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Leonineus on December 17, , 3: Take trying to talk to Blake for the first time. Same drug rules as Ruby. Shatter My Moon by notyourtypicalwriter Fandoms: And Blake, the sheriff who is supposed to put her behind bars, is hopelessly in love with her. Bees buzz, roses are white, checks are mated, and more.

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Comments You are not authorized to comment here. I bet its Ruby holding the leash just skipping along. Hell no. No, it's Winter holding the leash. Don't you dare fuck with my Whiterose. Thank god that'll never be canon. No, no they wouldn't. I could spend 30 minutes explaining how Cinder and Ruby is inherently abusive, broken, and one-sided, not to mention the obvious fact that Cinder is in her late twenties at least and Ruby is I'm really glad it'll never be canon, because I never want to see Ruby in an emotionally and probably physically abusive relationship.

Cinder is a deranged criminal who murders people indiscriminately and exploits the faunus for her own goals, arguably more racist than Weiss, and you're calling her likable? But seriously this is a discussion we should take off HF if you want to continue it. Awesome, is there more afterwards? Love your stuff! Yeah, there's gonna be one more. Keeping it Blake and Yang though, I don't like it when people fuck with my Whiterose you know.

Leonineus on December 18, , 3: Are we going to meet their mysterious Mistress in the next one? I assume it'll be a Mistress. Also Bumblebee is awesome. Yang briefly encountered Ruby wandering the streets alone that night afterward. Yang performed well at Beacon, and graduated with high marks.

At some point either during or just after her time at Beacon Academy, Yang and her partner, Blake were attacked by Adam Taurus. Adam managed to do severe damage to Yang's arm and shoulder, and managed to hurt Blake as well with a stab wound through the stomach, non-fatal. After the attack, Blake decided to stop wearing her ribbon, and gave it to Yang to wear as a choker. She has never taken it off since.

At some point after this Yang and Blake became romantically involved. And the rest, as they say, is history. A few months after Blake took up her post as the SDC's new Chief of Security, Yang saved up enough money to buy a small building in the downtown district of Vale. Converting the ground floor into a bar, and keeping the upstairs as a living space, Yang dubbed the establishment the Sundrop Lounge, which she herself ran alongside Ruby and various others, including Velvet Scarlatina on occasion.

Having worked for the Hunter's guild previously, Yang knew fully well how poorly the guild was operated, and the pitfalls many young huntsmen and huntresses faced in their early years. After aquiring the Lounge, Yang decided to offer her services in getting young and inexperienced hunters commissions and helping them establish themselves.

Many young hunters have walked through Yang's doors, and all of them grew to be very successful.

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Yang and Blake had lived peacefully together for some time, happily married and content. However, Weiss's breakthrough with Dust Fertilization sparked both women's interests. After finding success with Weiss and Ruby's firstborn, a son named Theo, Blake and Yang immediately agreed to have children of their own.

By the time Yang was 26, she and Blake were the proud parents of two children, A daughter named Yin, and a son named Drake, a lion faunus. After giving birth to two children, the two took a break from hunting work, but neither woman completely stopped.

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Employment by BarrelsofTea Fandoms: Her first attempt is to test out if the cat faunus will freak out over certain fruits Ruby is a huge weapon nerd and tries to incorporate advanced technology into her guns. Ruby, like the factions, doesn't overly lend herself to any perks besides tinkering. Spearhead on December 17, , 5: Suddenly, She by ConfidentEntree Fandoms:

Blake Belladonna:

We offer streaming porn videos, downloadable DVDs, photo albums, and the number 1 free sex community on the net. Appreciate the time and effort you took to do this. I've got a fully upgraded Laser Rifle of some sorts and maxed commando. Two pictures were on the screen. She was also the first faunus character introduced, although the last confirmed. Yang briefly encountered Ruby wandering the streets alone that night afterward.

By the time Yang was 26, she and Blake were the proud parents of two children, A daughter named Yin, and a son named Drake, a lion faunus. A text message with your code has been sent to:

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