vanessa tricks Candace into letting her have a moment with her parents, which allowed the Doofenshmirtz family and Pandaborg to escape in a hover car driven by Tony himself.

As the notorious Doofenshmirtz family escape, Vanessa introduces Tony to Heinz and Charlene; the former recognizing him as the boy he banished earlier because of his interest towards Vanessa. Tales From the Resistance: Charlene turns out to be an impressive shooter and a bo fighter, as she was able to briefly defeat Candace who is also a bo fighter herself in combat.

Just like her husband, Charlene is extremely intelligent, as she planted a fake divorce with him to ensure of their family's safety and finances just in case Doof would be overthrown and imprisoned. She was also able to initiate a series of attacks to trick the Resistance into freeing Doof.

It also seems that Charlene is able to understand and inherit some of Doof's skills in robotics, as she was the one who created the giant mechanical ants and turned several of O. Similar to Doofenshmirtz, Charlene has the most personality differentiation from her original counterpart.

As opposed to being good-natured and sarcastic, Charlene is very evil and intelligent, more so than her husband after he was defeated. At one time, she was able to formulate an attack at Danville Park as a successful diversion in order for Candace to bring Heinz to her penthouse in order to free him. Just like her husband, Charlene is actually also willing to eliminate those that pose as some significant obstacle, such as blasting a grenade at the Firestorm Girls when they arrived at her lair, though this failed when the Firestorm Girls evaded the blast.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Vanessa learned Ferb's name during a chance encounter at the Superduper Mega Superstore. Retrieved from " https: Ferb was so distracted by her beauty that he ended up getting the wrong blueprint, ruining the plans of both Phineas and Dr. Vanessa is familiar with technology, as she is able to use the escape pod to flee from her father's evil hideout.

Charlene Doofenshmirtz (2nd Dimension):

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Heinz-2 , Charlene-2 , Tony Marzulo boyfriend , Peter-2,. Vanessa has also wondered what Ferb is short for, as she asks Candace.

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